Gromet's Plaza - Halloween Special

Tales from the Crypt: Persona non grata

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; tape; rope; kidnap; nc; X

Writer's Note: This story is based off the 1987 horror/slasher flick "Fatal Pulse". The movie was very obscure, so there are no images from the movie in this story, and I'm using images from this web-site, gromet's club,, and other various others found in Yahoo!. The images also used are of actor Kevin McCarthy from the movie "Ghoulies 3" (who also starred in the original 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' of the 1950s) ". "Fatal Pulse" was your typical horror flick of a psychopath killing off sorority girls one by one; no more, no less.


"Hello horror fans. Crypt Keeper here taking a quick break after some visits and hanging out with some fans. But there's no rest for the wicked, as we see in our next frightful tale of titillating horror and sadomasochistic suspense. Enjoy the story while I'm away, fans. But don't worry, I'll be rising back from the grave sooner than you think. Nehehehehe...."





Persona non grata

At the university, Professor Jonathan Ragnar angrily packed his things out of his once prestigious office into a group of cardboard boxes, cursing all the while. He grabbed his last item, a collector's edition comic book of  ghoulish tales.


"How DARE they throw me out like that.... persona non grata.... I was on the brink of a most wondrous discovery! A super aphrodisiac more powerful than ten bottles of Viagra!" cursed and yelled Professor Ragnar. "After many weeks of experimenting with marijuana, cocaine, heroine, and other narcotics, hallucinogens, I finally discovered the one critical catalyst to make the final prototype drug for testing. Of course, in typical science the catalyst is always some special and rare chemical.... in this case my special catalyst was a women's precious vaginal fluids derived from vasocongestion. So what if I used university funds to purchase cocaine and heroin while growing my own marijuana! It was all for research...!!!!! I didn't snort the cocaine I bought.... MUCH!!!!"




"Professor Ragnar?" innocently asked Victoria, a pretty red haired woman who served as Professor Ragnar's assistant and secretary for a few years. "Is everything okay? I heard shouting."


Professor Ragnar smiled devilishly as his former assistant, regaining his composure. "Everything his just fine, my dear. Just fine." Professor Ragnar's disoriented appearance turned to a lustfully disturbing grin, as he clenched his fist and struck Victoria, knocking her out cold. "Yes.... quite all right..." evilly laughed Professor Ragnar as he nonchalantly picked her up and carried her into her office. There he quickly bound her to a chair with white tape, the same tape he was using earlier to box and ship his items.


Victoria soon awoke, nervously looking at her former boss, mentor, and friend. She didn't know what to think, and saw a stranger in Professor Ragnar's deranged eyes.


"Hello, Victoria..." evilly smirked Professor Ragnar. "...I see that you've finally awaken. I guess I owe you an explanation of why I'm doing this to you; sort of a professional courtesy, so to speak since you were my secretary for so long. I must apologize of the gag; I'm afraid I can't have to screaming for help now, can I?"


Victoria helplessly looked on as fear and dread rushed through her head. "What is this psycho going to do to me?" she thought. "My god, he's going to kill me!!!!"


"Don't worry, my dear Victoria... I'm not going to kill you... heh-heh." sinisterly reassured Professor Ragnar as he donned his coat getting ready to leave. "After all these years of loyal service, I'm just making sure you stay clear once the fireworks begin around here."


Victoria still retained fear inside her heart as she slowly panted through the gag, watching Professor Ragnar leave. "What kind of sick game is this? I've been knocked out and tied down???!!!" she thought to herself. "HELP!"


Simultaneously at another part of the college campus Cassie was getting ready to study. Her roommate Kathleen has just walked in after having brunch in the dining facility. Cassie was a college junior with long platinum blonde hair and green eyes an a tall, slender figure.


"Hi Cassie." asked Kathleen as she went to her closet and started getting out her tennis racket and a can of tennis balls. "I'm meeting with Todd and Mike for tennis. You want to join us?"


"No, I really need to study for next week's exam." explained Cassie. "Thanks, though."


"Studying this early?" asked Kathleen with a perplexed expression. "It's Saturday... and you always do well! What class?"


"Physics and I'm doing really bad in it."  explained Alyssa. "There's no final but the exams are worth a ton... I barely got a C minus on the first one and that material seemed easy in comparison to this new stuff the professor's been teaching. I just want to have all my questions ready for tomorrow when I go into that test review and help session the teaching assistant is holding in his office."


"I hear you." agreed Kathleen as she changed into a t-shirt and pair of sweat pants. "Well, see you later today."


"Bye Kathleen." responded Cassie.


The college dorm where Cassie and Kathleen resided was an all-girl dormitory that was a small apartment building that the university purchased and renovated into dorm space. Located on the outskirts of the campus, the small college dorm housed forty eight undergraduates in single, double, and four person units, depending on its size. With most of them gone to do other things, only a few remained to study or simply sleep from being hung over from partying the night before. Outside the dormitory, Professor Ragnar looked up and gave a sinister grin.


"Yes, here is the place I will get the secret catalyst I need!!!! I just need to round them all up in one of the dorm rooms and procure the catalyst." evilly planned Professor Ragnar as he entered the dormitory carrying a small duffel bag. Professor Ragnar was first met by Jody, one of the acting major dressed in a gold dress as she exited with the door still partially open.


"Hello, my dear." complimented Professor Ragnar. "You look very nice. What's the occasion."


"Oh, hello, Professor Ragnar." smiled Jody, a little surprised to see one of the professors in the college dorm. "I'm heading to downtown for dress rehearsal."


"I see." wickedly grinned Professor Ragnar as he suddenly struck with sharp blow to the side of her head, knocking her out. Professor Ragnar then pulled out several lengths of rope from his bag and tied Jody's wrists, arms, and legs and sat her on the couch.


Jody soon regained consciousness and immediately sprang from the couch, hobbling to try and get away. Professor Ragnar smiled and laughed at her futile escape attempt.


"Why are you doing this?" asked Jody. "You're crazy!"


"Crazy?! My dear, I am a scientific genius and you and your pretty little friends in this dorm is going to help me!!!!" roared Professor Ragnar.


"What are you talking about?" responded Jody, giving the evil professor a disgusted and frustrated look of contempt.


"You'll see! You will all see soon enough!" promised Professor Ragnar as he grabbed Jody and forced her to sit back down on a sofa chair. He then turned on the television and raised the volume before gagging Jody with a black scarf he found lying around.


"There. Now no one will hear you yell for help." smiled Professor Ragnar.


"MMMNNNNNPPPHHHH!!!!! NNNNNNNN!!!!!!" angrily replied Jody. Just then, her room mate Jennifer emerged from the other bedroom, shaking off the sleep from a late night.


"Jody, can you please turn down the volume....? Jody?" asked Jennifer, still squinting and rubbing her eyes. Professor Ragnar wasted no time and wrestled Jennifer to the floor and bound her up tightly with rope. Minutes later, Professor Ragnar left the room to search the rest of the dorm leaving Jody and Jennifer his captives.


Jennifer couldn't believe what had just happened as she finally gained her bearings, seeing herself tightly bound with rope and gagged with white packing tape. She looked on at her room mate Jody, who was also struggling to escape.


"NNNNGHHHH!!!! NNNGHHHHH!!!" yelled out a gagged and muffled Jennifer as thoughts of terror raced through her head. "What's he going to do us? How are we going to get escape. Please don't let us die here like this.....!"


While Jody and Jennifer struggled to escape, Professor Ragnar paced about the small dormitory, deciding his next move. Does he capture more young women first or does he start collecting his samples right now with the ones he already had tied up in the room?


"No.... I need more.... MORE.... MOOOOOOORRRRRE!!!!" exclaimed Professor Ragnar as he went for another room whose door was left open as its occupants were getting ready to take out the trash. "Yes, this shall do quite nicely as he pulled out his handkerchief and a small bottle of ether from his bag."



"Oh, hi, Professor Ragnar..." informally greeted Beth, one of the four coeds living in that dorm room. "What are you doing here?"


Professor Ragnar gave a wicked grin to Beth that un-nerved her. "Oh, just gathering up some specimens for my new project." he replied as he covered Beth's nose and mouth with the handkerchief. Beth slumped into Professor Ragnar's arms as he caught her and attempted to carry her down the stairs, but suddenly felt a sharp pain in his spine.


"Ahhhhh....!!!!" cursed Professor Ragnar as he instead dragged Beth back into the room and laid her on the floor. "MY BACK!!!!!"


"Curses! I'm too weak to carry her back down to the other room. Perhaps I should just truss up the ladies in their rooms and then come back for what I need rather than throw my back out trying to bring them all together in the same room. YES! That will work." thought Professor Ragnar as he snuck up behind Beth's three room mates and one by one covered them with a handkerchief soaked with ether. With the element of surprise with him and blocking the doorway, it didn't tale long for Professor Ragnar to subdue Beth's room mates Katrina and Rebecca as they left for work and Erin as she left the shower.


"Yes, that's it. Sleep well, girls.....until I get some more ropes and other materials." sinisterly commented Professor Ragnar.

















Professor Ragnar bound Katrina and Rebecca with duct tape, leaving them in Rebecca's bedroom. Afterwards he tightly strapped and bound Erin down to the coffee table with rope and tightly truss Beth with red and white stripped packing tape he found in the room, undoubtedly used for Christmas decorations for the upcoming season. All four coeds awoke and tried to escape their restraints but couldn't and could only give angry looks of contempt at Professor Ragnar as he checked on their bonds one last time before leaving for the next room.


Professor Ragnar went to the next couple rooms, finding them unoccupied. He then reached another dormitory room where two coeds named Tobi, a young blonde, and her room mate Lisa resided. Professor Ragnar calmly knocked on the door, and Lisa answered it.


"Yes? Can I help you?" asked Lisa.


"Yes. I'm one of the faculty here at the university taking a quick survey of the housing conditions here." replied Professor Ragnar as he held a bogus clipboard, pretending to be taking a survey. "First, how many live in your dorm assignment?"


"Two." answered Lisa, who was then met with a handkerchief soaked with ether over her face.


"Splendid." answered Professor Ragnar as he entered the dorm room and covered her room mate Tobi's face with ether as she slept in her bed. "That's all I needed to know."


Professor Ragnar hastily tied Lisa up with rope and gagged her with some duct tape, focusing his attention on Tobi. Tobi was a former student of Professor Ragnar's, who withdrew her application to do summer research with him when the allegations of his drug abuse and misappropriation of university funds first surfaced. Professor Ragnar took his time on Tobi, wrapping her up tightly in a cocoon of red tape.


"Hello, Tobi, long time, no see?" eagerly spoke Professor Ragnar.


"Professor Ragnar?!" replied Tobi in mild shock, wondering how she got tied up and what her former professor was doing in her room. "What are you doing here?! Why have you tied me up?"


"Well, dear Tobi.... the university has always sought to entangle me in red tape over these months. I think it only fitting I return to favor on the university and its students." sinisterly explained Professor Ragnar. "You and your friends in this dorm are going to help me achieve my greatest scientific accomplishment yet!"


Nervously Tobi thought, "I don't believe it. The rumors really WERE true.... Professor Ragnar has lost his mind! What does he mean I'm going to help him achieve his greatest scientific accomplishment? He's a chemistry professor, not a BDSM guru......!"


Tobi softly responded, "I can't help you tied up like this, Professor Ragnar."


"No my dear, you're not going to trick me into letting you go so you can call the police! I still have much to do!" blurted out Professor Ragnar as he took a quick "hit" of cocaine before leaving. Tobi looked on in disbelief.


As Professor Ragnar stormed out of the room, he noticed two college coeds named Alyssa and Michelle getting ready to leave the dorm. Sinisterly he approached them, only to be discovered as one of them turned around from hearing his footsteps.


"WHERE DO YOU TWO THINK YOU'RE GOING????!!!!" wildly asked Professor Ragnar, who appeared quite delirious and high on narcotics.


"C'mon, let's get out of here!!!" yelled out Michelle as they dashed out the door. Professor Ragnar let out a shriek of primal rage as he pulled out a scalpel.


"COME BACK HERE OR I'LL USE THIS ON YOU TWO!!!!" smiled a threatening Professor Ragnar as he pursued Alyssa and Michelle.


Alyssa and Michelle ran out one of the fire escape exits. The fire alarm sounded as they ran outside and saw a convenience store a block away. Michelle turned around, seeing Professor Ragnar, mad with rage and berserk with narcotics, coming towards them with scalpel in hand.


"RUN!!!!" yelled Alyssa as she grabbed Michelle, who was briefly frozen with fear at the sight of the increasingly psychopathic Professor Ragnar. The two ran across the street, entering the convenience store.


"My goodness, are you two all right?" innocently queried the desk clerk, an Asian Indian man in his early 30s.


"Please, you have to help us.... there's a crazy guy after us with a scalpel!!!" sobbed Michelle, terrified for her life.


"It's okay, it's okay... get behind this..." calmly replied the clerk as he let Michelle and Alyssa behind the counter while pressing the silent alarm button, alerting the police. "SANJAY! HURRY!!!" yelled out the desk clerk.


Professor Ragnar charged in the convenience store with scalpel in hand, smiling with blood rage. The desk clerk calmly pulled out a .38 revolver from behind the counter and aimed it straight at Professor Ragnar.


"HEY!!!! HEY!!!!" demanded the desk clerk as he yelled with his pronounced accent. "Put that weapon and leave my customers alone before I blow your head off!!!"


The other clerk, Sanjay, stood up behind the deli counter with a small shotgun in hand, also aiming at Professor Ragnar.


"You don't have the GUTS..." yelled out Professor Ragnar as he charged.




The first bullet struck Professor Ragnar in shoulder, forcing him to drop the scalpel while the second shot, fired from the shotgun, struck him in the thighs with buckshot as Ragnar fell flat on his face writhing in pain.


"Thank you, come again..." cheerfully replied the desk clerk and he blew the smoke from the pistol barrel.


Minutes later the police arrived and took what was left of Professor Ragnar into the hospital under heavy guard. The police then took the statements from Michelle and Alyssa, and escorted them back to the dorm where the police were untying the captive residents held earlier. The police were also while still interviewing the two heroic convenience store clerks and taking their final statements.


"That was some fancy shooting, Apu... I couldn't have done better myself." complimented the police officer as he copied his notes down. "You guys will be featured as heroes tonight on the news for what you've done."


"Yes, well, thank you." modestly replied Apu. "In today's violent society, I am afraid that all convenience store employees must be equally skilled in the deadly arts."


Apu and his brother Sanjay laughed.


The End




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