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The Witching Hour

by [email protected]

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© Copyright 2003 - [email protected] - Used by permission

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Before we get into my sad tale, you need to have a little background information. My name is Ted. I am a 33 year old, self employed, engineer consultant. I am tall, 6-4, about 250 lbs., blue eyes with an athletic figure. I have always been interested in bondage from as far back as I could remember. I had always been interested in being put in bondage mummification. I tried several times but could only do the job about half way and it was not satisfactory. I was left to do my self bondage games most of the time. I was lucky. For the last 6 months I had been going with a lady named Linda.

Over all Linda was average looking. However, she had ample, stand out, pert breasts and legs that would stop traffic. After we had been going together for a while, I mentioned I was interested in bondage. Linda indicated puzzlement and said she didn't know anything about. I invited her into my apartment and gave several articles about self bondage, chastity and some pictures. Linda was a quick study. She was very bright, having a masters degree in English Literature. In fact she was a writer. Every time I asked her what she wrote she was a little vague about it. She just told me that most of it was dark gothic tales and I wouldn't be interested in that subject.

Linda spent some time going over the information I had given her. After her second beer, she looked at me and said, "So you're really into this and like to be tied up."

I told her I was and that up until now I had to make do was self bondage, which wasn't as satisfying as the real thing. She dashed my hopes. She said, "Ted I'm not really into bondage. It doesn't bother me that you like it. It just doesn't turn me on."

My hopes were dashed. Then I heard Linda saying, "Just because It doesn't turn me on, that doesn't mean I won't help you a little. I'll let you put yourself in bondage, then I'll make sure you can't escape. While you're helpless, I'll get my pleasure"

I said, "That would be great."

I explained that I didn't do my bondage in my 2 room apartment. I had a rather large cabin out in the country. I went down there and did my self bondage things on weekends. Linda said, "Great! This weekend we can go down there and practice. Pick me up at 8 on Saturday morning. I can do my writing while you're tied up."

As soon as I had enough money, I was looking for a place in the country to get out of the city and relax. I found this lovely 4 room farm house on about 12 acres about an hour's drive from the city. It was perfect. There were three rooms on the first floor. The upstairs was a completely open room. It looked as if whoever built the place had been an artist. There were a lot of windows proving a great deal of natural light. The only neighbor I had that could see my house was this huge gothic looking structure on top of the hill about a half mile away. I covered the windows. I made this large room into my self bondage dungeon. I had a rack, St Andrews Cross, pillories, stocks, whipping bench and a few other things, most of which I had never been able to use.

Several times I had walked up to see who my neighbor was. Each time I met this weirdly dressed gal working around the yard. She was always dressed in boots, leather skirt and leather top. The leather had weird looking designs sewn all over it. She was always pleasant and we chatted. She showed me around the outside. In one corner of the yard was a very large weird looking building and what looked like a shrine of some sort. In a circle around the building were some statues that looked to be about 7 feet tall. I walked over to examine them. They looked like statues right out of ancient Egypt. They had Egyptian hieroglyphics all over the front of them. The stone looked ancient. Just looking at those perfectly shaped statues of mummies turned me on and I immediately got hard. I found out the lady's name was Darla.

Darla explained to me that her family had been collecting these mummy statues for years. She said she was always looking for new ones to add to her collection. However, she didn't have luck in the last several years. She showed me around the yard, which was full of strange looking statues and things. Each time, after that, when I was at her place we sat on a bench in the mummy shrine and chatted.

It took forever for Saturday morning to arrive. I was packed, which really wasn't very much as the farm house was well stocked with food and my bondage gear. I was sure to take a lap top computer. If she wished, Linda could look up more bondage information at some of the sites on the Internet. At a little before 8, I pulled up in front of Linda's apartment.

I went up to help her carry out her bags to my car. I figured that like all women, she would have a truck load of trunks. I was surprised; she had only one medium sized bag, a small bag and her purse. She got in the car and we started toward the country bondage dungeon. About half way there we stopped for breakfast at a country inn. In short order we arrived at my farm house. I carried the stuff in and we got settled. I set up the computer. I showed Linda the kitchen and took her upstairs to the dungeon.

We came down stairs. Linda said, "Lets sit down. I want to explain a few things to you."

"I'm willing to see that you're helpless. In order for me to indulge you there are some rules we will follow."

"One, you will always be completely naked."

"Two, if you're helpless and can't escape you will remain there as long as I wish."

"Three, if you are not gagged and/or blindfolded, and I decide you need one or both, I will do it to you."

"Four If I decide to torture or whip you, which I probably won't, I'll do it to you."

"Do you agree to these rules."

I replied, "They sound good to me."

My cock now was raging hard and was demanding attention. Linda said, "whenever you're ready go upstairs and put yourself in bondage. When you're properly fixed, call me."

I went upstairs, quickly got myself into one of my favorite hog tie positions. Since I knew I had help, I made this hog tie really tight. I knew that in an hour or so, I would be really hurting. I yelled. Linda came up and looked at my bondage. She said, "That looks pretty good. I think you can get out of that if you really try."

Linda took some loose ends and tied them in knots. She put a rope around the back of my neck and threaded under my arm pits from the front and tied the ends off at the back of my neck. She took another rope, looped it around my wrists and pulled my arms as high up on my back as he could. This forced my legs back until my heels were digging into my thighs and put my arms in a hammer lock. Now I was really hurting and my hard cock was digging into the floor. For the first time I was really helpless, with no way to escape. A shudder of excitement went through my entire body.

Linda stood back and said, "There! Houdini get out of that. I think you need something else to set this off just right."

Linda picked up a ball gag and brought it over. I protested that I didn't really want to be gagged, which I didn't. All Linda did was pinch my nose closed. As soon as I opened my mouth to breathe, the ball went in. Linda strapped it so tightly in place that the straps dug into my cheeks and hurt.

Linda walked around the upstairs looking out the windows. I heard her exclaim, "Wow! That house on the hill looks like it's an example of carpenter gothic. I've just got to see that. I'm going to walk over there."

I yelled "mmmmmmephhh" Indicating that I didn't want her to leave. Linda simply said, "See if you can get out of that bind. I'll be back in a little while."

I yelled into my gag. It had no effect. Linda went down stairs. I heard the door bang. Then there was silence.

I struggled and rolled around. All I succeeded in doing was causing my knees and arms to hurt even more. I hoped Linda wouldn't be gone too long. Since I was now helpless and could do nothing about it, my turgid cock was demanding attention. I rubbed my cock into the hard, unyielding floor. I soon spurted a gigantic load. My body jerked and heaved in the ropes but they held tightly. When I came down from my erotic high, I really hurt. I knew from past experience that once I was spent, all of the bondage would hurt. Linda said she would be gone for a little while.

A little while turned into hours and I was in real pain. I struggled as hard as I could, yelled and moaned into my gag. It was no use. I was there until Linda released me.

Finally Linda came in. I thought she would immediately come up and check on me. I heard her rustling around in the kitchen. Finally she came up with a drink in her hand.

"I really enjoyed myself. I really like Darla. We had a long chat and have a lot in common. She even gave me some ideas to use in my writing. How are you?"

I jerked and yelled as hard as I could into my gag. Linda looked and said, "Oh! You've been a naughty boy and got your rocks off. Now it's my turn."

She released my gag. I told her how much I needed to get out of my bondage and how much I hurt. Linda said, "Rules are rules. You get out of there when I decide to release you and only then."

Linda stripped her panties off and sat in front of me. She jammed her cunt into my mouth.

"If you ever want out of that bondage, eat pussy. You will not get out until you satisfy me. Get busy and pleasure me."

I tongued and licked Linda's pussy. It took a long time. Finally I felt her grip my head tightly between her thighs. I couldn't breathe. Linda's body shuddered in a giant climax. Not being able to breathe caused my cock to engorge and I came a second time. I must have passed out from lack of oxygen.

I wondered where I was. I could not move my arms and legs. When I could see, Linda was sitting on the bondage table. I was out of the hog tie but my wrists were still behind my back and my ankles were still tied.

Linda said, "So you're awake. I hope you enjoyed that. As soon as you think you can stand, I'll let you use the bathroom and give you something to eat and drink."

When I recovered, Linda untied my ankles and helped me to the bathroom. Then she took me into the bedroom. She sat me on the bed and re tied my ankles. Linda went to the kitchen and came back with water, sandwich and a beer. She helped me consume said Items.

Linda had me lie on the bed. She tied my ankles to the footboard. She put a collar on my neck and fastened it to the head board. She undid my wrists, tied them in front of me and then to the head board, above my head. I spent the night that way. Linda sat on my face and had me bring her to several orgasms during the night.

In the morning she released me. We had a pleasant breakfast and drove back to the city. Linda drove as I was exhausted. We talked about how things went. She told me she enjoyed it more than she thought she would. I told her that I was really in pain and wished she would have let me out of the bondage sooner. Linda replied, "My rules. If you want more I let you out when I wish, not when you want to be freed."

We talked several times during the week. The next weekend, I was bound on the bondage table. Our weekends developed into a pattern. I would be bound, Linda would make it a little more painful. After I was helpless she would go talk to Darla for a long time. If I was bound in a position to cum, I did. If I couldn't, I was out of luck and had to masturbate when I got to my apartment. I any case I had to bring Linda to climax many times every weekend.

We went along this way for about 4 months. Then out of the blue, Linda said, "I've been reading about chastity belts on Altarboys site. Do you have one?"

"I replied, "Several years ago I went to Access Denied and had one made. It is at the farm house."

Linda replied, "Good! Would you like me to put you in it?"

I replied, "That might be nice."

Linda said, "The same rule applies. If I lock you in a chastity belt, I take the key. You will only get out when I let you out. To tell you the truth, I don't know how long you'll be in it at a time."

The next weekend, we did our usual trek to the cabin. I figured Linda had forgotten about the chastity belt. She had mentioned nothing about it. As usual I had under estimated Linda. As soon as we reached the house, she said, "Strip, get your chastity belt and bring it here."

I did as Linda demanded. She said, "put it on. I want to see how it works". I put the belt around my waist. It was a little tighter than it had been. I guessed I had gained pound or two. It was still bearable, though not comfortable for long-term wear. Under Linda's watchful eye, I slipped my penis in the tube. locked it in place in the cod piece. Then I put the chains up behind my back, pulling everything correctly in place. I then locked the belt. Linda looked and said, "Give me the key."

I handed her the key. She put it on a chain around her neck. Then she said, "I want to see you try to cum. I want you to work really hard to make your cock cum."

I worked on my cock until I was really tired with no result. I started to quit and give up. Linda said, "Keep at it if you ever want to see your cock again."

She forced me to work another hour. Then she said, "Enough! Go get yourself in bondage and call me". I wanted a simple bondage position. I simply stretched myself on the bondage table and locked all four limbs to the corner of it. I called Linda.

She came up and saw I was helpless. Linda walked over, got a discipline helmet and locked it on my head. The helmet gagged me, blindfolded me and sealed me off from most sounds. I yelled into the gag as I felt clips being attached to my nipples. From the feel of it, Linda used the really vicious ones. I heard her say, "I'm going over to talk to Darla."

Linda was gone for a long time. As it turned out, she was gone for most of the day leaving me with painful nipples and a painful cock. I felt my headgear being removed. Before I could say anything, Linda plopped her pussy on my mouth, pulled on the nipple clips and had me eat her until she came several times. After Linda was sated, she helped me to the bathroom, fed me and secured me to the bed for the night. As usual I was forced to bring her to several orgasms.

For the next month, our weekends continued in the same vain. Linda did not let me out of the chastity belt. I was really aching to cum and my balls were hurting. This weekend, when we got to the house, Linda told me to spread eagle myself on the bondage table.

When I called, Linda came up, released my chastity belt. Immediately I sprang to attention. Linda said, "My we're ready to cum aren't we."

Linda left and came back with some plastic bags and a container of ice. She iced my genitals down until my cock was limp as a rag. Then she masturbated me. I jerked, stretched and rolled in my bonds trying to get more friction and spurt my load. Linda just kept working methodically. I felt I was about to cum. One or two more strokes would bring me off. Linda squeezed the base of my manhood tightly and iced down. I screamed, "Nooooooooo! I need to cum."

Linda's answer was to grab a gag and buckle it in my mouth. Linda repeated this process for an hour or two. Each time she brought me to the brink and then iced my cock down. Linda finally iced my cock down one last time. She grabbed the chastity belt and locked it in place. Of course I was yelling and screaming the entire time telling her how much I needed to cum. Linda paid no attention. She told me to relax for a little while. She was going over to see Darla.

Linda returned and had me eat her out many times during the night. I got no relief. On the way back to the city. Linda said, "Isn't your vacation due in about a month."

I replied it was.

Linda told me, "I'm self employed. I can work from the house. Why don't we spend it down there? I'll keep you bound the entire time and let you cum. You know you have been asking me to mummify you. I just might do that for you during your vacation."

I had mentioned to Linda many times that I would like to be bound as a mummy. She ignored all of them. All of a Sudden, out of nowhere she was going to fulfil one of my fondest dreams. The month passed slowly as did each weekend. Each weekend Linda made the wait longer by saying she couldn't wait to get me mummified and have me cum.

Finally the big time came. We drove to the country place. I was totally excited at the prospect of being allowed to cum. I was even more turned on by the thought I was going to be mummified. I could hardly sit still for the drive down.

When we got to the cabin. Linda told me to bath and get myself in position on the table. I bathed and locked myself in place. Linda came in and raised my legs up in the air with my ass up off of the table a little. She said, "Since you're going to be mummified, you need an enema". Linda proceeded to fill my intestines with some kind of a vile liquid. She told me to hold it. After awhile, instead of building up, the pressure on my intestines subsided quite a bit. After a very long time Linda released me and told me to expel the liquid take another bath and return. I let out only a small amount of liquid. I took a shower and returned.

When I returned, Linda locked me in the same position. She came back with a pan full of what looked liked shaving cream. Linda rubbed it into every inch of my body. I felt a tingling. After about a half hour, Linda released me and told me to take another shower. In the shower as the water hit my body, every hair on my body floated down the drain. There was not one hair left on my body, including my head.

I returned with a quizzical look on my face. Linda said, "That was depletory. Your hair will grow back enough before you go back to work. If we're going to get you mummified you have to be clean and hairless to make it work. Get back in position."

Linda then went down stairs. She made several trips and carried up many boxes, they looked to be heavy. Linda opened 2 of them. I could see white rolls of some sort of material. One box contained very narrow rolls to lengths of about 6 inches. The other box had several long rolls of the white material in it.

Linda said, "This stuff is supposed to stretch and become really tight and form fitting. It's not exactly cloth. Neither is it all plastic. It is something in between. This is going to take a long time. I better get to work."

Linda took one of the thin rolls of the stuff. She began wrapping it around my thumb. She wrapped and wrapped until she used the entire roll. My thumb now looked like a short fat, white sausage. Linda was right the stuff she was using really stretched around my thumb. It acted like a second skin. Linda spent a long time giving each of my fingers the same treatment. She then did the same to my toes. I could only wiggle my entire digit. I could not bend them at the joints.

Linda then started with a wider roll of the material. She wrapped around my fingers squashing them together. Then she wrapped up over the backs of my hands and my palms to my wrists. She pulled the wrappings as tight as she could. Soon my hand looked like that of a mummy. She treated my other hand in like manner as she did my feet. She wrapped layer after layer of the white material. Until my feet could only bend at the ankle. I said, "Do you have to do such a good job?"

Linda replied, "If I'm going to make you into a mummy I want it to be realistic. After all, I'm the one wasting my time doing this to you."

Next Linda took wide rolls of the stretchy, clingy material and began wrapping my legs with it. She carefully and neatly wound the material around my right leg from my ankles to my groin. Up and down several times. She used one complete roll. Linda was not satisfied until she had wrapped two complete rolls around my right leg. By the time she finished, my right leg looked like a solid pillar of white tape. My left leg was treated to the same treatment, as were my arms. I tried to bend my legs and arms. It was no use they were held fast at the joints. All I could do was bend my limbs at the hip and shoulders. Soon that would be taken away from me as well.

Linda began wrapping my legs together. She used even wider material to wrap my legs. I didn't realize Linda was that strong. She pulled my legs together until the wrappings bit into my thighs calves and shins. Linda pulled the loops around both of my legs so tight that it hurt. Then she put layer after layer of the white clingy material around both of my legs. Linda was careful to stop just below my genital area and my anal opening. Soon my legs were in a white case that looked almost like that of a mummy. There were a few irregular spots here and there. The total picture of the lower half of my body was that of a mummy right out of Egyptian history.

Linda paid attention to the upper portion of my torso. She placed my arms against the sides of my body. She began just above my genital area and wrapped my palms to my thighs and my upper arms against the sides of my body. Linda wrapped around and around until I could no longer bend at the waist. Linda was careful to leave my genitals and anal opening exposed. She wrapped my neck. However she did not wrap my neck as tightly as the rest of my body. Now the only thing I could do was roll my head a little from side to side." Linda stood back and said, "I bet you're getting thirsty."

I admitted I was. Linda left and returned with a glass of sweet smelling Liquid. She held it to my lips and said, "Drink this. It will make you feel better. I swallowed the liquid. It left sort of a pungent, clean taste in my mouth. Linda was saying, "No mummy is complete without a gag. I'll gag you now."

Linda stuffed a ball gag in my mouth and strapped it tightly in place. Linda started walking toward the door. She said, "Don't go anywhere Ted. I'm going down and call Darla. She will want to see this."

Linda left and went down stairs. There was silence. I wondered, why in the world does she want Darla. I didn't want anyone else to see me this way. It would be so embarrassing. I struggled and tried to escape. Not one joint other than my neck moved so much as a tenth of an inch. I was there until Linda released me.

In a short while I heard voices. Linda came in the room along with Darla dressed in her leather with weird designs on it. I heard Darla say, "You didn't have any trouble."

Linda replied, "Not a bit. He's been after me to do this to him for a long time."

Darla said, "Has it been long since he's cum."

Linda replied, "It's been three months."

"Well he should have a good load saved up. That will keep him hard. The goddess will be pleased."

Darla took something out of a pocket in her leather attire. She slipped over my turgid cock and worked it down the shaft. She kept working at the ring until she got it seated at the base of my cock. She said, "There that will keep him hard. The ring will keep him hard for eternity."

I wondered what she meant by that. It wasn't long before I would find out. Linda said, "Lets get the gurney and get this show on the road. We have a lot work to do if he is going to be in place at the witching hour of midnight tomorrow night."

They left and I heard a bunch of bumps and scrapes. They wheeled a gurney into the room just like those used by emt ambulances. It took a little work. They soon had my body on the gurney and strapped in place. They wheeled me over to the stairs. They stopped and did something to the gurney. They began rolling it down the stairs. Some way it was fixed so it went down one stair at a time with very little effort. We stopped at the bottom of the stair well. The gurney was rolled out where there was a van waiting. They collapsed the gurney and it and I were lifted into the van. The gurney was locked in place. Linda and Darla got in and we drove off down a bumpy road.

After a short ride, we bumped to a halt. Darla and Linda got out and opened the back of the van. In short order I was wheeled across a bumpy surface I wasn't sure but I thought I recognized the circle of mummies on my right. I caught out of my vision the weird looking building. Then I noticed there was a second building that looked just like the first. I was wheeled into this second building. The gurney stopped beside a plastic covered table that was the same height. The next thing I noticed was a group of women standing around the table. They were all dressed in the same type of leather costume as Darla. I was shifted on to the table.

Darla, said, "Welcome to our little coven. So you want to be mummified. Well you're going to get your wish. In a little while, you will be totally mummified. Now if we're going to get you in place, at the witching hour, we better get busy. First we have to modify the interior of your body a little, especially your digestive tract."

My legs were pulled up in the air. A large tube was pushed into my anal opening and well up into my large colon. A hose was attached to it and I felt a warm goo like substance filling my intestines. I felt it coming up far into my body until it felt like it was coming into my stomach. The flow stopped.

Darla took a large, long dildo, coated it with a sticky substance and rammed it home in my anal opening. I felt completely stuffed. Darla took some material that looked like plastic and covered the crack of my ass completely filling it. Darla took some more of the sticky substance, spread it over both sides of my ass checks and pushed them together until you could barely see the crack. She held my ass cheeks together for awhile. When she released them, they stayed together.

Next a breathing tube was put in my mouth and stuffed down into my air passage. I was told that would permit me to breathe once I was gagged. A large tube was pushed down my throat to my stomach. The same liquid that had been put in my intestines was pumped into my stomach. I felt the substance fill my stomach and then the tube was pulled up and the sticky stuff filled the back of my throat. More of the stuff filled my mouth. My teeth were pushed together and a dental drill was used to make a hole for the breathing tube. A tape was pulled under my jaw and around the top of my head several times holding my jaws closed. A catheter was put in my erect penis and pushed a long way into my bladder. Sticky liquid was put around the tube and in my pee hole. My penis was squeezed tightly around the catheter tube and held for awhile. I was released and the tube remained tightly in place.

The wrap around my jaw and head was removed. I tried to open my mouth. It was locked tightly closed. The sticky liquid was spread over the outside of my teeth, the insides of my cheeks and my lips. A hand pushed my facial skin down against my teeth while another smoothed my lips together. When the pressure was released, I could no longer separate my lips.

At this point, actually a little before this, I began to panic. I tried to scream and yell my objections to what was happening to me. Nothing, not a sound came out. I tired moving my lips and rolling around. All that happened was I could move my neck a little from side to side. I was really terrified at this point.

Darla said, "Ted welcome to mummification. You are now going to become the first mummy in the second circle. You see each of those 13 statues of mummies out there contain a living breathing erect male mummy. At least as far as I know. In a little while you'll be just like them. In a little while you'll be wrapped in more of this plasticised cloth wrap. Then it will be subject to intense ultra violet light which will cause it to shrink and become as hard as iron. A bag will place on each of your shoulders. One will contain nourishment. The other will contain a liquid that will provide you air. The catheter tube will be attached to the nourishment bag. The air bag will be attached to your breathing tube. I'm told there is enough in those bags to keep you living for from 50 to 60 years, perhaps even longer. Finally you will be put into a mould that is like the statues you saw. Then it will be filled with a substance that once hardened is harder than steel. It would take years using a diamond drill to get you out of it. By the way your digestive tract is completely filled with a material that has by now hardened and glued itself to the walls of your digestive tract. This will keep out all infections. Now we're going to finish you up."

Ted's nostrils were filled with the sticky goo. It quickly harden cutting off all air through Ted's nose. Ted's eyelids were glued closed and pads of the plastic wrap place over them and stuck in place. Linda packed Ted's ears with the stuff and his hearing was completely silenced. Hundreds of yards of the plastic material was wrapped around Ted's body until he looked like a complete Egyptian mummy. The ultra violet light clicked on. The rays bathed all of Ted's body in a purple hue. The wrap began to shrink and harden. Soon it was reduced in mass until the package was only a few inches in girth more than Ted's body. After an hour it turned into plastic harder than iron. Ted's body was compacted from all sides. He could barely breathe.

A hook was attached to Ted's head. He was placed standing in the hollow mould of the mummy statue. The front was closed. A hose was fastened to the top of the mould. Liquid ran into the mould. When the liquid began to over flow, it was shut off and wiped up.

The women looked at the statue containing Ted.

One of them said, "There Linda that is the first mummy of your circle. Welcome to our coven."

Epilogue 1:

The following night, the women gathered. The statue of the new mummy was rolled out of the building. At just midnight of the full moon it was fastened to it's base. The group chanted in a strange language. There was a brief halo of light around the statue. The statue glowed for a while. The glow finally dissipated leaving everything in darkness.

Epilogue 2:

A member of the group was an attorney. She forged documents giving Linda power of attorney over all of Ted's affairs. Another member was a doctor who filled out a death certificate that would not be questioned. Ted ceased to exist.

Epilogue 3:

Linda wrote the Story of Ted adding and subtracting a few things. It became a best seller and was made into a movie. Linda became a millionaire. She moved in with Darla and they became lovers as they had planned.

Epilogue 4 ---- Ted

Ted was in dark trance coming in an out of dreams. He of course could do nothing about his situation. He was sexually turned on all the time with no chance of release. He began to moan and after a few months only a continuous keening sound penetrated his brain. Dribble would have flowed from his mouth if it could have done it. A little over a year after Ted had been placed in the new circle of mummies, at full moon, a strange glow surrounded his statue. Ted felt a presence that he couldn't see. His cock began to be pleasured. His cock was in rapture all night but could not climax. There was no voice. Just before dawn the presence evaporated, leaving Ted with the idea that sometime in the future it would return. Ted had something to look forward to. Soon other statues appeared in the circle.


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