Gromet's Plaza - Halloween Special

Tales from the Crypt: Perilous Island

by Inferno

Storycodes: F/f+; bond; tape; snake; quicksand; sinking; buried; nc; X

Writer's Note: This story uses images from gromet's club and other various clubs found in Yahoo!.


"Hey there, horror and damsel in distress fans. Elvira here filling in for the Crypt Keeper who's taking a short vacation. Tonight's story is one of high adventure, with four young women exploring a mysterious island. Let's see what dangers and perils await, them. "







Perilous Island

On the Pacific Ocean coast of South America a small expeditionary boat traveled to a small, secluded island. Not even marked on the map, the small island was dense jungle with no real value. Storms frequently passed through that region and the island provided minimal natural protection in the form of a couple small caves in the center of the island and was devoid of most fauna. At most a few hundred meters in diameter, it wasn't worth the cartographer's effort to list it on the map and remained uncharted.


The boat docked for a few hours, giving time for its three special passengers to download their equipment and supplies for the next two days. It was an adventurous group of four women, each with their own motivation for visiting this strange island. First, there was Samantha, the most attractive of the three, who was there just for the sheer thrill of adventure. About 5 foot 5 inches tall, Samantha had long dirty blond hair, brown eyes, and a very voluptuous figure with a complete tan on her entire body. While strikingly attractive, Samantha was still fairly down to earth in general. Second, there was Barbara, the most athletic of them who was there to study the few and rare animal specimens remaining. Even in the academic community in America Barbara had heard rumors of seemingly extinct animals living on this remote island, and frequently wondered on their validity. Standing 5 foot 7 inches tall, Barbara had broad shoulders and a medium build, with auburn blond hair and blue eyes. Third, there was Sara, Samantha's best friend, who was there also for the thrill of adventure. Sara had a petite and attractive build with soft blue eyes and long, light brown hair. Finally, there was Teresa, Barbara's best friend, who was there to study the rare and delicate flora within the island. Teresa had a medium build but was a little bit thinner than Barbara, with soft blue eyes and long, thick brown hair


The crew had finished downloading the supplies and equipment on the shoreline for the four. As Teresa, Barbara, and Sara started loading their equipment into an old communications station near the shore, Samantha was giving final instructions to the boat captain.


"Yes, I understand." acknowledged Captain San Miguel, the boat captain. "I will return in five days to drop off the next load of supplies. The radio said that a storm is coming in three days, so if you need me contact on it and I can pick you up."


"No problem." assured Samantha. "But don't worry... even if the storm comes early we'll be ready, and we've brought eight days worth of food, water, and plenty of emergency medical supplies."


"Yes, you are well prepared." agreed Captain San Miguel. "But this island is still very dangerous."


"We'll be careful." smiled Samantha confidently.


After a firm handshake with Samantha, Captain San Miguel returned to his boat and ordered his crew to pull anchor and leave. Meanwhile, Barbara and Sara were setting up the old shelter for sleeping and storing the supplies. They also pitched some tents outside, which were more advanced than the standard camping ones, reinforced to withstand hurricane conditions and provide insulation. Mountain climbers traveling into the extreme cold had tremendous success for their camps in protecting them from blizzard conditions, and these tents were modified for the extreme heat and humidity.


Barbara and Teresa had nailed 36 inch anchor stakes into the sand and mud for each tent. Samantha then helped Sara put the tents together and load the supplies. After about two hours of work their camp was assembled, which consisted of one large tent for sleeping and one medium sized tent to store the supplies. The heavy water containers were kept outside close to the main sleeping tent, and Sara had set up a couple of small tables and chairs in the center of the camp. Samantha gathered some wood and started a small fire and then went to the tent to change clothes while Barbara hooked up the short range radio just in case of any emergencies and to monitor the upcoming storm's path.


"Just a beautiful day." smiled Barbara as she closed her eyes and embraced the cool Pacific breeze. "Hard to believe that a storm is going to hit this area in about 72 hours."


Sara shrugged and smiled. "All the more reason we need to find what we're looking for."


Samantha then emerged from the tent wearing her black two piece bikini.


"And where are you off to, Samantha?" innocently teased Barbara.


"Oh, nothing really." smiled Samantha. "I think I'll go for a walk and check out this island a bit. Maybe find a nice place in the shade to relax a bit before preparing dinner."


"Sounds like a good idea." replied Barbara. "I think I'll do that, also." Barbara then went into the tent to change.


"I guess that leaves Teresa and me  here to relax and make sure the fire doesn't go anywhere." conceded a smiling Sara as she laid down on a towel she laid out to rest. Teresa smiled and stretched out as went into the tent to change into something lighter.


*          *          *


Samantha made her way into the forest, which wasn't much different that the South American rainforest she visited earlier. However, there was one disturbing thing she noticed: how quiet it was. She didn't hear any birds, nor see any animals or insect life around... nothing. Just plants were what she saw; she even dug a few inches into the dirt and couldn't even find ants or worms. Cleaning her hands off Samantha continued walking deeper and deeper into the island rainforest, finding a secluded floral patch with a sweet fragrance of flowers passing through with the gentle breeze. The sweet smell caught her attention, and was where she decided to go relax.


Walking into the clear area surrounded by flowers, Samantha laid down on the soft grass and stretched out, admiring her tan, voluptuous body. Drifting into a light nap, Samantha was unaware of what was slithering in the grass around her. Hidden in the tall grass was a small narrow snake, barely 12 inches in length. Slowly and stealthily it slithering it's way down toward Samantha's unsuspecting body. Strangely, as suddenly as the snake came, the snake departed, delivering a quick bite into her thigh that felt like a momentary pinprick.


"OUCH!" blurted out Samantha as she finally sat up and saw the snake slither away in the grass. Checking the wound, all Samantha saw was the small bite mark on her left thigh, which had barely broken the skin and wasn't even bleeding. Groggily, Samantha got up and made her way back to the camp, but started feeling very strange.


*          *         *


Meanwhile, back at the camp Barbara had changed out of her regular clothes and into her blue swimsuit. Sara was tending to the fire while Teresa was doing a quick inventory of the medical supplies they had brought along on a clipboard.


"It's been over a half hour since Samantha left. I hope she's okay." commented Barbara.


"She probably a nice little grove with flowers to take a nap under." explained Sara. "She didn't sleep at all on the boat... this is probably the first time in a week where she actually was able to relax."


"I suppose..." conceded Barbara. "Well, I'm going to head out see if there's a fresh water lake or pond to swim in this island."


"Don't take too long." commented Teresa as Barbara started walking away. "As soon as Samantha gets back she'll probably start dinner and go over the exploration plan for tomorrow."


"No problem." smiled Barbara as she walked off into the rainforest.


Barbara went in a different direction from Samantha, going to where the denser rainforest was in hopes of finding their water source the form of a freshwater lake or creek. At a minimum, Barbara wanted to find an emergency source of fresh water just in case they ran out before the boat returned. The rainforest got more and more dense with assorted vines and flowers. Barbara enjoyed the fragrance as she made her way through, until finally reaching a small clearing. In the distance less than 100 meters away Barbara could make out what appeared to be a small pond, but wasn't quite sure if it was a freshwater or saltwater from the ocean.


Barbara continued walking in the clearing under the shade of the tall rainforest trees, until the ground beneath her feet suddenly gave way and Barbara was suddenly knee deep in thick mud. Strangely, the mud was warm, as if a geothermal spring was underneath it, which has a strange soothing feeling to Barbara.


"I can't believe this..." Barbara thought to herself as she struggled and continued sinking.


Barbara tried moving her legs to get out, only to find her moving liquefying the mud more, causing her to sink to her waist in the warm, thick mud. Thinking that she was only in a small mud bog, Barbara pressed her hands on the outside perimeter of the bog to push herself out. As she pushed the ground gave way again, increasing the size of the bog as Barbara continued sinking, right up to her thighs.


Barbara didn't know whether to scream for help or laugh, since she hadn't got stuck in the mud since she was little girl playing in the woods. She was now up to her waist in the mud.


"Unnnhhh!" grunted Barbara as she tried struggled against the mud, trying to get herself out. Again she kicked with the legs and tried to pull herself out but couldn't against the thick mud, which kept her locked in place.


"It feels nice at least..." thought Barbara to herself. "But I still have to get out of here." Barbara continued struggled, and started to laugh as the mud began sliding underneath her swimsuit as she struggled. The thick mud made its way into her vagina, and Barbara felt the hardened phallic earth press against her.


"Ooooo... I didn't think THAT was going to happen..." panted Barbara softly as she continued struggling to get out of the mud. Barbara continued struggling for several minutes, but was unable to get her arms free. She struggled and continued sinking. Barbara finally felt her feet touch the bottom, which was solid rock. This was a relief since she now knew that she wasn't going to sink any deeper, but was now stuck up to her shoulders in the thick mud.


"Ewwww...." said Barbara as she looked and laughed at her mud predicament. Barbara then began to slowly to try and pull and push herself out of the warm mud. Taking frequently rest breaks, Barbara knew it was going to take several minutes to get herself out.





*          *         *


Meanwhile, Samantha staggered back to camp and entered the shack, where Sara had just finished doing a radio check with Captain San Miguel, and keeping an eye of the impending storm. Sara saw Samantha, covered in a cold sweat and somewhat flush in the face. Teresa was napping quietly in the tent, enjoying the breeze passing through the tent.


"Samantha?!" spoke Sara which a look of surprise on her face. "Are you all right?" Sara then sat Samantha down on a chair and gave her a bottle of water. "What happened to you?"


"I don't remember." replied Samantha as she gulped some water. "I feel strange."


Sara then noticed the small cut on the left thigh. "Samantha, were you bitten by something? Like a snake?"


"I don't know... maybe." answered Samantha, who seemed to drift more and more out of reality.


"It looks like it." replied Sara. "Captain San Miguel warned me about some of the snakes out here, and how its venom has a type of hallucinogenic effect on its victim. Don't worry, Samantha. You're going to be okay. Let me wake up Teresa and she can give you some anti-venom serum we packed out of the medical kit and some antiseptic for that bite. It's going to make you sleepy for a few hours, but you'll be okay by tomorrow morning."


Sara then started to go wake up Teresa outside. Unknown to her, Samantha gave an evil smile as she stood up and picked up a clipboard off the table. Samantha slowly walked toward her and, with all might, swung the clipboard and hit Sara on the back of the head, knocking her out. Samantha dropped the clipboard and dusted her hands off and placed them on her hips.


"Nice try in trying to trick me, Sara. But I know you were trying to kill me by injecting some poison into me. I got something planned for YOU....." yelled out Samantha.


Samantha stripped Sara down to her bra and panties, laying her on flat on an old wooden plank board between two saw horses and then strapped and wrapped her down to it with gray duct tape. Samantha then gagged her best friend with some tape, just as Sara awoke stunned to she what had just happened.


"MMMMMMNNNNN?" asked Sara, muffled by the gag.


"Don't give me the innocent look, Sara." angrily spoke Samantha. "I KNOW what you were going to do to me! You were going to inject poison into me! Well, it's not going to happen and I got something planned for the other girl Teresa!"


Samantha, suffering the effects of the poison and its hallucinogenic effects, stormed out of the shack and towards the tent where Teresa napped. Samantha grabbed a small frying pan and knocked out Teresa just as she awoke.


Grabbing a shovel from equipment rack, Samantha grabbed Teresa and dragged her a few meters away from camp in a small sandy area. Samantha quickly dug a hole in soft, dry sand about three feet deep and five feet long. Afterwards Samantha stripped Sara completed naked, tossing her clothes into a small pile off to the side and lays her in the hole. Little bit little Samantha began refilling the hole with sand, adding water between the layers and tamping it down with the shovel. Minutes later, Samantha finished her work, burying Teresa in the sand in up to her head.


Samantha lightly slapped Teresa's face to wake her up. Teresa's eyes lit up in shock as she felt nothing but wet sand on her body and couldn't move.


"Oh my god...." Teresa exclaimed. "What happened?"


"Don't play innocent with me, Teresa." replied Samantha. "I know you were going to inject poison in me since you're in cahoots with Sara, but I got you as my captive. I got Sara all tied up in the shack."


"Samantha, listen me. You have to dig me out so I can help you. You're not thinking straight." explained Teresa.


"HA!" laughed Samantha. "Says you! I've never felt so alive in my life!" Samantha then laid down next the Teresa to taunt her. "Interesting feeling, isn't it, Teresa? Buried in the sand like that and unable to move? Almost feels like being in wet cement, doesn't it?


Teresa began to struggle to try to herself free but couldn't move. All she could feel was wet sand on her body.


"Don't bother struggling, Teresa. I added water to this sand and tamped it down good; its weight will keep you immobilized so I can have my revenge on you and Sara for trying to poison me." interrupted Samantha.


"Revenge? What are going to do?" nervously asked Teresa


Samantha simply gave an evil smile to Teresa as she removed her bikini bottom and stood over Teresa's head.


"What are doing????" nervously asked Teresa again.


"Isn't it obvious?" nonchalantly replied Samantha. "I'm going to smother you. If you're going to die, at least it will be done erotically by somewhat as gorgeous as me."


Samantha then straddled onto Teresa, forcing herself entire vagina area on Teresa's nose and mouth. Her eyes lit up in shock as she fought for air and could smell and taste Samantha's moistening vagina and her fluids.


"MMMMPPPPHHHH!!!! MMMRRRGHHH!!!!" exclaimed Teresa as she was being smothered by Samantha.


"That's right, Teresa, you want to breathe, start licking." angrily replied Samantha as she looked into Teresa's panic filled eyes.


Reluctantly Teresa began licking Samantha's vagina fluids, and could barely breathe or move as her body was locked in place by Samantha's legs and couldn't move since she was still stuck in the sand. Desperate, Teresa opened her mouth wide and bit Samantha's vagina.


"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" shrieked Samantha as she jumped off Teresa and put her bikini bottom back on. "YOU BIT ME! YOU BIT ME, YOU CUNT!!!!!" she angrily cried out as she ran off into the rainforest.


Teresa gave a sigh of relief but was still unable to move. Still struggling to no avail to get out, Teresa desperately hoped for Barbara to get back soon or for Sara to free herself.


*          *          *


Fatigued, Barbara finally pulled herself out of the small mud bog and made her way to the water source she spotted, which turned out to be a small freshwater pond. Barbara took a quick dip in it, cleaning the mud off which quickly washed off her body. After her swim Barbara got out of the pond and walked back to camp and arrived to see her friend Teresa buried up to her head in the sand.


"Teresa, what happened?" asked Barbara.


Teresa panted trying to regain her breath. "Just dig me out first and untie Sara in the shack. I'll tell you the rest then."


*          *          *


After Barbara dug Teresa out as she quickly cleaned herself off with water and put her clothes back on while Barbara went inside to untie Sara. Sara informed Barbara of Samantha's snake bite and what Samantha tried to do to her, they decided their next move.


"We need to find Samantha fast... maybe even call San Miguel to pick us up tomorrow morning. If she don't find her, she's going to get really sick." worriedly spoke Sara.


"This island isn't very large. We should be able to find her." replied Barbara.


"Yes, but with the dense vegetation, we'll never find her in time." explained Teresa. "She could hide anywhere underneath the bushes or in the tree vegetation and we'd never find her."


"BUT.... she still needs to eat, right?" interrupted Sara.


"So?" asked Teresa.


"So......" smiled Sara as she added some more wood to the fire and placed the metal grill frame on top of it. "Samantha hasn't eaten anything in hours... its time that we started dinner a little early."


Barbara placed a steak and some hot dogs on the open fire grill and some cheese in between some bread. Afterwards the three hid in the bushes. Within minutes, the smell of the cooking meat and cheese was caught in the breeze and into the rainforest. Samantha caught wind of the aroma and heard her stomach growl loudly. Cautiously, Samantha made her way back to camp, but couldn't see Barbara, Teresa, or Sara anywhere. Kneeling down to the fire, Samantha grabbed a hot dog and grilled cheese sandwich and hungrily ate them.


"GOTCHA!!!!" yelled out Barbara as she ran up and tackled Samantha to the sand. The two wrestled and rolled, with Barbara finally gaining the upper hand and pinned her down. Sara quickly ran up and held Samantha's arms down even more, while Teresa finally injected her with the anti-venom serum.


"EEEEEEE!!!!!" shrieked Samantha in pain as she blacked out.


"Is she going to be okay?" asked Barbara.


"Yes." answered Teresa. "All she needs to do now is rest and keep giving her fluids to drink. But look at all these cuts and bruises on her arms and legs... I don't even want to think about what she did to herself because of that hallucinogenic venom."


"I'll call San Miguel on the radio and have him pick us up tomorrow. Samantha is going to have to go to a hospital just to make sure that she's okay." spoke Sara.


"All right." agreed Barbara.


The next morning Samantha was taken to the ship infirmary, and gratefully thanked Barbara, Teresa, and Sara for saving her and apologized for the trouble she caused. Barbara and Teresa stood on the front port of the boat as it weighed anchor and departed from the island while Sara kept her friend company.


"You could have stayed and done your exploring without her, you know." commented Captain San Miguel.


"Yes, but some things were better left untouched by humans." replied Barbara as she saw the island fade into the horizon.



The End




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