Gromet's Plaza - Halloween Special

Tales from the Crypt: The Ex

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/ff; bond; tape; wrap; cocoon; nc; X

Writer's Note: This story uses images from this web site, gromet's club, the movie "The Frighteners", and other various clubs found in Yahoo!.


"Hello fans. Crypt Keeper here once again with my ghoul-friend on a hot date in the mausoleum. If you think you have relationship problems check out this next tale, involving an angry ex-boyfriend with hostile and murderous intents. I call this one, The Ex....."





The Ex

Finals came and went for Sharon quickly and as usual, her performance was exemplary, even improving her overall average in two out of the five classes that were borderline A/B or B/C. Still, she was pretty exhausted from the ordeal, as all of her finals were within a two day period. In contrast her roommate Sara was already out of college and in the work force, and was getting off early with the reduced work holiday schedule.


Sharon made it back to their place and practically collapsed on her bed. Sara had already left for work but was coming home early, much to Sharon's envy in the reduced work schedule. Still, for her finals were over, which gave Sharon a couple extra days to relax before heading back home for the semester break. Sharon put her binder and books away on her desk and started to undress to take a badly needed nap. Removing her blouse, pants, and socks, Sharon was only wearing a short gray t-shirt and gray cotton panties.


"Hmmmm. Sara was right. You are kind of cute." spoke a male voice from the outside hallway.


Sharon turned around in complete surprise. "Who said that?"


"I don't think we've ever met. I'm Mike... Sara's boyfriend." evilly grinned Mike.


"You're not her boyfriend... you broke up over a week ago... get the hell out of here..... NOW!!!" angrily ordered Sharon, covering herself up with her blouse.


"Oh, you're feisty. I like that!" smiled Mike as he tackled and wrestled Sharon to the floor. Forcing Sharon onto her stomach, Mike grabbed her hands and put them behind her back. Holding them down with one hand, Mike pulled out a roll of gray duct tape with his free hand and quickly bound her wrists.


"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" angrily protested Sharon as she struggled and kicked. "GET OFF ME!!!"


"Still feisty." smiled Mike. Mike then tossed the duct tape away, and proceeded to roll Sharon up tightly in a black PVC tape cocoon leaving only her head protruding and feet out. Sharon frantically and struggled but couldn't escape. Mike pulled out


"UNNH! LET ME GO! I'M GONNA SCREAM!" yelled out Sharon.


Mike quickly covered Sharon's mouth with a couple pieces of black PVC tape to gag her. "Don't think so, Sharon. You, me, and Sara are gonna have fun today...." Mike then left the room and closed the door, leaving Sharon struggling on her floor. Kicking with all her might, Sharon couldn't get her hands or feet free or wiggle out of the cocoon wrap. Worried about the sudden of this apparent psycho ex-boyfriend of Sara's, Sharon continued struggling to try and escape.


Several minutes passed and Sara returned home. Entering the place, Sara suddenly felt strange, for she could see Sharon's shoes and could tell that she hadn't left, but didn't know if she was simply sleeping or if something was wrong. Cautiously, Sara made her way to Sharon's room, and opened the door. To her horror she saw her roommate tightly bound and gagged on the floor.


"SHARON!" exclaimed Sara in shock as she ran over and removed the gag. "What happened? Who did this to you?"


"Sara, you have to get out of here and call the police. It's your 'ex' Mike...." quickly panted Sharon.


Suddenly, as massive handkerchief soaked with ether covered Sara's nose and mouth from behind. Sara struggled but soon blacked out and slumped to the floor. Mike poured some more ether on the handkerchief, and covered Sharon's nose and mouth afterwards, knocking her out also.


"Time to wake up." evilly spoke Mike as he lightly slapped Sara on the face to wake her up. Sara shook her head and the effects of the ether, regaining her bearings and vision. To her horror Sara found herself wrapped tightly in a red tape cocoon. Sara saw Sharon still tightly bound on the floor gagged, still unconscious from the ether.

"What are you doing here, you bastard?!" angrily cursed Sara as her ex-boyfriend. Mike then stood Sara up against the wall, as Sara could barely keep her balance.


"Come on now, Sara, is that anyway to treat your true love?" insultingly replied Mike as he straddled her and groped at her large, tender breasts. "I don't know why you ran off like that when you found me and Jessica doing it... you could have joined us."


Sara turned her head and shut her eyes of complete repulsion to Mike. "You could have at least blindfolded me so I don't have to see your ugly face, you filthy pervert!!!"


Mike lost his patience and slapped Sara in the face. Sauntering to the floor where Sharon lay, Mike pulled down his pants part of the way and straddled Sharon.


"No, I want you to watch..." bitterly answered Mike. "...I want you to watch me to rape your roommate Sharon and then you and me are going to have some fun. All I need to do is cut a few specific sections of this cocoon."


Sara struggled against her bonds, but was unable to move. Panic started to fill in: she was completely helpless and her friend was about to get raped by this perverted bastard. Frantically Sara backed against the wall, knocking down a copper plaque piece mounted on it.


"What?! What do you think you're doing?" asked Mike, intrigued by Sara's desperate actions. Nonchalantly Mike kneeled down and looked at the copper plaque, which strangely began to glow as two beady eyes gazed into his. The room suddenly became dark as a spirit emerged from it.


"Hey.... what's...." murmured Mike the ghostly spirit hovering in front of him with angry rage seething from it.


"MORTAL....YOU ARE MINE!!!!" echoed the spirit as it engulfed Mike in its life draining aura.


"MMMMMPPPGGGGG!!!!!" gasped Mike as the spirit engulfed his head. Quickly and almost mercifully Mike's neck snapped as his struggling body suddenly went limp. As quickly as the spirit emerged the spirit returned to the copper plaque, taking Mike's body with it and cut a slit in the cocoon binding Sara before disappearing.


Sara gave a sigh of relief. Finally getting her hands free Sara was able to untie herself and started to cut Sharon free.


"Sharon, are you okay?" asked Sara.


"I think so..." replied Sharon as she rubbed her head. "I feel terrible... what happened? Where did Mike go?"


"I don't know...." calmly replied Sara. "I think he heard the police patrolling nearby and panicked."


"Maybe...." spoke Sharon, still weak from the ether. "We'd better call the police. He might come back, you know."


"Yes, you're right." agreed Sara. "Although I don't think we'll have to worry about him returning, though." Sara thought to herself. With that piece of self-satisfaction, Sara smiled as she remounted the plaque on the wall.


The End



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