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Wrapped Up in Her Job 2: Molly

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2007 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; discovered; strapon; insert; machine; wrap; cocoon; stuck; climax; reluct/cons; X

continued from part one

Part 2: Molly

Molly opened her toolbox with a sigh. As the youngest person in Maintenance, and the only woman, she always got the crap jobs. Like this one. Why did shipping have to yell for help to adjust an eye on the wrapper? Loosen a screw, adjust the eye, tighten the screw. How hard could it be?

At least she wouldn’t have to put up with any remarks from the floor, she thought as she dug out her allen wrench set. As an openly practicing lesbian, she was used to the comments, but that didn’t make them any easier to hear.

Stepping onto the production floor, Molly walked slowly to the shipping area….. and froze at the sight that met her eyes. For long moments, all she could do was stare.

Standing atop the platform was Jamie, the plant production manager. From ankles to just under her nose, she was wrapped tightly to the upright pole of a not-yet-assembled plant stand. Overcoming her shock, Molly approached the helpless woman.

“I can’t wait to hear how this happened,” she said, her eyes feasting on the view before her. Dressed only in garter belt and stockings, the tight plastic did little to hide Jamie’s curves. Molly particularly loved the way Jamie’s full breasts were emphasized by the tight wrap. For her part, Jamie wished she could sink into the floor and disappear. To her surprise, though, the shame and embarrassment she felt seemed only to heighten her arousal. Helpless, she waited for Molly to release her from her plastic prison.

Molly, however, had other ideas. When she’d stepped out to check her mail at lunch, a package she’d been waiting for had been there. Now, it seemed, she had a perfect chance to put it to use.

“Don’t go away,” she quipped, turning and hurrying back to collect what she needed. When she returned, she stepped onto the platform with a utility knife.

Thank God, Jamie thought, she’s going to cut me out of here. Instead, Molly cut small, precise circles in the plastic, freeing only Jamie’s nipples. Next, she cut a slightly larger circle at the helpless woman’s crotch.

Oh my God, Jamie thought, what’s she doing? She’s not….. she can’t…. she…. ooooohhhhhh! Her thoughts scattered as Molly took one nipple between her lips and sucked hard.

Satisfied with her victim’s reaction, Molly stepped back and quickly removed her own clothing. In her arousal, Jamie couldn’t help but notice the long legs, flaring thighs, and large breasts revealed to her. Molly’s next move, however, captured her complete attention. Opening the package, Molly removed a long, double-headed dildo. With an evil grin, she slipped one end through the hole in the plastic, easing it deep into Jamie’s pussy. A very wet pussy, she noticed with satisfaction.

Jamie watched, almost spellbound, as Molly raised herself onto her toes and slipped the other end into her own pussy. Slowly, then with increasing speed, she rocked her hips, working the dildo inside both of them. As her own arousal grew, she wrapped her arms around the wrapped woman, reaching up to grasp her shoulders from behind. Faster and faster her hips moved, until a massive orgasm shuddered through her.

As the first waves of ecstasy engulfed her, Molly threw up her feet and wrapped them around Jamie’s waist, not noticing when her left foot struck something in it’s path. Head pressed tightly to the side of Jamie’s head, Molly reveled in the sensation, so intense that she clamped her mouth closed to prevent the screams of pleasure that threatened to burst out. The world itself seemed to be moving, so intense were the sensations.

Then, as the first waves subsided, Molly felt something that seemed to press against her lower back, pushing her even closer to Jamie, driving the dildo slightly deeper inside her. This ignited a second wave, and all she could do was hold on as a delicious feeling of tightness seemed to work it’s way up her body.

The sudden feeling of something pressed against her mouth brought her back to reality. Her eyes, closed during her orgasm, flew open. A muffled scream burst from her suddenly sealed mouth as she realized what had happened.

Her left foot, it seemed, had struck the start button. Lost in the orgasm that had engulfed her, she hadn’t even noticed when the wrapper began sealing her tightly against her already helpless partner. Too late, she struggled against the tight grip of the plastic as the still misaligned eye stopped the upward wrapping. Three additional wraps sealed Molly’s mouth as effectively as it had Jamie’s, then the arm descended, adding a second layer to the one already in place.

By the time the wrapper stopped, a perfect erotic statue stood on the platform. Jamie, ramrod straight, stood as helpless as before. Molly’s body was pressed tightly against her, legs wrapped around her waist, hands gripping her shoulders from behind. Both women struggled briefly, then subsided in defeat.

In the silence of the plant, the only movement was a slight flexing of Molly’s hips, all the tight wrapping allowed her. The only sound was the muffled moans of two helpless women riding a slowly cresting wave of arousal. For both, it would be a long night.


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