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Wrapped for Eternity

by Wingatn

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© Copyright 2013 - Wingatn - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; halloween; wrap; bandages; insert; encase; display; stuck; cons/nc; X

A Halloween Special 2013 Tale

“Watch the balls!”

“If you insist! I LOVE watching your balls. I love watching every part of you.”

“Dammit Billy! Why do you have to wrap every single part? I can’t go out like that anyway.”

“But it feels nice doesn’t it? I did my own the same way. Under that bulge my cock’s rammed into a nice tight tube. Every time I breathe it works it’s way in and out. Craaazy!”

“Jeeze, I’m surprised you didn’t stick in a dildo, too. … … … … You stuck in a dildo, didn’t you?”

“I stuffed gauze in there, just like the Egyptians did. I rolled it up tight and made a rod out of it. I love the way it wiggles in there when I walk. I made one for you too.” Billy folded Jesse’s tightly wrapped cock down against his trapped testicles and bundled everything into a neat ball. He reached behind and worked a gauze cylinder into Jesse’s rectum, then wound gauze around the hips, working it down into Jesse’s crack to hold the plug in tight. He criss-crossed the glutes, shaping the wrappings to accentuate Jesse’s hot ass. And he flattened down and shaped the privates, giving Jesse a smooth but virile-looking bulge. He continued upward, winding tight to accentuate Jesse’s flat stomach and solid abs. Billy was already wrapped head to toe except for where the wrappings had been rolled back from his eyes and mouth while he wrapped Jesse.

“Where’d you get all the bandages anyway? I thought you didn’t have any money.“

“Flat broke. I found these in the dumpster behind the hospital.”

“Used bandages? That’s gross!”

They’re not used. They were still in the original package so they should be sterile. I think they threw them out cuz they were old.”

“And what’s that white powdery crap?”

“Who knows. The package said ‘fast acting orthopedic pre-impregnated’ something or other. And something from Paris or ‘of Paris’ or something. It was hard to read. All faded with lots of medical mumbo-jumbo.”

“Whoa! I don’t want to be impregnated!”

“We’ve impregnated each other lots of times.” Billy finished Jesse’s chest and shoulders and started on his arms.

“Not so tight. I have to be able to move if we’re going to pull this off. I got two strikes already. If anything goes wrong I’ll be imprisoned forever. 25 years if I’m lucky, but with my luck it’ll be for life. ”

“I’ll trade ya. I’m looking at about 50 years of community service . GAH, I hate my life!”

“This deal will get us new lives dude. How much do you think they got?”

“$12 admission, about 200 kids an hour, 6 hours a day is ……… a lot. I think. All for some stupid underprivileged kids.” Billy wrapped Jesse’s neck and started on his head.

“So, um, are you sure we got to kill the preacher?”

“While he’s there, the office and cashbox are both unlocked. After that everything’s locked up tight so we have to do it while he’s there so he’ll see us. We blend in with the other actors to get in, then find a good spot and hold still when everyone leaves so they think we’re just a couple of dummies - don’t say it. Kill the preacher, get the money, and get out with no witnesses. Easy. What could go wrong?”

Billy finished Jesse’s head, leaving just a single layer over the eyes so Jesse could still see. He pulled his own wrappings into place and they both headed to the bathroom mirror. They were young, good looking guys who worked out and Billy made sure the wrapping didn’t hide much. The result was two hot, hunky mummies and it wasn’t long before they were stroking and squeezing each other’s bulges, rubbing the wrappings over the anal plugs, and humping the counter to drive their swollen cocks deeper into the wrappings. They didn’t have to be there until closing. They had plenty of time.

* * *

“Awww tau oooo nnoooo urrr ayyy arrron!.”


Jesse pulled the wrapping off his lips. “I said, I thought you knew your way around!”

Billy followed suit. “They changed it since last year. We need to find one of the staff doorways. Wait! Someone’s coming!”

They both covered their mouths and started staggering and moaning “Arrrrrrrrrrng!” Some teenaged girls came around the cheesy cardboard tombstones, saw them, and squealed.

Billy spotted a shadowy area behind the hanged man and motioned for Jesse to follow. They stumbled through the darkened display and felt their way through an opening. Behind was a dimly lit backroom area full of costumed performers, most visibly tired and looking at their watches. Everyone assumed the mummies worked there and ignored them.

After Billy found the office with the cashbox they headed toward a doorway they thought might lead to the Egyptian exhibit where they could hide until closing. They rounded a corner and caught a strobe directly in their eyes, and while they fumbled blindly they found the swamp the hard way, falling in and drenching themselves in dirty brown water. Some boys laughed and made crude remarks but continued around the corner leaving the soaked mummies alone.

Billy and Jesse stumbled out, wrappings clinging to their bodies, and struggled to breath through the soggy gauze. It wasn’t just the water, the powdery white stuff had turned into a kind of ooze that flowed around them and got into every crack and crevice. As they inhaled it filled their mouths and went down their throats and windpipes. It had a strange mineral taste with overtones of brown food coloring from the water. They choked and struggled to keep their airways open and finally blew enough out to clear their noses. Billy saw the Egyptian room around the corner and motioned for Jesse to follow. They staggered in, mounted a low platform and assumed their poses while they waited for closing time.

Behind the gauze, Jesse turned his eyes toward Billy and liked what he saw. The spotlessly white bandages had always looked out of place but the fake swamp water left them dirty and sepia toned. Billy looked a few thousand years old now and tanned too. Better still was the way the wet bandages had plastered themselves to his chiseled form. You could see every beautiful inch of him now. His crotch bulge now sported a long rounded ridge with two egg shaped swellings that left no question what was in there. And from the size of the bulge Billy was feeling pretty good!

Jesse knew the feeling. His own wrappings clung tighter now, squeezing his naked body delightfully. They seemed to be heating up too. He felt warm all over, hot even, like being in a sauna. He felt hot, gritty goo lubricating his cock-sleeve as his member swelled and dug in deeper, then stopped. Everything stopped. The wrappings felt tight and stiff now and started to cool.

The two mummies stood motionless as the haunted house closed and everyone filed out – first the customers and then the staff. Jesse waited until he was sure everyone was gone and watched Billy for his cue. Billy just stood there, occasionally trembling slightly and making faint moans, but remained in his pose. Jesse got tied of waiting and tried to move but couldn’t. The wrappings had hardened like concrete! He strained to break free but all he could do was shake a little and make barely audible groans around the hardened plug filling his mouth and throat. He realized this was what Billy had been doing for the last five minutes so apparently he was stuck too. And as the bandages dried they actually seemed to be getting harder! Jesse could barely move or make any sound at all now. What the hell WAS on those bandages?

* * *

Pastor Jenkins finished counting the day’s receipts and locked up for the night. It had been a good day. Everything was coming together. As he walked through the empty building he had the strangest feeling someone was there and he turned to find two mummies he hadn’t seen before.

“Who’s that?” he said, thinking it was someone playing a prank. The mummies just stood there, still as statues. He waved his hand in front of their faces and got no response. He touched them and they felt stiff as stone. He felt some grit on his fingers. Plaster of Paris. Still damp too. That explained why he hadn’t seen them before. They’d obviously just been finished. Nice work. He’d actually been fooled for a moment. Even now he couldn’t shake the feeling the two figures were alive and looking at him, calling to him. But they were obviously just props. They’d stand there for the next two weeks, then be loaded on a truck with the rest of the props and put into storage. With a little luck they’d serve the community for many years to come.

He wasn’t sure who to thank but whoever they were, they’d be in his prayers.




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