Gromet's Plaza - Halloween Special

Tales from the Crypt: The House of Mischief

by Inferno

Storycodes: Other/f+; bond; tape; wrap; cocoon; nc; X


"What a beautiful spring day!" smiled Jen, the first to get out of the minivan. "I've been waiting all week for this weekend getaway!"


"Definitely better than being cooped up in a stuffy office building." agreed Janeen, a young brunette. "What do you think, Cassandra?"


Cassandra couldn't help but admire the prospect of their own vacation house for the weekend. "I have to admit, Janeen, you know how to pick the best camping spot where no one else is around. Even this small dirt road we used isn't even on the map!"


Cynthia and Mary Lynn were the last to get out of the minivan and stretched out from the long car drive out from the city to the country. Cynthia, a young blonde, grinned in eager anticipation to finally relax a bit while Mary Lynn simply enjoyed the warm sun.


"Well, let's get setup first and then enjoy this place." suggested Jen excitedly. The other four women nodded and smiled with eagerness. Several minutes later, their food was unpacked in the small vacation cabin and equipment such as camping chairs and lanterns were downloaded.


"What now?" asked Janeen.


"I'm going for a swim first..." smiled Cynthia. "...but I need to change first. Anyone care to join me??"


"Sure, that'd be great!" smiled Cassandra “Be right with you!” Cynthia and Cassandra went into the next room to change.


"How about you two?" asked Janeen to her friends Mary Lynn and Jen. The two of them looked at each other and smiled.


"CAT NAP!!!!" they replied in unison.


Janeen laughed. "Well, since I DID do most of driving her I think I'm entitled to a little nap also. I'll see you two later."


"Bye!" waved Mary Lynn as she and Jen went into one of the other room to nap. Unknown to the five young women, their arrival and separation was being watched!


"Invaders in our house?" spoke a voice. "Where did they come from?"


"I don't know... but they're all kind of cute... what shall we do?" asked another.


"The same thing we always do to women that enter our forest., heh-heh..." commented yet another. "But which one?"


"I've always been partial to blondes..." spoke one.


"So be it, then..." grinned the leader as the brownies, small 6 inch tall men descended from the fairy folk, slid back into the house crevices.


“I’m dying for a nap!” smiled Jen as she started to undress into something more comfortable. Mary Lynn simply smiled in response as she did the same and laid down to nap. Unbeknownst to the two sleeping women, a small group of brownies crawled and snuck their way through the grass towards them brandishing rolls of plastic wrap and tape.


"Now's our chance!" whispered one of the brownies. Carefully the brownies surrounded Jen and Mary Lynn as they gently began too wrap them up tightly into cocoons and cautiously pulled, moving their arms behind their back as they tied them together while other brownies tied their ankles and legs together at their knees.


A cool breeze suddenly blew by through the window and gave Mary Lynn a slight chill.


"HEY! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?! UNNNNHHH!!!! MMMMPPPHHH!!!" exclaimed Mary Lynn in shock as she awakened tightly bound in a cocoon of clear plastic wrap reinforced with yellow tape. Jen soon awoke, startled and surprised at their sudden predicament as she found herself wrapped up in red plastic wrap reinforced with gray duct tape.


"What happened? Who tied us up?" nervously thought Jen.


"WE GOT THEM NOW!!!” exclaimed one of the brownies.


"Who said that?" asked Mary Lynn to herself. Out of the floor around them came the brownies, with mischievous grins on their faces.


"OMIGOSH!!!" shrieked Jen. "We've been tied up by itsy bitsy, teensy weensy little men!!!"


"I can't believe this happened to us!" thought Jen. "I can't move at all!"


Back in another part of the house, Cassandra and Cynthia were about to enjoy a swim in the crisp, clear waters of the lake nearby. Suddenly, their peace was soon disturbed by the arrival of the brownies. Out of the crevices and closets swinging on makeshift lines and running from underneath the bed came out dozens of brownies brandishing plastic wrap and tape ropes as they swarmed all over Cynthia and Cassandra.


“Aaaaahhhhh!!!!” shrieked Cynthia as the brownies ripped off her and Cassandra’s bikini tops. "What are these things?!"


"GET HER! GET HER NOW!!!!" happily exclaimed the brownies as they overwhelming Cynthia, pushing her back to a tree where began entwining her rope, binding her to it. Despite her efforts to fight back, the brownies had her wrapped tight in a duct tape cocoon with her breasts exposed. Cassandra was wrapped tight in a clear plastic cocoon reinforced with white tape, and was already gagged.


“HHHHMMMMMPPPPHHHHH!!!!!!” screamed out Cassandra.


"Hey, what's the deal here?" sternly asked Cynthia. "Who are you people? Why have you tied me up! I have friends here, you know!"


"HA!" laughed the brownie leader. "You're in no position to make idle threats to us, lady! We got you tightly tied to that tree, and got your two pretty blonde friends hogtied as they laid out to sunbathe! The other blonde who was swimming with you is stuck up to her head in mud not far from here! By the time she gets out we'll have achieved our mission!"


"Mission?! What are you talking about?" insisted Cynthia.


"Oh you'll see....." laughed the brownie leader. "...we'll be visiting your cute little friend of yours!"


“YOU LEAVE JANEEN ALONE!!!!” angrily yelled Cynthia as the brownie then gagged her with some duct tape. “HMMMPPHHH!!!! MMMNNN!!!”


Minutes passed as Mary Lynn and Jen struggled to escape but couldn't get loose, and Cassandra and Cynthia remained tightly cocooned. All the while Janeen innocently slept, unaware of what transpired earlier as the swarm of brownies surrounded her.


"Quietly now..." whispered the brownie leader as a large group of brownies gently began to roll and wrap the clear plastic wrap around Janeen rested on as she napped. Within seconds the brownies rolled up Janeen into a tight cocoon as they wrapped her with some brown packing tape.


"Now we can party down!!!" giggled the brownie leader as the brownies scurried about as they ripped the coolers open and began devouring the food they packed. Soft drinks, trail mixes, meats, breads, and candies were all being consumed at an alarming rate by the brownies as they celebrated and belched out their satisfaction to the food with a series of loud burps.


Janeen soon awoke from the belching sounds finding herself tightly wrapped and bound like a mummy, looking on seeing the 6 inch tall brownies tear apart their storage cooler and eating all their food before scurrying away.


"MMMMMNNNNNHHHHH????" muttered a gagged Janeen as she kicked and struggled trying to break free. Janeen looked on in disbelief seeing the horde of 6 inch men run amok like a bunch of drunken idiots gorging themselves.


At the same time Mary Lynn and Jen were able to finally untie themselves from the bindings while Cassandra, after several minutes of struggling, finally slipped a hand free and untied Cynthia. The four friends met back in the hallway where found it in shambles as the untied their friend.


Janeen's head was still spinning from what had happened. The other four kind of laughed too at Janeen, seeing her wrapped like a mummy and their immaculate vacation cabin totally trashed. Packing up their things and deciding to leave early and go someplace else, the five friends left the house and drove away.


"Next time.... let's go on a cruise instead..." suggested Cynthia.


The End




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