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Worldwide Wrap Up

by Papa Palpatine

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© Copyright 2017 - Papa Palpatine - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; Magic/f+; pharaoh; spells; bandages; abduction; entomb; sarcophagus; sealed; enslave; naked; sexslaves; nc; X

The Evil Ancient Pharaoh emerged from his king-sized golden sarcophagus. He glanced back at the female mummy he had slept with that night, wrapped neck to toe in clean white bandages. The buxom blonde reporter, Honey Golden, had served him well but he was finished with her for the time being. He cast a spell that lapsed her into ageless slumber, scooped her up into his arms, and carried her across the room to what would seem to be a solid wall to anyone who didn't know the secrets of the tomb. With a single verbal command, the undead ruler made the secret door open, revealing the chamber that held his greatest treasure; his harem. Thanks to spells cast when the tomb was originally carved into the side of the cliff, this chamber had a far greater interior volume than what would otherwise be physically possible, and could expand even more if need be. The Pharaoh walked down one of the many rows and gently placed the lovely Ms. Golden in the first empty sarcophagus available. Taking a small roll of bandages from a nearby storeroom, he put up her flaxen hair, wrapped her head, and then he put the lid on her sarcophagus, sealing her in. She would be safely tucked away until he desired her again.

He looked around the chamber at all the sarcophagi, roughly three hundred of the thousand were occupied. The occupants of these included both the original twenty concubines he was buried with and all the females he had captured since then. He pondered which among them he wanted to revive to serve him next, but then remembered that he had already had his way with all of them multiple times, and he wasn't feeling particularly nostalgic for any of them. He wanted fresh, new beauties to subjugate and enjoy. He had only been able to seize Honey Golden and make her his because she and her WHU news crew foolishly came too close in her effort to "interview" him. It wasn't everyday that a pretty young woman blundered into his clutches, his current collection was accumulated over eons since his burial. Some had been virgins offered to him by various cults, some were tomb robbers he had caught in the act of trying to loot his tomb, and one was even a self-styled adventurer archeologist who called herself Kara Loft.

If he wanted to acquire more sex slaves to sate his desires, he would need to get proactive, but there were limits on what he himself could do; none the least of which was the curse that bound him to his tomb and prevented him from going more than a few yards away from its entrance. He could perform a spell that would animate the unlimited supply of bandages he had stored in his tomb, but the animated bandages could not go topside during daylight without being turned to dust by the sun's rays. The ancient Egyptian priest who originally wrote the spell included the weakness to sunlight both out reverence to Ra and as a fail safe should any bandage swarms go rogue and start mummifying everything that moves. But what could be done about the sun?

It was then that an idea came to him. he returned to his private chamber, retrieved one of the many scrolls in his personal library, and unrolled it. Beneath the bandages around his face, he smiled evilly as he found the spell he was looking for and began preparations...


Jennifer, a twenty year old college student at Oklahoma State University, was out for her morning jog around campus that Saturday morning. She was wearing black spandex running shorts and a pink T-shirt, and had her light brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. She listened to music on her smartphone, which was in her shirt pocket. She stayed on campus most of the school year, going home only during summer and holidays. Unlike some of her friends, she was a serious student, and was more concerned with making the grade and earning her degree than going out partying every night. Many would be shocked to find out she was still very much a virgin as well... or not.

Jennifer had just finished her third time around the campus grounds when something very strange happened: it suddenly turned dark as late night outside. Were they having an eclipse? No, that had already happened weeks ago and Oklahoma didn't really get all that dark during it. But what could be causing this? She took out her phone, opened the web browser, and was astonished at the news that everywhere in the United States and other places that were currently supposed to be facing the sun had gone dark all of a sudden!

She barely had time to scratch her head at the strange occurrence when she then glanced up into the sky with growing shock at what looked like a vast swarm of writhing, white cloth bandages. Some of the bandages swooped down and began entering various buildings on campus, including the girl's dormitory and several sorority houses. Not long after, several fully wrapped female mummies floated out of those buildings and soon flew off into the sky.

More bandages came down, this time they were coming after her! She ran as fast as she ever had in her life, trying to elude them. At some point as she fled, she lost her smartphone; she wasn't sure where or when she dropped it, but her predicament left her no time to worry about retrieving it. As she ran, she could see more young women all around her being captured, wrapped, and taken away by the bandages. The university's entire girls' gymnastics team had been ensnared, and were in various different stages of being wrapped up. Some of the young women tried desperately to fight the bandages, while others were resigned to their fates. All were eventually mummified and taken away.

Jennifer ran inside the student union building and hid in one of the bathrooms, vainly hoping the bandages wouldn't find her as she climbed on one of the toilets and hunkered down in the stall. Soon enough though, the bandages slipped under the bathroom door and through every other crevice; and had her cornered with no possibility of escape! The bandages came at her from all angles at once and grabbed her. Her struggling slowed the process of wrapping her, but winded from running, she didn't have the endurance to fight them for long. She was soon helpless as they individually wrapped her limbs, torso, and head, with only her eyes left uncovered for the time being. She watched in wide-eyed horror as her legs were brought together and tightly bound with numerous wraps of the bandages. As the bandages crossed her arms over her chest and securely wrapped them in place, she closed her eyes and accepted that there was no escape for her. More and more layers were added to her wrappings, the last layer covering her eyes and perfectly sealing her in. With her mummiform complete, Jennifer floated out the bathroom window and soon joined the stream of other female mummies that were flying away from the campus and the surrounding area. Inside her wrappings, she was lulled into a slumber from which she could not awaken on her own.


All around the globe, the sky was dark regardless of the time of day or night, and vast swarms of magically animated bandages could be seen flying overhead. Some women fought the bandages as fiercely as they could to remain free, but to no avail. Others tearfully surrendered themselves without offering meaningful resistance when the bandages came for them. A rare (and possibly crazy) few ran out into the streets and offered themselves to the bandages willingly, even seeming to enjoy the process of being wrapped up. One such woman, a redhead with curly hair and a pleasantly curvy figure, even stripped naked before allowing herself to be taken. A news crew caught footage of her "polishing the pearl" in anticipation as the bandages came to collect her. In every region that the bandages raided, streams of fully wrapped female mummies flowed out, being flown back to the Egyptian desert and the Evil Ancient Pharaoh's hidden tomb.

The abductions caused exactly the kind of chaos one would expect. On the highways and roads around the world, the abandoned vehicles of female motorists who had been taken blocked traffic or had wrecked with their drivers gone. Places normally frequented by or employing mostly women barely remained in operation, if they weren't shutting down entirely. Some countries tried to hide as many of their women as possible from the bandages in fallout shelters and other similar facilities, but the bandages still manage to get inside and take them. The United States Military, their allies, and numerous superheroes and superheroines attempted to thwart the Pharaoh's plan, but were swiftly defeated by his magic; and all the superheroines were captured by bandages as well. The use of such weapons as flamethrowers slowed the bandages down, but it wasn't enough to prevent the vast swarms from regenerating and even multiplying.

In a matter of weeks, almost the entire female population of the Earth had been seized; the only human females left untouched were those not yet of age and those already far too old to be sexually desirable. All the while, the Pharaoh stood in the harem chamber, watching approvingly as his new concubines all flowed in. It was more than likely his rapaciousness had just doomed humanity, but as an evil undead creature, the Pharaoh had little if any reason to care. The chamber, a dimension unto itself thanks to the magic used in the tomb's construction, infinitely expanded in size and a new sarcophagus materialized to accommodate each of the new mummies as they arrived. All of the women now existed to serve him, all of them were his for eternity. Which of them would he have his pleasures with first? One of the young women taken from the region known as Oklahoma seemed rather appealing at the moment...

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