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Who Shall It Be?

by Anythingtaboo

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© Copyright 2006 - Anythingtaboo - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; wrap; pvc; bodybag; entombed; death; cons; XXX

2006 Shadowplay Imaging Mummification Story Contest Entrant

Edited by anythingtaboo. Began June 1999.


Wrapped sculpture

For all eternity,

Tucked away

In seclusion.

My love.


"Come With Me"

I enter the living room one day to find you sitting there watching TV. You don't notice me at first. "Like what you see?" I ask. You stir from your relaxed state and notice that am wearing a purple latex dress which drops to 3" above the knee. I am also wearing thigh-high stretch black vinyl platform boots which cling tightly to my slender ankles up my round plump calves to the base of my thighs. Your jaw drops, producing the desired result. I tell you that I have a surprise for you. You squint a little at me, trying to decipher what it could mean. "Come with me" I command. You obediently follow me down the hall, watching the shamefully tight latex clinging to my juicy ass cheeks swaying side to side in a lazy figure eight as I strut toward the bedroom. As you enter the room you notice a black satin sheet that has been laid over the full size bed.

The winter sun illuminates the room in dusky twilight. I close the door behind us and order you to remove your clothes. "Do not speak another that clear?" I nod my head in acknowledgement. "Good. I will inform you when and IF I want to hear your voice. You are My slave tonight, My toy, My pet. Now, remove all of your clothes". You quickly strip down until you are naked before me. I slowly circle you, taking in your handsome figure and relishing in your ignorance of the plans I have for you tonight. Much to my liking, I see you have kept yourself shaved: no leg, chest, back or pubic hair remains. I gently sit you on the bed and tell you to lay back.

Eager to arouse your curiosity I remove a box from under the bed that is made of cedar wood, the box is 1 cubic foot in size and hinged along the middle. I place it on the bed by your feet, hinges facing you, so that when it is opened, you will not be able to see the contents. I watch for your reactions, but you are still observing. I walk to the far wall nearest the foot of the bed, where a gigantic ornamental mirror stands. The mirror is about 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide. I swing the mirror away from the wall to reveal a plain wall that looks the same as the other walls of the bedroom. However, I then push the wall inwards to reveal a hidden door, which when closed lies so perfectly flush with the edges of the bedroom wall, that it appears not to be there. A darkened corridor lies beyond; you cannot see far enough into it to guess where it leads.

I watch your eyes and can see your curiosity beginning to stir. I speak to you in warm, hushed tones. "We have tried this before, you and I. The ultimate bondage. Where you allow me to completely immobilize you and lay at my mercy". Your manhood begins to stir, twitching between your legs and anticipating what lies ahead. Within a few seconds your cock stands upright pointing at me. "Tonight I am taking the experience to a new level. You will be asked to call upon all the skills we have used so far and some new ones as well. You will show your devotion to your Mistress by trusting the new experiences and relishing the old. Do you submit, slave"? "Yes, Mistress" comes my reply.

"Good boy", I nonchalantly answer. "You will be rewarded many times over and you may even have the honor of worshipping my soft round frame, and the tender flesh of the Mistress. Would you like that, My pet?" "It is all I live for, Mistress, to savor every part of you a savor every part of you" That's what Mistress wants to hear. So far, so good My pet. First, the rules, pet. Rule number one: You are not to speak unless Mistress directs you to. You will nod your head yes or no, and Mistress will ask yes or no questions. Is that clear? You nod your head quickly and decisively. I enjoy a toy who doesn't waste time thinking and answers like he should. Rule number two. Later when your face is covered and IF you are required to make a sound, Mistress expects you to make three sharp grunts if you are in trouble. You will only use these in an emergency. Is that clear? You nod again. Rule number three: Mistress knows you get excited when she's pays this much attention to you. Try not to fuck it up for Me by disobeying me. Also if you could try not to fuck up by moving when I tell you to lie still, making a sound when I tell you to be silent, or you will be punished and I promise you won't like it.

That satin sheet you are laying on is for effect, and allows you to feel some cool, soft textures next to your skin. It will not be used in our ritual. You relax for a few seconds, staring at the ceiling, trying to remove yourself from the situation you are in I slowly walk to the right side of the bed. I ask you to put your arms along your sides. You do as I say. I walk to the wall near the window and press play on the media player. Enigma's "Cross of Changes" begins to issue forth from the speakers I stand perfectly still, just watching you breathe letting my self feel the sensual rhythms of the music. After a minute or two I lean down and begin to reach for the box that is sitting on the bed. I begin to remove large rolls of tan elastic bandages from the box and line them along the bed in an orderly fashion. You turn your head to see what I am holding and begin to breathe quicker; partly from excitement, partly from anticipation and fear. Now then, MY pet: Mistress wants you to play dead for her. You will not move and will allow her to do her requisite work on your body. Remember you own nothing, not even your body. When you submitted to me 5 years ago, I agreed to provide for you and let you live in my possession, but you became just that: a possession. I own you, and you own nothing. Therefore, it is considered only natural that Mistress has total control over you, unless of course it pleases Me more to watch you be tortured, teased and denied. If that is MY will, you are subject to it.

I lean close to your face and you can smell my perfume.I ask you "nod yes if that excites you slave". I lightly graze my soft cheek against yours, feeling your warm flesh against my skin. You nod slower and more trustingly now. Mistress is pleased I stand again, sorting thru the bandages. "I think I'll start with your feet, pet." Bend your knee and hold it up in the air. I respond by doing what is requested. Mistress helps a little bit by offering her firm stomach as a rest for you to push against. Mistress then take a 4 inch wide bandage roll and begins by folding the end in half lengthwise over your toes, then giving it a half twist as she transfers the wrapping motion to a horizontal one, quickly covering the beginning of the bandage and spiraling upwards towards the ankle, where she makes a clever figure-eight a few times to make sure no skin is showing, and then continues up your calves and thighs. When I get to your thigh, I wrap in circular motion all the way to the edge of your groin, then tuck the end of the bandage under the top wrap, so it stays put without the use of clips.

Mistress is liking the exquisite work she has done on your right leg. She repeats the process with your left leg, again allowing you to rest your foot against her stomach. When completed, Mistress tell you to straighten both legs. You are now ordered to stand up at the foot of the bed and to do it quickly. Mistress reaches back toward the chest to grab an extremely long roll of bandages that , you assume, must be attached to each other with stitching. She begins by wrapping the bandage around your waist, covering the beginning to hold it in place, then continuing down in a V to wrap the groin and genitals. Slowly she weaves her web, covering your groin, testes, and buttocks the penis, almost a useless organ to Mistress is left unwrapped and erect. Rarely has She allowed you inside her in five years and she likes it that way: Mistress prefers the use of tongue on her skin and orifices. Mistress also prefers to tease her pet's cock, craving release abut never has let you come inside her. Nor has Mistress allowed herself to touch your cock for the purposes of your release. She is very selfish and cares little to nothing about the desires of her slave. However, being the obedient puppy you are, you have trained yourself to sniff her and climax from the tight restrictive sensation of mummification bondage coupled with Mistresses harsh words, cruel blows and her unmatched aroma. Even when blindfolded, you instantly recognize her scent from 20 feet away. That is what you now crave. Your Queen's small favors of sniffing her secret dark places. Smells that arouse you are those that belong only to her. Another thing you love: the pressure and tender, yielding flesh of Mistresses' Ass.

Mistress has finished off the groin area and quickly grabs another roll of bandages which are wrapped again, in a circle about your stomach and chest, up to your arm pits. You are ordered to lift your arms straight out from your sides and hold them there. Mistress now takes a new bandage, and repeats the routine she did on the feet, but this time on your fingertips. The bandage is wrapped opposite the direction of the arms natural twist to keep the feel natural. Your right arm is quickly wrapped which means your fingers are pressed together and are made into a flat "blade" of sorts, virtually useless as a touching tool, though Mistress enjoys the feel of the elastic material across her skin, especially her bottom. The bandaging continues up to your armpit and then she proceeds to wrap the left arm as well in the same manner.

Mistress has you continue to hold them out in a "T" shape, while she applies another bandage about your chest an shoulders. This one begins at the dip of the neck and crosses the chest diagonally, covering the nipple, then continues around under the arm, and across the back, up from beneath the other arm. The bandage is used to cross the chest again in the opposite direction and then go around the back of the neck to where it can cover the starting point, thereby holding it in place. A series of smooth figure eights follows until only your neck and head are uncovered. You are never failed to be impressed by the quick, yet deft and skillful wrapping techniques of your Queen. She wraps softly, in order to keep proper circulation to your limbs, but snugly to show you who is in control and to contain you tightly.

You are now commanded to sit on the edges of the bed keeping your torso very straight. This way, your Queen may inspect her work, and make certain the bandages are not slipping off, or that any skin is showing. In this ritual, the job is not done right, if any skin is showing unintended. She carefully primps the bandages, making sure they all have a consistent amount of overlap. The toughest parts to keep covered are the joints, the neck and groin. Once she is happy that her work is worthy of continuing the ritual, she removes a two inch wide bandage which is wound slowly up your neck. The feeling becomes clear, here that Mistress is playing with your air intake, though she is careful to wrap extra lightly. It feels as though you are wearing a turtleneck sweater that is a size too large. The warmth about your neck is comforting, and allows you to relax and further submit to your Queen's control.

"Now just the head and the first layer is finished, My pet"! exclaims Mistress. You take a slow deep breath. A breath to focus and think what might lie ahead, instead of living in the moment. "Are you ready"? she asks. "Yes my Queen" comes your soft reply. Your eyes focus on hers, watching nothing but the cold blue irises. They dart back and forth, up and down, taking in every possibility, processing every bit of data as she finds the exact right way to cover every part of your head. You feel every move she makes right now. A wider three inch bandage is used to wrap your head.

One end covers your left ear and traces the curve of your chin, goes up diagonally across the right ear and around the back of your crown, overlapping the starting point. It retraces the first circle to hold it in place, but as the wrap comes across the back of the crown the second time, it changes direction and makes a straight line for the forehead, making sure to cover the spiky hairs in the front. She wraps horizontally down your face, leaving the eyes uncovered for now, but covering the mouth. You begin to breathe heavier, despite the porosity of the fabric, the bandages do limit the amount of air you can breathe. You have done this hundreds of times with Mistress, but always sense the finality of being enclosed when she covers your head like this. "There we go", she coos softly. "Now you're ready to see what's behind that mirror". She inspects the head wrappings again. She has left a few layers of overlap on your forehead so that when she wants to revoke your sight, she need only slide them down, rather than rewrap the whole thing.

Mistress tells you to stand. You obey. "Just for fun, I am going to put this dog collar on you, pet" says your Queen. She pulls a purple dog collar from the chest and places it around your neck, she leaves it one buckle pin setting from "snug" before feeding the strap end through the loops. Then she attaches a heavy duty zinc plated dog chain to the main ring to make sure she has you within yanking distance. She has you pick up the chest on the bed, after she closes and locks the lid. You are instructed to carry it for her. You can tell by the weight as you pick it up, that several items are still inside it. "Proceed, slave". You are slowly led to the mirror and are told to stand in the entrance way.


As you observe the ornate carvings perhaps for the last time, Mistress takes a long reach lighter and lights a sconce on the wall. This in turn illuminates another sconce a few feet further in. Mistress put the leash handle over her wrist and has you follow her. You must stop every few feet and wait for her to light the next sconce. As you walk you notice that the floor slopes downward, ever so slowly, but downward nonetheless. The corridor seems to spiral downward to somewhere. Whatever is down there is unknown to you. You have never heard of this place or seen it. Your Queen has kept is a secret from you and you guess many others. After what seems like almost 10 minutes of walking and stopping, you reach a stone door. The door is inscribed with some ancient writing. Probably Egyptian hieroglyphs based on your Mistresses' deep love of the culture and lore. Mistress pauses and slowly looks down at her necklace, which contains two keys. The larger brass key is used to open the door to a secret room. "Won't you come inside, My pet?" she inquires. You enter before her and Mistress promptly slams the door behind you both with a deep resounding 'bang'.

You shudder with uncertainty. You begin to feel your body heat warming up the first layer of bandages. Fortunately, you are accustomed to the warmth they create. They absorb sweat very well, and this allows you to sustain enclosure in them for hours at a time. You glance wordlessly at your Captor. She senses your concern and comforts you with "Oh come now, pet. You know I wouldn't let any harm come to you. You have faithfully served me for five years. Now stop with this shivering nonsense". You tense up defensively, but try to relax. Mistress has wrapped you so many times before. Every time you did what she had asked and was released without question. Why would this time be any different?

Only one light is lit within this room, so it is still quite dim. Someone else, hopefully Mistress must have lit it prior to bringing you down here. This is not a sconce, but a small tea light candle which seems to rest on a table of some sort. "I have a surprise for you, slave! In fact I have several, but I want you to close your eyes so I can get ready for you". You obey by closing them. You dare not peek for Mistress sees all, and will undoubtedly punish you for misbehaving. A third party might see you as a mummified statue, since you still hold Mistresses wooden chest, and are standing very still near the door, eyes closed.

As you stand there, Mistress slowly walks around the room with her lighter. You hear the click of her boots. You hear the flick of the switch. Occasionally you hear the sputter of a wick as other lights are ignited. Otherwise, it is silent in this chamber. You and Mistress are alone. This heightens your arousal, since you know what she is capable of when left alone with you. After a couple minutes of listening to the stimulating sound of her heels, you hear "Open your eyes, slave". You open your eyes to take in a wonder of sights. Mistress has had this chamber decorated like an Egyptian temple. Several key items make your attention quickly.

The room appears to be about twenty feet by thirty feet. On the far wall hangs an elongated piece of white stretch PVC, large enough to contain a mummified form. It must be a sleep sack that you and Mistress had co-conceived in past conversations. You are humbled even more that she has gone through the trouble and cost of having it made for you. She watches amused as your eyes widen to take it all in. A few feet before you lays a raised table. It is about six feet long and two feet wide. It sits about ten inches off the floor. The walls are hand painted with Egyptian mosaics, with panels colored in lapis, coral, turquoise and green. On the right side stands a metal frame with a large oriental gong suspended from it, the drum stick hanging on the left side of the frame. In the far corner lies a wooden mummiform coffin. It is detailed with gold, purple, copper and turquoise. The lid is formed in the likeness of an ancient Egyptian king. It looks very heavy. "Would you like to inspect your new toy, My pet? I ask. I had it made especially for this ritual". "Yes, please Mistress" you reply. Your heart is racing now, anticipating the fun you might have with your Mistress and your play 'case'. "You may give me the chest now and we can play together". Mistress takes the chest and places it at the head of the table. "Now you may inspect your new toy, My pet".

You slowly walk over to the corner. Your bandaged hands are limited in feeling, but you still reach out to stroke the smooth wooden case as if it were yours. Mistress shocks you back to reality by saying "Remember it's not yours to keep, Pet, but you may use it when I say". You turn to Mistress, lower your head and mumble through your bandages "Thank you so very much, my Queen. How may I repay you? If I could I would serve you forever. I am so excited right now and offer my mind, body and soul to your beckoning". Mistress replies with "Oh don't worry slave. You will. You will". A naughty smile spreads across her face once more.


You are told to come over to Mistress. You stand before her, arms at your sides, completely bandaged from head to toe, except for your eyes. She smiles softly at you. "My, my! How sexy you look, pet. The tightness of the bandages brings out your curves. Perhaps not as much as some of my female slaves, but quite impressive, nonetheless". Her arms gently caress and stroke yours up and down, like an octopus analyzing a foreign object to see if it is edible. She pinches the bandages, admiring her wrapping job, gently squeezing the resilient flesh beneath the fabric, noting how firm your muscles are. "Are you ready to serve your Queen now"? "Yes, Mistress. I want to pleasure you in any way you desire. I am yours completely". "That's what Mistress likes to hear" she says expectantly.

"I want you to stand at the foot of the table which is here" she says pointing to the left side. "I want you immobilized further. She places the wooden chest on the head of the table and you position yourself. She walks over to remove the white material from the wall, wondering if you realize just how special you are to have been chosen for this event. She has you stand with your arms at your sides as she decorates the table by laying the white sleep sack across it. She outspreads the sack, un-zippers the side and places the bottom half in the center of the table, with the top half hanging over the edge. This is to ease your final entry into the bag. Once your body is centered, Mistress can stretch, pull and move the bag as she needs in order to envelop your body.

You know what is coming next! Your Queen attends to your wrapped form by adding a second layer of bandages. You have both expected and hoped for this. You are not afraid for you have had this done many times before. If unattended you could still escape from the second layer, albeit with some difficulty. Mistress takes a huge roll of six inch wide bandage and begins to wrap figure eights around your shoulders which pins your arms against your sides. Mistress does not like the ancient style of wrapping the arms over the chest, as they interfere with her lying on top of you. Immediately you feel much warmer as the second layer traps your body heat. The tightness is getting apparent as your breathing is being affected. Your breath rate increases slightly and is more irregular. She continues the figure eight until your chest and back is covered, then settles to a simpler, circular wrapping pattern as she proceeds down over your elbows and waist, around your thighs and calves. She stops before your ankles are covered because you will have difficulty standing if she wraps them now.

"Come now, my little toy. Lay down on the stone table before us, so we may finish the layer". You carefully squat down and scoot like an inchworm up the table, now the only remaining form of movement available to you, lying on top of the sleep sack. Similar to the manner in which Mistress wrapped your feet in the bedroom, you are told to pull your knees up and rest them against her stomach as she finishes the giant roll off by covering your toes and tucking the end in. She now supports your ankles and lowers your legs back down as a solid single unit. "Very good, sweetie. Now I want you in that lovely shroud I had made for you. I want you to try it on for Me". You hesitate, laying still, looking at your Captor. You know that once you are zippered in there, there is no escape from the shroud without Mistress' help. But you also believe with all your devoted heart that she would never harm you because she never has.

Mistress takes the outside edge of the material and flips it over to bring it closer to your face. As she does this, she mentions it is made of white stretch PVC. It is a spandex-like material on the inside, but does not breathe like spandex. The outer side is coated with PVC, which does not allow the skin to breathe, but affords a more stylish exterior to the servant, by giving the look that he or she is enshrouded in latex; tight, and very shiny. It is almost shameless the way it is worn because it fits like a second skin . almost like wearing nothing at all.

You slowly attempt to wriggle your feet into the tubular end of the bag. Mistress waits till you extend your legs straight again, then she works the foot of the bag further up your legs so your feet are snugly enclosed and the material is taught against your wrappings. She then pulls the top half of the bag that was hanging over the edge of the table and pulls the open edge tight against your chest, enough to meet the zipper on the bottom half. Mistress quickly zips you into the bag, all the way up to your neck! "There we go" she says excitedly. You are allowed a minute to take in your surroundings, sensing the taut material which binds you further. Suddenly you hear Her magical voice.

"You will pleasure me orally slave. Do not expect Me to pleasure you. If you are lucky, I may play with you in the ways I desire, but for now I will grant you the privilege of eating my pussy. You will recognize that I am close to you by My scent and the warmth emanating from My secret place".

Following this, Mistress carefully pulls the bandages away from your mouth and nose so you may achieve the honor of sniffing her secret place and enhancing the taste of her wet flesh. Mistress climbs onto the table which is slightly wider than your shoulders. She turns around so her feet point toward yours on either side of your arms. She is positively dripping in anticipation. "Get ready, My pet, for it is time to feed". Mistress begins to slowly lower her hind end you're your head, but does not quickly make contact onto your face yet. Closer she sits, closer and closer still. Her musk permeates the heavy air in the room and your nostrils begin to pick up her pheromones. Having recognized her scent, you tilt your head up, searching blindly for her dark place. She hovers over your head, but even while craning your neck up, you cannot find her warm flesh.

And then suddenly you are aware of her tender pink folds over your nose and you use them to guide your mouth to her moist opening. In your eagerness to please Mistress, your tongue quickly darts in and out of her hot dark passage. Then it traces circles around her soft moist lips, going lower and finding her hot little clit, which delicately pokes out from there. You carefully prod it with your tongue tip, and Mistress moans in pleasure. She likes what the little toy is doing for her. This encourages you further to find every nook and cranny in the vicinity of her pudenda. Wanting to see if you can simulate intercourse, you press your head against her pussy as hard as you can and jam your tongue in its widest shape, deep into her as far as it will go. It is difficult to breathe underneath her slit, but you don't care. Your world is Mistresses' pussy.

"That's wonderful, My pet" urges the Queen. "Lick away at my pussy, for it may be your last meal!" You don't dare to reply, and continue working your tongue for her. After about 10 solid minutes of tonguing her hole, your jaw aches and you get up the courage to ask her for a favor. "Mistress? May I have a request?" you mumble. She doesn't understand the first question and stops briefly to have you repeat it. Mistress is very angry that you would stop her pleasure for a pitiful favor, but she is curious to hear what you ask. "This better be fucking good, you worm. I was enjoying myself upon that hard working tongue of yours". "Yes Mistress, I simply wish to ask . a small favor".

"Well, what is it, she inquires sharply". "Mistress I want to experience that secret hole you have never allowed me to. I believe I can bring you much pleasure this way as well, by you allowing me to clean your asshole as my gift to you". She thinks for a moment, frowning, and then a sly smile spreads across her face. Mistress is not dumb. She has played with her anus before, poking and prodding it with her own fingers, toys, but has never allowed slave to touch it. Mistress already knows the pleasure that may be attainted through anal stimulation but wants to remain in control by not allowing the slave to know that she is already experienced in this arena. In her own mind, Mistress reasons 'make him think he is the first to lick your ass. Make him think it brings you no pleasure but you will allow him this one attempt before the night ends prematurely. After all, the surprise will be on him'.

From the slave's perspective, Mistress is silent for a few moments, then retorts with "You really want that filthy hole, you nasty little runt? Do you know how dirty and disgusting it is to put your tongue back there? Well, if I let you, you must do exactly as I say, understood" Mistress is smiling knowing this will be his one and only request for he will not be allowed an opportunity for another and she is relishing that fact that he is completely oblivious to the fact that Mistress already knows how this evening will end. "Yes, Mistress. If it makes you happy I will obey. I have wanted to try, to see if you will enjoy it. All I want is your happiness". "Very well slave. I have never allowed any slave to play with my beautiful bottom in this way. You have been good to me over the years and I shall allow you this one chance to please me". The slave's breathing increases as he realizes he is the first to taste her anus and won't the other slaves be jealous when he gets to tell his story during meal time.

"Are you ready for it, My eager toy?" "Yes I am ready for your ass, My Queen. I have wanted so badly to taste you there". A she slides forward and down a few inches, the slave can smell a new scent. It is pungent and salty. His tongue traces its way back and forth as it goes backward over her perineum and settles into a small depression in the crack of her ass. The texture is new here, less smooth and wrinklier. The hole is not deep, as it has a shallow closure in the center. Slave is finding new smells and tastes and textures back there. Mistress meanwhile is beginning to remember that all those nerve endings lead to her even higher state of arousal, as they did months before.

Mistress tries to encourage his actions by discouraging him a little: "Bet that tastes awful back there doesn't it, My pet? I bet you're sorry you asked for this favor, aren't you?" "No, my Queen. You taste amazing back here. It makes me want you all the more". "Good, slave, then you may continue for Mistress is enjoying that dirty tongue back there. In fact, I wish for you to put it inside my backdoor now. You will clean my insides like a good little slave". The obedient servant replies "Yes, Mistress, as you wish". He then complies by forcing his impudent tongue into the tight pucker, to see what is inside. The super smooth skin stretches wider and becomes deeper to accommodate him. Unlike the vaginal walls, the anal tissues are amazingly smooth and allow his tongue to glide effortlessly over them.

"My pet, that feels nice. I want you to bury it inside my dark opening". To make sure he gets in further, she applies her full weight to his face, so that her sit bones are crushing his cheeks. He is not giving up in his efforts to please her and applies several minutes of ass-fucking with his strong tireless tongue. Mistress decides to enable him some more by bearing down on her sphincter to open the hole wider to let him in deeper. The sensation is exquisite for him and for Mistress. The pet thrills at being the first allowed to perform something so appallingly foul, and because he has such a dirty mind he cares not to think about how repulsive the act is. All that matters is that Mistress feels amazing and is happy with his efforts.

In the midst of his ass fucking, slave feels Mistress suddenly pull her butt off his face. She squeezes her anus as tightly as possible to try to pull his tongue upwards as she raises herself, until it pops out of her asshole with a brief sucking sound. He wonders if he has done anything wrong and asks Mistress. "Oh no, of course not, pet. It's just that Mistress can't allow you to always get what you want and now that I know you enjoy tonguing my tight little hole, you must be denied for a while". "As You wish, sweet Queen", he replies. "Now for some more fun, My little one. Remember the mummy case in the far corner"? The slave is quick to reply "Yes, my Queen". "Well how about if I let you test it out, and try it on for size. I need to make sure it fits you, as you are my tallest slave. I hope for the money I spent on it, the carpenters at least got the dimensions correct." "Oh may I, Mistress? I would be honored to accept the mummy case for a trial wearing". Mistress freshly answers "of course, slave. I was hoping you would accommodate me in such a way".

Mistress climbs off the table and the slave can hear the lethal clicking of her boots as she walks across the room to the coffin. She reaches carefully behind the mummy case to slide out a collapsible metal frame with wheels on the bottom. In a few seconds, she has expanded its size to about 3 feet wide by 4 feet long. Then, she removes the lid to lighten the load, carrying it to the wall next to the table. Returning to the coffin, the Queen lowers it onto the metal frame. She deliberately struggles with it for a minute or two, letting the slave listen to the heaviness of it, the scratching, the rustling, and the labor of Mistress preparing yet another treat for her pet. The aural stimulation is making the little servant harder than ever. Mistress begins to push on the head of the coffin and the frame rolls slowly to the side of the table.

"Oops! I forgot some things. I want you bound tighter, little one. I have a custom fit hood for you, which will overlap your neck and meet the body bag portion of the shroud". First Mistress readjusts the bandages so that the slave's nose and mouth are covered once more. She removes the hood from her bandage box and stretches the neck hole wide, so it will pass over the mummy's head. She carefully pulls it down onto him, almost like a giant white balloon. The hood is pulled in different directions by Mistress, so that it situates nicely with zippered eye holes over his eyes, and a zippered mouth over his mouth. She unzips each one to reveal blank bandages beneath, which will make his speech a little easier to hear beneath his mask of fabric. Then the third layer of bondage: Mistress applies six leather belts around her mummy, each three inches wide. They are pulled extra snugly around his ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders and one around his neck like a thick black collar. He squirms a little, alarmed slightly at the tightness of the straps, but trusts his Mistress knows what is best for him.

The Queen re-checks the proximity of the mummiform with the side of the table. After lining it up to her mummy's position as closely as possible, she proceeds to turn a crank behind the table which raises the left edge of the table slowly, turning the whole tabletop into a slide which will allow her to ease the mummy into its new home. The slave is slightly concerned at the increasing slant of the table. Mistress senses this and reassures him he will be fine. "It's just to help Mistress get you inside the case, pet. I can't lift you by myself, you know". When the incline becomes steep enough that you are sliding on your own accord". "Will that make you happy, my Queen?" pleads the little mummy. "Yes I really want to see what you look like in there, pet", says Mistress with an evil smirk.

The table top is at a 40 degree angle now, and the mummy begins to shift sideways down the table. Mistress grabs the belts to help slide him into the coffin completely. The mummy lands with a gentle plop into the bottom. He notices that the sides are extremely tight against his entire form. They are so tight he cannot wiggle to get comfortable, but they fit him perfectly. He is enjoying the sensation of the walls hugging his wrapped body. Mistress is enjoying it too. "How about if I take some pictures for my personal album?" she says. "Yes Mistress, please do" encourages the obedient toy, "I would like to see them later and admire your masterful work". "Perhaps." she says as she removes a digital camera from the bandage box and takes about a dozen snaps.

Putting the camera away she comments "My precious pet! You look so perfect in there. It's so well-fitted for you. Mistress does such excellent work for you, doesn't she?". Slave assures her "Yes my Queen, you truly care for me in ways no other could. I would truly give anything for your pleasure. I am honored to lie here before you, receiving your attentions and gifts in this way". I'm glad to hear you say that, sweet one, for you may keep your new coffin forever. It shall be your new home, I think" says Mistress, awaiting his reaction. Not surprisingly he stiffens, realizing the gravity of the situation. Slave is not sure if she is joking or not. "Mistress? What do you mean by that?" says he, his voice growing more serious. "Well what do you THINK I mean, pet? Did you not just say you would give anything for my pleasure?" she retorts. "yes but..." cutting him off, Mistress replies "don't interrupt Mistress when she is speaking. You have a nasty habit of doing that and I will not tolerate that any longer. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the truth is I have enjoyed you for these few years, which is longer than I kept most other slaves, but I am bored with you now. I need to move on to newer and better slaves. You can't be the one to hog all my attentions. Others want to taste my ass, and many have before. You were not the first, and you will not be the last".

Slave cannot believe what he is hearing! "Mistress I have been good to you, done everything you asked of me". She grabs his face with her hand squeezing it hard to gain his complete attention. She is trembling with anger, but then she regains her composure releasing her grip on him. "Sweet slave, you must not fear me. As long as you serve under my control there will be no pain you cannot endure. I want you to be quiet now and listen not speak. Nod your head if you understand". He nods yes to her. "Good boy. You must know that I have been training you from the very beginning for this moment. I needed to test your true loyalty by creating a sense of profound trust which could be broken by me at anytime. For the thrill of conquering yet another unsuspecting slave, I have chosen this moment now. You will serve me in the afterlife. I will own your body and soul. You will be kept under my watchful eyes and never be far from me. However, you must be silenced to avoid you bragging to the other slaves about tasting my ass, which they all believe nobody has been allowed to do. Now you may tell me what you think. Choose your words carefully, for they may be your last". The slave is hoarse with fright, and begs "My wonderful Queen, I would never think of bragging about you to the others. You are my light and my darkness and the only one I will ever serve". "Well," she says "you're right about that. I am the ONLY one you will ever serve and I thank you for that. Now no more words or the job will not be done".

The mummy buckles up and down within the confines of his casket, but to no avail. There is no escape. Like a mother singing softly to her baby, Mistress strokes his body one last time before zipping up his eye holes and mouth hole on the mask. This will help keep him quieter as she finishes her work. He can not contain himself any longer and attempts to cry out for help. His cries are well muffled by the wrappings and the mask which is barely breathable now that the zippers are closed. In an effort to pleasure herself, more than he, she unzips the area over his cock and begins to play with it. His cries suddenly stop and he focuses instead on trying to breathe. Taunting him more, she tells him "You were quite foolish to think that I would get you all wrapped up, shrouded and bound and then just let you out. It's too much work to undo all of that. And it's amusing that you actually thought I 'just wanted you to try on the coffin for size', when I had it specially commissioned for this specific act. It was worth the price to see your reaction".

The mummy is now at his wits end, knowing she will not release him, while praying she will change her mind. Mistress is jerking his cock frantically, and he cannot see that she is also taking up position to straddle the coffin once more. She loves every moment of teasing him, as the materials used in the ceremony work wonders to muffle his please for assistance. He tries to squirm lose from his bondage but there is not even a ray of hope. The evil Queen begins to bend over, baring her ass to him for the last time. She lowers herself slowly as always, waiting to move in for the kill. It is urgent that he be aware of her last comments. "I will grant you one final moment of pleasure by allowing you to come for me one last time, so make it good, pet. I want you to know that you meant nothing to me. You were just a number and you are going to be quickly replaced, maybe even forgotten with time". Her as looms nearer to his face.just 10 inches away. "It is now time for you to sleep. Yes I want you to sleep for me. Do not struggle. Don't fight me for it will only be worse". Just 4 inches away from his face and closing. "It won't take long either. I know that mask is almost impossible to breathe through. It's time for lights out my sweet, time to take a nice long nap. In fact, you don't need to breathe!". Her round plump buttocks make contact with his face muting all sound and forming an airtight seal over his head. He cannot move an inch. All he feels is the heat of her pussy and ass over his nose and mouth; the weight of his Mistress pinning him down in an unfair advantage. He pulses within his wrappings, stiffening and weakening. His last instinct is to ejaculate harder than ever before in a vain attempt to perhaps allow his progeny to outlive him. Mistress' magic hands guide the torrents of semen away from them and they land on the floor. His brain is on fire from the lack of oxygen. Blackness closes in and he cannot fight any more. Her final words before he loses consciousness are " are mine for eternity.".


Once I detect no more motion from you, I wait a further 30 seconds, watching your chest to see if you still have a chance at life. No. He lies at peace at last. Unapologetic, I tell your senseless, silent body "Foolish slave. I don't know WHY you bothered with that pitiful, meaningless struggle. Mistress ALWAYS wins. Tsk, tsk, tsk". I lean over you and gently place a wet lip kiss over the mask where your mouth would be. Carefully she tucks in his oozing penis to the bandages and zips up the shroud. A smile spreads across my lips as I bask in the glory of possessing the ultimate power over my slaves, and the joy of having executed that power as I saw fit. I gasp lightly as I admire the contrast of your white shroud and black belts within the snug tan case. It was perhaps a tad small, but Mistress likes her slaves crammed into their coffins, so the walls hold them tightly, reducing their movement and making their surrender all the more quick and easy.

"He is beautiful now; just like statue made in honor of his Mistress", I think to myself. I walk over to the far corner and with some effort I pick up the lid of the mummy case, bringing it back over to where you now lie. I carefully line up the side edges and the bottom, which have wooden tabs sticking out of the bottom half, every 12 inches, all the way around. They coincide perfectly with similar-shaped holes in the base of the lid. After a few seconds of carefully lining them up, I watch the shadow cross your white form as I seal you in darkness and forcefully push the lid down over My mummy, with a satisfying 'thud'. Knowing you aren't going anywhere, I shove the deadbolt through, and fasten it tight, and lock each of the three large padlocks on the exterior just out of spite.

I then call five of my best slaves with by banging the large gong on the far side of the room. The banging can be heard upstairs through a series of clever air ducts. These slaves are the only ones I trust with the knowledge of my secret hideaway. About five minutes later they arrive from the surface. "You summoned us, Mistress"? says a tall muscle-bound slave. "Yes, repeat the same procedure as with the last one, but this one is a CONDITION TWO", I reply, which is my code for a dead slave. Normally I smother them a little, but leave them to be buried alive in their mummiforms. They all slightly bow their heads to ME. They understand and quickly gather round the mummy case. The leader opens a hidden door in the back of the wrapping table and removes large can of beeswax. Although the seal of the coffin lid is fairly flush, this will be used to seal up any inconsistencies and make the seal airtight to help preserve My little pet.

The lead servant applies beeswax along the entire seam with a small flat tool, and then replaces them into the back of the table. The second servant removes a hammer and fine-point chisel which is now used to carve some simple hieroglyphs into the head of the case. I trained him in transliterating ancient texts and he kneels patiently, waiting for me to dictate the final inscription. "Here lies a man of servitude, who surrendered his life at the request of his Mistress. He shall lay in peace under Her watchful eye for eternity". Once he completes the writing, the other four servants pick up the coffin, while the chiseler uncovers a two by seven foot hollow opening in the wall. A false mosaic had been covering it, so it went unnoticed by the slave. It has perfectly leveled edges and was painstakingly crafted by my mason servants. A matching stone door of marble was crafted to plug the opening, which completes the existing mosaic and has no handles. Once it is in place it cannot be removed. The servants gently slide the coffin into the opening, tilting it upright as if standing at attention. In a symbolic way, the slave will now serve Mistress in the afterlife. Once the head is six inches beyond the opening, the stone door is then inserted by the four servants until flush with the wall. A dull 'thud' is heard by all and it is done.

The servants leave ahead of me, clearing the room. I take a long, slow look around the room. I am satisfied at my growing collection, but want more still. If you were still alive, you would no doubt make out the slow, ambling click of my heeled boots as I made my way around the room, bravely using my bare hands to pinch the wicks on each of the twenty-two candles one by one. I smirk a little as I snuff each flame as easily as I snuffed out the life out of my newest mummy.

Satisfied, I grab the chest and make my way; gracefully and sensually back to the sunlight of the surface world. Too bad it all ended so quickly. I wish it lasted longer, this feeling, but it never does. The only way to lengthen the experience is to re-create it. Luckily, there are always more slaves to worship me. More slaves to silence. I am always in control and so shall it be for the rest of my life. I have no regrets and no sadness, for there is nothing which I 'lose" that cannot be replaced. My slaves however, are sometimes lost along the way, condemned to a nameless fate, imprisoned behind nameless doors, where none shall ever find them.

But I always remember them. I remember the looks of terror in their eyes from the uncertainty I cause them. I remember the final voluntary contractions as they struggle to cling to their lives; forgetting that I alone possess their lives and that they have no control over what I choose for them. I remember the beautiful silence of their statuesque curves, as they are tightly cinched in their restrictive cocoons. I alone know their final plots and resting places. Now it's time for a replacement for the last one. Mistress desires another toy to play with for some fun and games. Who shall it be?


...Or maybe just the beginning...


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