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You Are A Product to be Dealt with

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2001 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; breast; tape; wrap; sendep; bandages; cocoon; board; object; display; first; cons; X

If you are honest you have to admit if you look back into your past there, as sure as eggs are eggs there will be that someone special the one you should have tried a little harder not to let slip through your fingers, there is always one in every book.

At first glance I suppose the person who seems to stand out above all other's is the Male who appears in my story "Mr Magic Fingers" surly this man with his magic touch that turned me on as I had never been turned on by anyone before had to be the one, I never saw him as I was tied down and blindfolded but he knew every button to press. I can honestly say it was the first time I had been subjected to multiple orgasms till my mind lost control and sexual desire took over.

Yet this man never wanted intercourse or to do me harm just to introduce me to the world of sexual fantasy and pleasure.

But searching deeper in my mind I came across a young girl, I say young because I am looking back in time, she was the same age as myself about sixteen or seventeen and like me skinny with very small boobs but the greatest sense of humour I have ever come across. We instantly became great friends going around together, sharing each others clothes and makeup plus sharing boyfriends.

During the summer we both joined a local sub-aqua club, we would go along and the older males who ran it were overjoyed to help us with the heavy air tanks and weight belts, of course their hands would slip on to our bodies while fitting the gear, they of course apologised then let their hands slip again. I suppose basically we were not very experienced in the art of sex but we would get involved in the odd affair, a quick cuddle and feel but not much else.

Then winter started to draw in no one in the UK with any sense wants to go snorkelling in a British winter so we would visit each others houses, at times stay the night, we had started to have a relationship we both noticed we were exploring each others bodies, by now Hazel's boobs were a bit larger than mine, I would lie there holding her nipple in my mouth this in turn would turn her on and before long we would both be tormenting each other and very enjoyable sessions followed.

It was about this time she said she would like to wrap me up like an Egyptian mummy, this to me seemed all very innocent and harmless fun surely being mummified could not lead to anything. It all started a bit amateur using sheets and perhaps tying an old clothes line around the body, in the end you looked like a dead body tied up in a sheet. Hazel had a instant camera and took pictures, we would look at the pictures afterwards and we both had to agree we did not look like the Egyptian mummies in our school books. I do not know which of us it was who said lets use proper bandage, this was Ok but the body still seemed to bend and look a bit like a corpse.

We realised the real mummies were stiff because they were dead and it was obvious we did not want to go that far! I suppose it would tend to take the fun out of the game a bit. We decided in the end to use a thin board with a foam rubber backing for comfort, the board would be on a couple of books so the bandage could be passed under so binding the victim to the board, it took a while but in the end we decided to place the board on a couple of trestles this seemed to do the trick.

Now Hazel had really taken to this new game she was reading anything she could lay her hands on dealing with the subject of mummifying people, it was becoming a addictive hobby to say the least. I remember the weekend that she claimed she had perfected the art of mummification and wanted me to stay the weekend, we went into the garage where Hazel told me to strip off as usual and to lie on the board.

I did as I was told as I had done it many times before, this time she started at my ankles with bodge tape securing them firmly to the board, now working up the body above and below the knee was bound then the hips, then around the waist, above and below the breast and then around the neck and forehead. I was totally immobile, I told her I did not like what was happening as it seemed so permanent! Hazel had now taken on a sort of professional appearance it was as if she knew more than she was going to tell me till it was too late and in my mind I knew it was all ready too late.

She now returned to my breasts, gripping the right breast she drove her fingers behind the breast against the chest wall so she had basically captured my small boob in her hand, she now pulled the boob outwards, binding tape around the base pulling the tape as tight as she could till my poor boob took on the shape of a small round ball. Secured to my chest she informed me the reason was when I was fully bound it would give the mummy a more fuller figure rather than squashing the boob down. Like it or not I had no say in the matter at this point, she now rummaged around in a box of bits producing a snorkel mouth piece turning to me telling me to open my mouth.

Now I was worried and a little scared, I refused to open my mouth she said, "The choice is yours you open your mouth or you don't! I will show you what will happen if you do not open your mouth", at that she ripped off a piece of bodge tape and slapped it across my nose and mouth, within under a minute I was desperate to breathe and she ripped the tape off!!! "Well are you going to cooperate?"

At that I opened my mouth and she slipped in the mouth piece then using strips of tape across the lips, sealing in the mouth piece, she then inserted two plastic tubes one into each nostril then taping around the tubes to hold them in place.

I was now totally immobilised and breathing through a rubber mouth piece and two tubes inserted in my nostrils, she informed me that I am now hers and uttered a statement that I have never forgot to this day, "Once you allow yourself to be stripped of your clothes and bound you cease to be a human but a product to be dealt with!" It comes as a bit of a shock to suddenly realise your partner holds your very existence in her hands.

I was unable to talk unless you count the mumberlins from under my mouth piece, which were being totally ignored. She now produced two flat pieces of black rubber sheet, one piece was placed over each eye and taped in place then a lump of blue tack, a rubbery compound was pushed into each ear this effectively shut out any sounds,

Hazel now concentrated on winding several rolls of bodge tape around my body, on reaching the breasts she bound several layers around each breast squeezing the already painful round balls into a sort of longer upward pointing sausage shape so they stuck out in front. She now continued with the bodge tape till I was covered, winding the last around the head. Now from head to toe I had become one solid body, in fact I was now a mummy, she photographed the silver body. Then Hazel proceeded to wrap standard bandage around the body till I was enclosed totally in a layer of bandage, the snorkel could just be seen and the two tubes from my nostrils just appeared from between a layer of bandage.

I now had no idea what was going to happen to me or what her plans were for me, all I now knew was I had been turned into a real mummy basically of my own accord and now there was nothing I could do about my situation. I was now a product that was being dealt with as Hazel had said earlier.

She now started to decorate the mummy with gold tape by binding it around what was now basically a corpse and that corpse was ME! Like it or leave it that was now the situation. Hazel now struggled to lift the feet end of the mummy off the trestle till it reached the floor, then going around to the head pushed and lifted till I was in a standing position and propped up against the wall, Hazel now proceeded to take pictures from every available angle till all the Polaroid instant film was used up, I realised I had been moved and was in a standing position but had no idea why.

Hazel went into her house and made herself a drink she returned to the garage were I was standing against the wall unaware of anything going on around me, my hearing, sight and feeling seemed totally removed from me it was as if my mind had become disconnected from my body. Hazel sat there in front of me drinking her drink she was staring at the mummy, she had always wanted to mummify someone, well the someone was me. She slowly sipped the drink talking to the unhearing mummy, saying, "Well Jenny you are all mine now! I did tell you what happens to girls who take off their clothes and allow themselves to be tied up."

She stood up to admire her handy work, the one thing that spoiled it was the blue colour of the bit of the breathing tube protruding from the bandages, Hazel picked up a sharp Stanley knife and cut the tube flush with the bandage. I could feel the cutting and tugging on the mouth piece but did not know what she was doing, she admired it for a moment then decided it was still not right.

Hazel now cut a small piece of bodge tape then pressed it firmly over the end of the breathing tube sealing it firmly, I suddenly found that I was unable to suck or blow air out of the mouth piece, I must admit panic set in I tried to struggle but no movement was allowed due to my firm binding. I was now totally reliant on the two tubes in my nostrils, breathing was a little more difficult but after a while I steadied down. I was now convinced it was just a matter of time before she sealed the tubes attached to my nostrils. I was strangely getting used to being entombed I even found myself being aroused sexually for some strange reason.

Hazel had used up all her film and just sat there staring at her new acquisition Me!!

Some time later, I do not know how long, Hazel replaced me on the trestles then with a pair of safety scissors starting at the feet started to cut through the binding, she reached the head and peeled the binding back so exposing my body. The first I knew was when I felt the warmth disappear as the cooler air flowed over my naked body, with the removal of the bindings some how I felt a little let down at being removed from my tomb. I was quite stiff as Hazel helped me out, as after I found out I had been locked in my little home most of the day.

I often think of that day being my first experience of mummification as one of the greatest, but I often wonder what Hazel is up to now, if she was that good at sixteen with university courses coming up, we seemed to drift apart it is only now I realise what I have lost she certainly was ahead of her time and a great friend that will never be forgotten.


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