Gromet's Plaza - Halloween Special

Tales from the Crypt: Evil Toys (Part 2 of 2)

by Inferno

Storycodes: Other/f+; bond; tape; rope; dolls; nc; X

Writer's Note: This story is inspired by R.L. Stine's "Night of the Living Dummy" stories (there were three or four as part of his "Goosebumps" series) and used images from a Goosebumps fan site, gromet's club, and other various clubs found in Yahoo!.


"Hello, horror and damsel in distress fans. When we last left the story Kathleen has come face to face with the living dummy Slappy and her friends neatly trussed and tied. Will she and Carissa be able to save them?  Let's find out in the conclusion of this monstrous story of mayhem. "





EVIL TOYS (Part 2 of 2)

"Why are you doing this?" worriedly asked Kathleen as Slappy finished tying the knots. "You hold me up at gunpoint and force me upstairs into the guest room and make me take off my clothes and then tie me up. Who are you?"


"No reason." giggled Slappy as it tape gagged Kathleen's mouth shut. "I just like doing this sort of thing. And about the gun......."


Slappy squeezed the trigger. A red flag shot out with a "BANG" emblem on it; it was a FAKE! Kathleen angrily struggled, realizing she was duped into being made a prisoner by a living dummy. While Slappy was tying up Kathleen, Rocko was doing his own rope work on the remaining party guests.














In the basement Rocko had removed the skirts off of Tracy and Meghan before tying them to chairs. Both awoke finding themselves bound and gagged, wondering what had just happened. Simultaneously in the Carissa's parents bedroom Cassandra and Andrea awoke tied up and gagged with yellow ropes, and saw their jeans tossed off the bed. Finally, in Carissa's younger brother's room Lisa and Stephanie struggled to escape, with their hands bound behind their back and ankles tied together with rope. The only person remaining was the hostess herself, Carissa, who was cleaning up outside unaware of what transpired over a period of several minutes.


Carissa was suddenly jumped on from behind and wrestled to the patio floor. Although hitting the wooden patio hard, Carissa quickly recovered and threw off what was on top of her. She rolled to the side and back to her feet to see the attacker, only to see Rocko, one of the ventriloquist dolls!


"WHAT?" shrieked Carissa. "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? HOW DID YOU.....!"


Carissa's exclamation was cut short as Slappy jumped onto her back from behind, covering her nose and mouth with a handkerchief soaked with ether. Carissa felt her head become heavy as she dropped to her knees and then fell back onto the patio knocked out. Rocko clapped happily as Slappy took a bow while they dragged the unconscious Carissa into the house.


Meanwhile, back in the woods Mary Beth was finally able to slip her hands free from the ropes. Untying herself and removing the gag, Mary Beth searched the immediate area, finding her shoes and socks and quickly put them back on her feet. Regaining her bearings, Mary Beth headed back to the trail to get back to Carissa's house.


"Wakey-wakey, little Carissa." insulted Slappy as it gently slapped Carissa on her cheeks to wake her up. Carissa began to stir, feeling her hands tied behind her back and ankles bound together with rope.


"Mmmmmmmnnnnnn?" moaned Carissa as she awoke.


"Hello, Carissa, happy to see me?" evilly laughed Slappy. "I've got you and all your pretty friends tied up tight in this entire house, and you're the last one we captured. Impressed? You should be."


"MMNNNNNNN!!!!!!" angrily replied Carissa through the several layers of tape used to gag her.


"My, such language from such a pristine young woman such as yourself." wickedly grinned Slappy, as he copped a quick feel of Carissa's breasts through her skirt. "Mmmmmm, very nice."


"HMMMMMPPPHHH!!!! GGGTTTTT FFFFFFFF MMNNNNN!!!!!!" bitterly demanded Carissa.


"Heh. You're in no position to make demands, Carissa." grinned Slappy.


Carissa looked as Slappy proceed to crack open the wine cabinet and began guzzling down the wine. However, Slappy didn't really have a stomach, and the expensive wine simply drained down his wooden and plastic body and onto the floor.


"Dang.... I'm going to have to fix that somehow." angrily muttered Slappy to himself. Carissa looked on trying to think of a way to escape. She again tested the ropes around her wrists and ankles, and was unable to escape.


Mary Beth had finally made her way back to the house, and took a quick peek through the windows. Just as she feared, Slappy and Rocko had knocked out and tied up all of her friends at the party just like they did to her earlier that afternoon. She also saw Rocko sitting quietly outside one of the rooms as a guard, and saw Slappy trying to consume mass quantities of alcohol.


Wasting no time and making a quick plan, Mary Beth went to the shed and sifting through some of the old tools. Mary Beth decided to go for the direct approach, and picked up a small chainsaw that Carissa's father used to prune trees in the yard. Pulling on the cord, the chainsaw immediately fired up instantly as Mary Beth charged through the main door.


Rocko was immediately caught off guard as Mary Beth attacked with the chainsaw, slicing the living dummy in half with the chainsaw. Slappy heard the noise and looked on in shock, seeing Mary Beth free and brandishing an extremely deadly weapon.


"AUGH! SHE'S GONE POSTAL!!!!!" shrieked Slappy as it ran down the halls and leaped out the window to escape. Mary Beth continued the pursuit outside but saw no trace of the dummy anywhere. In the distance, she saw a garbage truck driving away in the distance. Mary Beth searched around the yard and found nothing before returning back into the house to untie Carissa, Kathleen, and the rest of her friends.


The End....for now




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