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Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. Wrapped Mikel M/f; Solo-F; mum; wrap; sarcophagus; encase; display; latex; corset; sleepsack; vacbed; tens; toys; tease; torment; climax; denial; cons; X  

Susan had been fascinated by mummies since the first time she had seen a person being wrapped tightly in a movie she had seen with friends when she was young. She quickly talked them into repeating the sequence using her as the victim. The children had used old sheets torn into strips to mummify her and after several attempts had her wrapped tight, laid out on a picnic table before losing interest and running off leaving her there to fight her bonds until her mother found her several hours later still struggling in her wrappings. Susan had loved every minute in her cocoon but could never convince her friends to do it again.

When she was in college she volunteered to be the mummy in the school play and allowed herself to be mummified in a study group on ancient Egypt. Both times she spent many hours being wrapped and then being left in a very tight fitting sarcophagus during the remaining acts of the play and during class while the teacher continued with his lesson, she volunteered to be the teacher’s mummy for several classes even convincing the teacher to wrap her properly for a Halloween party her frat house was throwing. During this party she had only told her friends that a mummy was being delivered and where to put it but not that there was a person inside.

The teacher delivered the open sarcophagus with a very tightly wrapped Susan inside, he had even let her talk him into wrapping her head tightly and leaving only a small tube she had attached to a mouth piece sticking out, effectively gagging her allowing only muffled grunts to be heard, setting it near the front door and plugged in what he thought was just special effect lights and he left, the plug not only turned on the lights but powered the motion activated trigger for her tormentors, these she had installed before arriving at the class room to be wrapped, the vibrators she had put in both holes were strong and along with her e-stim units would give her a night of stimulation she would never forget. Each time the trigger was tripped it would switch on and off the tormentors and each would start a new program.

During the night she enjoyed hearing the people coming in and out of the party even hearing someone ask where she was, she giggled a little and thought if they only knew she was right next to them. As the night drew on several students had pinned things to the mummy and one even sprayed it with a bottle of beer, Susan was incapable of doing anything about her now wet wrappings and was tortured by many failed orgasms that were ruined by either the vibrations being turned off or having the e-stim unit turned on and ruin them from the pain it caused.

Sometime during the night it had started to rain and someone closed the lid to her sarcophagus to protect the mummy inside and she spent the rest of the night being shocked by the tens unit as it was the last thing to be tripped before everyone retreated inside for the night, she had passed out when the students the teacher had asked to pick it up went to move it back to his store room and didn’t feel herself being moved until she awoke already stashed in the back room of his class. She was waiting on the teacher to arrive and free her she even had a story about why she was still in it ready but after another day of lying on her back unable to move she knew something had gone wrong.

She was glad the tens unit was off but really needed to orgasm and wished for any distraction as she lay immobile inside her coffin. The teacher had called to check on her and found out no one had seen her since the before party and quickly thought about the sarcophagus and went to the school to find out if he was right. He found the sarcophagus under several other props from his other classes and dug it out and gasped when he opened the lid and found Susan still wrapped up tight inside it. He pulled her limp body from the coffin and laid her on a table and quickly cut the wrappings from her body figuring she had been bound for almost three days.

Susan felt the fresh air on her sweat soaked body as he pulled the wrappings of her and started to come around while he was still cutting her legs free. She reached up and removed her gag and looked at his face as he inspected her bikini clad body and took her temperature. He was apologizing profusely as he gave her some water and went to get her some food. When he returned she was sitting up and smiled at him and said, “I fine, don’t worry it was just a mistake and no one was hurt”. He was relieved to hear she was ok and as she ate he asked her what it was she liked about being a mummy and she admitted her fetish to him. During the next three years Susan and her teacher spent many hours with her wrapped up in many different materials sometimes she would spend two or three days wrapped standing in a corner of his class room only allowed to cum when he let her but each time she did it was incredible.

When Susan graduated the teacher had told her he had a special gift for her and after the parties were over she met him at his house and spent the next week wrapped tightly in several different positions as he teased and tormented her each day for hours before allowing her to cum. It was the best week of her life and she left him sadly for her new life in another state. Susan had never forgotten her fascination and after a few months in her new life she began experimenting with self-mummification. She tried many different materials and found pallet wrap was easiest to manipulate and acquire so she became very adept in trapping herself in layers of the thick plastic and letting the stim units and vibrations give her hours of sweet torture.

Along with her new tens unit controllers she had also gotten vibrating inserts that would shock her as well, her favorite outfit was tight high waisted latex leggings and a thick rubber bra that had holes for her nipples to poke through, she used these items to hold the tens unit pads and inserts on her body and a narrow waspie corset to hold the latex in postion. The tight latex on her legs and feet would not let the pads slip off no matter how hard she struggled and sweat and when she placed large pads over her nipples before putting on the bra it would force her nipples to stay in contact with the stim pads as they tried to push through the holes. As her skill and appetite for more and more restriction increased she continually looked for ways to complete her mummification but still be able to release herself.

Susan had found sleep sacs on the web and now possessed many different styles, she had finally found a Darlex sac with hood and internal arms that worked quite well for her purposes. She owned three in different sizes but the last one was perfect. Susan had ordered it larger than she needed and modified it so it would still hold her firmly.

The modification’s allowed her to be able to close the sac and still be able to work her one free arm into the internal sleeve and back out again to release herself but held her body tightly inside the sac. Once she started adding her favorite outfit and the pump gag with a breathing tube she could be completely mummified for hours and only release herself after the shocks subsided and allowed her to move her arms freely. Susan would often wrap her body in the pallet wrap before sliding into the bag and sometimes would add one of the other bags making her cocoon much more snug around her body.

As her games progressed she also found heelless ballet boots and thought they were perfect, not allowing her to stand for long and making it very difficult to walk and holding her feet rigidly en-point but had no heels to snag or rip any of her bindings. Her gag soon advanced to a pump up butterfly gag with removable pump hose so only the breathing tube would protrude from the layers she encased herself in and the wide rubber strap held it tightly in her mouth and kept her utterly silent, she could pump the gag up under her latex hood until it would become uncomfortable and start to force its way down her throat stopping the pumping just short of making her wretch.

Susan spent every minute of her free time improving her technique and spent every night in a sleep sac gagged under the hood. She had even gotten to where she could spend three days completely wrapped and helpless before her release would set her free. The release was a clever device she had come up with that consisted of a thick leather strap, an electro magnet and a timer, she attached one end to her bed and looped it around her body above her elbows, once she was inside her cocoon she would roll over pulling the strap tightly until the magnets touched and she was trapped until the electricity was turned off.

She was working on a harness idea so she wouldn’t have to be attached to anything while she was bound but had not completed her plans when she found an ad for a latex vacuum bed online. Doing some research she quickly believed this was the solution to her problems and ordered one and a new control system the company offered including a computer program that could control different items along with the bed. The bed she had ordered had been designed to stand a few inches off the floor to let the occupant feel like they were floating once the vacuum had been fully applied. Being that it was much thicker than the normal latex used it was not recommended to be used by soloists but she disregarded that warning thinking nothing soloists do is recommended.

The computer program was sent to her computer upon receipt of payment, a disc copy to be mailed with the bed, and Susan began playing with the settings and parameters it had to see how much she could utilize it while she waited for the bed to arrive. By the time the bed arrived Susan had already programed and tested the system until she had it fine-tuned to do exactly what she wanted and also several things she didn’t want, her programs all included certain random settings in both intensity and time length but all had max limits that had to set by her before any could be activated.

When the bed arrived Susan was ready having already cleared a permanent spot for it to be set up and had all the power sources and battery backups she deemed that were needed. She read all the manuals for the vacuum pump and its control switches and vacuum holding solenoids as she set up the equipment. Having a good understanding of what the system needed before it arrived she had set everything up on a rack with all the backups and power strips inside so once she was ready all she had to do was plug the unit in and everything involved would be ready to go. Susan had ordered the bed with a single breathing hole punched neatly into the thick black latex, the entry had been changed so that instead of a zipper a flexible magnetic strip had been installed that would allow her to enter the bed and the magnets would close behind her and seal the bag.

She had also added a small hole to allow her to run the electrical wires for her stim units and vibrators out of the bed. The first time she tested the unit she set the timer on the computer to 10 minutes and the timer in the electrical outlet for 15 so no matter what happened she would be able to release herself in 15 minutes. Susan inserted her gag and fed the breather tube through the hold in the bed and spread her arms and legs as her naked body waited to be trapped in the thick latex. Susan began panting through the small hose as she heard the pump turn on and slowly felt the latex drawing in tightly around her body.

After a few minutes Susan could no longer feel the floor on her back and when she tried to move she found she was truly stuck in place, unable to move her body at all and the only movement she did have was when she stretched the latex but as the pump continued to run she felt even that movement disappear as the latex was stretched further on its frame and pulled tighter around her body. She laid hanging in mid-air unable to move for ten minutes before the pump shut off and she was now in total silence, the only noise was her heavy breathing as she waited for her body to be released. After another thirty minutes she could feel the floor on her back again and began trying to move her hand towards the opening.

Susan had read that depending on when the pump motor stopped it would change the amount of time it took to release the seal of the bed, this time it took almost an hour for the bed to relax enough to allow her to open the seal and remove her sweaty body from the bed. Susan was ecstatic, this was exactly what she wanted and solved all he previous problems with total coverage and complete restraint. She was so excited that she plugged in her vibrators and ran the wires through the bed and after resetting the controls for two hours of random settings she would be released and climbed back in the bed inserting her dildos before pushing her breather hose into its hole and laying back and waited for it to trap her again.

The pump started and soon she was trapped floating as the vibrators assaulted her, she thrashed and twisted in the rubber as she experienced several orgasms quickly. Susan lay gasping hearing the pump run then stop until the vacuum dropped below the preset limits of the solenoids then it would turn back on. Susan was vibrated two more times and allowed to cum once more before the whole system shut down and she was soon crawling out of the bag sweating and relieved that she could remove the intruders from her sore pussy and ass.

Susan tested the unit every day for two weeks even started sleeping in it having it turn off several hours before she needed to get ready for work and was completely comfortable with its function. Having scheduled a week off from work at the end of the month she began exploring her options and adding things to her attire until she was able to wear her latex and sleep sac in the vacuum bed giving her the feeling of being a mummy again. The week before her vacation her teacher called her and asked if she could come and visit him for a few days and model for the class. Susan giggled and said she would love to but would have to ask her boss. Susan presented the idea of her being a teacher’s assistant to her boss who loved the idea and gave her permission to spend three days at her old school. Susan contacted her teacher and soon was at his house talking about her new habits and even going as far as showing him her program on her laptop for her upcoming long term sessions.

While they talked he asked if she had prepared herself the way he had asked and she said she had so he said, “Let’s get started”. Susan stripped down to her bikini and soon he was wrapping her tightly. Susan noticed he was wrapping her differently than the previous times but thought nothing of it until he reached her pussy where he shoved large vibrators into her pussy and ass then continued to wrap her legs individually. Her head was mostly uncovered and when she asked him what he was doing he ignored her until he was done wrapping her legs together. She still trusted him and asked again before he said, “We’ll have no more questions” and stuffed her gag in and pumped it up until her cheeks were bulging.

Susan was slightly scared now and tried to struggle but found the wrappings she was in had hardened and allowed her no movement at all. Even her head was now held firmly in place as she grunted and tried to move. He laughed as he cut away some of the material covering her breasts and said, “You should have asked what you were going to be wrapped in my girl”. Once he had her breasts uncovered he wrapped a small leather belt around the base of each one pulling it tight causing her breasts to bulge and begin to turn red, Susan felt this and tried to squirm but could do nothing but grunt and then squeal as she felt him apply some nipple clamps to her engorged nipples.

Now that her body was rigid he stood her up and rewrapped her breasts tightly until they were compressed making her look like she had no tits at all. After the wrap dried he told Susan his plans for her. “When I spoke to your boss I found out about your upcoming vacation plans and asked him if you could just stay the week and he agreed, so now you see once I finish with your final layer of wrappings you will spend the next two weeks as my display mummy”.

Susan squealed again and tried to fight her cocoon but it was no use, she had allowed him to wrap each arm and hand individually before wrapping over them to her body, her legs were also double wrapped and now she could not move anything at all.

Her teacher continued to wrap her in the casting material until he was happy with the way she looked then added the final layer of cloth wrapping to make her look like an old mummy. He admired his work and looked at his watch realizing it was very late Saturday night and went to bed leaving Susan standing alone in her cocoon fighting the growing pain in her bound tits.

Sunday afternoon he returned to Susan’s side and asked if she was ok? Susan grunted as he told her he was going to constantly tease her but would send her home without having a single orgasm and there was nothing she could do about it. He explained that she could relieve herself when needed because the intruders he had inserted lead to small hoses that were attached to bags that he would change daily so there was no need for her to be uncomfortable. Continuing his explanation he told her that she would be “fed” once a day and spend her evenings alone in the sealed sarcophagus on display in his class room, he hoped there would be enough air for the night but they would soon find out.

Susan was still more upset about not being allowed to cum for two weeks than she was about the possible lack of air as she tried to struggle again when he had finished his explanation. Susan felt herself leaned slightly forward then backwards as her teacher moved her on a dolly to his van in the garage and loaded her into it and drove his captive to the school. Once there he rolled her into his classroom and slid her rigid body over the edge of the sarcophagus letting her drop into place. As he slid the heavy lid over her he said, “My students will be so excited to open a sarcophagus and find a real mummy inside tomorrow”.

After closing the lid he turned the vibrators on low and went home to relax and prepare for tomorrow. Susan lay in the quiet darkness and tried to get more stimulation from the vibrators by squeezing her pussy and ass muscles tight but could do nothing to help her building lust as she moaned deeply wanting to orgasm but was only able to lay and stew in her desires, each breath bringing more pain from her tortured breasts and being left alone with the thoughts of her vacuum bed waiting at home that she might never get to try. As she drifted off to sleep she realized she had finally achieved her ultimate mummy dream but was now unsure if she truly wanted it or not.

For the next three days Susan was teased mercilessly by her tormentor, her breasts eventually went numb only causing her pain when she would struggle or when her body was removed from the sarcophagus and set out for display. She could barely hear people talking and tried to moan loud enough to be heard but no one responded as her vibrators never stopped teasing her. She had lost track of the days and thought she remembered being fed 5 or 6 times but wasn’t sure as her mind had begun playing tricks on her while she had been trapped in the cold darkness of her tomb.

She could hear and feel the heavy lid being slid open and closed but that was the only thing she recognized until the teacher said, “You have been such a good girl I think I will keep you awhile longer, I so enjoy having my own mummy so close by” with that he turned up the vibrations and waited until he could hear her ragged breaths then turned them off completely listening to her veiled screams as she tried desperately to achieve orgasm. The next evening she felt the wrappings softening, she could now flex her body and her breathing had improved so she began to struggle again until her strength was gone and she lay panting through the tube. What Susan didn’t know was the day before while he was teasing her he had soaked her wrappings with water and that is what was making her wrappings soften.

Part 2 The end of one adventure and the beginning of another

The teacher returned telling her she was to remain his for the remainder of her life as he slowly increased the vibrations until she was moaning loudly and finally succumbed to her much needed orgasm. When Susan awoke she was lying in a bed completely unfettered by the wrappings and dressed in a night gown, she felt her body and quickly realized she was truly free and tried to jump up but in her weakened state she was only able to sit up and look around the room. After rubbing her sore breasts for a while her teacher entered the room with a tray of food and said, “Good you’re awake” as he set the tray on the bed. Susan scooted herself away from him unsure of his intentions and said , “What’s going on here?” he laughed and said, “It’s Thursday and you need to get your strength back so you can go and enjoy your vacation”

Susan was confused and looked at her teacher as he continued, “You have spent a week as my mummy, I never intended on you staying any longer, I just wanted to make you think that to heighten the experience for you, now come on, eat your breakfast.” Susan relaxed and started to eat as he explained that she had been part of several experiments at once, but only he had known who she was, and how they had been monitoring her the entire time to see how her body and brain reacted to different stimuli while she had been encapsulated in the papier-mâché type material. Susan called him a devil as she smiled and thanked him for the experience and said, “I will think more about it the next time you ask me to come down to visit”. They both laughed and by Friday afternoon she was heading back home to do her own experiments on herself.

Reaching her home she prepared herself by shaving her entire body before slipping into a latex cat suit and pulling the hood over her gagged head and falling asleep quickly, the next few days were going to be difficult and she wanted to be well rested. Saturday morning came quickly as Susan woke wearily lying in bed for another twenty minutes before forcing herself to get up and get started on her adventure. Her need for self-satisfaction and strict restraint had been partially met by her week of being a mummy but she knew she would be wanting more and did not want to waste the time off she had, so she started preparing her restraints and setting the programming for her torture. Her devious side took over as she programmed the system and added more variables and more opportunities for punishments than she normally would also she changed the programming to only run what she calls her “cum” program once near the end of her incarceration. This meant she could spend up to four days now without one orgasm unless the randomizer decided to let her have more than one.

She spent two hours setting everything up still wearing her latex and hood, the transparent latex made it difficult to see and also left her with some doubts as to what she actually programmed, she knew this but liked the feeling of uncertainty, the only thing she had double checked was the max time she could be trapped was four days and the start time was in three hours. After pulling the cat suit off Susan dried herself and attached the stim pads to her feet moving upwards she inserted her anal stimulator and her pussy stimulator.

She attached pads to her outer lips pulling them against her inner thighs and taping them on both sides, these pads will work independently from the electro stimulator in her pussy and if the randomizer choses level 5 or above she will be in for a lot of pain. The next pads went over her nipples and were held tightly by her bra that would allow her nipples to poke through the holes pulling the pads tighter and not allowing the pads to slip off, Susan pulled the rubber chest strap of the bra extra tight and could already feel the tension on her protruding nipples and knew that the holes would soon make it feel like clamps had been applied to her sensitive nipples. Susan stuck four more pads on her firm ass cheeks making sure they were staggered across from one another to give her a different kind of pulse each time they were fired.

Once she had the pads and plugs installed she carefully pulled the high waisted latex leggings up her toned legs and stretched the rubber over her ass and settled it around her waist. Taking her latex corset she wrapped it around her waist and laced it as tight as she could, pulling her waist in about four inches before taking the attached straps and pulling them tight between her legs, the straps were actually 3 one inch wide strips of latex that were attached to the bottom of her corset, they were set about an inch apart and crossed over each other in between her ass and pussy then widened back out in the front and worked very well at keeping her plugs and stim pads in place. After buckling the straps tight and locking the corset closed Susan switched up her original idea and pulled the catsuit back up her body and zipped it closed locking the two zippers together with a small padlock. This gave her another layer of latex to contend with and she liked the desensitizing feeling the attached gloves gave her.

Once the cat suit was on she laced her heelless toe boots up her calves tight and slid the locking pins in the top strap making them impossible to remove without the key knowing she would have to walk to her vacuum bed in them and to the freezer afterwards but loved the way they made her legs look and the way they made her feel even more helpless. Susan was getting wet from all her preparations and quickly closed her small steel wrist cuffs around each wrist, these cuffs were not connected but would help reinforce the idea she was truly locked in her latex, she was getting more brave and since she already had one hood on decide she wanted more compression on her head and wanted it to be completely black during her stay so she wrestled her black latex hood over the first one lining up the small hole over the breathing tube from her gag and soon was completely blind as well as mute.

Standing in her toe boots she wobbled her way to the “dungeon” which is the guest room but now was where her vacuum bed was set up and found the opening and her two sleep sacs waiting for her. Susan had wanted to be trapped in a latex bag as well as her darlex bag and knew she could use the internal arm sleeves in the latex and still zip both up with her free hand so she carefully slid her pointed feet into the latex bag and pulled it up until it was over her shoulders, snuggling herself in the darlex bag until she could feel the bottom then working it up over her shoulders as well. After pulling the darlex hood over her head and making sure the breathing tube was lined up correctly, she pulled the zipper down past her shoulders and took her collar that she had made from a large PVC pipe that she had cut to fit and warmed it to shape it to her neck before cutting it in half and installing the hinges and locking clasp and closed it around her neck trapping the darlex and latex under it as she locked it closed.

The key to this collar was left sitting on her nightstand so she could release the sleep sacs before making the trip to the freezer, the collar kept her neck stiff but the reason she had made it was on two separate occasions the constriction of latex bed had been pulled so tight around her neck she felt like she might have been strangled and this seemed like a good fix plus it added another piece to her bondage. She slid into the vacuum bed and let the magnets seal the bed shut. Once inside she guided her breathing tube through the small hole in the bed and after it popped into place she reached behind her and worked the lower zipper of the darlex bag up until it met the zipper from the hood.

The zipper on the latex sleep sac ran down the front so it was no trouble to zip it up once inside the darlex bag but the double bags and layers of latex made twisting her free arm into the internal sleeve much more difficult and Susan was about to give up when her hand suddenly plunged deep into the sleeve letting her lay back and relax and await the vacuum pump to trap her for the duration of her vacation. Susan lay in four layers of latex and one layer of darlex listening to her breath passing in and out of the tube for another hour, enjoying the tension and restriction it was placing on her body. Her nipples were standing at full attention and were starting to hurt as were her stretched pussy lips that were spread ever wider from the straps holding the plugs in.

Susan hadn’t realized how much the hoods and bed would block sounds from her but she couldn’t even feel the pump when it kicked on and barely noticed her body being raised off the floor until she tried to move and found she was now truly trapped and could do nothing about it. Susan was again in heaven when she realized the depth of her situation and almost came right then. As she lay feeling the latex tighten its grip on her bound body she had a small panic attack and tried to fight her bonds but the bed already had her imprisoned and all she could do was flex and twist and after a few minutes of fighting the bed had finished shrinking and she could move no more. After her attack she lay gasping for air through the small tube and tried to relax and begin to enjoy the situation she had put herself in. An hour passed as she lay in silence and had started to moan slightly from her now painful nipples and pussy lips and wished something would happen.

Susan screamed out in pain as the stim units came on all at once a felt like they were on level ten. She tried to twist and wiggle in her entombment but could literally move nothing and screamed as the shocks seemed to increase shocking her in her feet, tits, pussy and ass. The shocking continued for ten minutes and then began pulsing feeling to Susan that someone had her hooked to a light switch and was flipping it off and on. She continued to scream with each pulse as she felt them increasing in intensity with each new pulse causing her body to convulse as the electricity surged through it.

Susan was on the edge of blacking out when the pulses started moving from place to place shocking her tits first then her feet and last her pussy and ass. She was screaming again as the rotation became faster and faster and then suddenly stopped. Susan’s bound body was bouncing in her rubber encasement as she tried to catch her breath and wondered what had she done to herself. As the vacuum pump continued to suck all the air from the bed it was slowly sucking the trapped air in her latex sleep sac which was drawing in tighter and making it impossible for Susan to even move her fingers.

After the first shock treatment Susan still felt tingly all over and desperately wanted to never feel the shocks at that level again as the vibrators started on low and soon had her purring into her gag forgetting about the cruel shocks. For two more hours she was vibrated and teased and then she started to receive mild shocks in different locations and it seemed that they were working in concert trying to help her achieve orgasm as she felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter. As her climax grew the shocks started increasing as the vibrations decreased and soon she was screaming again as the shocks had increased to painful levels and was pushing her into unconsciousness.

Susan was tortured and teased for three days, her body was exhausted and she was sure she had been in the bed for a month but still each time she was teased she had hopes that this time she would be able to cum. She knew she had programed the computer too well when just before she passed out for the last time she was almost to a huge climax when the vibrations stopped completely and at the same instant the shocks went to high, she screamed out in frustration more than pain and blacked out.

Unbeknownst to Susan the random computer program had picked four days of constant tease with no orgasm, with her vision blurred by the hood her selections were slightly off and instead of random orgasms she had clicked no orgasms. The corset seemed to be pulling deeper into her pussy and ass and was getting tighter around her waist and the collar seemed to be getting tighter as well as she could barely draw enough air into her compressed lungs to stay conscious.

The vibrations had returned but were so low she could barely feel them, her whole body tingled and she could no longer tell when she was being shocked until the shocks increased to painful levels. Susan was drained and no longer cared about an orgasm or the shocks or anything she just wanted to sleep because she had not been able to sleep longer than a few minutes in between tortures. As she felt the shocks increasing again she bit harder on her gag and moaned as her vibrators also picked up speed and continued the switching and surging program until she realized she could feel the floor on her ass.

She started to try and wiggle and could feel the bed easing its grip on her body even though the shocks and vibrations continued. Susan lay as still as she could until she felt her whole body on the floor and tried to work her arm up out of the sleeve that had kept her hands trapped for the last four days. The bed had not released the entire vacuum from the bed yet and the vacuum it had pulled on her sleep sac was still holding it tightly to her body. Susan didn’t understand why she couldn’t move her arm and began struggling as the torture continued to increase until all her body could do was convulse with each pulse and forced her to start crying.

For another two hours she fought the pulses and struggled against the tight sleep sac and finally was able to move her hand slightly, this gave her hope and she started flexing and twisting it until she had pulled it most of the way up the sleeve before she had to relax and catch her breath. The pulses had diminished but the vibrators were still running and were bringing her teasingly close to an orgasm as she lay back to enjoy the feelings. As per the normal just as she was feeling close and purring into her gag the shocks started and ruined the climax causing her to scream again and make her body start convulsing.

Susan thought this torture had gone on forever when they finally started to ease and allow her to start struggling again, it was now early Thursday morning and Susan had been trapped for almost five days and needed to be released and get something to drink and eat badly as she struggled to release her arm. When her arm finally popped out of the internal sleeve she almost cried and quickly started to find the zipper and work it down to her thighs and fought the latex until her other arm slid out of its encasement. With both arms free Susan began to try and reach back and find the zipper on the darlex sac as the shocks started to increase again, she wrestled with the sensations and was able to pull the zipper down and push her latex covered body out of it.

The shocks were getting strong as Susan slowly pulled her body towards the end of the bed pulling the breathing tube out of its hole in the process, the air was getting stale quickly as she gasped for air, the end was only a few inches above her head but it seemed like ten feet to her as she drug her body upwards until she could feel the edge and separated the magnets and forced her head out of the beds stifling confinement.

Susan rolled onto her back and took some deep breaths as the shocks increased again and made her body convulse and lay flinching inside her latex skin. After another hour the pulses had decreased enough that Susan could make her jumping body finish climbing out of the bed. Now she was out of the bed she worked her legs out of the double sleep sacs and tried to stand but her weakened legs would not let her stand so she crawled to the computer and felt for the escape key and pressing it canceling the program and stopping the shocks. Susan flopped back on the floor relieved and continued to feel her skin pulsing. She reached down to try and ease the pain in her pussy lips but the tight corset straps and latex would not allow her to touch anything. Susan lay for almost an hour before slowly standing on her pointed toes and half walked and half fell to her bedroom dragging the two sleep sacs that were still attached around her neck behind her.

Finishing her trip by crawling she reached her nightstand and found the key and released the collar and unzipped the hood and pulled the darlex sleep sac from her head, she sat on her bed and pulled the black hood off and was glad that she could now partially see. She thought about cutting the remaining latex off but decided not to ruin it and since she still couldn’t get the toe shoes, corset or electrics off her body it wouldn’t be worth it. Susan was spent and really wanted some sleep but she knew she had to get some nourishment into her body and remove the large ice block from the freezer so she stood and forced herself to walk, very wobbly into the kitchen.

Susan removed a large water bottle from the fridge and shoved the breathing tube into the top of it and leaned her head back, slowly squeezing the bottle forcing the thick liquid into her throat, as she swallowed the mixture she got light headed and staggered to a chair and sat down. Once she finished the entire bottle she sat with her head hanging down the bottle dangling from her gaged mouth until she needed to breathe again and yanked the bottle away from the tube.

Still sitting in the kitchen Susan was starting to feel better and forced herself to stand and take the long walk back to her bedroom and lie down. As soon as her tired body was lying on the bed she fell asleep. Waking the next afternoon she thrashed a bit in her latex prison, her pussy and nipples causing her some pain but she soon remembered her situation. After sitting up and running her rubber covered hands all over her body enjoying the feeling of being trapped in the latex she stood up on her pointed toes and slowly walked back to the kitchen to retrieve her unfrozen keys. Reaching the sink she found nothing and almost started to cry when she opened the freezer and found she had not taken the large ice block out the day before. She had set the frozen block in a large roasting pan and filled it with more water making it impossible to unfreeze quicker because it would not fit in the sink, to keep her from carrying it to the bathtub she had run a small cable through the handles of the pan to a bolt under the fridge, leaving her just enough slack to be able to lean the pan into the sink to melt.

Susan thought about unbolting the cable but knew she could never lift the fridge by herself and wrestled the heavy pan to the sink and getting another bottle of her drink she tried to walk back to her bedroom but her sore toes and cramping legs would not carry her so she sat on the floor and drank her “breakfast” before crawling back towards her bedroom. As she passed her dungeon she decided she needed some relief for her aching pussy and since it would take ten to twelve hours for the ice to melt she crawled into the room and began to carefully reset her computers controls so she would be able to get off several times and also entered some rest periods so she could get some more sleep. Climbing into the vacuum bed was much easier without the sleep sacs and soon she had her breathing tube in place and laid back and relaxed waiting for the pump to trap her again between the thick layers of latex.

Susan heard the pump turn on and after a few minutes she felt her body being lifted off the floor and even though she knew it was too late she tried to move finding out it was indeed too late and she was trapped again, floating in space letting her imagination take her to her special place and waited for her wet pussy to be stimulated until she climaxed. She had set the computer to pleasure her for one hour pausing only briefly for ten minutes after the ten minute break massage her for three hours so she could relax and get some sleep then repeat the process until the twelve hours had passed and she could release herself.

When the shocks started she squealed and began thrashing in the thick latex that held her immobile but soon the shocking reduced to a stimulating level and the vibrators turned on and slowly built to a nice hum and she was purring in her gag as she felt the first of hopefully many orgasms building. She continued to involuntarily twist and pull at the latex and was moaning deeply when all stimulations stopped, she whined through her gag and tried to buck her hips and move her hands to her wanting pussy but was still frozen in the rubber and could do nothing to achieve orgasm. Susan was weeping as she gasped for air knowing she had set the stimulation and rest times too close together and might not be able to get off for another ten hours until the last program took her over the edge.

After ten minutes the vibrators turned back on and the electricity pulsed in a way that made her feel like someone was massaging her feet and kneading her breasts, even her pussy lips were getting attention and Susan was purring again but could not bring herself to climax and drifted off to sleep. As each program ran Susan would sleep in between and be brought closer and closer with each session until finally the computer began shocking her nipples and pussy hard, as the vibrators slowly increased and had her moaning and gasping as she knew this was going to be a good one.

Susan’s body was now reacting entirely on its own, she had no control over her movements and as her body twisted and pulled at the latex making it creak under the strain she seemed to be held on the edge of her climax for hours and was getting light headed from her constant gasping before the wave of pleasure hit her and she screamed into her gag and her whole body tensed up before slipping into a semi-conscious state of euphoria and just laid there breathing and enjoying it all.

After the last hour and a half of being constantly stimulated Susan had climaxed so many times she thought that maybe it had been one long climax but she was spent again as she felt her body touching the ground and was unsure if she wanted it to end or not. Freeing her exhausted and sore body from the bed was not easy as she struggled to get the strength to even break the seal for the bed before sliding out of it into a latex covered pile on the floor. Susan unplugged her electronics and started dragging herself towards the kitchen, her body still tingling from the climaxes it had endured and her mind forcing her to move by instinct alone until she reached the kitchen and her head had cleared some and she forced herself to stand on her pointed toes and wobbled over to the sink.

Through the foggy latex she could see that the ice was only half melted and she couldn’t understand why but it was enough to allow her to slide it into the sink and turn the hot water on. While she waited for it to finish melting she drank some water having no more of her mixture left and sat down to wait for the ice to melt. As she waited she remembered she had turned the A/C down so she wouldn’t get too hot in her latex and that had to be why the ice had not melted all the way. After another twenty minutes Susan heard her keys jungle as they fell to the bottom of the sink and raised herself to her pointed toes again and retrieved them turning off the water before heading back to her room.

Once she was sitting on her bed she unlocked the zipper after fumbling around with her sweat soaked hands for a few minutes and was able to pull the hood down revealing her pretty face that was covered in lines from the latex and gag and partially dried sweat. She laughed as she removed the gag at the thought of what she must look like but continued to unlock the cuffs and boots, unlacing the toe boots and pulling them from her sore feet almost made her cum again from the relief but she pushed on and began peeling the cat suit from her body until she was standing on her toes and stepping out of it.

Susan winced her way to the bathroom and turned on the hot water before unlocking her corset and dropping it on the floor, the huge pressure relief not only from her waist but from her pussy made her weak in the knees as she steadied herself against the cabinet and looked at her ragged image in the mirror. She chuckled again thinking no one would even recognize her the way she looked right now.

Peeling the leggings off her body was much more difficult and as the sticky latex was pulled from her spread pussy lips she whined loudly from the pain as she stepped out of them. Most of the tens pads along with the tape had come off with the leggings and when she stepped out of them the vibrators in her sore pussy fell to the floor causing a very interesting surge of sensations as it slid out. Susan was not looking forward to removing the butt plug as she released the strap on her rubber bra letting it snap around front and pop off her nipples. She rubbed the tens pads off her waking nipples and moaned from the tingling and soreness of them while she finally forced herself to look in the mirror at her body and couldn’t believe she was the same girl that had entered the bed.

Her body was red all over with lines deep in her skin from the latex and corset and she looked like she had lost twenty pounds, her cheeks were sunken and she could see her ribs and couldn’t believe she could look this bad in just four days, not realizing she had actually been in the latex for six days and only three more to recover before she had to head to work again. Susan slipped into the hot water and soaked for almost an hour before feeling courageous enough to slowly pull the plug from her ass. She had tears running down her face as the large plug pulled past her sphincter and finally was free of her body, she was really concerned about any possible damage and hoped she still had some adult diapers left from the last time she abused her ass this long.

When the water turned cold she pulled the drain plug and stood up and washed her body and hair before drying herself off and leaving the tub. Susan brushed her hair and rubbed some lotion all over her body before pulling on a diaper, just in case she thought, and headed for the kitchen to get something solid to eat.

As she passed her front door she stopped and went outside and picked up her newspapers wearing only her short robe not even caring if the neighbors saw her or not as she walked on her toes out to the driveway and back. While she ate she read the latest paper noting it was Thursday and gasped at had long she had been incarcerated. “Well that beats all my previous records” she said to herself.

After eating and drinking until she was sated she retired to her bed and laid down not even thinking about wearing anything latex and quickly fell asleep, dreaming of mummies and latex she slept until Friday night awaking refreshed and hungry but ready to start another adventure, but deciding to clean up her equipment that she had left scattered around her house before starting any new adventures.

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