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Tales from the Crypt: Endless Wrapture (Part 4 of 4)

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/f+; F/f; bond; tape; rope; magic; nc; X

Writer's Note: This story uses images from this web-site, and various clubs found in Yahoo!. This story is inspired by the famed villain "The Crooked Claw" from Harmony Concepts Inc. HOWEVER, although there are images of that character used in this story, the villain in this story does NOT go by that moniker and has a "super villain name" of my own creation with different special powers and gadgets.


"Hello and good evening once again, horror and damsel in distress fans. Slipknot is now face to face with her objective, who is proving to be a little more intimidating than she though while the Shadow Sorcerer is now pondering whether to continue to search or leave. With more and more law enforcement arriving will either succeed?"







Endless Wrapture (Part Four of Four)

The Shadow Sorcerer slipped into an empty hotel room and watched as a constant stream of police began to subtly enter the hotel, not creating a scene nor alarming the guests to their presence. Unaware that they were being used as extras in a commercial being filmed downstairs in the main gallery, the Shadow Sorcerer nervously considered his options. Does he abandon the search before more police arrive? There was still a large portion of the massive luxury hotel left to explore. Perhaps try again in another couple of days, after the police leave...but with each passing day the greater the chance of it being found at random by a guest or hotel employee. What to do?


While Olivia Meridian gave her statement to the police following the impromptu rescue by one of the bell hops, Slipknot continued the so-called 'interview' with Bonnie Lakewood, who was now quite intoxicated from finishing the wine.


"So, what are your hobbies, Ms. Lakewood?" asked Slipknot.


"Well, I try to sustain a balance of everything around action, actually." explained Bonnie as she took a final sip of wine. "I'm a judo to stay in shape.... even started practicing escape artistry. You know, like how Harry Houdini used to do that stuff years ago."


"Really?" perked up Slipknot. "Please continue about that. That sounds so... .interesting."


"Well, it's a combination of tying the ropes so that they look tight but actually are loose, and then you slip out in seconds. It's a parlor trick." explained Bonnie.


"How about a demonstration?" goaded on Slipknot, relying on Bonnie's powerful ego and effect of the wine on her.


"Sure... let me get out of this hot business suit. It's stifling." laughed Bonnie as she stripped down to her bra and panties.


"This may be easier than I thought...." thought Slipknot to herself.














Simultaneously, the Shadow Sorcerer searched at a feverish pace, going room to room letting no one stand in his way. In his wake he tied up a total of six different models on three different floor, which surprisingly drained more of his magic than he thought. The Shadow Sorcerer looked downstairs and saw the entire ground concourse filled with policemen.


"Curses....! And I am too weak to transform into mist form to depart this place!" bemoaned the Shadow Sorcerer. "I've wasted my magic trussing and binding these models and actresses and I STILL haven't found it!"


Upstairs in the penthouse suite, Slipknot's clever ruse came to fruition as Bonnie literally allowed her to wrap and bind her up with plastic wrap as a demonstration of her escape artist talent.


"See? This LOOKS real restrictive but it's very easy for me to escape." confidently explained Bonnie. "All it takes of a couple breathing techniques and certain flexes with the hips and abdomen muscles and I can slip my hands and arms out in under a minute. The trick is to not thrash about and generate all that body heat which would make the plastic tighten."


"Really? Please go on. This all sounds so interesting." spoke Slipknot, leading Bonnie on as she slowly pulled out a roll of gray duct tape from her bag.


"Yes.... this is all really easy...." commented Bonnie, unaware of Slipknot's presence.


"Well, perhaps THIS will make things a little more challenging." asserted Slipknot as she quickly began wrapping Bonnie's plastic wrap cocoon with duct tape from her shoulders down to her ankles.




"HEY!" exclaimed Bonnie. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"


"Isn't it obvious? I'm tying you up so you can't escape. And the name's Slipknot, not Kristine." replied Slipknot.


"YOU TRICKED ME!!!! JUST WAIT UNTIL I GET OUT OF THIS...!!!!" angrily threatened Bonnie as Slipknot continued wrapping her up with duct tape. Within several seconds Slipknot finished wrapping up the plastic wrap with duct tape, and sat her down on a coffee table.


"There now, that's a pretty little package. Let's see you try and use your escape artists techniques on that!" mischievously laughed Slipknot as she opened up Bonnie's briefcase, procuring several hundred thousand dollars worth of negotiable bonds.


"Hmmm, these will do nicely." commented Slipknot. "These are EXTRA easy to have laundered and not a trace to me."


"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! UNTIE ME THIS INSTANT!!!!!" demanded Bonnie, trying to use her escape techniques but the cocoon was wrapped too tight for her to slip a hand or arm free.


"I don't think so, and don't expect your assistants to help you anytime soon." replied Slipknot. "They're both tightly hogtied in the next room."


"Who ARE you? Let me go!!!!" angrily yelled Bonnie.


"Like I said before, it's Slipknot, the mistress of rope, and in this case, duct tape as well." smiled Slipknot as she opened another briefcase filled with treasury bonds.


"You have a very nice financial portfolio, Ms. Lakewood." complimented Slipknot as she zipped up her bag. "I am glad you didn't use your judo on me, either. But, it's time to go."


"WHAT? COME BACK HERE AND UNTIE ME!!!! MMMMMMPPPHHHHH!!!!!" exclaimed Bonnie as Slipknot gagged her with a piece of tape and laid her flat on the coffee table.


"Thanks, Ms. Lakewood." cheerfully smiled Slipknot as she waved goodbye with a small suitcase filled with close to $2 million dollars worth of negotiable bonds.


Finally, an exhausted Shadow Sorcerer decided it was time to make his escape and try again a few days later. Changing into a stolen janitor uniform, the Shadow Sorcerer made his escape attempt through the service elevator and out the service entrance. His travels through the hallways were uneventful, until he was intercepted and surrounded right outside the service exit of the hotel.


"FREEZE! FEDERAL AGENTS!!!!" yelled out a federal marshal as spotlights shone on him, blinding the Shadow Sorcerer. Even in his weakened condition, he could cast a smoke spell and make a run for it, but could see through the lights that those second he needed weren't there with the numerous police snipers and federal agents aiming their weapons on him.


Angered and dejected, the Shadow Sorcerer raised his hands in the air and surrendered. The federal agents surrounded him and carried him away in shackles into a guarded armored car.


"HOW? I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!! HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS HERE?!" angrily asked the Shadow Sorcerer as the federal agents removed his talisman and amulets, stripping him of his magical powers.


"Because, old friend, you have been set up." spoke a voice; it was Sergei Tupolev.


"YOU!!!!!" angrily yelled out the Shadow Sorcerer. "YOU SET ME UP! THERE WAS NO JEWELRY BOX OR PLANS!!!!"


"You are correct, although a little too late, my friend." smiled Sergei Tupolev. "You forget that when I was in the KGB I have contacts with both Russia and America as well.... the reward for your capture was too good to resist and the amnesty the Americans granted was the icing on the cake."


"I'LL KILL YOU, OLD MAN!!!!" angrily cursed the Shadow Sorcerer as the armored van drove his away under heavy escort.


"Say, what's all that commotion at the service exit?" asked Slipknot to a bystander.


"I dunno." spoke the man. "I think the police just caught some big name international thief."


"Really? How interesting." smiled Slipknot as she left through the front entrance, entered a cab, and was driven away.


The End



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