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Wrapped up in the Holiday

by Leviticus

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© Copyright 2001 - Leviticus - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; gag; nipple; mask; wrapped; bandages; program; object; toys; insert; tease; denial; cons; X

For about a week before Halloween, Lucas Smyth worked quietly on his own in the garage. His wife, Susan, knew what he was doing, and wasn't sure if she was excited about it or not!

"It's going to be a special treat for Halloween," he kept saying to her whenever she asked what he was building in there.

Susan knew his special treats, she practically lived in them full time. Her husband worked for a major Hollywood special effects firm and had a talent for creating all kinds of ingenious devices to make movie magic with. He had brought this talent to use at home as well, by creating devices to make Susan's home life a lot more interesting. These weren't labor saving devices though, in fact a lot of the time they were quite the opposite. Susan still didn't know if she liked half of them or not but her husband was an insistent man and she rarely argued much when he decided to strap her into one of his creations.

At this moment she was locked into what he called the dishwasher. Susan stood naked at the big double kitchen sink, her hands locked into thick mittens that reduced her hold to basic plastic coated metal clamps. The clamps enabled her to pick up the objects she had to wash, but were totally useless for scrubbing them. THAT job was reserved for her tits. Her left breast had a large scouring pad attached to it, her nipple poking through the middle, while her right breast had a much softer sponge for delicate washing, again with her nipple showing. Susan was able to pick up a plate, for example, and rub it against her chest in order to clean it. Being rather large breasted, Susan could even scrub the insides of her pots and pans this way. If this were all she had to endure, it would have been easy. But her enclosed hands couldn't handle the kitchen faucet. Her husband had an answer for that.

Susan was wearing a belt around her waist which locked onto her a chastity strap that passed between her legs. The strap held inside her two large dildos that had been modified by Lucas. The dildos, one in front and one behind, were pressure sensitive and as Susan squeezed on them they sent signals through a couple of wires to a device that controlled the faucet electronically. For hot water, Susan had to squeeze her vaginal muscles, and for cold her anus. For warm water she had to do both which was quite a trick. Balancing the temperature took a lot of her concentration and it made her very aware of what was trapped in her loins.

Susan had been washing the dishes like this for six months now. But this was Halloween afternoon, and Lucas had promised a special treat for the holiday. As Susan washed the last plate with her right breast, she wondered if the treat was for her or him! "There you are," said Lucas coming into the kitchen, "are you almost done?"

Susan nodded, unable to speak due to the large gag that seemed to fill her mouth almost all the time these days. It was locked on of course.

"Excellent. When you're finished, come out to the garage!" Lucas ordered.

Susan attempted a smile and set the last plate in the drainer to dry.

She unplugged herself from the faucet and waddled out in the wake of her husband who had gone back to the garage. It was an attached garage so she didn't have to go outside to get there, which Susan was grateful for. She wasn't a big fan of flaunting their unusual lifestyle in front of the neighbors.

Stepping into the garage though, she wondered if her husband had plans to do just that. Standing on a low wooden platform just inside the closed garage door was a metal construction roughly the shape of a person. Susan recognized what it was, for it was a variation on others he had built inside the house. It was an exoskeleton. Lucas hurried up to her, all excited, and began removing her bondage.

"Halloween this year is going to be fun, dear," he said. "You're going to have a very special place in our centerpiece."

Susan shook her head, knowing that her husband expected her to be strapped naked to the metal frame.

"Oh don't worry," Lucas said, knowing her distress. "I'm not going to show you off to the neighbors. In fact, if you play your part they wont even know you are there!" He smiled.

Curious, Susan looked at him.

Lucas grinned some more and once he got everything off her but the gag he patted her on the bum and took her hand. He guided her up onto the platform and had her stand back against the exoskeleton. "Do you trust me?" he asked her, looking deep into her eyes. Susan sighed and then nodded, her affection for him showing in her eyes.

"Good," he said, and he kissed her gagged mouth before pushing her firmly into his creation. He then got busy strapping her in place, her arms and legs becoming one with the metal monster he had built, her body and head locked into place with wide, thin bands of plastic. Once done, Susan could only wriggle her fingers and toes, and she wondered what he was up to. She felt very vulnerable standing naked in the device, her arms away from her sides, her legs about a foot apart. She knew he had access to any part of her body he chose to touch, and that knowledge both excited her and scared her.

Lucas grinned once the last strap was in place, and he spent an amusing few minutes testing her bondage by caressing and pinching various parts of her anatomy. He was delighted to see that while Susan squealed and wriggled, she didn't come loose or move the metal skeleton she was strapped to. He gave both her nipples a quick bite before moving off the platform which stood only a few inches off the ground. He picked up a camera and took a few pictures of her just like that, a habit he had picked up from work where he had to document the ongoing construction of whatever device he was working on. He then picked up a wireless keyboard and looked at her.

"Okay, let's test a few things just to make sure they work," he said.

He pressed a few keys and Susan felt the skeleton move. She could do nothing to resist as her arms were brought around in front of her and crossed over her chest.

"Good," he said, relieved that he had got the elbow joint right. He punched a few more keys and not only Susan's arms but her whole body moved around. Only her feet were solidly stuck in one position. Lucas smiled up at her and put the keyboard down. "I bet you're wondering what I have planned. Well I think you're going to enjoy it."

He laughed and went over to a nearby table.

Susan couldn't move her head but she could just see out of the corner of her eye what he was doing. He had picked up a large dildo with a wire coming from it and she looked on in horror as he brought it over. Lucas started humming as he applied a little lubricant to the end of the dildo, before casually inserting it into his wife. He listened to her grunt slightly as he worked it in deep, its end almost flush with her aroused pussy lips when he was done. He used a long piece of tape to hold it in position, and used more tape to run the wire down one leg. Lucas then went back to the table for the other major toy of the night, her special bra. Lucas knew Susan didn't care to wear this very much, which was why he always made sure she was strapped down before bringing it out. He smiled when Susan saw it and started to try to pull herself free. Her moaning began to make him hard.

"Come on, Sue," he said, "You know we agreed that I get to use this on you once a month, and we haven't used it yet this month. So no complaints!"

Susan groaned again, and closed her eyes. But she knew she wasn't getting out of this one. She tried not to flinch as Lucas buckled the specially designed bra onto her, making sure her nipples fit into the nubs where a set of stiff but soft bristles waited for them. The bra cups had tiny motors built into them that spun the bristles, rubbing her nipples in a carefully programmed pattern designed to stimulate her sexually. Susan hated the bra because she loved it so much. Lucas messed around behind her for a moment and Susan felt him attach a wire to the bar and fiddle with something below and behind her feet. He stood up and went over to the keyboard and pushed a few more keys. Immediately the bristles started, and in her well filled pussy the dildo began to buzz and writhe. Susan, almost conditioned to this stimulation after a couple of years married to Lucas, began to moan.

Her fingers and toes curled as the sexual stimulation continued to bring her close to orgasm. But before she could get there Lucas stopped the program, leaving her frustrated and panting into her gag. There weren't many words that Susan could form and make understood while gagged, but Lucas had no trouble hearing her say "Bastard!" and he laughed while he took a couple more pictures of his fully aroused wife.

"Don't worry, sweetheart, I won't leave you frustrated for long," he told her, kissing her bare hip.

He loved seeing his wife all strapped up in his latest invention, and felt a strong urge to rip the dildo from her and jump her right then. But there was more to do and a long night for her ahead. He went over to a box sitting on the table and carefully removed a few items. "I had the idea," he said to his gradually cooling wife, "of giving the kids something special for Halloween this year." He walked around in front of her and stretched a latex hood over her head. It was an open faced hood and only really served to pull her hair out of the way.

"Something that they would remember. I thought of putting together a haunted house here in the garage, and next year I might still do that, but this year we will start small and see how it goes." Lucas began brushing a liquid around the rim of his wife's helpless face and he smiled into her eyes as he did so.

"So, I thought about it for a while and got a little help from Joe in the makeup department. You remember Joe don't you? Nice guy. He put together an appliance for me that I told him was going on a dummy. I had to modify it just a little to fit you, but I think it will look great!"

Susan wondered what he was talking about, until he left and came back with a rubber mask. It was just a face, but a very old and dry looking one, very realistic. Susan held her breath as Lucas placed the rubber face over her own. She felt him carefully position it and pat it down. She was surprised to find out that she could still see, although her vision was much reduced. She could also breath through her nose, although her mouth seemed sealed.

"There," Lucas said. "The glue on the hood will hold it in place. It looks rather good, rather frightening!" he chuckled, and took a few more pictures. He went back to the box and pulled out some rolls of yellowed material.

"I prepared this stuff back at the shop," he said. "Looks pretty old, huh? Aged them myself. Wrappings for your costume, sweetheart. Can you guess what you're going to be yet?" Susan could guess. There was only one thing she knew which wore yellow bandages, a mummy. Susan smiled behind her gag, glad he wasn't going to leave her naked.

Lucas could guess she was smiling. "I told you not to worry. Now just relax and let me get to work. He began at her feet and worked up, carefully applying the wrappings with an expert eye. Slowly, Susan was transformed from a naked young woman strapped into a sex machine, to an aged old mummy standing on a platform. When Lucas was done there was no sign of the metal skeleton or the young woman strapped to it, although the mummy in its place did sport an impressive set of hooters. Lucas had even half covered her face, blending the mask into the wrappings nicely.

"Very good," he said, taking a few more pictures. "Now, let's start it up and test the program."

Again Susan had a vague idea what he meant. Some of his toys could be hooked up to their home computer. This was one of them. Lucas typed in a few commands and Susan found her arms being moved toward her chest. It was a traditional mummy pose that she was forced into and she wondered how she looked. Lucas took a couple of pictures so she could see afterward. Then the dildo and bristle bra started up and Susan began to pant. She was just beginning to moan when it stopped again. "Good," Lucas said, and he opened the garage door.

Susan was suddenly afraid. She was now revealed to the outside world in this bondage and she was afraid that everyone would immediately know it was her. But there was no one on their quiet street at the moment. She could just see Lucas as he walked away down the driveway, and as he did so the exoskeleton came to life. It moved her whole body, raising her arms in a menacing way and making her lean forward. The sex toys strapped to her sensitive parts burst into action and Susan groaned loudly into her gag. Then just as suddenly she was returned to her mummy pose and the stimulation stopped.

"Fantastic!" yelled Lucas. He walked back and again Susan appeared to menace the empty driveway, moaning in sexual frustration, unable to stop herself.

"It works great, sweetheart. You should see it. In fact, I'll set up the video camera so you can watch it later. But just so you know, there is a trip light halfway down the driveway. Anyone coming up it is treated to one of your shows. It should give the kids a laugh. I've also programmed the computer to keep you somewhat aroused through the evening so that you always moan on cue. You sound really great, sweetheart."

Susan moaned for him on purpose, horrified, yet delighted about the predicament he had put her in. Of course she could do nothing to change it, she was here for the duration.

"Just a few more things and we'll be ready for Trick or Treaters!" Lucas said. He set up a table in front of Susan and put baskets of candy on it, before vanishing back into the house.

Susan was afraid again, wondering if he was simply going to leave her alone out here all night. But after a short while he reappeared in a Dracula costume and began messing with some small spotlights. Soon, she and the table of goodies were the only things illuminated, and the night began.

Susan lost count halfway through the night of the number of kids that visited. Word seemed to spread about the "Robot Mummy" though and many more kids came by to make it go though its paces. Trapped inside, Susan could only let herself be propelled along, her only contribution being a throaty moan as the devious devices torturing her sensitive bits went into action. She almost came several times, but never quite reached that point.

Lucas watched it all, standing nearby to keep the candy baskets filled and to help calm the fears of some of the younger children, and some of the parents, who weren't sure of the reality of the monster. He had to laugh at one point though. A group of twelve year old boys came up and Susan of course moaned at them and acted threatening.

One of the boys said, "It sounds like a girl!"

Another boy turned to him and said, "Sure it does. It's a Mummy, isn't it?"

Lucas laughed.

Eventually though the hour got late, and for some reason the mummy could barely offer a decent whimper. So Lucas closed shop and shut the garage door. He turned off the infernal machine and quickly began unwrapping Susan's head. The mask and latex hood came off easily enough and Lucas also removed the gag that had been in her mouth for most of the day by then. Susan looked tired, but she blinked her eyes under the bright lights and her half paralyzed face offered him a smile.

"We done?" she croaked.

"We're done. How do you feel?" Lucas asked.

"Wonderful, tired, but wonderful," Susan replied, wanting to wrap her arms around him but not able to.

"I'll have you out in a few minutes," Lucas told her.

Susan chuckled. Her nipples were burning, her groin felt numb, her throat was parched and she was stiff all over. Yet she felt a glow about her that she treasured for its rarity. It was for moments like this that she put up with her husbands crazy ideas, moments that would not exist without them. She smiled and looked down at him as he unwrapped her bandages.

"I love you," she said.

"I love you too, sweetheart," was his reply.

"What plans do you have for Thanksgiving?" she asked.

Lucas looked up at her and grinned.



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