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The Workaholic

by Wrapswanted

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© Copyright 2012 - Wrapswanted - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; capture; drug; wrap; bandage; cocoon; toys; insert; climax; cons/nc; X

Dark ebony skin, just under six feet tall, 34-26-36, and very sweet smile Taquisha doesn’t know the word relax. An entrepreneur she’s worked everyday for the past two years trying to get her boutique off the ground. Even with it up in running, she runs the show from before dawn to closing time. It’s gotten to the point that her social life is nothing but text messages to her friends throughout the day. That’s probably how I got her as my next assignment. They call me Wraps, I work under the Mummification Division of what some like to call “The Network”. See, we’re this organization of individuals that take up cases of those that need to be bound for awhile and add in a little bit of a distraction if you know what I mean. I flip over her info card that got sent to me. Looks like of the last ditch effort of her friends to get her back. So here she is, case number 679, The Workaholic.

I start out in the mall, waiting as usual, for the place to open up. I sit myself down on a bench right across from the boutique, with some designer coffee and a magazine just waiting. The power walkers are already here moving their arms their ipods on, when I spot her walking in. She’s got those big aviator shades on, 3in red heels, a violet wrap around her body, a tilted fedora and a black mini skirt. I couldn’t help but stare at those beautiful long black legs with just a hint of the muscle tone she used to have as a high school athlete. As she walks, she’s on her blackberry, texting. Probably one of clients that got her in sights. She opens up the store, first going to the register and making sure everything is in order. She then takes a clipboard from under the counter and begins to start checking things off. Looking at my phone I realized it still a got thirty minutes before the shop opens. Eeesh, this one has it bad. I knew she’d be here for awhile so I finished up my coffee and headed home. Her home.

Twenty five minutes later I’m picking the lock to her apartment. In the middle of the day in a high rise apartment wearing my own pair of sunlasses and a grey trenchcoat, you’d think I raise some sort of suspicion. Funny how ludicrous you can make yourself and no one give a shit. Click. Doors unlocked and I’m in. Sheek and stylish. Everything you’d expect from a young hot boutique owner. Now whenever you break into someone’s place always remember to put your rubber gloves on. You don’t want you fingerprints fucking up anything. Now lets see here, Brand new HD TV, even still has the stickers on it. Fridge mostly stocked with protein drinks and cases of redbull. Looks like I found her secret power plant. I decide to grab one of the redbull cans, I figure tonight is going to be a long one. I head into the bedroom.

The thing that I love most about single woman-living in an apartment by herself – assignments is its fairly easy to find where the sex toys are. Be they in the drawer next to her bed or in the closet they don’t hide them as much as ladies with roommates often do. A 7in vibrating dildo all set with a timer function….this girl did not spare any expense. This will come in handy tonight.

After making my final round It’s time for me to set it up. I lock the door on my way out.

9:00 pm. I’ve been sitting in this apartment for 2 hours, face masked, hands gloved and ready on the spray. The spray is a knockout gold mine and close secret of the network. A couple of seconds of inhale and bam! Thirty to forty minutes of dreamland.

Keys on the door, here we go. I get low and hide myself around a corner. I peer over to see her putting her keys on the table. She sorts through the mail for a second before she gets back to her cellphone. More texting. She’s so busy with it she doesn’t see me as a I spray right in her face. She jumps back and I hide myself once again. She stumbles around the walls and drops her phone.


She falls into my arms. Being a few inches shorter than her I must admit carrying her over to the bed was a little harder than I expected.

Now clients get to choose whether they want the mark naked or underwear. Flipping over the card I find its my lucky day, naked.

Slowly I take off her clothes. I pull off the mini skirt and wrap to reveal red satin underwear. It’s almost a shame to pull them off really but eventually a sweet chocolate beauty is lying before my eyes.

As much as I love doing this, and as much as I wanted to take a little piece for myself, we got a strict no forced policy. Besides, I ain’t a bastard, I get permission before “entering” some dame’s private spot if you know what I’m saying.

Anyway I go to my bag that I brought and start to unload the wraps. They were violet it in color. Seeing her earlier today couldn’t get that shade out of my head. I also bring out a clean gauze bandage that I wind into a ball.

Just so you know the wrap we use is no ordinary number. It’s a special type that R & D concocted. It works exactly like Vetwrap normally does but it loses those qualities in about 36 hours.

I start to wrap each of the legs individually starting from the feet. I wind all the way up those legs until I’m right by the hip. After propping her up I then wrap the waist, chest and arms all separately. I begin to wrap up her neck moving her hair so it doesn’t get caught up when her head is wrapped. After a minute or two the only thing still exposed on her beautiful face were her mouth. I move it open and stuff that gauze wad into there before sealing her up for good. After I’m done with the head I decide I would do this one classic. So I take each individually wrapped arm and put it at her side. First the left, pinned to the side wraps going around the torso. I do the mirror for the right arm. I lie her down and begin to pad her joints with pads before I stopped myself.

The toy. …

I head over back to the drawer and pull out Taquisha’s man replacement and began to lube it up. I slide the beast straight into her vagina, with a massager portion just on her clit. I stretch out the wraps over her individually wrapped legs and wind it all they way to her toes. Stepping back I see a full fledge, violet cocoon, curves and all. I look down at my watch “23 minutes.” Almost done.

5 minutes later, I’m eating an apple that I packed when I begin to hear a toss and turn. I head back down the bedroom.



“Mmm…mmm…Mph? Whmph? WHMPH!?

She buck swildly trying every way to contort her body trying to get out. Maybe it’s the bad guy in me but I love it when they squirm. She tosses about, jerking each in every way.

“HHHHlllmmmphhh!!! Hllllmmmmmph!

As she tried to rip out of her cocoon I found the remote to the vibrating dildo. I look back at the squirmy client and can’t help but get a smirk. On.

At first her body begins to slow down.


I take a look at the dial and ratchet it up slowly.

Her movements become a lot smoother and flowing.


She began to grind the vibrator/dildo combo between her legs, humping the air, rolling around.


I turn the dial all the way up.

“Mph…Mph Gdmph…mph, mph, mph

Her breaths became shallower and shallower and soon she stops moving.

“Mph, Mph, Mph., Mph Mph Mph, Oph Futhmph…Mph Mph Mph”

I can see the outline of her belly rise and fall, quicker and quicker.


Her body contorts with the last and final thrust. The movements stop and she falls back down to earth.

I click the timer function of the dildo and hit it to do this every 2 hours or so. After that I leave the room and lock the door behind me.

As I open the door and leave my card on the floor, I leave the ebony goddess wrapped up for the next day or two. I say on the way out.

“Take a chill pill”


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