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Yolanda's Housewarming

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2005 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bbw; naked; wrap; tape; cocoon; panty; oral; climax; denial; cons; X

Yolanda moved to a larger apartment after she got a promotion, and I volunteered to help her move- especially when she offered to let me move her underwear! First, because it was after all her underwear, and secondly because that figured to be a light box- I knew from happy experience that she wasn’t into heavy underwear, and not much of the flimsy things she did wear!

After carrying a bunch of stuff in many loads the first day, we bought shipping supplies and spent a morning wrapping and preparing the big stuff, after which we rented a U-Haul truck and finally moved everything on the rest of the day. After we returned the truck and reassembled the last of the furniture- the bed- we collapsed onto it and fell asleep together- most unusual for us!

A few days later, Yolanda invited me for a ‘house-warming’ party, the traditional reward for volunteer movers. She threw a modest one-guest party, the highlight of which was the two of us necking on the living room sofa. In contrast to the jeans and cut-off T-shirt she wore for the moving effort, she was dressed- how shall I put this delicately- HOT! 

If you’ve read my writings about Yolanda before, you know she’s on the ‘voluptuous’ side. There’s a lot of girl there, and it’s all well distributed. Tonight she was wearing a little bitty yellow minidress, considerably too small for her, which made her look like a common street slut- just the effect she was after. 

The dress came down just barely far enough to cover the eight garters which held up her fishnet stockings. Her prominent butt really filled up the skirt and made it seem even shorter. If she bent even the tiniest bit (which she did often, much to my delight) I got an ‘accidental’ glimpse of her blue bikini panties and the deliciously bare slice of flesh between her stockings and the panties. (Her legs were a bit on the ‘thick’ side, which made the stockings end lower than usual, which in turn made the strip of flesh wider.)

Up top, the little dress stretched tight over her ample breasts, and it was so thin that her nipples made prominent bumps in the fabric. Whatever she was wearing underneath the dress heaped up her boobs, emphasizing cleavage that really needed no emphasizing. Ohhh… she’s been naked in my arms more than once, but tonight her body fairly shouted ‘lust’ at me!

About half an hour after our two-person party began, I had Yolanda cuddled on my lap with my arms around her waist; through her enthusiastic wrigglings, her skirt had worked its way up around her hips, leaving her parted thighs easily accessible to the gentle caresses of my hand.

Also, the top of her dress had come undone (would you believe it had Velcro fasteners?) and slipped open as my hand slid in to caress the smooth skin of her stomach. Much to my surprise, I found that under the dress was a black vinyl bustier with cutouts which (depending on how you looked at it) either released or exposed her thick, erect nipples.

Yolanda quickly got off my aching lap- well, okay, it wasn’t my lap that was aching- and stood in front of me, her hands on her hips. “Robert! I should have known!” I was pretty sure her anger was feigned; since she was conveniently ignoring the way her dress was half off, exposing her abundant cleavage. “You just can’t keep your hands off my flesh, can you? You will have to be punished!” At that, I was sure she was starting a game, so I played right along.

“Stand here.” I stood up and stood where she pointed, right in the middle of the living room carpet. “Strip.” Oh, goodie! I was always eager to comply with orders like that and quickly stripped, laying my clothes neatly on the sofa. Yolanda watched closely as I became naked for her. She was familiar with my naked body, of course- we’d been intimate for some time- but she was as appreciative of the male form as I am of the female.

Yolanda stepped to the entryway closet and reached in, bending over and giving me a superb view of her pretty underwear in the process. (She was well aware that, although underwear may be ‘under’, the ‘good stuff’ is made to be displayed.) Straightening up with a smile, she held out a roll of green plastic shrink wrap- something we’d bought from U-Haul and the utility of which I had immediately recognized.

Yolanda explained. “I saw some of this on that porno site you visit a lot- Gromet’s Plaza. They’re big into making mummies. I’m not sure I see the point, since a mummy has almost no exposed skin and is completely inaccessible, but a mummy is certainly completely helpless. So you will become a mummy for me. After you are completely wrapped up, I will proceed with your punishment.”

She pulled a foot or so of the thin film off the roll. “Hold this against your side with your arm.” I complied, of course, since I figured this would lead to just what I wanted. Yolanda began walking around me, winding the shrink-wrap over my shoulder, around my neck, and then back down over my shoulders, upper arms, and chest. She stopped for a moment to play with my nipples but then they too disappeared as she proceeded to wrap my stomach.

Ignoring my forearms for the moment, Yolanda continued covering my belly with the shrink-wrap. She gently pressed my cock down so she could pin it down between my thighs and then laid down more of the green film, pressing my eager cock flat against my crotch, bending it over my balls. She continued wrapping the shrink-wrap again and again through my crotch, squeezing my balls firmly up and separated by my cock.

“Yeah, Bob, this is what they call a chastity belt wrap. An erection is going to have to wait!”

I groaned. “Aw, Yolanda, please- can’t I at least have a hard-on? I don’t mind being mummified, but a hard-on sure would be nice.”

“You’ll have a hard-on when I want you to have one and not before. Now shut up.”

I shut up, with more than a suspicion that she would want my hard-on soon enough. Yolanda’s enthusiastic about cocks and sometimes says she can’t get through lunch without wanting an erection sliding into her pussy- yes, she admits she’s a slut, and a very good one at that.

“On your knees, Bob.” I knelt. “Now on your back.” It was a bit difficult without my arms, but I fell to my side and then rolled to my back. Yolanda lifted my left leg and started wrapping. The shrink-wrap wound down my leg, around and down, until she had completely encased my foot. She ripped the shrink-wrap and started wrapping my right foot, continuing up until she reached my (now sadly untouchable) crotch.

Stepping back for a roll of Duct Tape, she strapped my legs together at my ankles and above and below my knees. “I figured this out for myself- the shrink-wrap isn’t too strong, but the Duct Tape will provide the strength I need to make you totally helpless.” Then she returned to the shrink-wrap and wrapped both legs together, covering the Duct Tape, wrapping all the way down to my feet again. Now I had only one leg, thick and green and rigid!

Yolanda stood up and grabbed me by the shoulders, lifting me to a standing position. I stood carefully, quite aware that I had no way to protect myself should I fall over! She picked up the roll of shrink-wrap and started wrapping my right hand, curling my fingers back into a fist, up my forearm to my elbow, and then pressed my arm double, with my hand pressed up against my shoulder. Several more layers of shrink-wrap then bound my arm doubled. She looped Duct Tape around my bound arm and then covered the bound limb with more shrink-wrap. I tested my strength against the Duct Tape, and the tape won, hands down. No way could I straighten my arms!

Yolanda repeated the process on my left arm, binding it doubled, and then used the roll of shrink-wrap to wrap my bound arms to my chest. My entire body was now covered with the green film all the way from my neck to my feet!

“Ohhh… Yolanda, it’s amazing how badly I want you.”

“Shut up, Bob!” I shut up.

Stepping back, Yolanda smiled at me as she reached up under her skirt and hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties. Holding my eyes, she pulled the scrap of blue fabric down off her hips, down her legs, and off. As she lifted one leg and then the other to remove them, my eyes bugged out at the sight of her open pussy exposed between her thighs. I’ve been there more than once, but hey, guys can’t help staring, right?

“You are about to be completely mummified, Bob.”

“Yes, I know, Yolanda.” I nodded my head submissively.

“I’m going to give you something to think about while you’re wrapped up. I’ve heard it said that when you’re deprived of other sensations, one sense can make up the difference. Well, when I’m done, all you’re going to have left is your sense of smell.”

She stepped to me, raised her arms, and pulled her panties down over my head. She turned and twisted the little garment (like I mentioned before, almost everything she wears underneath is little) until the crotch settled directly over my nose. I took a deep whiff of her familiar scent and looked through the leg openings to see her smiling happily. 

Yolanda broke off the shrink-wrap and started wrapping again at my neck. This time she worked her way upward, over and under my head, and then proceeded to wrap my head, leaving only my mouth and nose uncovered. After five or six layers, my vision was mostly obscured- I could see her shape moving around, but that was about it.

As she covered my eyes, I felt a brief moment of panic, empathizing with The Mummy and his terror as he realized that the Egyptian slaves were preparing to bury him alive! But, with a great deal of confidence in Yolanda, I understood that she wasn’t going to go that far, and with a bit of luck the only burying that would be done would be of my cock in her hot body. But when?

In a moment of panic, I said “Yolanda, please…” I’m not quite sure what I was going to plead for, my freedom or for some sort of relief- both were just about equally important at that moment.

“Shut up, Bob!”

I felt her pushing something into my mouth. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it was definitely cloth and it wasn’t her panties.

“You’re right, Bob, it’s your own shorts”, she said as she packed them deep into my face. Oh, crap- this wasn’t as much fun as her panties! Once my mouth was packed full, I heard her tear a strip of Duct Tape and then felt her press it down over my mouth, anchoring my shorts deep in my face.

Yolanda walked around me, checking the efficacy of the shrink-wrap, caressing my well-encased flesh. She spent a lot of time checking out my ass cheeks, which were now covered by a stretchy covering of plastic film! My cock, bound back and down, strained at the film, uselessly. She had been very thorough- my cock was fat and stiff but not hard. Damn, I wish she had let me have a hard-on!

She grabbed me by my shoulders and laid me on my back again. “Just imagine yourself being a real mummy- imagine the slaves are piling sand on you and walking away, leaving you to die alone in the desert! Well, Bob, you’re not going to die, but I am going to leave you alone for a while. Use your imagination.” And after a few well-placed caresses, I heard the front door close as Yolanda walked off and left me alone.

I laid there, alone and mute and helpless, for what seemed like a week or so; it’s amazing how time creeps when you have no way of measuring the agonizingly slow passage of time. I struggled for a while, proving to myself that I was helpless. All I could have done, at most, was to roll over, and that would have been no improvement at all. I was breathing heavily because of my exertion, and because of that, my entire head was permeated with the scent of her pussy-scented panties. I was so horny I couldn’t believe it, but because of her chastity belt wrap, I couldn’t get hard! I almost cried

A month or so later, I saw a shadowy form in front of me; either Yolanda has returned or some maniacal axe murderer was about to do me in! “Hello, Bob! It’s me again, ready to resume your punishment!” I was, of course, both relieved and worried. At least I wasn’t about to feel the blade of an axe slicing down between my ribs, which was very good, but then again Yolanda has an incredible imagination!

I felt her hands at my feet, and then I felt a cool breeze across the bottoms of my feet- she had cut away the shrink-wrap. I felt her holding my ankles with one arm, and then I felt a feather-light touch tickling my feet! Naturally, I began to laugh and plead into the gag, to struggle and twist, all to no avail. She tormented me for what seemed like half an hour, until I was nearly exhausted. My ribs hurt and it hurt to breathe. Finally, she let go of me and waited until I calmed.

In another minute or so, I felt her peeling the tape from my gag and pulling my shorts from my mouth. “Thank you, Yolanda!”

“Shut up, Bob!” I shut up and lay still.

More tugging, and I felt her pulling her panties from my nose, leaving my nose and mouth clear for whatever was to happen next. I felt motion at the sides of my head, then darkness covered my face, and then my nostrils caught a familiar scent- pussy! My long-restrained cock surged in anticipation, but Yolanda’s work had been too effective. My cock was eager and fat, but not hard- damn!

I heard Yolanda’s voice above me. “I saw some neat pictures on the Internet- some guy was wrapped up just like you are. His woman was wearing a miniskirt just like mine except she was wearing crotchless pantyhose. She was kneeling over his face, her ass cheeks just about ready to settle on his face. He couldn’t see her, couldn’t touch her, couldn’t touch himself, nothing. All he could do was be of service to her, with no possible way of getting satisfaction for himself. Just the situation you’re in!”

I groaned in both anticipation and dread.

I felt her kneeling over my head at the same moment I felt her hand caressing my groin. “Well, Bob, I can sense your eagerness, but that will have to wait. To reenter my good graces, you will have to service me well. I want you to take your time and pleasure me until I finally come to the most exquisite orgasm ever. Be gentle, hear?”

I felt something soft and warm pressing against my ears; the slightly rough texture of nylon told me it was Yolanda’s thighs. Seconds later I felt something warm and hairy pressing lightly against my lips and I opened my mouth; her pussy pressed firmly against my lips. I went gently to work, stroking gently. Far above, I heard her moan of approval.

I continued for several minutes before I extended my tongue and gently stroked her clit; she pressed down on me briefly and then drew back. “Gently, Bob. You know that’s my most sensitive skin!” Guided by her motions, I continued. Eventually, she began to press harder on my face, my cue that she was really hot.

Also, her pussy was really wet, the lubrication telling me that her orgasm was imminent. I was also incredibly horny, but the way she had restrained my cock made it impossible for me to get a hard-on, let alone even consider the thought of possibly approaching an orgasm myself. I was at least free to work on her passion without the worry of working on mine!

I felt her hips rocking back and forth on my face, making it difficult for me to get a grip on her clit. I did the best I could, trying very hard not to be rough on her. Finally I felt her hands reach into her crotch, pulling her lips apart, as she threw her weight on my face. I seized her clit between my lips as I heard her squeals of ecstasy above me.

“Oh damn… you’re making me cum… that’s good, do it hard now… AHHHHH!!!” As she threw her weight heavily on my face, I sucked hard as her juices flooded into my mouth. I struggled uselessly against the shrink-wrap and Duct Tape binding me while her pussy crushed my head to the floor.

Finally, her squirming quieted, and I sucked in air as she raised her weight from me. I felt her hips lift from me and then felt her ass cheeks press against my head from the side as she sat next to me on the carpet.

Maybe five minutes later, I felt her get to her feet, and a bit later she peeled the shrink-wrap from my face. I drank in her loveliness: squatting down, her skirt was tucked up around her waist, her panties lying in the corner. The top of her dress was pulled down so that she could assault her nipples; her breasts were positioned atop the folded-down cups of her bustier.

She stepped behind me, lifted me to my feet, and proceeded to slice away the shrink-wrap that bound my forearms to my chest. Grabbing me around the chest, she half-lifted and half-dragged me over to her PC, where she knelt behind me to slice away the shrink-wrap that covered my asshole.

I was wondering just what she had in mind when my nose was assaulted by the unmistakable scent of Ben-Gay. Oh shit… sure enough, the next thing I felt was a slippery finger squirming into my bowels, followed by a familiar burning sensation!

“That’s to give you something to think about while you do the next part of your homework”, Yolanda told me. Oh, damn….

Yolanda urged me to a seated position in front of her PC and hit the power button as I felt the burning sensation magnified by my weight on my asshole. Ouch!

“Okay, Bob- your next task is to write a short story for your buddy Gromet. Don’t forget the details about how much you enjoyed it! I’ll keep editing until I think it’s right, so you better make it good.”

And so here I am writing, remembering the horrors and delights of this evening so I can compose this document, my memory assisted by the burning in my asshole and my still-almost-complete bondage. Damn, I wish I could get hard. Please, Yolanda….


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