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Tales from the Crypt: Sorority House Intruder Part Three

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; tape; rope; magic; nc; X

Writer's Note: The images in this story are from videos available for sale at, various clubs found on Yahoo!, the horror movie series "Leprechaun", and this website. This work of fiction is a damsel in distress/horror-comedy story tailored after one of my favorite shows, Tales from the Crypt.


"Hello, horror fans. When we last signed off in part two  O'Warwick subdued the last of the sorority sisters and was en route to find his missing gold. Will O'Warwick succeed?   Read on and find out in the third and final part of tonight tale of terror."






Sorority House Intruder (Part Three of Three)

O'Warwick followed the path of the magically activated divining rod, which began to slowly lead him to his missing gold shilling.  In eager anticipation O'Warwick followed, and was barely able to contain himself.


"YES! YES! YES!!!!" happily thought O'Warwick to himself. "Lead me on my way to me missing gold shilling." The gold divining rod made its way into the entrance to the basement, shining and shimmering a magical light as it slowly levitated.


"Hmmm.... best check on a couple of me prisoners along the way just in case...." thought O'Warwick to himself.


In the dining room after several minutes of struggling the den mothers Monica and Susan were finally starting to get loose. Sweating heavily as they struggled, their sweat and body heat finally began to weaken the adhesive enough for them to slowly work them arms up their chest. Monica and Susan had worked their arms halfway up the cocoon; within a few more minutes one of them would slip and arm free from the tight cocoon. Suddenly, their inevitable escape was interrupted by the arrival of the leprechaun.


"NNNNNNNNNGGHHHH!!!!!!" yelled out Monica in shock, seeing the reappearance of O'Warwick.


"Oh ho! You two are a lot more feisty than I imagined!" commented the leprechaun O'Warwick. "Best to truss you two up even tighter before following the path of the magic divining rod!"


"NNNNNGHHHHHHHH!!!!!" pleaded Susan.


Moments later O'Warwick magically replaced the green and yellow bindings with tight, restraining gray duct tape around Monica and Susan, wrapping them up even tighter than before. Neither could move a muscle as O'Warwick gagged the two with duct tape as well.


"There, that should hold you two while I extricate me gold shilling from the basement!" confidently added O'Warwick as he left the dining room and shut the doors, leaving the two den mothers desperately struggling to escape.


"MMMMMNNNNNN!!!!!!!" yelled out Susan.


"HMMMNNNNGGGHHH!!!! NNNNGGGHHHH!!!!" angrily protested Monica, who felt the tight, binding duct tape around her skin.


O'Warwick then went downstairs into the basement where the divining rod hovered, pointing to the wall. Grabbing a small metal bar he found lying around in the basement, O'Warwick began to cut and dig his way into the plaster wall searching for his missing gold shilling.


Several minutes passed. Monica, Susan, Diane, Stacie, Amber, Teresa, and Robyn still remained tightly bound. After digging a small hole into the hall and into the dirt that made up the foundation, O'Warwick found his missing gold shilling.


"Ah, faeries and goblins be praised, I found IT!!!!" happily cheered O'Warwick as he wiped the mud and dirt clean and tested it in his teeth to ensure it was a real gold shilling. "Yes, that be me missing gold shilling. Most wondrous."


Surprisingly, the divining rod continued to glow, leading O'Warwick upstairs. O'Warwick's demeanor turned from accomplishment to greed.


"What's this? What this? MORE gold, you say, wondrous divining rod?!" queried O'Warwick with an expression of joy. "Well, then, by all means lead on!"


O'Warwick followed the divining rod up the stairs, into one of the other rooms that he had overlooked earlier. The divining rod hovered outside the room, remaining motionless but pointing inside. He peered within, where he saw two of the sorority sisters sleeping in their bed sharing the large bedroom as room mates. Realized the quiet, dark room, O'Warwick how easily he overlooked it the first time he came through earlier.


"Ah, these fine lasses must be wealthy to have been detected by the divining rod. Most fortuitous, I dare say. Best to allow them to sleep more soundly before making my search." thought O'Warwick to himself as he tossed a handful of fairy dust into the room which magically made their way into the nose and mouth of both Rosa and Holly, who's sleep drifted into a deep, sound slumber. Rosa was a college junior with long black hair while Holly had long dark red hair. O'Warwick took a brief minute to admire their beauty before going to work.












The two room-mates soon awoke unable to move. O'Warwick had tightly wrapped up Rosa in clear plastic wrap before binding her up with gray duct tape and gagging her with some more plastic wrap. By contrast he had wrapped Holly up tightly in green plastic wrap.


"MMMNNNNNGGGHHH!!!!!" protested Rosa as she kicked to try to get her legs free. Holly only glared at O'Warwick, trying to move and shake off the effects of the fairy dust. O'Warwick didn't seemed overly concerned with the two, satisfied that they would be out of his way as he put away the divining rod and opened Rosa's and Holly's jewelry boxes on their dressers, finding assorted necklaces, rings, and charms made of gold.


"YES! YES!!!! YES!!!!!!" happily exclaimed O'Warwick as he began filling a pillowcase with the pieces of gold jewelry, must to Rosa's and Holly's disgust.


"HEY!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, YOU FREAK?!!!!" angrily demanded Holly as Rosa continued struggling in the next bed.


"Isn't it obvious? I'm robbing you two, and there's nothing you or your pretty little sorority friends can do, either! I've got them all trussed up tight throughout this house, and by the time the rest of your friends get back I'll be long gone! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!" sinisterly laughed O'Warwick.


"AUGH!!!" grunted Holly as she struggled against the tight, green plastic wrap cocoon. "You'll never get away with this!!!!"


Meanwhile, down the hall Amber continued struggling, finally rolling herself backwards to loosen some of the tape bonds around her arms. Amber then maneuvered herself off the bed down to the floor and towards the metal corner edges of a footlocker she used for storage. Sliding her wrists up and down against the metal edges, Amber finally cut herself free.


"Ugh... .it's about time..." thought Amber to herself as she peeled off the tape from her body. Peeking outside the doorway, she could overhear the maniacal laughter of the leprechaun O'Warwick down the hall in Rosa and Holly's room.


"What to do....?" nervously thought Amber as she hit the silent alarm wired into the entire sorority house. " will be minutes before the police arrive... how do I stop that thing from hurting Rosa and Holly?"


O'Warwick had finished filling the makeshift sac with the stolen jewelry pieces of gold as tipped his hat in thanks to Rosa and Holly, who looked on unable to stop him.


"Thank you, pretty lasses. This trip has been more than fortuitous for me in more ways than one!" callously spoke O'Warwick as he left the room. Entering the hallway and nearing the stairway, O'Warwick's escape was cutoff by the arrival of Amber, who sprayed him in the face with a fire extinguisher.


"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" screamed out a blinded O'Warwick as he staggered and fell down the stairs and hit the floor hard. Staggering to get back to his feet, Amber ran down the stairs and kicked O'Warwick in the groin and shoved him out the door. O'Warwick, disoriented and blinded, wandering into the street cursing and swearing wildly.


"You'll pay for this, lass! You'll be the first for me to rape when I get back inside! When I get me vision back, I'll.....!!" screamed out O'Warwick only to get hit by a passing car speeding down the road. The impact catapulted the leprechaun into some a small cluster of underground electrical wires excavated for maintenance earlier that day. O'Warwick's impact set off the exposed wires as sparks flew and ignited the evil leprechaun.


"AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!" screamed out O'Warwick as he burned into flames.


"Was it as good for you as it was for me?" quipped Amber.






The End


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