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A Whirlwind of a Story!

by James Williams

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© Copyright 2011 - James Williams - Used by permission

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A Whirlwind of a Story!

Part 1

As the East Coast was getting slammed by a lot of Storms and Tornado’s, I managed to pick a day that was never going to be forgotten.

As my marriage of twenty years slowly and painfully diminished and the fights escalated to all most every week end, there was no more fantasizing about a great sex life or bondage sex or play anymore, the days grew tiresome and seemed like they would never end. Our neighbors began hearing our arguments as they became loud and nasty. My one neighbor that lived to the right of me always flirted and made conversation with me while I was married to my wife, I usually would make a quick exit or try not to pay any attention to her so that she would leave me alone, now I know I aren’t an eight or a nine, but I am in shape and I have blue eyes, lol. I know I am shallow though because the main reason, other then the fact that I was a committed husband, was that I was totally not into heavy or plump women, now my neighbor had operations on her stomach and all to make herself look better, but she was still plump to me, and that is what I saw in her. It was a shame too, because she was like thirty two, when I was in my early forty’s, she had a great personality and a nice smile, and on top of that she had a great job being a Registered Nurse that she made into her own business by going to families that needed a Nurse on call, so she basically worked her own hours, other then that, that’s all she was.

Once my marriage finally ended and we went through our nasty divorce I became withdrawn to the outside life and became a hermit, except going to work and hanging out with my kids, dating was far off my beaten pass. As time went on and hearing the kids, now in there early twenty’s begging me practically to get of my ass and start dating again, I realized that I did have to start over. As I became more my old self and started communicating with the outside world I noticed that my neighbor was becoming even more friendlier then she was when I was married, asking me to take her on motorcycle rides, saying unusual stuff to me that she wouldn’t have said back then, for example, I am cutting my lawn, had no shirt on, which I always cut the lawn with no shirt this way I can tan while doing a chore I hated to do. I am getting the lawnmower out of the shed and my back is to her house, I knew I was there by myself, then as I turned around to get my gas can, there she was standing there, watching me, didn’t know how long she was there, but it was still erie to me, I stood up and said, "Oh’ how long you been there", she smiled and said "not long", she then went into telling me how she would hear our arguments and that my wife was no good for me and how I deserved better, I was lucky I didn’t start busting out laughing at her, problem was that she was serious about what she was saying.

I humored her by saying that it was a bad time in our lives, then out of nowhere she says to me, "Remember that argument that you had with your wife about her wearing tight dresses and dressing up for you while having your role play and kinky scenarios", my mouth opened wide and I stood there looking stupid for a minute or two, then my mouth shut and I said, "That argument wasn’t that loud and I made sure of that, reminding my wife that the windows were opened". She looked me in the eyes and said, "I was out in the yard that day working and I couldn’t help but listen under your window". I got mad and said that what an invasion of our privacy, she stopped me as I was about to get madder and said, "You wouldn’t have to ask me to wear a tight dress, I would have wore one for you every day, why haven’t you asked me out, I see that you are taking out other women and dating even more now, I know what time you leave and what time you come home". I stopped her and said, "There is something wrong with you", then me being so mad, I blurted out, "not only is there something wrong with you, your also plump, and I don’t date plump women". Her face got red, redder then I have ever seen someone’s face get and she turned and stormed a way, since then she doesn’t wave, say hi or acknowledge that I even exist, and I like it that way.

Now during my married life, at least during the good years, we would have great times role playing and plenty of bondage sex, when it all ended there was a void in my life where those fun things use to be, now you can’t just tell the women that you are just meeting or starting to get involved with that your into bondage sex and role playing, they would instantly think I was a sicko and kick my ass to the curb, I don’t really want to pay for it, why, because you can’t trust just anyone doing that type of stuff to you, that’s why. So I tried to figure out ways of self bondage and ways of making myself cum, things that made me feel so good, that were now gone. All regular bondage didn’t work and nothing seemed to get me aroused enough to cum, then I remembered how turned on I got by being put in mummification bondage, usually they consisted of tight form fitting spandex, stretchy slinky material or the thicker 10oz Material, wasn’t into the Duct tape or Saran wrap, that Shit didn’t do anything for me, and was to hard to do with someone, let alone trying it by yourself.

So I got in contact with the Lady that made my Custom Mummy bags before and told her my situation and what she thought I could do about it, the outcome would be amazing, she told my that she would make me a Custom Mummy bag that had a reversible zipper that if rigged correctly I would be able to reach behind my back and pull the zipper from the inside to release myself after I pleasured myself, she also said, zippers break and sometime jam, make sure you put something extra in your sleeve to get yourself out if the zipper fails, I agreed and she said she would get started on it. I could barely wait, I was bad at pleasuring myself by hand and toys didn’t do anything either and they seemed too fake.

I started to think and search the internet on hands free orgasms, I would be amazed of what information I would fined, Hum’ Electro stimulation, wow! Let me browse their website and see what I would like to try. I bought this nice stimulation unit and toys that would work with it, it had four channels, which was good, it would work on four single attachments or two Bi Polar things, I figured that I am single and willing to go all out on trying out anything that would make me feel good and give me the thrill that I once had. First I went for a Bi Polar Ring that went around your cock and balls, then I figured that I would really take a huge step, and since I never had anything up my ass I would try this Electro Stimulated Dildo, which was also Bi Polar.

Not knowing what I was getting into, I never tried electro stimulation, let alone ever had toys like this, I smiled to myself and thought next on how I was going to make all of it work. First thing was to think of the insertion and use of the toys, after all I had to buy lube and everything then glance at the directions just to figure out how to put something up my Ass, I was very scared on that part of the thrill, but then I said what the hell, who will know except me. Then I had to plan how I was going to be able to control it and watch the levels of pleasure, the unit had a lot of settings that I knew nothing about, so I wanted it inside the Mummy Bag with me so that I could control it from inside and shut it down quickly if needed. The next thing was how I was going to get my body into the bag, then figure out how to get my arms in the internal vertical sleeves, then after all that, how to get the zipper pulled up without help and be able to get it unzipped when I was done and ready to get out.

It was amazing, surprising enough, I should have looked at the signs, everything came on a Friday and I picked everything up at the post office, the whole weekend I fantasized about what I was going to do and how cool it would be if it all worked out, I was off on Sundays and Mondays only so I planned it for Monday, I would get up early and have the whole day to do it, the weekend couldn’t have ended any sooner. Well as I was watching the late news Sunday night and counting the hours I noticed that our area was expecting bad storms and possible tornadoes, I loved watching storms out the front door when they were happening and didn’t think tpo much of tornadoes, they just didn’t hit this area, but I did notice that through the years weather patterns are becoming pretty weird, but I played them off and went to bed. I had the alarm set for 8:30am, it went off and I got up and took my shower, when I was done drying off I laid the towel on the bed so that I wouldn’t make any kind of mess, especially since I never tried the ass thing before. I got everything laid out and got all the stuff that I needed into a pile on the bed, I then went around to all the doors and locked everything up tight so that no one would bother me while I was having fun.

The first thing I did was to lay on the towel on the bed and read on how to insert the dildo, well it said to relax and it will go in easier, yea’ right, well I laid on my back and lifted my legs up in the air, I put this thick lubricant all over the dildo as instructed, which they told me I need to use with it, it was kind of messy but I continued with my main objective, which was to get that in my butt, as I got nearer my ass got tighter, then I remember, tried to relax, as I breathed more the tip of the dildo slid in a tiny bit, I could have hit the roof, never felt that feeling before. I continued to move it in and out as I breathed, as I exhaled it slid in a little further each time, filling me with something different, eventually it was all the way in, yes a different feeling, but uncomfortable as well. Now as I am walking around rather gingerly with a wire out of my ass, I realize I have do get the cock and ball ring on now, I lubed it up and on it went, Wow’ that was a lot easier, now I don’t know if it was a combination of the two or the cock and ball ring by it self, but instantly I started to get an erection, I was getting into it totally. That stuff was done and I was ready to move on.

Next thing was all that thinking I did over the weekend would have to come up big here, during the weekend I went to the store and bought these enormous pairs of pantyhose and one smaller pair, five pair to be exact, they were 4X’s and one sized to a queen, I took the queen pair and stretched it out as far as my arms would go and put the panty section behind my bed head board so that they were directly centered, I then took both of the feet and pulled each foot, one from the left side, one from the right, I tied them together in a bow and moved on. I took the other four pair of stockings and tied one foot to each of the handles that were on my new extra thick and comfortable mattress, there was a lot of Nylon to say the least.

As I opened the Mummy Bag and unfolded it for the first time, I noticed that my Lady friend put elastic holes in the right areas, she had my measurements from a long time ago and I guess went all out for me on this one, there was a hole at my cock and another slightly larger underneath, where my balls would fall. I laid the bag out on the bed towards the center and got everything close, within arms reach. I started to slide my body into it and I could feel my excitement building, I maneuvered the wires around and continued to work the bag up me, tighter and tighter it became, my erection getting harder and harder, me thinking to myself, please don’t be an idiot and cum while setting it all up. I got it up around my waist and slid the stimulation unit in with me, straightened out the vertical sleeves and continued to work it up me, I stopped for a moment to figure out how I was going to tied the queen size stockings that were around the bed to the zipper in the rear, but before that I would take this little tiny bike bungee cord and hook it to the inside zipper of the Mummy Bag and the other end to the zipper that my Lady friend added at my ass area, not sure if it was meant to be there or she added it on her own, none of my other bags had this zipper, but I figured that the zipper would secure the other end of the bungee so that I could get to it to unzip the bag from the inside.

Now that that part was figured out I took the queen size pantyhose that were around the bed and tied both feet to the zipper assembly, they had enough strength to put pull on the zipper, I could feel the zipper working its way up while I was moving around. But I figured I was going all out on this first time, I positioned myself in the middle of the bed, I then sat up and took the foot that wasn’t tied to the left bottom side of the bed and pulled the looseness out so that it had just enough play for me to move around if needed, I then continued to wrap that pair around my feet and lower legs, knees then upper thighs, I then held onto the end with my right hand, with my left hand I took the pair that was on the bottom right side of the bed and did the exact same thing with that pair, now holding a foot from each pair in my hand, I tied them together holding my lower part of my body tied to the bed, with just the right amount of slack to move around if needed. I then did the exact same thing with the two pair that I had tied at the head of the bed, except with these to pairs I started at my shoulders and worked them down my body, upper arms, elbows, lower arms then hand area, leaving even more slack because of the fundamentals of the zipper, there was so much pantyhose around me that I could have already looked like a Mummy.

Now with TV on and DVD Remote in hand I turned on this bondage porn of this Mistress having her way with this guy in mummification bondage, it just seemed so right, as that played I continued, excitement was taking over. I had my ball gag next to me and figured that I should do that next because the next thing was to finish getting into the bag, but before that I had to work my erection up through the cock hole, he slid threw growing larger and larger as he passed by the built in elastic cock ring, I then gather up my balls and worked them one at a time through the lower elastic hole, was a little uncomfortable, but eventually got them both through, the elastic was tight and snug.

I then proceeded to put the ball gag in my mouth, and making it good and tight, I couldn’t muffle a sound. Now came the hard part, figuring out the rest, all most cocooned in my bondage, I worked my right arm into the vertical sleeve and pulled that right shoulder part up and over my shoulder, thinking to myself, I am all most there, I then checked everything and said to myself, here I go, Ecstasy, by now the queen size pantyhose were ready and able to pull the zipper at any given time, so I started to work my left hand into the left vertical sleeve, wiggling and squirming as I go, I could feel the queen size pantyhose doing their job, they were pulling the zipper up as the material was making its way over my left elbow, just then I hear a loud bang outside, sounded like thunder, as I looked through gaps in the blinds I could see that it was lightning out too, it seemed like it was getting rather dark, pretty quick, but me in my fantasy, who cares I thought. So not worried about what was going on outside I continued to go forward, as I squirmed the bag passed my left elbow, and out of nowhere up it went, up and over the shoulder it went, I could feel the zipper rapidly following right behind, zipping all the way up, I was totally Mummified with only my balls and cock and head showing.

There I was, I accomplished what I set out to do, took a little longer then planned, but I did it and now I was going to enjoy myself, it was then that I realized that I forgot the most important thing my friend said to me about being safe, taking something in with me, pen knife, razor knife, something, I didn’t, I was really tied up and it felt good, not to mention my senses were at there peak, I was not to about getting loose right now, I did get my hand out from the bottom of the sleeve and pulled on the little bungee behind me and the zipper did come right down, so I felt OK after that and figured I would be able to get out later.

Part 2

Once I was all situated and ready to get started on my hopefully pleasurable day, totally tied up and loving it, my arousal and excitement was amazing, the first time feeling of being in bondage again after all these years. As I was just about to get ready I could hear outside the weather getting worse, a lot of rumbling from the thunder, more lightning flashes and what seemed like hail hitting the house, all that didn’t bother me because I loved the bad weather, just then as that thought was leaving my head I started feeling the house starting to vibrate at first, Wow’ I thought, that never happened before, then the house started shaking and swaying right before my eyes, now I was scared, I was never in this bad of weather, let alone in this predicament, I said to myself there will be plenty of days to do this, I have to get untied now.

As I started to struggle to get free the house continued to shake even more and more violently the last time, I could feel the head board of the bed smashing against the wall, the movement of the bed made it harder for me to maneuver my arms and hands because I was being bounced around from side to side the pantyhose around me were tightening up around me, I started to panic because I wasn’t getting loose and I could hear the walls cracking like the wood was breaking, wind was starting to enter the house from somewhere, the windows shattered around me, I was now exposed to the world, 'Oh my god, I am going to be found dead, tied up like a Mummy somewhere, what will my friends and family think, murder, maybe they won’t find me at all.'

I could see the house breaking apart, next the one corner of the roof went off and I could see the sky, the wind whipped through the room lifting the super size mattress up and down and from side to side, I thought to myself, I should have had that knife. The pantyhose almost at the same time tightened around me so tight that I couldn’t move a finger, I was at the mercy of this storm and it was too late to do anything. The roof eventually broke apart and the walls were collapsing around me, debris flying everywhere, it seemed like everything was in slow motion, I realized that the end was near, the roof completely ripped off and the mattress became airborne, I closed my eyes and behind my gag started praying, he heard me, he hears everyone. Just when I finished praying I could feel the mattress being hurled into the sky that was all I could remember.

All of the sudden I could feel me being moved, but I was still attached to the mattress and it felt like I was still in bondage, but now I couldn’t see anything either, did I damage my eyesight, what have I done. I could hear a voice but I would go in and out of consciences, and was unable to make anything from what was happening. I don’t know how long I was out for, but I heard this voice asking me, "How do you feel, you know that I myself saved your life, luckily you were tied to your mattress, you were flung around like a rag doll tied to a pinwheel. I kept you tied up and added a blindfold, basically because I didn’t know if you were injured or that you hurt your eyes, you had lacerations around them so I doctored you up and you seem fine now".

When she said doctor me up I realized that it was my Neighbor that was talking, I panicked and squirmed a bit, but again it was for nothing, I couldn’t move a muscle. Karen, then with a laughing voice says, "I didn’t think you were going to figure all this out that quickly, but by your movements and recognizing my voice, you definitely know who I am, so I did a few extras things to you, what your wondering? Well I tightened all your Bondage up, especially the Nylons, Oh yea’ I realized when I explored your bondage that this Mummy bag was custom made for you, everything lines up to your personal measurements, so I checked all that out, very nice. I found that you had a vibrating anal attachment installed in your ass, cock and ball ring already on, and did I fail to mention that in my medical field I had to study everything, which included mummification bondage for patients that were a danger to themselves and to others, they were put in this type of restraint until they were able to understand who was in control, if they didn’t understand that we used Electro Stimulation to get their attention, except all the Nurses just called it shock treatment, I only figured I would tell you that because of the addictions I added to your bondage and pleasure, I know your wondering."

Laughing, Karen says, "I know your Gag wasn’t any good, so I gave you one of mine, can’t say anything, cat got your tongue, not even a moan huh’ Well that’s because my Gag is an air pumped one, I can pump it up at anytime or release when I want, Oh’ I all most forgot, things I added, since I have my own Electro stimulation box I disconnected yours and hooked up mine, it has more channels and its way more powerful, I also added two more cock rings that fit you like I got them just for you".

As I struggled and squirmed to get loose I felt her finger flick my cock rather hard and a stern voice say, "You’re not going anywhere." Then she tells me, "Do you realize that you are listed as missing, your family and friends all crying, thinking the worse, and here you are right next door, my Captive slave. All those times that you were rude to me, totally ignoring me, not listening to me, well all that changes now, don’t it! I will see you later, I have some things to do, don’t get any idea’s either, I have things rigged to do nasty things to you if you squirm too much!" laughing I hear her walking away, then her shoes going up the steps, then the door closing.

I heard a car pulling out from her driveway, was this my chance I thought, strangely I was a little aroused and at the same time scared shitless. The excitement only lasted a second, as soon as I remembered that I was kidnapped and by a weirdo, I wanted out. I tried to move and squirm at the same time, then something started to happen, this feeling of pins and needles were inside my ass, I never had anything in there so I squirmed faster because it wasn’t right, as I did move faster, so did the pins and needles, except more intent, then my ring that I had around my balls and cock started to begin to work, with the same feeling of pins and needles, this wasn’t pleasurable, more like a punishment, I couldn’t help but squirm more from the pain of it, then the cock rings that she added came on, she wasn’t lying, they went in steps and I was being punished for disobeying her, finally I calmed down and the three things all stopped at the same time, what was I going to do?

I thought to myself maybe a different approach, not moving as fast or jerking around might work, I thought it was worth a try. Even though I couldn’t move a muscle I noticed during the first lesson learned that I could move my pelvic area around, so I started there, I took a deep breath and tried moving my pelvic area up, as I did something different happened, I could feel this feeling in my ass, I was liking it, 'Oh my God’ what is going on here', I couldn’t help myself and I started to enjoy it, my mind went blank and I started to get excited, I could feel my cock getting harder and harder, filling the cock rings tighter and tighter, as my erection was in bondage it became all most like one I have never experienced, once he was tight in the rings another sensation started, I could feel this pulsating going up and down my shaft, this time not painful, but pleasurable. The combination of the two feelings that I was receiving was totally arousing me and the thought of being kidnapped disappeared. All my senses were at their peak, blindfolded, gagged and in bondage, No control as I slipped into ecstasy.

I began to pump slowly at first not knowing what could happen next, as I started to loose control I started to pump a little faster, I was now in a rhythm, pumping to a new sexual experience, then just as I thought it couldn’t be any better, the scrotum ring started pulsating like the cock rings, 'My God' I thought, 'can I really be enjoying this!' All the sudden my male hormones took over and I began pumping in perfect rhythm and I exploded like I never before, it was such an ordeal that I guess I fell asleep or passed out from it. The next thing I hear is Karen’s voice saying, wake up, wake up, as I woke up I nodded my head as far as I could and she started laughing, "I see I have to clean someone up, Hum’ some body liked that didn’t they, you felt the pain first didn’t you, I knew it because without the pain, you wouldn’t have received the pleasure, and by the looks of this load, you really had quite an experience". I could feel her cleaning my cock and wiping all other area’s that I may have gotten. She said goodnight with a slight laugh and off she went closing the door behind her.

I woke up the next morning to a hand holding on to my shaft and a voice saying, "Now this won’t hurt a bit", I could have screamed but I couldn’t as I felt this metal like object being pushed down my urethra tube, when it finally came to a stop Karen said, "Now you can relieve yourself", just then I could hear this bottle or jug being filled by my urine. "Now that your done I have made you a Protein shake that I want you to drink, I have already inserted a straw like tube through your gag, if you don’t drink this shake all the way down, you will not get any food or liquids that your body needs, also if you don’t I will do things with that tube going down your shaft that will make you wish you were dead, understand?" I nodded and drank the shake.

When I was done she laughed a little and said, "Now that’s my bondage slave!" Now with a more direct voice Karen says, "No need to do the other, you have something up there already". I now feel her hands touching my shaft again, this time she is squirting something around his head and around the hole where the metal tube is, Karen now says, "here we go again", just then I throw my pelvis up in the air and she pulls this tube back out of my shaft, my ass goes back down to the mattress and I feel relieved in both ways, if you know what I mean. Once that stuff was finished I could feel her sit next to me on the bed, she started running her hands up and down my body and talking to me while she was doing it, she was talking about the past when I was married and how she always had it in for me, telling me that she would have made a much better wife then my ex, and that she would have worshiped the ground I walked on, all I could do was listen. Karen then said, "I know you could never be attracted to me, but I will show you and do things to you that I bet No women has ever done".

Just then I felt her hand wrap around my cock, which I was not in the mood at all, while holding on to him she tells me that she has read everything involving Sex, while she was telling me this I couldn’t help it , but I could feel him flexing in her hand, she laughed and said "Wow! Would you look at that, amazing what a blindfold and a soft voice can do! Oh’ I forgot those errands I went on yesterday were for you, I had to go to a few stores to find some things that I knew you would like, I had to have them shipped overnight so they should be arriving shortly." Just then I could feel him starting flex even more in her hand as she tightened her grip, instantly I thought of something else and he all most immediately went down while she was still holding him, loosening her grip she said, "That’s alright, you still showed interest", then without warning she tightened her grip up again and started stroking him very slowly, he began to get aroused again, I was unable to think of something again as he became erect in her hand, then as fast as he got hard, he became limp, "That’s Ok" she said, "the fun is just beginning".

As a vehicle pulled up seemingly in front of her house, I could hear her running up the steps and the door slamming shut. When time had no importance to me I laid in my bondage thinking of how bad I must have been to Karen, my mind saying, snap out of it, she is a crazy person, then I thought, really, when tornados were touching down all around me I chose to tie myself up in a weird way and fantasize about sex to get off, who was more crazy?

I could hear the door opening and someone coming down the steps, this time the shoes sounded different, all most like a pair of heels or stiletto’s, this person sounded lighter on their feet, as the sound of the shoes got closer to the bed I wondered to myself, not another person involved, maybe this is just a joke, it wasn’t, Karen’s voice spoke up and said, "Sorry I was so long but I had to get ready for you". Just then I feel her hand go behind my head and she takes off my blindfold, as my eyes try to focus, things are becoming more clear to me, I started to look around, then my eyes focused in on Karen, there she was standing there in this tight, tight black dress with rose pattern stockings and heels that had to be five inches, she looked at me looking at her and said, "I remembered when you argued with your ex about wearing tight dresses for you, see I would have".

Thinking to myself that she to looked like she was in bondage, she looked like a sausage stuffed into a tube of material. But again, Me being in tight bondage, gagged and a women in a tight dress, things happen, he was showing interest again, how can that be. Just then she leans over and rubs the head of my cock and says, "You just can’t figure it out can you, well let me tell you why you're becoming aroused so quickly and why your going to satisfy my every needs today, remember that protein shake I gave you early in the morning, it had two crushed up Cialas pills in it that I got from one of my patients yesterday when I was out, they're the good ones too, good for seventy two hours, and I got more if I need them, but then again I don’t want to kill you, just keep you". I started to squirm in disbelief, then I could feel my ass starting to be pleasured, I watched as she picked up this electronic box and started moving the controls around, I started to moan, but the moans couldn’t be heard.

I watched as she turned the knob that worked the anal vibrator, she adjusted it to a steady stroking motion, it felt like something was going in and out of my ass, then she moved her hand to another control knob and started fine tuning that one, that made a stroking motion that surrounded my cock and balls, but this one was different from the other one, but it was doing an excellent job, I couldn’t control him or think of anything to stop him from becoming hard, he was doing that on his own. She then put the box down and sat down on the edge of the bed next to me, she put on what appeared to be elbow length black satin gloves that matched her dress, as she watched me squirm from the electro stimulation, she smiled and wrapped her hand around him and started stroking him, slow then fast, slow then fast, I couldn’t believe what was happening, she did all this for me and she knew that I was her slave and I would perform for her, the more I struggled the more intense it became, here was someone I would never have been interested in, yet with the right ingredients and the combination of stuff I had no choice but to enjoy what was going to happen.

As her hand tightened around my cock and the sensation of the satin glove slid in perfect rhythm up and down my shaft, I could feel the electro stimulation kicking in and making me move in rhythm with her hand, as she moved her hand faster and faster as I pumped faster and faster, then as I tried to keep from cumming and my body tensed up like a board, she smiled and said, "Did you ever expect this?" Needless to say, even when I looked at the floor and seen her in those black stilettos and my eyes moved upwards looking at her in that tight, tight black dress, I began pumping uncontrollably and began shooting cum everywhere, she continued to milk him until I cringed and couldn’t give any more, she was so happy that she made me cum by a hand job that she continued to say, "I knew I could do it, I knew it, I knew you would enjoy it like No other." She then turned everything off and cleaned me up then said, "I will be back in about thirty minutes, so you get some rest".

I fell asleep thinking about what had just happened. I guess the thirty minutes passed as I was awakened by Ice being put on the head of my cock, startled I jumped and Karen laughed, "Sorry, just wanted to wake you."

Looking at her I noticed that now she is wearing another tight form fitting dress that went right down to her ankles, sort of see through, but tight right down to her ankles, another pair of heels accented what she was wearing, she stood back and said, "How do you like this one?" Just then my cock sent his approval by flexing right in front of her eyes and her smile went from ear to ear, she followed up by saying, "Wow! was that for me".

I couldn’t believe that he was ready to go again, let alone with Karen. She came over to the bed and said, "Now you are going to do something for me, and you will do it or I will put you in so much pain that you will beg me to kill you, do you understand me?" I nodded not knowing what to expect next, she then told me that I was going to pleasure her and that she was going to take my gag off, if I attempted to do anything but pleasure her she would cut my Cock off and send it to my family, that was a good enough threat for me, so she asked me again and I nodded, Yes.

Part 3

She removed my Gag and told me to drink some water, not knowing if she was poisoning me or slipping me something else for her enjoyment. After I was done she told me that if I made her extra happy that she would most definitely reward me in a special way, unfortunately what Karen had going for her was that she did have a very sensual and sexy voice, and that on top of everything else, bondage, etc. made me aroused and she knew it by telling me that she could tell if I was in to her by the flexing of my cock, knowing that it was more from the Cialas she gave me then anything else that was happening.

I wanted to yell for help but was to afraid of what could happen, so I kept quiet as she made her way on top of me, putting herself in the sixty/nine position, as she started to work her tight gown up her body I started thinking to myself, 'No way am I doing this', I was never with a plump women and was always shallow because of what everyone else said about them, being sweaty and not keeping up with themselves, yet Karen always seemed clean and dressed fairly nice. I started to panic and started squirming, as I did Karen reached for the box that was on the bed and turned it on, this time it was like pins and needles, in my ass and around my cock and balls, it hurt and I stopped fighting, she glanced back at me and said, "You know what I want, now do it!" As I shook my head from side to side answering No, she turn on the box, turning the dial with each No I expressed, then as it got too bad again, I started nodding Yes, Yes, she turned it down, but not off, I could feel it working and at any moment she could turn it to instant pain.

She spread her legs and worked my face right in between her thighs, odd, No sweat, No smell, what was happening here, she pushed back further forcing my nose in her cheeks and my lips against her wet clit, "Lick me into ecstasy". I could feel the Electro Stimulation doing its job and Karen’s voice being forceful was arousing me, my cock began getting hard again and Karen took him in her hand and started rubbing his head and doing things that were sending chills down my spine. I took my tongue and touched it to her clit, a sweet taste, that can’t be right, what have all my friends been telling me, could have I been that shallow? She tells me you’re not working it, just then I feel her removing the cock rings from my cock, then without warning Karen puts him in her mouth and starts to blow me, but not just blowing me, taking him all the way to my nuts and her sucking force she was using on me made my toes curl, all that reading she told me she was doing paid off, I couldn’t control myself at all, with every up stroke she did on me became harder and harder for me to resist, so I burrowed my tongue deep as I could inside her as she let out a load moan. I couldn’t get my tongue to go any faster, it had a mind of its own, I licked and licked and teased and tunneled as best I could, she was loving it, she was now into a full grinding motion and riding my tongue for all it was worth, just then she stops and says, "I've never had that done to me and it was excellent, so for doing that for me, I am going to do something that you probably have never had, get ready".

She turned the Stimulation Box to another setting that was totally pleasurable, the stuck me back in her mouth and started blowing me again, except this time the sucking was even greater and she had perfect rhythm, so I couldn’t help but to continue on her, which I must have surprised her, because she again moaned in delight as my tongue went deep inside her, then the moans and groans got loader and louder, as did mine, then as our bodies became as one and the pumping became faster and faster, I could feel her tensing up the same time my body was tensing up, my toes began to curl, 'Oh My God I have to warn her, I have to warn her, this is going to be a lot!' Just then I get ready to say (I Am Going To Cum) and she backs her clit right up to my mouth and starts to squirt, I couldn’t say a word as she completely finished having an orgasm on my face, which during her moans of passion she finish me off with this explosion in to her mouth that she continued to suck out until I was totally done.

I was drained and in total disbelieve of what just happened, was this not the best blow job I have ever had, I do believe it was. Again she turned the box off and cleaned my face off, then looked at me and said that was truly amazing, she then put the gag back in my mouth, made sure that it was tight and said thank you for that, then continued to finish cleaning up, you could tell with the way she did things that she was a caring person and that nursing fitted her just fine. When she finished she turned and said, "Get some rest I will be back soon". Then off she went. I didn’t know what to think about any of this, was it truly all the work of the drug she gave me, or was it that I was really enjoying it!

Time passed and I must of fell a sleep again, I awoke to find myself blindfolded, didn’t seem like Karen was around. I laid there a while thinking of everything that has happened to me, I couldn’t explain the experience that I have had; all I knew is that they were truly unbelievable. I heard the door open up and a pair of heels made there way down the steps once again, "Hello Jim, how is my Slave making out?" Laughing Karen says, "Oh’ that’s right you can’t say anything, now can you".

I could feel her sit down next to me as she ran her hands up and down my body, then I felt her hand making its way towards my cock, she started playing with him at first, then went into an amazing hand job, I could have cum at any second, but she knew it and stopped, I then felt ice being rubbed all over him, it made me squirm and the anal vibrator kicked in, as the ice cooled him down I could feel him going limp. "That’s right", Karen said, "this one is going to be the best time you and I will ever have!"

What is that suppose to mean, possible murder, suicide, now arousal ness was turning into being scared. Just then I feel her putting the cock rings back on to my frozen cock, "Yes, you will need these", as she worked them down my shaft, the worries of death seemed to fade away and her touch felt real and safe, my cock began to get hard again and started growing while being in her hands, she laughed and said, "Oh my" she continued to work the one cock ring all the way down to the base of my shaft, then moved the other one mid way down, she then hooked up the wiring and tested them out, as she moved the control knob Karen noticed that I squirmed, her voice spoke out and said, "that’s working just fine". When that was done I felt something cold being squirted on to my shaft, I felt it being put around the rings and all, it feels thick, what was this? Then Karen reassures me that it is only a conductive gel, thinking to myself, what for, why so much? Karen then tells me get ready, I then heard her tearing something open, she sits down next to me and removes the blindfold, as its lifted from my eyes I see her with this big smile and this condom in her hand, as I continued to look at her I noticed that she was in this tight black velvet dress and a set of stiletto’s that would make a foot fetish man go through the roof, Karen looked at me looking at her, then looked at my cock flexing with excitement, "Oh! you do approve I see".

With a smile on her face, she gets up and takes the condom in her hands and unrolls it totally, it was a Ribbed one with a reservoir end, which in most cases will retain the sperm, not in this case, Karen picks up a pair of scissors and snips off the end of the condom, she then looks at me and tells me, this is going to be the best ever for the both of us, as she walked towards me I start to panic and started moving around and squirming, again the anal vibrator goes on, and this time it was the painful one, I stopped moving and the pain stopped. She sat down next to me and said, "I wouldn’t be using a condom at all, but I thought of this way for you to be stimulated beyond your wildest dreams while making love to me".

Karen then opens the condom and puts it over the head of my cock, with the gel being thick and slippery she slid the condom right to the base of my shaft, to keep it in place she reached on to the table that was next to the bed and got this elastic band that looked like it was for hair or something, she put it around the base of my shaft and crossed it, then she took it around my balls and crossed it again then took it around the base of my shaft one more time until the looseness was out and it was tightly in place at the base of my now hard and totally erect cock. As my now erect cock was growing even more in his tight bondage I could feel the condom getting tighter around the two cock rings that Karen put on my shaft earlier, it was becoming incredibly amazing, I thought to myself, the time, the effort, what dedication to please someone.

Karen then stood up and asked me how I liked what she was wearing, I nodded yes once and her face lit up like I was going to be her first, she then sat on the edge of the bed and put her hand around my cock and started to stroke him, slow at first then picking up speed every now and then, I could feel him becoming tighter and tighter inside the cock rings that surrounded my shaft. Karen stopped and said "I think your ready now", just then she picked up her stimulation box and turned the first knob, this one controlled my anal vibrator, which instantly started to send an in and out motion to my ass, I didn’t feel this setting yet, Karen must have been saving it for me, it actually felt like I was being fucked in my ass, next she moved her hand to the second knob and turned that one on, this one controlled my ring that was around my cock and balls, as Karen turned the knob I could feel this stimulating massaging motion in that area, then as she turned the third knob, the cock rings that were around my shaft started to do their thing, which was a deep stroking motion that passed between both rings, I was in her total control and loving every second of it, not caring how shallow I was, more like opening up to a greater experience then I could ever imagine.

Karen then took the Blindfold and put it around my head and tied it tightly over my eyes, I felt bad that she thought that she had to do that to me in order for me to make love to her. I felt her getting on to the bed and her body straddling my legs, I could feel her touching my body with her hands as she worked her body up mine, I could feel all of the stimulation working me like three separate women having their way, but with everything being tied up, cock, balls, etc. I felt like I could go on for ever. I thought for a second and decided for all that Karen has went through and for the experience that we have shared I decided to get her to remove my blindfold, so I squirmed and moaned as load as I could hopping that Karen would realize that I wanted something, instead I think she thought I was fighting her on what was about to happen, so I hear her say, "Well that’s just too bad, your going to do this to me and your going to enjoy every Damn minute of it!"

I then feel the anal vibrator getting more intense and the others area’s of stimulation also becoming more intense. Me thinking to myself, that’s not what I meant, Oh My God’ I feel Karen making that last move, where she is now located right over my shaft, I could feel the anticipation building inside me, the gel lubricant working its way up my shaft and towards the opening at the top of the condom, her hand takes my shaft and guides him in as she lowers her body down on to him, even with the lubricant doing its job she felt amazingly tight, she continued to lower her body guiding him in, inch by inch, as she made her way to the base of my shaft, I could feel the tightness that surrounded my cock like nothing I have ever felt before, the cock rings were stroking me from inside her which seemed to send her in to a frenzy, she began moaning very load and started to push off my chest as she started moving up and down my shaft, I couldn’t believe what was happening and how great this experience was for me, I started to pump in rhythm with her and it was amazing, then as she realized I was having too much fun, she stopped and said, "No’ not yet", she slid him out from her and she ran her hand over his head which made me squirm and she laughed, then she leaned over next to my ear and whispered, "I hope this wasn’t what you expected".

I shook my head from side to side, then her sexy voice said, "What do you mean by that, were you enjoying this?" Without hesitation I nodded Yes, "Hum" I heard her say, "well I figure you can’t do anything about it if I take your Blindfold off, so I guess I will make you see what is going on". She removed my blindfold and stood on the side of the bed in her tight black dress and her sexy black stiletto’s. I caught her cracking a smile and beginning to have fun, no more was I a captive prisoner, now I was more like a submissive love slave that she was enjoying having fun with. She started smiling more and said to me, "Now your really going to get it!"

She worked her tight black dress up her body just high enough and straddled my legs again, but this time her back was to me, she backed up right over my shaft and used her right hand to work him in, Karen then turns and looks at me and said, "hope you like riding reverse cowgirl!" Karen starts to go up and down real slow at first, teasing me of course, then she giggled like a school girl and reached for the box, she turned the anal vibrator up a couple of turns until I moaned in pleasure, then turned the other knob that controlled the one around my cock and balls, again until I moaned, by this time I knew that she was going to make this totally unbelievable for me.

I thought to myself that there will never be any one that will ever be able to match this experience sexually ever again, so you can believe me when I decided I am going to enjoy this. Just then she turned that last knob, but this time it was a stroking motion that was so intense it curled my toes instantly, I let out a moan of pleasure that she must have felt inside her, as she too moaned loudly and started to pump faster and faster, we both moaned together, loader and loader we became and the thrusts became harder and harder, our bodies becoming as one and I felt her releasing herself so hard that I felt the pressure of her orgasm covering my cock, which made me so turned on that I to continued to moan and pump, releasing myself in such a way that Karen could feel it shooting inside her, she moaned so much with every pump I did that she continued until I was totally milked dry, she collapsed on top of me with me still inside her, hard and ready, hoping that all this wasn’t over!

The End,

Written by James Williams

Hope you all enjoyed my little story, lol.


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