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Tales from the Crypt: Leprechaun's Return

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; rope; magic; snake; nc; X

Writer's Note:


"Hello fans. Crypt Keeper here once again with my ghoul-friend on a hot date in the mausoleum. If you think you have relationship problems check out this next tale, involving an angry ex-boyfriend with hostile and murderous intents. I call this one, The Ex....."






Despite being incinerated and struck repeatedly with blunt objects, the evil leprechaun O'Warwick survived and dragged his body back to his lair. There it slept for weeks and magically regenerated his wounds, still dreaming of gaining even more gold than before. At last O'Warwick's wounds healed and his magical power restored back to full strength.


"Thought me dead, did they? They've beaten and bruised me, but I keep coming back and now me magical power is at full strength!" evilly giggled O'Warwick to himself as he arose from his wooden bed of straw and patches of wool. "O'Warwick the leprechaun is BACK, here to get even MORE gold than before, and woe to the lowly mortals to get in my way! I shall weave a fine path of killin' as I begin gathering a shiny gold shillin'!!!"


Several miles away Erika and her friends Nina and Jill were enjoying a vacation cabin along the lake. Owned by Erika's parents, it served as an inexpensive getaway from the pressures of work. It was early evening, as Erika was changing into a blue swimsuit while Nina and Jill were getting dressed in formal attire and finishing up their make up.


"You two look nice." commented Erika as she picked up a towel. "What's the occasion?"


"We're going to that charity function in downtown. Our boss is having all of us on his staff to go attend this black tie entertainment affair paid for by the company. It's about $200 a ticket normally, so this will be a nice change of pace since we never really attended one of these things before." replied Jill.


Erika smiled and rolled her eyes. "Better you than me. I never really could get into those stuffy events. The food is mediocre, the music is too loud, and it's filled with egotistical corporate types who honestly have too much money and time on their hands." Jill laughed as Erika shrugged and then left the vacation house for an evening swim in the lake and started walking down the trail.


Jill finished up styling her hair and makeup, took a final look in the mirror before leaving, combing her long brown hair. She struck a stylish fashion into the mirror and smiled, admiring her physical beauty and knowing its effect on the male attendees at the event tonight.


"Better than mortal man deserves." joked Nina as she got her purse and the two friends left the vacation house. The full moon had already risen overhead as Jill and Nina got into their car and pulled out the driveway. In the distance Jill could slightly see Erika taking her leisure evening swim. Erika was an excellent swimmer and the lake was shallow from the dry summer and autumn season, so neither worried about the risk of Erika drowning out there in the lake.


Several minutes later Erika finished up her swim and began drying herself off with a towel, enjoying the clear evening sky and the shining full moon overhead. It was an unusually warm autumn evening, possibly the early arrival of the one or two day "Indian Summer" where for one or two days the crisp and cool autumn weather is replaced with summer heat and sunshine.


As Erika began her walk back to the house while nestled and hidden in the woods O'Warwick watched and recognized her. O'Warwick had remembered Erika from their previous encounter before where he found one of his missing gold shillings there, and remembered the fight she put up also.


"Ah, a pretty one." wickedly thought O'Warwick. "You look like a strong and feisty one. Best to get you out of my as soon as possible so I can steal some valuables for me golden hoard of treasure."


Sneaking in the shadows of the trees cast by the full moon above, O'Warwick tiptoed through the woods and entered the basement of the house. Primarily a storage room, it was also where the washer and dryer was located. O'Warwick cleverly hid amidst the boxes and items stored, observing Erika and waiting for the best time to strike.


"That's right, lass. Keep your back to me." thought O'Warwick to himself as he slowly crept up and emerged from his hiding place. "Magic would take too long to try and subdue her, and I must conserve me magic. What to do? Hmmm. Perhaps a more direct approach would be better and use magic just in case she escapes, eh? Yes, that's it.... that's a grand little scheme. Most definitely. Heh-heh."


Erika unsuspectingly made her way to one of the storage bins where the detergent was kept. Some of the old bedsheets smelled a little funny when they got to the vacation house that afternoon, so Erika decided to have them freshly washed before Carey returned from her event. O'Warwick made his attack, running at full speed and jumping onto Erika's back, wrapping a cord around her throat.




"GOTCHA LASS!!!!" yelled out O'Warwick as his momentum forced Erika forward as she staggered. Much to surprise, Erika remained on her feet, trying to fight off whatever jumped on her back.


"HEY! WHAT THE.....!" exclaimed Erika as she grabbed hold of the cord, trying to throw off the creature she couldn't see that grabbed her. Erika first ran backwards, slamming the leprechaun O'Warwick against the wall. O'Warwick retained his grip around the cords, choking Erika as he kicked and used his momentum to kick off the wall. O'Warwick then rammed Erika headfirst into one of the basement poles, knocking her out cold. Erika fell to the floor unconscious as O'Warwick gleefully smiled.


"Ah, me luck must be shining on me this fine evening. This strong lass be subdued within seconds without a single wave of me magic." wickedly smiled O'Warwick as he proceeded to tie Erika's wrists to the pole and ankles together with rope. Erika remained motionless and knocked out, making it easy for O'Warwick to truss and bind her quickly. It didn't take long for Erika to recover and awake, and looked on in shock to see the evil leprechaun standing in front of her.


"Hello, lass, and I must say you are indeed a fit and athletic one and look good enough to eat!" sinisterly complemented O'Warwick. Erika didn't know what to say.


"YOU!" spoke Erika in disbelief, seeing the evil leprechaun up close and personal. "What are you?"


"I be O'Warwick the Leprechaun, pretty lass, and I be adding to my treasure of golden hoard. Hidden in this house is the gold I so love and cherish so I shall be on my way to find it." evilly explained O'Warwick.


"You're insane...." spoke Erika. "...there's no gold here!"


O'Warwick sniffed the air. "Ah, your words do ring true, lass. You honestly don't know of any gold here, but buried and hidden in the walls and floors are long lost treasures of gold from years ago before you and your family ever stepped foot into this house."


O'Warwick left the basement, sniffing the air and tracking the traces of gold like a badger in the woods. Erika helplessly remained bound to the pole, looking for something she could grab and cut herself free.


Meanwhile, O'Warwick entered the attic the house, pulling apart a couple of the old wooden floorboards and finding a couple small golden coins. Wiping off the dust and grime of a few decades, O'Warwick smiled as the gold began to regain its luster.


"Ah, that's more like it." evilly smiled O'Warwick as he placed the two gold coins into his pocket. O'Warwick sniffed the air, catching wind of even more gold in the attic as he began rummaging through other parts of the attic looking for more gold, but then felt the trail change. "Hmmm.... the trail is leading me to the bedroom, perhaps?"


Nina and Jill pulled into the driveway and parked her car. The function for the two of them was boring beyond words, as they left the event after the formal portion ended. Jill was the first to enter the house while Nina had to rearrange some things in the backseat of her car.


"Erika?" called out Jill. "You were right. Those black tie functions really are boring and painful. Erika?"


Jill then heard movement upstairs in the general vicinity of the attic, assuming that it was Erika sifting through old family memorabilia or simply cleaning it up. Jill went upstairs to the guestroom, where she started to undress to change into something more comfortable and to maybe help Erika out. Unknown to Carey, the evil leprechaun looked on, admiring her body.


"My, my, my...." commented O'Warwick to himself as he looked on observing Jill. "This other lass be even more beautiful than the one before! Perhaps it's time to use me magic."


O'Warwick opened his small pouch, pulling out magic dust and tossed it into the air. The gold dust shimmered and took solid form, a massive snake than began to slowly slither on the floor towards Jill from behind. Silently the large snake made its way closer and closer to her, until it gently tipped over a shoe that fell onto the floor, breaking the room's silence.


The sound startled Jill momentarily, as she stood up from the bed and looked around, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. O'Warwick lustily looked on, admiring Jill's body in only her intimate apparel.


"My, these two human mortals I've encountered are strikingly attractive...definitely good enough to eat." sinisterly thought O'Warwick to himself as he licked his lips hungrily. "I wonder which should I devour first?"


Jill again looked around, finally seeing the shoe that was knocked down of the rack. Jill then put the shoe back in its place, but still couldn't shake off this strange feeling over her. Goosebumps formed on the back of her arms as she looked around again, seeing nothing. The snake hid the shadows and underneath the bed, slowly slithering up the bedside before at last striking. Biding its time, the massive snake pounced onto Jill's unsuspecting body.


"HEY!!!! WHAT THE...?!!!" exclaimed Jill as the snake slithered up her body and wrapped around her arms, pinning them together. Jill could feel its massive strength and weight on and around body, and struggled to slip and arm free. O'Warwick watched on happily as his magic took physical form. 


"GET... OFF... OF.... ME!!!!!" angrily gasped Jill as she struggled, only to feel even more coils of the snake wrap around her arms.


"Struggle all you like, lass.. .you won't be escaping." confidently whispered O'Warwick as he returned back into the attic to look for more gold.


"" nervously panted Jill, now too weak to even scream for help. She felt her strength being sapped from her and felt the snake begin to wrap its coils around her legs. Jill struggled to remain upright, knowing that if she fell the snake would quickly wrap up her entire body. Suddenly, she was joined by her friend Nina.


"OH MY GOD!" exclaimed Nina, frozen with fear. She was always afraid of snakes since she was a child, and this giant one was a nightmare come to life. Instantly and magically, the massive serpent increased in size and entwined itself around Nina; now both Jill and Nina were being squeezed by the massive serpent.


Jill and Nina desperately squirmed and struggled, trying to get their arms free and to push the snake's coils off of. The snake's weight and grip was immense, and both began to sweat heavily from their constant struggling, and were wondering where Erika was and if she was okay or hurt. Their breaths turned shallow as both Nina and Jill blacked out from lack of air as the serpent then released its grip and magically disappeared into thin air as the spell wore off.


"Ah, this be a fine day for me." wickedly grinned O'Warwick. "Now to truss the two lasses downstairs captured by the snake spell. Grabbing several lengths of rope, O'Warwick bound Jill, still dressed in her lingerie, to a chair and ripped apart Nina's dressed before tightly binding arms and legs. Both soon awoke weak and could barely move, let alone struggle to try to escape.


"Now to continue me search." smiled O'Warwick as he rubbed his hands and went to the attic.


Upstairs O'Warwick ripped apart another couple of floorboards, finding another couple of small gold coins in a small cloth pouch. Wiping off the dust, O'Warwick lustily smiled as he added the gold coins to his pocket.


O'Warwick searched around for more gold, finding nothing more in the attic. Suddenly, his stomach began to growl. O'Warwick hunger started to scream louder than his greed, and he listened.


"Hmmm.... it has been a while since I tasted a bit of human flesh. Perhaps it is time to eat the handsome lass in the basement, and later I'll snack on her two friends." thought O'Warwick to himself as he made his way down the attic and began walking back to the basement.











Downstairs in the basement Erika could hear the insane cackling of O'Warwick and his heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. Urgently Erika pulled and tugged, finally untying the knots on the ropes binding her ankles.


Once freeing her ankles Erika pulled the knots loose from the rope binding her wrists with her teeth, finally untying herself. O'Warwick made his way downstairs, arriving in the basement.


"Helloooooo, lass..." confidently smiled O'Warwick as he entered the basement with a slight swagger. Expecting to see Erika still trussed to the pole, much to his surprise he saw nothing but the small pile of ropes left behind!


"What? You escaped?" called out O'Warwick, sniffing the air. "Ah, but you are still in the basement hiding, aren't you lass? I can still smell the sweet lifeblood flowing inside you. I shall enjoy eating your skin and delectable liver. Or perhaps I should take a more physical approach with you, engaging in good old fashioned sexual intercourse with your kind."


"FOUND YOU!!!!" happily cried out O'Warwick as he shoved some boxes out of the way where Erika was hiding. His evil gleeful grin turned to shock as he saw Erika with a small propane  burner in hand. "Now, wait... lass... I was just kidding...I...."


Erika said nothing but turned the propane burner on full, striking O'Warwick in the face with the flames. A panicked O'Warwick screamed in agony as he ran out of the house and fell on the patio outside in flames as he burned to ashes.


Erika gave a stern but satisfied grin on her face. "Thanks, but I have a headache."





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