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Why do we do It

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; wrap; bandage; entombed; sarcophagus; cons; X

This is not so much a story as a analyzes of why we allow ourselves to be mummified  and is there any risk out there especially when dealing with the dastardly male.


Have you ever wondered how you ever got interested in such a subject as mummification? The subject is gruesome it could be your final quest if you have the wrong guy wrapping you, Yet it seems to have a funny sort of fatal attraction and deep down I do not know why, when with friends one cannot say, "Oh my hobby is being mummified" we would be frowned upon, perhaps even our jobs and existence put at risk, and talking of risk are we putting ourselves in risk. 

Over the last five years I seem to have perfected the way I have been wrapped and mummified, I would not say in my case it is a sexual thing it is something that I get a kick out of doing to someone else or having done to me, The total power over them knowing you have their lives in your hands and once bound there is nothing they can do about it. I did say in one of my stories that once you allow yourself to be willingly undressed and willingly tied up you become a product to be dealt with and I still stand by that. Taking it to its logical conclusion by allowing yourself to be put in this position you have handed over your very existence and well being to another party.  Now we can all come up with the great idea of safety words where we agree if you say a certain word you will be released now that sounds OK, but being mummified you can be gagged, as in my case you usually have a breathing tube fitted in your mouth and your lips taped shut, so the physical effort of being able to say stop has now been taken away from you.

There is also the mental barrier deep inside you do not want to say "stop now I am getting worried" as this would make you appear chicken and there is the other mental qwerk in your mind, and that is you deep down want to explore mummification and after a while of being bound and getting away with it you believe yourself to be fire proof and of course the old adage comes to mind it will never happen to me.

The great problem with mummification as I see it is you as the mummy have no control at all once you are bound, the second problem it is nearly always the case it's the female that gets mummified. Then the third problem, which deep down we all know about is the person who is wrapping you is nearly always a male, and as we know most males have a sadistic streak and quite often get carried away and do not know when to stop! And if you are lying there bound down to a board, gagged, blindfolded, your hearing eliminated and about three layers of wrapping around you there is not a lot you can do about it anyway! At this stage all your feminine charms have now gone out the window.

Now after reading so far you may well ask "Well why do you do it then?"  Well that's a good question as up to now I have no logical answer, I think I love to be immobilized, I also love the Egyptian theme to me the Egyptian theme adds the touch of mystery of those far off days also adds a sort of fatal attraction, and once bound I usually tend to drift off into a dreamy sleep, where time seems to slip by without being counted if you know what I mean. Now once I have reached this stage I really am a product to be dealt with, I might as well be a pound of sausage meat to someone looking on.

But like a lot of things we do in life, we do it one because we like doing it and two there is a thrill to doing it, the thought always in the back of your mind as the final wraps are bound around you that this time your fantasy dream may be the supreme sacrifice. For just as you keep pushing for perfection, that dastardly male who in binding you also is striving to go one stage further, and lets be honest most males have a sadistic streak they all admit it, and if they get the chance to be sadistic they will. So based on what I have now said you would think no sane female would ever have conceded the thought of being mummified, but strangely it seems there are quite a few ladies out there who revel in it the thought of being mummified and putting your very existence in risk. 

I suppose it is the risk factor and of not knowing that drives us on, I by chance met this guy Toran, you have probably met the sort, a real gent and after getting to know each other we found out we both had this attraction to BDSM then he heard of my love for mummification, then he owned up to not just being a yank but being a rich one. Anyway to cut a long story a bit shorter we met a few times and got to know each other much more intimately. The more he found out about my hobby the more he wanted to help after several visits to each other he informed me he was building at his ranch just outside Chicago, a large out building a set that would resemble the interior tomb in a pyramid. Now this came as a bit of a shock he then informed me he was going to make my fantasy become a reality. Now at first glance I thought this was a dream come true, but when you analyse it here is this guy I hardly know except for a dozen or so lovers meeting now building me a tomb and offering to intern me in it as a treat in a distant land.

Now logically you would say no way man! But I was flattered a man would be willing to spend a quarter of a million dollars to make my dream come true. Well a few weeks passed, he was sending me photos and videos of the construction it was beyond what I ever imagined, needless to say as soon as it was finished a first class Air ticket arrived in my mail box and I was on my way to Chicago.

My second day I was led to the building that contained his latest project I entered the building it was so real it was like a dream, he told me it was a copy of Queen Nefertiti's tomb but much more decorative. The sarcophagus that was the centre point was huge and made of solid teak, the lid alone weighed several hundred weights and was moved with the aid of an electric hoist, he had, had his PA trained in the correct ways of preparing me and binding me as a mummy. Deep down this is the point were any sane girl says, "Well great all very nice it looks lovely but I am off!" But no that fatal attraction in the back of my mind had clicked in.

The interning process got under way, Dawn, his PA led me over to a leather covered table and helped me undress, I was asked to lie on the table, I was a little embarrassed to say the least but the fear of appearing a fool I pressed on. Once on the table my body was subjected to the most sensuous massage I have ever experienced, the scented oils were poured over me and rubbed into my skin this alone was a dream come true. I was now transferred to a perfect body board that fitted every crevice of my body and I was soon bound to the board with more than a dozen layers of linen bandage. I was constantly being asked am I OK and do I wish to go on, and I kept saying yes!

Several times during this process I had second thought but that fear of being declared a fool clicked in and we carried on. A small earpiece kept me informed as to the progress and at what stage we had reached, I could signal by pressing my thumb against my index finger where two metal plates made contact, one tap was yes two was no, a continuous one meant panic. I was informed the bindings had finished and I was being lifted into the sarcophagus then informed the lid was in position and locked down.

Now surely to have allowed myself to have reached this stage makes the mind boggle, here I am two and a half thousand miles from home bound solid and locked in a box, I must be a psycho's dream and am I worried, No I am dozing off and dreaming it's the old thing again, total blind trust and "It will never happen to me" syndrome" needless to say I have survived or I would not be writing this now, but it does say something for the female mind when we are talking amongst ourselves how often do you here the phrase "I would not let a male do that to me!" Yet here I am and I consider myself a sensible person well educated yet willing to allow myself to be stripped, immobilized, mummified and placed in a tomb in a strange land by a guy I only recently got to know. Perhaps the clever people are the males for being able to entice us into these positions in the first place, after all Toran sweet talked me to the States on a promise to make my dream come true and mummify me as I had never been mummified before in a tomb so secure is it is better than fort Knox.

Of course he could have also been a mad man who enticed females and did all sorts of terrible things to them, but he wasn't he could have been a slave trader but the answer is no again, but being a male he is sadistic and can be cruel and was to me on several occasions. I am the first to admit there are guys out there who are pure evil, there are guys out there who just want to abuse a women but the vast majority of guys out there in my opinion have turned out to be good guys who just wish to explore BDSM in the company of a like-minded women. But I also realise if I wish my dreams and fantasies to come true and allow a male to spend on you and entertain you then I must be willing to give a little in return, and up to now I have had to give very little in return, that is up to now it all could alter tomorrow after all we are dealing with the dastardly human male. 

And never forget of course, there are risks, of course there are and I will be the first to admit it there is a greater risk crossing the road but it should never underestimated. The secret at the end of the day is to know your partner and not just for five minutes and to have fun, remember life is for living and enjoying.


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