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Wrapped in Chains

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; store; rope; wrap; cocoon; glue; encase; chain; locks; cart; stuck; electro; toys; climax; denial; oral; cons; X

Johnny and Lisa were young and in love and were one of those lucky couples that had found a kindred spirit in each other for the love of all things bondage, she was the perfect sub always doing what she was told and usually in some form of bondage or another even at work. He was a gentle but firm dom always demanding but very careful of her boundaries and seldom doing anything beyond them and as she did with him always taking care of his needs, and both were happy with the arrangement. She worked as a nurse at a nearby hospital working split shifts and normally having four days off and three days on, during these days off she was almost always bound and always his submissive.

He worked as security for a large builders supply warehouse, between the two of them they were able to get most of their supplies at their jobs. Lately they or should it be said she had gotten into mummification and had spent many days wrapped up tight in some form or another, starting with cellophane then to pallet wrap and using all kinds of tape until finding out about fiberglass casting material, this had been a blessing since the hospital threw away literally hundreds of rolls a month that had reached their expiration dates but worked perfectly fine and she would help herself to the trashed quantities.

If she wasn’t currently cast as a mummy or in a complete body cast she would always be wearing an leg or an arm cast and regularly wore a tight upper body cast to work, these casts would go from just above her large tits and would hold them tightly against her chest down between her legs covering her moist pussy and wrapped around her ass keeping a large hollow plug imbedded in it. She would be forced to wear these cast for her entire 3 day shift and twice she had to work doubles keeping her trapped in her cast for 6 days, the last few series of days off she spent 5 nights and 4 days completely wrapped from her gagged head to her en-point toes, she would beg him to leave her totally helpless and would put numbers in a hat and she would pick one out not looking at it so she would not know how many days she would have wrapped up, and that would be the number of days bound.

He had gotten an idea and asked her if she would like to be mummified at the store she giggled and quickly agreed then asked mummified with what? He told her they would start out with rope, wrapping her carefully from her pointed toes, she always wore her ballet boots when she was not at work, to her head taking video and still pictures then over the ropes he would wrap her in heavy chain and use multiple locks to hold the chain shell together.

She got wet just from the idea, but we would have to be done in one night and we would have to put everything back before the morning crew arrived. She did her pouty face but still like the idea and said when can we do it? They agreed to do it the first Friday of her upcoming vacation, giving him time to make sure all their needs would be in stock for the day of the event. Friday night right after closing time Lisa got her friend to drop her off at the store, she met Johnny at the loading dock calling him after she had gotten her toe boots on, her vibrator and butt plug she had, had already been inserted at the house and had her highly aroused, so once he let her in and she stripped she was ready for her bondage.

He had already found a spot and had the buckets of bulk rope ready when she got there, he had disconnected the necessary cameras and had the alarm set to only go off if the front doors were opened, knowing he would be the only person to have access to open the rear doors. With his cameras set up she soon took her spot on top of a large turn table used for packaging and was turning slowly as he carefully wound the rope up her body.

Stopping every few inches to retention the rope and to adjust it to be perfectly straight he moved up her body, snapping pictures along the way and recording the whole event. She had been holding her arms out as the thick soft rope climbed up her body but when it reached her breasts he stopped her turning, and pulled some smaller rope out and began to tightly wrap each breast at their bases, he told her that he was going to pull it tight and to tell him when it became uncomfortable, she agreed, but because she was feeling so horny she waited until each wrap had been pulled into the flesh at the base of her tit so tight she was really in pain before stopping him.

Once done with the bases her breasts were bulging out from their extra tight bands of rope he began wrapping them together squeezing them so tight that when he was done she looked like she had one huge breast with two very erect nipples. He had explained that if he didn’t support them then when they were wrapped she would have no shape to her upper body, she really didn’t care she loved the tightness of it all and had already adjusted to the pain and just smiled at him. Slowly turning once again he applied the tight rope up and over her bound tits and under her arms and guided it up her neck stopping at her chin, "Mouth opened or closed?" Johnny asked, holding her mouth wide open he began to guide the rope up her chin and carefully guiding it into her gapping mouth and up to her nose.

Stopping her rotation he applied small drops of super glue to the rope under her nose on both sides to keep them from slipping and hold the tension, she hadn’t been watching but he had been doing it all the way up her body at any place he thought the rope might slip. As the glue set he began to wrap her head and carefully covered her nose and worked up to her shining eyes applying the glue on both sides of the rope covering her nose all the way up, he kissed her gapping mouth and wrapped the rope over her eyes and once on her forehead he pulled it much tighter and continued until he met her pony tail on top of her head, anchoring the rope there by wrapping up her pony tail a few inches and tying it off.

Stepping down from the machine he admired his work and started her bound body spinning again and took more pictures. Checking his watch it had only taken about 2 hours to get this far and he knew he would have plenty of time to finish. Stopping the rotation he began to wrap her arms behind her in a tight "arm sleeve" of rope, starting at her finger tips and using the glue again he wound the rope very tight up to her shoulders blending the new rope with the rope already there by weaving it under and back on top again until you could not tell the rope was not all one long piece. Taking more pictures he began to rub her whole body and both people were really enjoying what they were feeling, deciding to change it up a bit, figuring he would just buy the rope instead of putting it back he sprinted to the glue aisle and got a large bottle of white wood glue and began pouring it all over her body and rubbing it in to the ropes.

She could feel him rubbing her again but had no idea he was creating a rope and glue cocoon but was enjoying her bondage and trusted him too much to care. Once he had her body completely covered in a thick coat of the white glue he cleaned up the mess, stopping to check how quick it was drying as he cleaned pleased to see it was soaking into the rope and knowing she was going home as a rope mummy. With the mess cleaned up he felt her and the outer glue had dried so he laid her down and told her not to move and went to go get the two large buckets of chain he had hidden so no one would buy it. The chain was 1000 feet long per bucket made of 3/8’s of an inch thick chrome molly steel, he hadn’t paid any attention to the description he just liked it because it was very shiny and thought she would look wonderful encased in it.

The chain was actually very high strength security steel advertised to be incredibly hard to cut, he grabbed his stash of padlocks, an entire case of sets of four keyed alike locks that he thought he could get back into the packaging so they could be sold.

As he was getting these things she lay quietly in her rope cocoon until she felt herself getting hot and like something was dripping on her. When he laid her down the wet glue had seeped through the small gaps in the rope and was now coating her body under them, the heat she was feeling was the glue setting up. As the heat got worse especially on her bound and swollen breasts she forced herself to roll over thinking she would get out from under whatever was dripping on her. Once she managed to roll over she felt the heat lessen and was grateful it hadn’t got worse, shortly after she had rolled over she could feel the dripping on her back side and knew what was coming, she tried to drop her head to the platform but the now dried glue covered rope held it in place. Shortly she could feel the glue had run all over her body including filling the crack of her firm ass and began to set up as well.

When he returned her found her face down on the platform and said, "Oh I see you want to be a bad girl, well I’ll punish you for moving later!" She tried to respond but the glue had seeped in from the back of her head and sealed the rope around her face tightly to it and she could barely flex any part of her body. Standing her up he really liked the feel of the glue covered rope and groped her body for a few minutes especially liking the way the glue had soaked in and left it looking like she was wrapped only in clean white rope. He took a bunch more pictures and then started the next layer by locking the first link to one of her heels and turned her slowly locking each row of chain to each of her heels, as he got to her ankles had had already used eight locks, 4 on each heel and liked the symmetry of it.

Starting the machine he carefully guided the chain tightly up her legs, taking his time to ensure the links fit neatly into the ones below them and locking them together every six inches or so on both sides to keep the chain tight as he worked it up her body. Reaching her waist he looked in the bucket and saw he was going to have plenty of chain to finish her body in one long chain and smiled. As he was covering her chest he had to run the chain under her arms until reaching her arm pits then he crossed the chain several times over and under her bound arms back across her chest until he had covered her shoulders making it look like the chain was poured on her and the cross chains would not be seen under her arms, he continued up her neck moving slowly over her open mouth, applying four locks on each side of her head so the chain would not crush her nose.

She could feel the extra weight of the chain and was beginning to have trouble breathing from the tension of the chain and the weight of it and felt like she was going to collapse at any moment, each time she felt herself stop turning she thought he was done and sighed thinking she would be released soon, but the rotations would start again and she would stand still and endure the pressure. The stopping was frequent as he had to stop the turn table to take more pictures but he knew she loved the attention and the bondage and would want as many pictures as possible. He finished covering her head and locked the last link to her pony tail then ran the chain down her neck locking four more locks to keep it straight and started wrapping her arms from her shoulders down pulling the chain very tight so he could keep the links lined up neatly crushing her arms even tighter together.

Reaching her hands he had some chain left in the bucket so after taking more pictures he started the turn table again and was able to wrap her whole torso with another layer of chain from her fingers up to the bottom of her tits. Adding more locks to keep it all in place. Stepping back he admired his work and took a lot more pictures, looking at the case of locks he found out he had used 84 in total and gasped at the thought of putting them all back in their cases. As he looked at her he began to count the locks, 4 on each heel, 12 on each side running from her ankles to her shoulders then added the 6 extra on each side for the second layer. 7 on each side of her head and neck, 5 more running down her back and six more in three places running down her arms, with one around her pony tail.

He had two left from the last set he had opened and decided to make it an even 84 so he applied the locks making her chain covered body look like it had studs sticking out all around the outlines of it. Staring at her and listening to her moans for 15 minutes admiring the way the chains followed her every curve and gave her a perfectly straight posture perched on her chained together toe boots, he finally pulled his eyes off her and looked at his watch, "5:30!" "Shit!" he yelled he was panicked because he knew the morning crew came in at six thirty and he had no time to be able to undo her bonds and get everything cleaned up.

She had heard him yelling and was panicking herself and trying to figure out what was happening, she began to moan louder as she heard him rustling around and muttering curse words to himself, she began to think he was being robbed and started moaning louder. She knew how high the platform was and didn’t want to fall off but started wiggling in her bonds, because of the way he had layered the links together the chains were supporting most of their own weight and she didn’t have the feeling of being crushed downward by them since he had completed the wrap.

While he was rushing around he had gotten all the remaining locks put away and the extra bucket of chain was back in its proper place he had forgotten to tell her what was happening. So once he had everything put away he ran back to the machine and could hear her whining loudly, he grabbed her encased body and lowered her to the platform and quickly told her what was going on and said, "I’ll be right back". She felt much better knowing that nothing bad had happened and lay on the turn table quietly waiting for him to release her. Hearing a loud noise she became frightened again and started to whine though the rope and chain until she heard his car and could tell he was backing it in near her. He popped the trunk and laid his seats down and told her she would have to ride home as she was.

Hearing that and listening to his apologies she just giggled as he hoisted her heavy body into the trunk, he could hear her laugh and felt much better knowing she was in no immediate distress as her wrestled her mostly rigid form into the trunk, sliding her deep into it before her head came out the opening of the seats and her feet just fit inside the trunk lid. He slammed the trunk lid and quickly pulled the car outside the bay door throwing a cover over her body before slamming the door and locking it, leaving her in silence encased it heavy chains over thick rope. He went about hiding the rest of the evidence pushing all the keys and lock wrappers into the bucket so he could take it with him, then sliding the bucket out of the way while he swept the floor and then ran to the camera stations and reactivated the cameras.

Just as he was double checking everything he heard the alarm chirp and knew someone had entered the front door, looking at his watch it was six thirty, right on time he muttered as he moved to the front to greet the assistant manager and told him nothing had happened but a few of the cameras had some problems and he had found loose connections at the control boxes. They chatted as the manager open the safe and both verified the contents then they made the customary trip around the store checking all the doors and products. Finding nothing wrong he went his way and left Johnny to complete his reports and wait for the other employees to get there in about an hour. She was still lying in the car wondering how long she would have to wait and trying to find a comfortable position to lie in.

As she continued to strain against her bonds she could feel the heat rising in the closed car and her open mouth was getting very dry, her head was feeling very tight and she was becoming claustrophobic as she began to sweat inside her cocoon.

Johnny finished his reports as quickly as he could and clocked out and headed to his car, just as he reached it the assistant called for him to come back in because he had found a problem. Johnny hung his head figuring he had been found out and was ashamed that he was going to be labeled a thief and lose his job.

She heard him answer the assistant and then walk off, she whined into her rope and chain gag and was once again left alone. Johnny entered the office and saw a cashier counting her cash drawer and breathed a sigh of relief knowing it was a cash difference not what he had done that brought him back in. The drawer was off twenty dollars and soon both the assistant manager and Johnny had counted it and found that it was off twenty dollars, the store had a zero tolerance for theft and since he had signed off on the count when they closed he would be held responsible for the missing money.

They searched the safe and rechecked the other drawers and could not find it anywhere, during the two hour search Lisa was struggling in the car. Thankfully the sun had gone behind the storm clouds rolling in and even though the sun was no longer beating down on her the heat was still oppressive, the chains had gotten hot and were still emitting heat to her body and she was gasping for air and struggling, her body was only able to flex less than a half an inch and when she did her chest was compressed even further.

She could not make her body to move enough to actually move it in any direction, as she struggled she couldn’t help admire his skill at binding her, normally ropes wrapped like this would slide and become loose and same with chains but these had stayed exactly where he had put them and felt like they had actually gotten tighter. What she didn’t know was that the glue was keeping the ropes from sliding and the multiple locks held the chains.

Just as they had given up the search the assistant told the cashier to go ahead and set up looking firmly at Johnny, as the cashier stood and pulled the drawer off the table the twenty dollar bill fell out from under it. They all sighed and began to laugh and the assistant waved for Johnny to go home. Johnny dashed for the door and ran to the car, Lisa had been out in the sun for four and a half hours and stringently bound for over 12 hours. She had been listening to the thunder as the storm grew closer and was getting more and more scared as she began to feel the thunder shake the car.

He jumped in the car and put his hand on her encased head and asked if she was alright, she grunted she was even though she couldn’t feel his hand on her face she felt better knowing he was there. He started the car and sped off, as he got a few miles away he suddenly remembered the chain bucket! He yelled shit as he turned the car quickly causing her to roll over quickly towards the passenger side hitting the side wall and stopping her body on her chest.

He apologized again and told her what was going on as he went faster to get back to the store, she was giggling again as he yanked the car to the right and she went rolling the other way and stopped hard against the drivers side but this time she stopped on her right shoulder her bound breasts taking the full brunt of the side wall making her grunt loudly. Stopping the car quick he jumped out without checking on her and ran into the store, she was enjoying the ride and was becoming aroused again from the feeling of helplessness she was feeling being tossed around the car, she also was more comfortable on her side and wished he had turned on her vibrator.

He ran back to the loading dock looking for the bucket knowing all the keys were inside it, he searched for the bucket and soon noticed the early crew were already sweeping the floors and knew they had tossed the bucket into the trash compactor. He went and looked in it but found that it had been packed already and he could not get to it. He lowered his head and slowly walked back out to his car touching her head as he sat there thinking what to do. She was giggling again and was grunting each time she tried to move, she was trying to get him to turn on the vibrator and was not relaying the message very well.

He turned her onto her back and pulled her head forward onto the center console, she was giggling again as he held her head with his arm and started the car and drove slowly drove home. She kept wiggling under his arm and giggling until he reached back and pulled the vibrator control from under a row of the chains and turned it on low, she started giggling louder and he turned it up higher and soon she was purring in her bonds.

Arriving at their house he backed into the garage and popped the trunk, she had been purring in her bonds most of the trip and as he got out he turned the vibrator on high, she began to moan and flexing her body as her lust was building to a massive and well-earned orgasm. He went into the house and got the hand truck they use to carry her around when she is mummified and brought it back to the car.

She was starting to reach an orgasm and when she felt herself being pulled backwards and out of the trunk, the orgasm crashed down on her very hard and she was thrashing inside the chains and rope and screaming loudly through her gapping mouth. He had seen her like this many times and he stopped and waited for her to calm down before removing her prone body from the car. When she stopped moaning he turned down the vibrator and hoisted her heavy body from the trunk, strapping her to the dolly her leaned her back and rolled her into the house.

She was still feeling the orgasm, as he leaned her back she squealed and began giggling again enjoying the grunting he was doing as he pulled her heavily encased body up the small step into the house. Once he set her in the living room he sat down and watched her breathing inside her cocoon and tried to figure out how to get her out. He leaned back on the couch and soon fell asleep leaving her alone in her captivity. She could hear him breathing deeply and knew he had fallen asleep and she smiled knowing how tired he was and from the feeling of knowing she was safe.

She knew she was strapped to the hand truck because she had less movement that she had before and knew the feeling of it when he moved her from the garage. After listening to his breathing for an hour she drifted off herself and soon both were sleeping soundly. He woke up several hours later and carefully checked her breathing and could tell she was asleep and quietly went to their bedroom and changed out of his uniform, then went to the car and got his cameras and brought them inside hooking the video camera to the TV and downloading the pictures to his lap top.

He still didn’t have a plan on how to get her out but knew it would involve a cutting tool of some kind and as he looked through the pictures he began to feel his cock getting hard. He heard her whining and knew she was waking up. He began talking to her calmly trying to keep her calm as she figured out where she was. As she woke she tried to move and couldn’t but upon her hearing his soothing voice she calmed herself and began her purring again. He sat down and began telling her what had happened and that when he went to work tonight he would dig into the container and find the keys to the locks holding her captive.

Lisa mumbled "ocks?"

"Yes locks" he answered,.

"Oh any?"

He hesitated and said "eighty four"

Lisa squealed and started laughing, he held her tight and said he would get her out of there. She knew he would and was still enjoying her situation.

He found a flexible funnel and tapped a straw to the end and forced it past the chains and in between the ropes covering her mouth. Once in he told her was about to pour and began to slowly pour some water mixed with some nutrients, they use this mixture whenever she was in any long term bondage.

Around 7 o clock he had to go to work, she had been bound for almost 24 hours and as he fed her again Lisa knew she would be for at least another twelve, she had gotten comfortable and he had teased her near an orgasm several times though out the day never letting her actually come and she was loving every minute of it. She had been bound before and completely immobile for days so this wasn’t something she wasn’t used to but this was the first time she knew he couldn’t remove her bindings when he wanted or needed to and that excited her, almost as much as the vibrator he had left running on low was.

Arriving at work he was glad to see the dumpster hadn’t been emptied but upset when he saw it was almost completely full, once the store closed and everyone had left he fixed one camera so he could go through the trash and not be recorded and after checking the doors and setting the alarm and climbed into the dumpster and started digging. As he was digging in the trash Lisa was at home trying to arouse herself more and fighting the cramps she was having in her shoulders, she owned an arm sleeve and Johnny often tied her arms behind her in a binder type position but she had never had her arms crushed together this tight or for anywhere near this long. Her jaw was getting sore as well being held open much wider than any of her gags would force her mouth open and it also did not allow her any movement in her mouth or its muscles which was something new to her.

The biggest discomfort was her tied together breasts, the tight ropes at their bases had made her breasts swell under her bindings and were now pushing harder on the chains that were trying to keep them contained and the ropes holding them together had pushed her nipples in between two ropes covering them and was pinching them each time she took a breath. As she gasped for air straining against her bonds in an attempt to bring herself to an orgasm and not being able to quite do it was making her struggle even harder, watching from outside her cocoon all one could see was her bound breasts moving slightly as she breathed and hear an occasional whine or whimper come from her gapping mouth and the clicking of the chains as she flexed her body.

* * *

Johnny had dug to the bottom and all the way to the front of the dumpster and found nothing of the bucket, he had climbed out and was putting the trash he had taken out back in when he noticed he had two hours left before people started arriving and he had to get a few things done before they got here. By 8:30 he was heading home and was falling asleep at the wheel, he stopped for some coffee and walked around a bit as he drank it thinking about what to do and soon drove to another store to buy a hack saw and a set of bolt cutters. He didn’t want to get them at his store in case the chain and locks got noticed missing afraid it would bring up questions.

Lisa had slept after her failed attempt at an orgasm and was breathing deep and dreaming wonderfully erotic dreams while Johnny was trying to stay awake while he was driving. He made it to the house and walked in while she was sleeping and went and laid down and quickly feel asleep in their bed.

She awoke and struggled against her bonds until she remembered where she was and wondered what had happened to Johnny or what time it was or even what day it was. Six hours later Johnny came into the living room and could hear her whining again and asked her what was wrong, after going through several choices he found out her feet were hurting, "Do you want to lie down?" he asked, one grunt was the answer, Front… back… side? One grunt for side so he rolled her into the bedroom pretending that he was dropping her several times making her squeal and giggle each time. Standing up in the bedroom he "fed" her again then unstrapped her from the dolly and carefully laid her down on the bed.

He told her about not finding the keys and buying the saw and while she rested her feet he would start on the locks. She grunted her approval and he set to work, first he put the bolt cutters on the lock and couldn’t even make a dent in the hasp, moving to the chain and he grunted squeezing the handles and nothing happened. He picked up the saw and began trying to cut the lock and after 15 minutes of sawing he could just see a scratch in the hasp.

Dammit he muttered to himself as he began sawing a link in the chain, another 20 minutes the saw blade broke and there was barely scratch on the chain, now he was getting worried and knew there had to be another way besides a torch to get these things off. He raised her vibrator until she was purring again and went and searched the internet for answers.

During his search he found that cutting the chain was not an option unless he used a torch or some hydraulic cutters, so he concentrated on the locks, finding multiple ways to get past them, only problem was each way was time consuming and for getting past one lock. Returning to the bed room he lay down next to his entombed wife and fell asleep until it was time to go to work again. Standing her back up and strapping her to the hand truck he fed her again and replaced the batteries in the vibrator, he knew it was safer for her to be standing than lying down if she had any gag issues. He told her he would search the store to see if the bucket ended up somewhere else and left her purring from the vibrator.

He spent the entire night searching the store for the bucket and found nothing looking in the tool section he found several grinding blades that were made for cutting and even found an hydraulic unit that a cutting attachment could be purchased for but the unit itself was very expensive and looking up the cutter it cost more than the unit. Johnny knew he had to do something she was going into her fourth day in captivity and he was no closer to getting her out.

She stood in her cocoon listening to the nearby clock tick and wished he had turned the vibrator up just a little more, she was tired and all her cramps and aches had turned into real pains as she tried to flex her muscles to ease them. It was nearing the end of another shift for Johnny as he completed his rounds and worked on his reports so he grabbed some more saw blades and waited for the others to arrive. As she tried to ease her pains she felt her body slip a little to one side and as she tried to right herself she fell further as the strap holding her upper body slipped down she fell sideways. Squealing as her head hit the floor it was soon followed by the hand truck hitting her bound body, the dolly landed across her chain covered body twisting her legs up and partially forcing them to bend, this pulled on one side of the chain making it draw up tighter on her chest and neck while forcing other parts to loosen their grip, with her legs bent and slightly twisted she became uncomfortable very quickly and tried to force her legs to push the dolly off of her body.

As Lisa was fighting the dolly and the tightening chains for air Johnny was talking with the assistant manager and as they walked the store Johnny saw the employee lost and found box, I haven’t looked in there, he thought as he walked by, when the assistant manager went to do his morning count Johnny went to the large box an dug through it.

As he was stopping he heard jingle of keys falling and dug deeper, he had been looking for the bucket, what if someone found the keys, he thought to himself. Lisa was getting more uncomfortable by the minute her efforts had done nothing but made her situation worse and know her legs had been bent almost ninety degrees and her pointed toes were turned even further towards the ceiling making the chains pull tighter around her whole body and slowly squeezing the air from her lungs.

When Johnny got to the bottom of the box he saw multiple set of keys lying there and almost cried, scooping them up and shoving them in his pockets until he could find no more and went back to finish his reports and clock out. Johnny drove very fast to the house and walked in elated he had found her keys, when he got to the bedroom her saw her lying on the floor with her legs twisted and ran over to her, he could hear her gasps for air and could tell that the chains were pulling tighter from seeing the position of most of the locks had changed as the chain slipped tighter and tighter. He untangled her legs from the dolly and soon had her lying flat on her bound arms talking to her, she was feeling better but only because he was there, Lisa’s chest was still severely compressed as was her abdomen and she was feeling light headed.

Johnny sat talking to her and quietly began trying the keys in the locks that were close enough for him to reach, finding the keys to a few of them and popping them open. As she regained her composure she was purring in his arms as he told her he had found the keys and she would soon be released, she started whining and grunting trying to pull away from him. Johnny didn’t understand and Lisa started saying "an u" you want to stand up? Johnny asked, "eth" Lisa replied. Johnny lifted he bound form and set her back on the dolly and strapped her much tighter this time.

"ap cath" not understanding he went through several questions until he understood and said " you want to wrapped in a cast?"

"eth" she answered.

"Over the chain?"

"eth" Lisa answered.

"I don’t know you have been in there for four days now, I really need to get some sleep, are you sure?" he asked as his cock grew larger from the thought of her extending her incarceration and even making it more secure.

"Well you do still have some punishment due" Johnny said "So if you really want to I’ll do it, but you will be in there at least another two days maybe three and I will tease you the entire time and you will be alone the majority of the time" she was giggling and saying "k, k" while he told her the rules, he continued

"So I will give you the time it takes to get things set up then ask you again" with that he turned her vibrator off and went into the garage to get their supply of fiberglass casting ready. Lisa was moaning in frustration as her walked off trying to beg him to turn her toy back on. While he was setting up for the casting session he also figured out a way to be able to use the e-stim unit and prepared that as well. Entering the living room where Lisa stood strapped to the hand truck he asked her if she wanted to be casted or set free, "asth" was her answer, he explained that when or if she wanted out it would take hours and he made sure she understood the cutting the cast off the chains would be more time consuming than normal because of the metal underneath would damage the blade and slow him down.

"Do you want to be casted over the chains?" Johnny said loud and clear" giggling again Lisa said "eth!" "here we go" he said as he tilted the dolly back and spun her around quickly making her squeal and start laughing. In the garage he slid the dolly out from under her feet and readjusted the chains back to where he had them before the fall, Lisa was starting to sweat as the heat from the garage rose her body’s temperature.

Lisa felt him messing around with the chains but didn’t know he was finding locations for her stim pads to go through, he moved the chains around and finally was able to force two pads on her firm ass, two more right above her damp pussy and two directly on her nipples. The pads had to be shoved through a metal tube and as they came out the other end the tube was pulled back and the pad opened up and he pressed it to her skin, the pads had to be cut down so they would fit in the tube so they would deliver much more concentrated shocks.

Taking him almost an hour to locate and secure the pads where he wanted them he finally began to wrap her in the fiberglass casting material. Removing the locks from her heels he started wrapping up to her knees then worked his way back down. Deciding not to remove any other locks he continued to wrap up her chained body and soon she was grunting from the heat of the wrap and garage.

Johnny stopped and turned a fan towards her and let it cool her down a little then started wrapping again, he was careful to make sure he overlapped each layer and then once he reached her chest he went back down her entire body with another layer. Johnny could see the sweat dripping off her chin and went to the kitchen and got her some cold water and let her drink it slowly until she had cooled off some. "Almost done" he said "oay" Lisa replied.

As Johnny covered the remaining chains on her chest and moved up her neck, he carefully pulled the fiberglass tight around and over her mouth and left a small gap in the back of her gapping mouth open for her to breathe and eat through. Working the material up wards he covered her nose and eyes cutting off what little light had been seeping through and soon was working back down her head again

Lisa was struggling with the heat as he applied the second layer to her head, and she noticed her breathing had become more difficult also, grunting she started to think maybe this was a mistake and she had gone too far. Done with her head he ran his hands all over her encased body, he could feel nothing of her now, no pulse no breathing she was a thing, a statue of rope, chain and fiberglass. He could do what he wanted with it, he owned it, and he knew there was absolutely nothing she could do about it now.

Gasping for air now and getting more and more scared she began to struggle, she could feel that the tightly wrapped fiberglass was shrinking, she knew it would and now she could move nothing, the aches and pains were all she had to prove to herself she wasn’t a thing a mere statue to be done with as someone pleased, put on display or thrown away if they wanted, she let out a low groan as she tried to prove to someone outside she was a real person.

Jonny laid her frozen body on a bench and sealed the bottoms of his new statues feet closed with more fiberglass and then set it back up to set completely, he had heard the noise coming from inside it but ignored it completely. His exhaustion had taken him over and soon he walked from the statue and went to bed. Lisa was still sweating badly as she heard nothing now but her ragged breathing she started to whine trying to get some attention from him but none came and soon she was out of energy and slumped in her shell.

As she stood there she thought of her situation, five days ago after her breasts were bound very tight at their bases then tied even tighter together, she was wrapped tightly with thick rope from her ballet booted toes to the pony tail on top of her head, her arms were pulled together from her hands up to her crushed together elbows, the rope was then coated with glue that seeped through and was now holding the rope tightly together and stuck to her body, a thousand feet of high strength steel chain had been wrapped around her body being pulled tighter with each wrap, pulling her arms tighter together and making her feel like she was being crushed by the weight of the chain and it was all held on her body by eighty four padlocks.

Four days later by her request a thick layer of fiberglass casting was put over her entire body sealing her body the chains, locks, ropes and even the glue inside it’s casing. She could not move anything, even her fingers were wrapped and the glue had stuck them together in her mono glove of rope and chain. Her nipples were being pinched by the strands of rope above and below them and since he had done whatever it was he did they were bring pinched much harder. She was having trouble breathing since the final wrap partially, unknown to her, due to the small hole in the fiberglass wrapping he had left inside her mouth that had been wedged open wide by the rope and chains, the other reason was the added tension of the layers of fiberglass and it’s tendency to shrink some as cured.

About 8 hours later he awoke and slowly began to shower and dress himself for work not remembering what had happened until we went into the living room and found her not at home. He ran to the garage and found his statue still sitting where he had left it and ran to it and asked how she was doing. She had drifted off to sleep and was wakened suddenly by him asking again but louder this time. She whined as she tried to move and was desperately trying to tell him she wanted out but all he did was slide the dolly under her feet and tilted her back and rolled her into the house. He stopped by the fridge and unloaded her from the hand truck and turned her stiff body around.

"I going to feed you now" he said loudly as he unceremoniously forced her feeding tube into the small hole, he began pouring in her fluids faster than he normally did and she almost choked on them as she tried to swallow them and breathe though her nose at the same time. When he was finished feeding her he plugged her e-stim unit in and set it to full, he changed her batteries in the vibrator and told his new statue that he was going to work and flipped the switches on and left.

She started screaming as the impulses hit her nipples and pussy, the vibrator did nothing to take the edge off the pain as her ass started to get shocked and the shocks stopped at her pussy. Still screaming she fought the tight shell holding her body and found no weakness in it, as her nipples stopped being shocked and now switched to her pussy. A half an hour later she had suffered through a complete cycle of the shocks and was beginning to enjoy the vibrations and calmed down and wondered why he had left her this way. He had never treated her this rough before and just before she started getting shocked again she wondered if she was ever getting out of this thing.

While he was at work he got caught up on everything he had missed during the last 5 days and was able to relax for the last hour he was there before people started showing up. Lisa on the other hand had worked herself up into a full blown panic attack thinking he was never going to release her and she would be trapped inside this tomb for the rest of her life, her constant shocking was getting painful again and her vibrator had stopped working hours ago.

As he drove home he thought about his new statue and wondered how she was doing inside it, with a smile he called the house knowing she would be able to hear the answering machine and said, "I not coming home today, some of the guys at work had tickets to a ball game so we are going to drive up there and stay the day, I’ll see you tomorrow when I get off work" He laughed as he hung up the phone and was glad he had left the camera on her so he could see, more hear her reaction to the call when he got home.

Her reaction was to scream and fight her bonds she was mad that he was treating her this way and couldn’t understand why he had changed, she fought herself into a frustration and pain fired orgasm and soon was whining as she gasped for air through the small hole he had left in her wrappings. Parking in front of the house he quietly came in the front door and listened to her, hearing her sobbing his heart fell but he knew what she wanted and she was going to get it. As she cried thinking that he was really going to leave her encased forever she tried to flex her muscles and ease the pain in her shoulders and mouth. He had gone to take a nap and a few hours later he showed up at her side and said, "Feeding time again". Sounding really put out then began pouring the water mixture into the funnel again pouring it faster than normal. He turned down the shocks on her pussy and ass but turned up the ones on her breasts and left her alone to stew a little while longer.

He got dressed for work and grabbed the dolly and pushed her back on to it, strapping tightly to it. Lisa began whining as she felt her body being handled so roughly and couldn’t feel what he was doing to her this time, Johnny leaned her back but no squeals or giggles came from this time even though she knew he was moving her bound body somewhere. He rolled her down the small step letting the dolly bounce down it sending jolts through her cocoon, turning her sharply he pushed the dolly to the tail gate of the truck and grabbing the bottom he heaved her heavy and unmoving body into the bed.

Just before turning the vibrator on he said, "I found the perfect place to finish this".

She knew he had put her in the truck, she had been given rides before when she had been totally encased, it scared her in an exciting way but this time felt different. When the vibrator came on she tried not to enjoy it but being a true bondage lover she soon was wriggling and moaning in her bonds. He had tied her prone body loosely to the truck, leaving enough slack to let her move around in the bed while he drove to work. Several times she could feel herself slide forwards or backwards as he drove and when he took a turn sharply she felt herself roll over completely.

He had been watching her move and knew in her current state of bondage it would take a lot to hurt her inside the casted steel and rope cocoon. When she rolled over she squealed loudly and felt her body slam into the floor and side of the bed and knew he had stopped caring about how she was treated and Lisa really started to cry, part of crying was from thinking Johnny had stopped loving her and some was from fear of what he could do to her and she nor anyone else could stop him.

Johnny pulled into his parking spot and went inside, leaving her face down in the bed of the truck, her knew she would be getting hot soon from the sun beating down on her but he also knew the sun would be completely set in less than an hour. As she lay, feeling like she was hanging face down, she could feel the heat building and began to sweat, the vibrator had shifted inside her and was now lying on an inner wall of her moist pussy and was sending new feelings through her entire body.

Johnny had been checking on her through the video camera, that was why he always parked there so he could watch his car, and could see the drips of sweat under her body, knowing it was going to be difficult for her but really wanting her to enjoy this session he just left her alone. She was struggling again as her orgasm built up inside her, Lisa felt scared but was extremely turned on, between her unyielding bonds keeping her trapped, the intense heat she was feeling as it built up in her shell and the new feelings the vibrator was giving her she soon had one of the greatest orgasm’s she had ever experienced. Lisa was straining to remain conscious as the vibrator kept giving her wave after wave of extreme pleasure and she thought just before she passed out, at least I got to have an extremely good orgasm before I get dumped, she had been thinking Johnny was going to dump her bound body into the dumpster at work and leave her to be crushed and thrown away with the rest of the trash.

Lisa woke up feeling much cooler and having her entire body vibrated, it felt like someone was hammering on her cocoon and she began to whine and try to yell thinking she was being crushed in the dumpster. She was now lying on her back and could not remember how she had gotten this way. After several hours she could sense something being removed from her encasement and could see slivers of light. Soon she heard clicking sounds and she was stood back onto her pointed toes and began turning. As the weight on her body began to feel less and less she finally understood that she was being unwrapped and began to cry, he hadn’t abandoned her!

Once the chains that had held her for over a week had been removed Johnny, quickly cut the ropes holding her arms together and laid her onto her back again. Lisa felt her arms being released but could not make them move as she lay on her back, the buzzing in her arms told her that numbness was leaving them after having the circulation restored. She could hear him grunting as he cut the glue coated rope from her body and peeled them away from her skin.

Lisa could do nothing but lay there and enjoy the feeling of the pressure that had been on her body for so long being released as Johnny carefully cut the ropes and moved further and further down her body. Once Johnny had the ropes removed he gently cut a rope holding her sore breasts together and slowly unwrapped it, releasing them from the bonds holding them tightly together. Next he cut through one of the ropes at the base of her swollen breast and again slowly unwound the rope from it, she began moaning as the blood was entering her torture breast that she had not been able to even feel for days.

Johnny massaged her cool and red flesh for a few minutes until she had quit moaning and then moved to the other breast and repeated the process until both breasts where warm and their color had returned to normal. She still hadn’t been able to open her eyes because the glue had sealed them shut and her arms were still buzzing from the returning blood flow so she just laid there as Johnny carefully began peeling the dried glue from her sweat stained form, working his way up to her moisten clit, skipping over it and removing the rest from her upper body and her rope burned breasts.

She could feel him working on her face, slowly peeling the glue that thankfully wasn’t strong and stayed flexible, away from her skin. When he got to her eyes she reached a shaky hand up to his and stopped him, "I’ll do it" Lisa said in a calm but weak voice.

"How about doing my back first" she asked, Johnny smiled and helped her roll over and soon had her back free of all the glue that had coated her. He covered her up and rolled her back over and said, "That’s all I can remove for you, you’ll have to get the rest off yourself."

As Johnny wrapped the blanket around her body he hugged her tight and said, "I hoped you enjoyed your time alone because I didn’t".

She laughed and hugged him back knowing that he had done the things he did to help make her experience better and it had worked, she had gone through every emotion she had and had experienced several mind blowing orgasm’s as well as the most completely bound feeling she had ever had and she loved him for it.

After peeling the remaining glue from herself and drinking gallons of the nutrient water she still sat on the turn table of the machine regaining her strength and nibbling on the trail mix bars he had brought for her. Johnny had gone to do his rounds leaving her alone to recoup and get dressed when she was ready, returning he saw that she was gone and thought she had gone to the bathroom so he went to start his paper work. He heard the wrapping machine come on and walked out to it and when he got there he saw his wonderful wife sitting on a square bucket she had set on the turntable, and was wrapping herself in the thick pallet wrap of the machine.

As he watched the wrap move up her body he could see she had pulled her legs tightly against her chest allowing the wrap to cover her arms trapping them on top of her legs and crushing both into her body, putting herself into a tight ball tie. Lisa had not seen him come over and as the thick plastic inched its way up her neck she began to look nervous and tried to free herself. She found she was wrapped securely to the bucket and stretched her neck as the wrap slowly made its way up to and covered her mouth.

He watched, amazed at the energy she had left, her struggle against the plastic as it crept over her nose, watching as she took and held her last breath, the plastic rise over her eyes and soon had her head completely covered. He reached out and flipped a switch and the machine started to go slowly back down her body. When the machine had gotten below her head he watched her struggle and begin to whine as her air supply ran out, taking his knife he cut a small slit in the plastic over her mouth and listened to her gasp for air.

He let the machine make four more passes up and down her naked body, waiting longer each time, enjoying watching her fight the tight plastic before reopening her air hole. Once finished he turned off the machine and said, "That was a surprise and not very smart", she moaned and tried to say something fighting the wrap that was over her mouth.

Johnny went to her and cut enough of the plastic away so she could speak. Lisa giggled as she began to speak, "Well this bucket looked to be the right height to allow me to start to repay you for giving me a wonderful vacation, and besides I always wanted to try this machine out!" licking her lips seductively when she was finished speaking.

Johnny set her and her bucket on the floor and found she was right, the height the bucket placed her mouth directly in front of his bulging cock, he unzipped his pants and soon was stroking her plastic encased head as she sucked and licked his cock. After milking him dry breathlessly he said, "I have to finish my reports and get you hidden in the truck before anyone gets here".

Giggling again Lisa said, still being held tightly in place, "Well I think you deserve my gratitude at least one more time before we go", she tried to wink but the tight plastic held her eyes closed so she smiled and licked her lips again.

"Maybe you’re right but there’s not enough time for that we will have to continue this at home".

"Goody“ Lisa squealed, "I get to ride home as a ball this time".

Johnny hung his head and laughed saying, "as you wish" her cut the bucket from under her ass and as he laid her on the turntable again, this time on her side, he could see she had left the glue sealing her pussy and the wire for the controller still ran out of it, he fished around under the plastic for the control box and laid it on her side.

Taking a short piece of hose he had her hold it in her mouth and turned the machine back on, as the turn table spun he pushed her head tightly against her knees and let the plastic cover her bare ass and forced her face tight against her knees completely encasing her body in layer after layer of the thick plastic. He lifted the small ball of plastic containing her body and carried her out to the truck. He sat her in the middle of the bed and tied four ropes to her to keep her from rolling around in the bed and went back inside.

Checking on her occasionally with the security camera shaking his head each time he saw her bound form he could see the condensation increasing inside the plastic, every once in a while he could see the ball rock or flex in the ropes and knew that during the next hour and a half she was going to have to wait was going to get seriously hot as the sun came up. He was also thinking about the position she was in had made her glued shut pussy very available and what he was going to do with it when they got home.

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