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Wrapped Up Tight

by Chris

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© Copyright 2005 - Chris - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; femdom; bond; rope; gag; tape; wrap; cocoon; toys; insert; tease; torment; denial; oral; climax; cons; X cons; X

He still wanted to be wrapped tight with vibrators, clips and tortured. He wanted to spend some time wrapped up unable to move. He asked his Mistress if she would do this and she said in two days she would grant his wish, but on her own terms, she would do anything she wished to him, he would be gagged tight so he could not speak and would not be ask if he agreed to anything. There would not be any safe word, he would have to trust her. He agreed to her terms. Just thinking about it made him excited and hard. He wondered what she would do?

He did not work Wednesday night so they got ready for bed. They played with each other like they do sometimes. He sucked her nipples and she moaned softy and told him how wonderful it felt. This just got him more excited. His tongue finally found it’s way down between her legs to that spot she so loved him to lick. She was very wet from his sucking her nipples and he greatly sucked and licked her savoring her wonderful taste. She moaned and played with his shaft as he sucked on her clit. Slowly just the way she liked it he brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

Finally she closed her legs around his head and shook with all the excitement and pleasure she could take. He lay his head on her breast as she came down from the excitement. After a while she pushed him on his back and started to suck his nipple. He moaned, her hand found his shaft and she worked it as she sucked. He moaned and he got closer and closer to orgasm. But just before he reached the high she stopped. He moaned as he came down without climax.

She slid down and took his shaft in her mouth, her hand found his nipple and pinched it lightly between her fingers. She started to suck his shaft slowly driving him crazy. In and out she slid it, she got it nice and excited and then stopped. Again she worked it with her hand, again she stopped before he reached climax. She continued this for a while each time stopping just short of orgasm. It was driving him crazy.

Finally she said, "Get me the plug and some vet wrap and a small vibrator."

He did as he was told and she plugged and wrapped his shaft and placed the vibrator under several layers of vet wrap. She wrapped lightly, not tight, because she intended him to wear it all night.

"Now get me four pieces of rope, your ball gag and the bondage tape."

Again he did as he was told. She told him to tie his ankles and knees together, which he did. "Lay on your stomach" she said, which he did next. "Hands behind your back" then she tied his wrists together. Next she tied some rope around his elbows and pulled them together. He moaned, "quiet or I will make it much more uncomfortable for you!" He laid still.

She attached the last rope to his wrists and then ran it down to the rope at his ankles, she then pulled putting him into a nice tight hogtie. " You always said you wanted to be hogtied for the night, so here is your wish, you will remain like this until morning. I have taken a sleeping pill so won’t wake easy, if you move and wake me or wake me with noise you will regret it. I will place clips all over you until morning, so I would recommend you remain still and quiet." She placed the gag in his mouth and pulled it tight.

Next came the blindfold, one wrap of vet wrap not pulled very tight, then sealed on with the bondage tape. She then kissed his cheek and whispered, "have a great night, remember no moaning or noise" and turned the vibrator on low. He remained as quiet as he could, soon he heard her breathing and knew she was asleep. He moved a bit to adjust his position. The vibrator was keeping him on edge and driving him crazy. He was hating it as well as loving it. He had wanted this for a long time.

Finally later in the night he drifted off to sleep. Morning came and he felt her move. Then he felt the clips go on his nipples. "Something for you to enjoy for a while" she said, "it will be time to get up soon". She turned the vibrator up a bit and he felt her roll over again. In an hour or so the alarm went off and again he felt her move. She reached over and untied his hands. "Untie yourself and get ready to take the kids to school. There will be instructions for you when you return, leave the plug in until you return, then you may remove it to shower and take care of business, but then you will have to replace it."

He did as he was told. Upon his return the note was on the door. It read, "Shower and shave and get ready for me, make sure you smell nice. Replace the plug and vibrator and leave it on low. Once finished go to bed room and find a nice anal plug and put it in and tie it there, turn it on low. Clip the nipple clips back on and tie your ankles and knees together like last night and replace the gag and blindfold. You will find a set of handcuffs on the bed, handcuff your hands behind you and stand and wait for me. If you sit down you will be punished".

He waited for a few minutes and heard her enter the room. She moved over to him and he heard her getting things out of the closet. He then felt plastic wrap pulled around his bound legs as she started to wrap up from his ankles to his waist and then back down and back up again sealing him into the plastic.

Next came duct tape which she used to seal up the plastic and making him very tight. She reached for the remote for the plugs, she replaced the batteries and turned them to high, she then taped them that way. She then reached behind and cuffed him. "Hold out you right arm." He did and she stared wrapping it from the fingers to the shoulder in plastic, the other arm came next.

"Put your arms to your side". Next came plastic wrap from his waist to his neck. She did this several times making sure he was sealed in tight going over the nipple clips. He moaned because the clips hurt. "Live with it slave" she said. Next came the duct tape sealing his arms to his side.

"Now lay down, just fall I will make sure you hit the bed". He did and she helped him move in the center of the bed.

She reached down and placed ear plugs into his ears and then cotton over top of them, then a sock over that. "Now for a surprise" she said.

He heard her do something and then he felt her start to remove his gag. The ball popped out of his mouth. "Open wide" she said and she pushed her used panties into his mouth making sure the crotch was turned out so he got the full taste of her. She pushed the ball gag back in on top of them and then he felt bondage tape pulled over top of it and wrapped around his head to hold the gag tight. But she was not done, she then wrapped duct tape over the bondage tape around his head, making sure not to pull it too tight.

He could not hear much now. She tickled his feet for while as he tried to move without any luck. He could not laugh or move and she drove him crazy. The vibrators continued to do their work, driving him crazy also. He felt them double now that his hearing and sight was gone. All he could do was feel. He had several dry orgasms just in the first few minutes.

She finally sealed his feet up in plastic and then duct taped them. A rope tied them off to the foot of the bed and another tied his head to the head board. He now could not move. His nipples hurt with the clips and he was being driven crazy from the vibrators. She decided to leave him for while, she would return later and cut out his nipples and shaft from the plastic and then do some torture, but she would let him feel the helplessness for while.


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