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The Wrapture

by Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; chast; naked; bond; toys; insert; wrap; gag; cocoon; tease; torment; electro; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

Aaron slowed for the turn, glanced at his house, then at the park across the street. Maybe a few minutes by the lake would help him unwind. Lord knows the extra set of weights didn't. But that extra set cost him twenty minutes and he had no time to spare. Christina would be home soon. He sighed, made the turn, and a second into his driveway. With any luck Christina would have plans, plans that would take his mind off of his job.

He set his briefcase on the kitchen table, pulled a glass from the shelf, grabbed the bottle out of the cupboard and poured a generous shot of whisky, tossed it back, winced as it burned its way down. He splashed some more into the glass, dropped a couple of ice cubes into it, took a sip. Better.

He took his briefcase and the drink into the front room, the room they used as an office. He booted the computer, sipped while it woke up, checked his e-mail, there was a note from Christina telling him to check the mail. He did. Nothing but the usual junk and the registration stickers for his car. He turned to go back into the house and that's when he noticed the boxes. There were two, a smaller on top of a larger. He squatted, gripped the lower box, regripped it when he realized it was quite heavy. He hefted them into the living room and set them on the floor by the corner table. He checked the labels. Both were addressed to Christina. One, the smaller, from Addison Electronics and the larger from Taylor's Tapes. Neither rang a bell.

Aaron checked the clock. He had time for a shower, but just barely. He stripped and went into the bathroom, closed the door. He looked at himself in the mirror. He still looked good, still the same weight as the day they were married, maybe a bit more, but that was muscle. He wasn't old, but since he turned thirty he noticed he had to work a bit to stay in shape.

He hadn't showered at the gym for obvious reasons. The obvious reason being the plastic chastity cage, the one held his cock, the one that was locked around his balls. The one he'd worn since his wedding night. Technically Aaron was still a virgin. Christina would remove the cage every week or so if he had been a good boy. She'd let him jerk off, she'd jerk him off if he had been especially good. She never sucked his cock, though he'd spent what seemed like half his life licking her. And they'd never had intercourse. Intercourse was for making babies and Christina was not the mothering kind. The dominating kind, yes, but not the mothering kind.

Their wedding went as these things do. After the reception they'd changed into their traveling clothes. They had taken her car, his having been the victim of wedding pranksters, and made the two hour drive to the mountain inn. As he was about to leave the lot she'd told him to stop. She raised her butt off the seat, reached under skirt, removed her panties, wadded them up and held them up to his face. "Open," she'd said. He did and Christina pushed her underwear into his mouth. This struck Aaron as distinctly odd, but while Christina was usually a warm loving girl, when she spoke he obeyed. Something in the tone of her voice. Unmistakable.

At the inn he said nothing as the innkeeper prattled, Christina made the appropriate noises. Soon they were in their room. "Strip," she'd said. "Use the toilet if you need to."

This wasn't what he'd expected. While still a virgin, he wasn't ignorant. He'd planned something a bit more romantic, a bit less direct.

When he came out of the bathroom Christina was wearing a sheer, black dressing gown. But while he found that distracting, the things on the bed were down right confusing... and a bit worrying.

Christina pulled his hands behind his back and snicked on the handcuffs.

She picked up, what he now knew, was a penis gag, a short, stubby shaft for his mouth and a larger, larger one for Christina. Aaron opened his mouth without being told, Christina pushed the shorter, rubber cock in, drew the straps behind his head, and fastened them. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and flushed with embarrassment.

Christina pushed him down onto the bed, positioned him near the foot, his butt barely on the mattress.

She took a length of rope and tied his left ankle up high to the bed post. She did the same with his right ankle. His cock throbbed, obscene like some eager animal with a mind of its own. Aaron's face reddened deeper, burning red.

Christina stepped over to the small table, sat before the mirror. She undid her bun and her black hair spilled down her back. She ran a brush through it a few times, but it still had a disheveled look, something a bit wild, untamed. She touched up her makeup, spritzed on some perfume. She went around the room turning off lights, all but the one on the night stand. She draped a red scarf over that one.

When she came to him she was little more than a shadow, a sweet-smelling ghost of a thing.

Christina undid the gown, slid on top of him. The soft fabric caressed him, her hair tickled his chest and face, she stroked him, her touch light as butterfly wings.

"Not quite what expected, Darling, hm?" she breathed into his ear.

She eased off him, stood, shrugged out of the gown. Aaron's eyes had adjusted a bit to the darkness. He could see, but couldn't believe, that Christina was fastening the other thing between her legs, about her waist. He had seen a strap-on before, on the internet, in porn. And he had always assumed it was just a prop. This one had two shafts and he watched in amazement as Christina placed a foot on the bed and pushed one of the shafts into her pussy. It was big. Not huge, but bigger than his own cock and she had to pause to squirt a bit of lubricant on it before she could slide it home. Aaron was agog, not only at the size of the thing, but the fact that it disappeared almost effortlessly. Christina finished buckling the straps. Wearing the strap-on she looked both beautiful and obscene and Aaron's cock wilted a bit at the realization of what was about to happen.

She squirted more lube on her hand and massaged Aarons asshole, slid a finger in. Aaron tensed. He had never felt anything like this before... and he knew it was going to get worse.

As if reading his mind Christina said, "Usually it's the girl who ends up sore on her wedding night, hm? Well, I'll be gentle, Darling,..." She picked up a vibrator, turned it on. "this time. But by the end of the week I hope you won't be needing any extra help from me, hm?"

Christina position the vibrator and pushed.

"Relax, Darling. Don't be so tense. The best thing is to push a bit, just a bit. It'll help open you up."

Aaron tried to push, but it just felt so wrong and he clamped down again.

"Come, Darling. Be a good boy and Christina will do nice things for you."

In the end he didn't have to be a good boy. The vibrations relaxed his sphincter until, little by little, the plastic shaft was in his ass - all the way up to the knob.

"Good. Good. Now I'm going to fuck your ass. Would you like that."

It was one of those questions that had only one answer. Aaron nodded.

"I can't hear you, Darling."

"Yes, Mistress."

Why he said that he had no clue. Christina chuckled.

"Gags are so overrated."

She worked the vibrator in and out of his ass. It was distinctly uncomfortable, but not necessarily painful. Just odd.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Christina, Darling, not mistress and never Tina."

"Yes, Christina."


Bad! The shaft was half again as big as the vibrator and it hurt!

"Can you appreciate how nice I've been? Imagine if I'd just plowed into you, hm?"

He couldn't imagine anything at the moment. There was this thing, this huge thing in his ass, filling him, rubbing against his prostate in a way, part of his brain registered, that was strangely pleasurable. It was wrong! And Aaron grunted and writhed with each thrust.

"Shush, Darling, you'll wake the neighbors."

Christina stroked his cock, tugged on it, raked it with her nails, and tugged on it some more. This, he would soon learn, would be his reward for being a good boy: an ass fuck and a tug job. But now it was all confused and jumbled, pain and pleasure, Christina dominating him, he submitting. It was humiliating and thrilling and... Aaron came. Christina grabbed a towel at the first squirt and wrapped it around his cock, jerked him dry.

"Good. Good. Now, one more time since this is your special night."

And so saying she used some his jizz to make his cock slick and she kept stroking him until he was throbbing hard again, until he came again in a back arching release that left him, to use that old word, spent.

Aaron lay trembling as Christina wiped him dry.

"Now, Darling, it's appropriate for the bride and groom to exchange gifts and I do thank you for the beautiful necklace. This," she said hold up something Aaron didn't recognize, "is my gift for you. You can take off your wedding ring if you want, but you will always, and I mean always wear this unless I decide to remove it."

Christina flicked on a light and Aaron could see the thing more clearly. It reminded him of a turtle, but it was a cage of sorts. Christina used a small screwdriver to unfasten the parts. She cupped his balls and cock in one half, placed the other on top and squeezed. It was snug, more than snug around the base of his cock. Christina replaced the screws, six of them.

"There. All nice and safe."

She didn't say another word as she dropped the screwdriver into her purse. Didn't say a word as she undid the strap-on and pulled it off. Didn't say a word as she straddled his face, slid the large, rubber cock into her pussy, and fucked him, fucked him hard and long. Didn't say a word, but there were grunts, several, to mark her orgasms.

The clock chimed. Aaron blinked. Realized he'd been lost in thought and that Christina would be home in just a few minutes.

He stepped into the shower. It felt good to be clean, especially down there. Peeing wasn't a problem with the cage, but he couldn't shake off those last few drops and it always made him uncomfortable. He toweled off and worked the hair drier. He had just turned the drier off when he heard the sound of tires on gravel. He ran his fingers through his hair, splashed on some cologne, and ran into the kitchen. He tossed back the last of his drink and set the glass in the sink.

Aaron knelt by the door just as Christina turned the knob.

"Hello, Darling."


Aaron leaned forward, slid his hands up Christina's legs, under her skirt, pulled her panties down and over her feet, crumpled them up and stuffed them into his mouth.

Christina walked past him into the living room.

"Ah! I see the packages have arrived."

He heard the bedroom door shut. Aaron retrieved the glass from the sink, gave it a quick rinse and a dry, splashed in a triple shot of whisky, took the panties from his mouth and swigged a quick pull from the bottle himself, dropped some ice into the glass, and went into the living room. He knelt by the couch.

Christina came into the room wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt. No underwear was in evidence judging by the jiggling low and high. She settled on the couch. Aaron handed her the drink.

"Thank you, Darling."

Aaron took one of Christina's feet in his hands, massaged it. It creeped him out. He didn't know why. Of all the things she subjected him to, for some reason, foot rubs gave him the willies. But rub he did, first her left foot, then her right as Christina sipped her drink, eyes closed, head back.

"Bring me the small box please, Darling."

Aaron fetched the box. Christina slit the tape, put on her reading glasses, and read the instructions. Aaron could see it was some kind of sex toy - electrical. Christina had a collection of toys, all of them hers, except for the strap-on which they shared. This one had an egg-shaped, clear plastic bulb with shiny metal strips and red and black wires attached. At the base of the egg was a plastic flange about two inches in diameter. Christina held it up, ran her fingers over it, set it aside. She picked up the control unit and the instructions. She frowned as she read. She always did. Finally she nodded, dropped everything into its box.

"What's for dinner, Darling?"

Now it was Aaron's turn to frown. He pointed at his mouth.

"Oh. Sorry, Darling. You may remove them."

"Stir fry with scallops."

"Sounds delicious."

"Another drink?"

"No, thank you, Darling. I skipped lunch and I'm feeling this one. You may have one, though."

Aaron padded into the bedroom, came out wearing his short, black, silk robe. He poured another drink, a short one. He didn't need it, but his frustration at the day's work had turned into a bit of the jitters. What was up with the new toy and what about the big box? He wasn't worried so much about the big box, but the electrical toy? Somewhere in the back of his mind a connection was made and he was convinced it was for him. It was an anal toy and Christina never let him anywhere near her anus. Or maybe it WAS for her, for her pussy. No. No, he thought, it's for him.

While he cooked Christina showered. She came out wearing a sheer, black dressing gown. Not the one she wore on their honeymoon, but it's cousin. They ate off of TV tables while they watched the quiz shows. Aaron cleared the dishes, wiped and stacked the tables. He poured two brandies and Christina cuddled up against him while they watched a movie: Baraka. Kind of a beautifully shot, but poorly edited National Geographic flick.

This was turning into a typical Wednesday night and Aaron was beginning to wonder about the new toy and the big box, tomorrow being a work day and all.

Again in mind-reading mode Christina set her glass aside and said, "Bring the big box, Darling, please."

Aaron hefted the box and followed her into the bedroom. She set the small box on the bureau, picked up a pair of scissors, and slit the tape on the larger. It was full of tape. Aaron was confused. He was pretty sure the new toy was for him, which left him feeling more than a bit nervous. But tape?

"The house, Darling."

Aaron went around the house, turning off lights, bolting doors. Back in the bedroom, Christina was sitting on the bed, instructions in hand, control box by her side. A black cord snaked across the bed. The display showed red numerals. She patted the bed. Aaron shucked his robe and climbed on.

Christina spent another minute reading the instructions, then set them aside. She reached for a roll of tape, peeled off about a foot. She pressed the end to Aaron's cheek and stretched it across his mouth, pulled it around his head and back over the first. The tape was stretchy and sticky. Not duct-tape sticky, more clingy.

She wrapped his head. The stretchiness of the tape allowed her to change direction and she wrapped not only around his head, but over and under his chin as well. She covered his eyes and ran a couple of layers over his nose. The tape was not only stretchy and clingy, but it was fairly porous and he had no trouble breathing.

Christina folded his left arm and wrapped his wrist to his upper arm, worked her way up and over his hand, then back down under his arm and down to his elbow. She did the same with his other arm.

"Raise your arms, Darling."

He did and she wrapped his upper chest down to his hips. She pushed his arms down and she wrapped his chest again, securing his arms to his sides. She worked the tape down to his hips again and back up, covering his shoulders and neck and added another layer to his head.

"Stand, Darling."

Aaron squirmed off the bed and stood. Christina wrapped him from his chest, down over his hips, and down over each leg. She eased him back onto the bed, bend his legs and taped his ankles to his thighs, taped his feet, taped each leg again, twice.

Nothing happened for a minute, but then he felt Christina fiddling with the chastity cage. Soon his cock was free. A feeling he'd come to find odd being that it had been encased pretty much 24/7 for the last ten years.

Christina stroked his cock until it was throbbing, erect.

"Can you hear me, Darling?"

Aaron nodded.

"Yes, Christina."

It was muffled but all the syllables where there.

"I know our anniversary isn't until next week and I meant this as a surprise. Well, I guess it is a bit of a surprise, isn't?"

Aaron nodded, although he wasn't sure why.

"Well, you know me, I can't stand surprises, always have to be in control. So this was going to be your anniversary gift. And since it's been ten years I wanted it to be special. I hope you like it."

He liked it! He liked it, but was shocked. Christina was sucking his cock. She had never - never done that. Aaron lay there helpless while she sucked him. And it wasn't just a slick handjob, she really did suck him, sucked him all the way into her mouth, down her throat, until her nose was buried in his cock hair. She licked his balls with her tongue. He wished he could see her, see her with his cock down her throat.

Aaron came, a gut-wrenching orgasm. Christina held on and swallowed, suck and swallowed some more. Held on until the exquisite pleasure turned to exquisite torment as she worked the knob, slurping and sucking and tugging.

Finally she released him.

"There, Darling, that will take the edge off."

Aaron lay panting, or as close to panting as you can get breathing through your nose. Beneath the layers of tape he saw stars. Christina was playing with his cock again, sucking it. Gently now, but with a determination he could sense.

He registered the cool touch of lubricant on her fingers. Then they withdrew. Then that thing was there, the electrical toy. Christina pushed it into his ass. It was bigger than the dildo she usually fucked him with and he tried to will his muscle to relax. He only half succeeded, but soon, with a kind of gulp, it slipped inside. He gave a tentative push. Nothing. It was trapped inside of him and it filled him like nothing she'd used on him, ever. And it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

The first jolt came as a shock - literally. It wasn't painful. It was just surprising... then it got painful.

Christina was obviously working the dial, experimenting. She brought it all the way down to barely a tingle and all the way up, if not all the way up, up until he Aaron writhed and grunted. There was another setting. One was a steady pulse, a tick, tick, tick. Another was more random, kind of like a Geiger counter passing over a bit of radioactive material: tick.... tick.... tick... tick.. tick. tickticktick followed by a burst of sparks.

She apparently found a pattern and intensity that pleased her and she was playing with his cock again, alternately stroking, tugging, and sucking him. The effect was beyond description, beyond belief, or even comprehension. The pleasure of her mouth on him, the discomfort, almost pain, from the plug in his ass. His cock felt hard to bursting. But part of his brain knew it wouldn't burst, knew if there was an orgasm in his future it was nowhere on the horizon. Mummified, cock sucking, butt zapping ... there were no words to describe it.

Part of his brain made a note to call out sick tomorrow. Part of his brain didn't give a flying fuck. Aaron's mind was no longer on his job.




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