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Tales from the Crypt: Uninvited Guest

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; tape; mum; snakes; magic; nc; X


Writer's Note: This story is inspired by the "Warlock" horror movie trilogy that originally starred actor Julian Sands in the first two and Bruce Payne for the third. For sequels on video they aren't half bad, but you do see a steady degradation in quality of special effects from a reduced budget. Images used in this story are found on this web-site.


"Hello horror and damsel in distress fans. My dear friend the Warlock is hitting some dire straits and is in need of restoring his power base in a bad way. Guess he put too much money in those technical stocks in NASDAQ on the American stock exchange. Our tale tonight features the Warlock's attempt to regain some of his lost magic. Who knows? Maybe he'll get lucky and be able to salvage American actor David Caruso's career... now that's REAL magic. AHAHAHA!!"



Uninvited guest


In a shadowy cave the Warlock sat in his decadent throne, weakened and not possessing his great magical powers of the past. He had waited over 300 years for the prophecy to come true, only to see it foiled on three occasions by mere mortals, denying him his destiny, his dominion. Summoning his mystical strength, he tapped the magic to call forth a magical being to assist him.


"A whim, a thought.... and more is sought.... awake my mind.... my will be wrought!" muttered the Warlock as he concentrated and sweat dripped off his brow.


"Address me as the bearer of knowledge...." spoke the shimmering spirit hovering in front of him.


"Bearer of knowledge...." formally addressed the Warlock as he pulled his long blond hair back with his hand in frustration of his diminishing power. "...where can I go to reclaim my lost power and birthright of ruling this world?"


"Seek the sapphire of domination... it still stores more than enough raw power to restore your magical strength and fulfill your destiny. It was stolen by the thief Faltar from the mighty Minos Taurus and emplaced in a piece of cheap costume jewelry and has passed from person to person in pawn shops throughout history ever since as a common trinket." explained the Bearer of Knowledge.


The Warlock's eyes lit up in excitement at this prospect. "Where do I find this wondrous item?"


"There." spoke the Bearer of Knowledge as he scorched a map into the ground, showing where the Warlock may find the lost sapphire; hidden in an old country house. The Bearer of Knowledge image flickered and began to fade. "Your magic is failing again...will that be all?"


"Yes...." reluctantly answered the Warlock as the Bearer of Knowledge dissipated into the air. "Although I wish I had enough magic for you to give me the exact location of that place... I will have to find it myself."


Desperate, the Warlock gulped a special potion he had kept in storage, restoring his magical powers to near peak levels but only temporarily and will drain even more of his lifeforce once the potion wore off. The Warlock smiled as his strength was restored, but knew that he was on borrowed time. After studying the map, the Warlock gestured a spell from his hand and teleported away.


Several hundred miles away the Warlock appeared outside the yard of the house observing the secluded home. In all, he observed four women who appeared to be in their mid to late twenties in age. Using his sorcery, the Warlock cleverly eavesdropped on their conversation and studied them.


"Thanks again for all of you to visit me for the weekend." spoke what appeared to be the group leader, an attractive brown haired woman who appeared to be about 5 foot 5 inches in height and about twenty four years of age with blue eyes and a slender but extremely attractive body. "I didn't like the idea of house-sitting my uncle's place alone."


"No problem, Sara... what are friends for?" smiled Ellen, a blonde haired woman, who appeared to be about twenty nine years of age and was about 5 foot 6 inches tall with a medium build.


"Interesting...." muttered the Warlock as he slipped into the shadows of the bushes.


Meanwhile, the four friends entered the house, a larger than normal house with at three floors and balconies.


Rebecca, an equally attractive woman with short dark brown hair, smiled. "This is a nice place your uncle has. I'm glad you invited us for the weekend to help you house-sit; it's much nicer here than being cooped up at my small apartment downtown."


Melissa, the fourth woman, was about 5 foot 6 inches tall with brown hair, brown eyes, and a petite and slender physique. After entering Melissa stretched her back out in the standing position. "A good night's rest would sound good right now."


"Sounds good to me..." replied Ellen.


About an hour later the four were settled in the house. Ellen had ordered out some Thai that soon arrived via delivery for dinner. The four enjoyed the meal and watched a couple movies on cable as the hour turned late. Rebecca was the among the first to retire for the night, taking a shower while Melissa was already dressed in her nightshirt and panties in one of the many bedrooms stretching out before going to sleep. Laid out on the floor was a sleeping bag and pillow, as Melissa laid on it to stretch out her tone legs. It was a cool summer evening, and Melissa had the balcony windows open to let the refreshingly gentle breezes inside. There, the Warlock saw his opportunity to strike.


Melissa felt the cool summer breeze suddenly become warm. She then looked up and saw a man in his early 30s standing over her, dressed in a black dress shirt and black leather pants with a fair complexion and long blond hair. In his hands was a small black duffel bag.


"Hello, Melissa.... that's a nice, fit, body you have." evilly smiled the Warlock as he put the duffel bag down.


Melissa instantly responded by springing to her feet. "Who are you?!"


"Your master, my dear." he replied.


"Master, huh? Master THIS!!!" angrily responded Melissa as she grabbed the Warlock and drove a knee straight to his groin. Expecting him to fall, much to her alarm nothing happened! Melissa's brown eyes lit up in shock as she simply saw the Warlock smile as if nothing had happened. Melissa delivered another knee to his groin again, yet having no impact on him!


"You're a feisty one. I like that." smiled the Warlock. "But I need to keep you out of my way..."


"Out of your way? What are you talking about? What...." exclaimed Melissa nervously as she backed away from the Warlock.


With a wave of his hand a massive 20 foot python quickly slithered from underneath the bed and up Melissa's legs. Instantly Melissa found her arms pinned at her sides wrapped in the coils of the massive snake. Melissa struggled and gasped for air as she lost her balance and fell onto the floor as the massive python squeezed.


"Unnnnhhhhh!!!!!" panted Melissa as she frantically kicked and struggled to escape the python's grip, only to feel its massive weight tighten around her body. Melissa was fighting for air and couldn't even scream for help.


"Mmmmmmm.... noooooo....." panted Melissa as she felt her hands grow numb and her strength fade. The python continues slithering its coils around her body, now wrapping around her legs. Weakened from the lack of air, Melissa soon blacked out.


"No, don't kill her." ordered the Warlock to the python as it released its grip around Melissa's body and slithered back underneath the bed. "But don't go too far, I'll need you for the other three."


The Warlock then removed Melissa's nightshirt, revealing her petite body and was now only wearing her panties. Smiling and admiring her body, the Warlock copped a quick feel of her breasts before going to work binding her with items he removed from his duffel bag.


Placing her arms at her sides and legs together, the Warlock tightly wrapped clear plastic wrap around Melissa from her shoulders down to her ankles. Afterward he began wrapping white duct tape over the plastic wrap, tightly binding Melissa in a white tape cocoon. Minutes later the Warlock finished his work restraining Melissa in the white tape cocoon, finally gagging Melissa with a small wad of cotton stuffed in her mouth then taped her mouth shut with two pieces of white tape.


"Must conserve my magic.... even if I have to use conventional means to keep these women out of my way..." thought the Warlock to himself as he got to his feet.

Just then Melissa finally awoke. Her eyes lit up in shock as she couldn't move a muscle and saw her body tightly wrapped in bound. Melissa struggled and kicked, and the Warlock could hear the tape squeak and strain against her body, and smiled with a glint of perverted satisfaction over his work.


"MMMMMmmmmmmmppppphhhh!!!!!" angrily protested Melissa.


"I'd like to stay and see you struggle, Melissa, but I have to take care of your three friends first." evilly smirked the Warlock as he walked out the door. "But they will join you soon enough."


"Hhhhhhhmmmmmm!!!! Hhhhhmmmmmmmppphhhh!!!!" cried out Melissa desperately through the gag as she struggled and saw the Warlock leave.


Rebecca had finished drying herself off after a long shower and made her way to the bedroom. Removing her bathrobe, Melissa put on her purple and black floral bra and panties, admiring herself in the mirror and smiling.


"Radiant in beauty, as ever, dear Rebecca...." spoke a voice from behind.


"Who?!" exclaimed Rebecca as she turned around abruptly, seeing the evil Warlock standing in front of her. Melissa quickly grabbed her bathrobe to cover herself up.


"Who are you?" asked a frightened Rebecca. "What are you doing here?"


"So many questions..." smiled the Warlock. "...yet with one simple answer...."


The Warlock waved his waved, magically pulling the bathrobe out of Rebecca's hands and into a corner of the room. Rebecca's eyes filled with fear as she slowly backed herself away from the Warlock, who was blocking the door. The Warlock smirked as he waved his hand again, summoning an even larger python than the one that subdued Melissa earlier.


"HEY!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!" shrieked Rebecca in horror as she saw the massive 24-foot python slither up her body, pinning her arms behind her back and legs together in its massive coils. Rebecca tried to run but stumbled and fell onto the bed, wrapped in its coils as the python slowly began to squeeze.


"No..... not my body.... not my beautiful body....." Rebecca thought to herself as she began to panic. "...I can't move.... help....."


The Warlock walked over to her and smiled as Melissa gasped for air and struggled against the python's tightening coils.


"Please.... let me go...." weakly pleaded Rebecca.


"heh-heh..." wickedly replied the Warlock with a subtle laugh of delight. The Warlock leaned forward, opened his hand and blew some pink mist into Rebecca's face. Rebecca coughed and tried to fight for air and inadvertently deeply inhaled the strange mist, and instantly fell fast asleep. The python quickly released its grip around her and slithered away before finally disappearing. The Warlock felt a slight pain in his sides; the potion was beginning to wear off, it seemed.


The pain quickly faded as the Warlock calmly picked up Rebecca's sleeping body as carried her to the bedroom where Melissa was held captive. Melissa saw the Warlock walk in carrying her friend Rebecca, and frantically kicked and struggled.


MMMMMMMMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!!!" " angrily yelled out Melissa.


"Ah I see you are still in a nice little package." commented the Warlock as he observed Melissa still tightly wrapped in the white tape cocoon unable to move. "I've brought your friend to join you."


Melissa helplessly watched in horror as she witnessed the Warlock bind and wrap her friend Rebecca in a tight clear plastic wrap cocoon. The Warlock then wrapped the plastic wrap cocoon tightly with black duct tape from Rebecca's shoulders to her ankles before gagging her with some black tape. Afterwards he gently laid the now tightly cocooned Rebecca next to her friend Melissa.


"There. A nice set of two." commented the Warlock.


"MMMMMRRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!" bitterly cursed Melissa through the gag as she struggled.


"Still two more." calmly muttered the Warlock as he walked away.


Moments after the Warlock left Rebecca finally came too in horror as she saw herself mummified in black tape and her friend Melissa cocooned also in red tape. Rebecca began kicking to get free but could only hear the tape stretch and strain as it kept her body bound.


"HMMMMMMMLLLLLPPPPHHHH!" cried out Rebecca as she kicked and struggled to escape with no success.




Meanwhile, as Melissa and Rebecca frantically struggled to escape, Ellen was awake and couldn't help but look around. Ellen's wanderlust in the house took her upstairs to the study room where she saw the massive collections of various books and literary works on the bookshelves dating to the mid 1800s.

"This place is a museum in itself...." though Ellen to herself. "...Sara's uncle really collected this stuff??? Amazing..." Ellen turned around to take another picture, only to see a blond haired man dressed in black through her camera lens.


"Ohhhhh!!!!" exclaimed a startled Ellen as she put the camera down. "Who are you? What are you doing here?"


The Warlock smiled as he closed and locked the door. Waving his hand, Ellen's clothes were ripped off by some invisible force, revealing her lacy her white bra and white panties decorated with tiny black polka dots.


"You need to leave... now!!!!" threatened a frightened Ellen. "I have friends here.... I'll scream......!"


The Warlock simply smiled as he picked up a book and nonchalantly opened it. "Shhhhhh...."


Suddenly, a bunch of 10-foot long, narrow snakes with a body diameter of about 1 inch fell from the ceiling onto Ellen. Ellen shrieked in horror as the snakes slithered and wrapped themselves around her stocky body, binding her hands behind her back and wrapping around her arms and legs. Ellen fell to the floor bound tightly in the multiple snake coils that writhed and bound her body.


"No! No, don't! Please......" begged Ellen.


The Warlock simply gave a nonchalantly devilish smirk in response. Ellen soon blacked out from the shortness of breath from the snakes' constriction around her body.


The Warlock momentarily paused from the pain as he felt his magical powers momentarily diminish for a brief second. Regaining his composure, the Warlock canceled the spell as the snakes disappeared into the shadows. Afterwards the Warlock nonchalantly threw Ellen over his shoulder, copped a quick feel of Ellen's buttocks, and carried her to the bedroom where Melissa and Rebecca remained tightly bound and wrapped in their tape cocoons.


"Hello ladies.... miss me?" asked the Warlock as he laid the knocked out Ellen on the bed.


"Mmmmmphhh!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMPPPHHHHHH!!!!!" angrily cursed Melissa as she kicked with her legs.


"Still feisty, I see. And you Rebecca?" sarcastically queried the Warlock.


"HHMMMMMMPRRRRGGG!!!! LLLMMMMM!!!!" yelled out Rebecca.


"I see... heh-heh." evilly responded the Warlock as he tightly wrapped Ellen up from her neck down to her ankles in a clear plastic wrap cocoon before wrapping over it with tight light violet colored tape. The Warlock then gagged Ellen with a small wad of cotton placed in her mouth and then a couple pieces of violet tape over her mouth. The Warlock then coolly laid Ellen down in her white cocoon on the floor next to Rebecca and Melissa.


"Mmmmmmpppphhhh!" angrily yelled Melissa, who now had beads of sweat on her brow from struggling to escape.


"Tch-tch.... such language." spoke the Warlock as he slipped out the door. "One more..." he thought to himself.


"MMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHH!!!!" yelled out Rebecca, trying to wake up Ellen. Ellen finally began to stir and awake, only to find herself unable to move!


"MMMMM? MMMMMMMPPPPPPPPGGGHHHH!!!!" yelled out Ellen as she struggled.


"Unnnhhhhh!!!!" moaned Ellen as she struggled. "Who is this guy? He's tied me up so tightly I can't move a muscle!!!!" she thought to herself.


As Melissa, Rebecca, and Ellen struggled to escape their bonds, Sara was cleaning up downstairs in the kitchen, unaware of what had transpired earlier. Afterwards Sara went to her uncle's den that also served as a guestroom/storage area. Sara yawned and checked her watch; it was close to 11 PM.


Sara turned around. Waiting for her standing in the doorway was the Warlock, coolly smiling at her.


"Hello, Sara." evilly greeted the Warlock.


"Who are you?!" angrily replied Sara, who felt a strange uneasiness from this person who she had never met before. "You need to leave... this is private property."


"Oh, I'll leave... eventually." threatened the Warlock as he got to his feet. "I just need to reclaim what is rightfully mine, that's all. Just give me the sapphire and I'll leave."


"What are you talking about?" questioned Sara.


The Warlock paused momentarily to fight the pain he suddenly felt at the potion's side effects increase. Regaining his breath and calm, reserved, composure, the Warlock smiled. "Very well, then." he spoke as he waved his hand. Suddenly Sara saw her clothes rip off and shoes split apart, revealing her body clad in only lacy white bra and panties.


"AAAAHHHHH! What kind of pervert are you????" shrieked Sara. The Warlock said nothing, but cast another spell summoning the two massive pythons that had subdued Melissa and Rebecca earlier which lunged at her. Sara ducked and rolled out of the way, as the two pythons missed their initial strike.


Sara tried to dive out one of the opened windows, only to see them shut and lock by themselves before she could escape as she heard the door slam. Sara turned around and saw the Warlock standing before her. The Warlock appeared to be in severe pain as he clutched his stomach and staggered toward Sara.


"The sapphire...." ordered the Warlock, now bathed in sweat. "....GIVE IT TO ME!!!!"


"I don't have a sapphire....." angrily replied Sara as she picked up a small aluminum softball bat from the closet to defend herself.


"BAH...." answered the Warlock as he summoned a bolt of mystic energy at Sara. The magical bolt struck Sara instantly, stunning her as she fell onto the bed knocked out.


"Finally." cursed the Warlock, who was now sweating profusely as the side effects of the potions began to increase in severity. The Warlock wasted no time as he quickly bound up Sara in a tight cocoon of red tape, laying her on the bed.


Sara began to finally stir, seeing the Warlock searching through the closets and drawers of room, emptying everything out in a frantic search. Sara could see the Warlock was in constant pain and sweating profusely with a flushed red complexion.


"Who ARE you?" angrily demanded Sara. "Why have you tied me up?! And what have you done with my friends?"


"So many questions. You, of all people, are in NO position to make demands. But you will be with your pretty friends soon enough!" impatiently responded the Warlock as he emptied another drawer on the floor, finding nothing. "WHERE IS IT????"


"What are you talking about? What are you looking for?"  queried Sara.


"Like you are going to tell me, mortal. But if you must know, I seek the sapphire of domination to reclaim my lost power. However, I cannot continue my search with your incessant prattling." sarcastically answered the Warlock, who's once calm and cool demeanor turned to impatience and frustration. The Warlock then gagged Sara with a couple pieces of red tape before placing her in the large resting chair in the room, leaving the bed open for the Warlock to tear apart in his made search.


Sara could only helplessly watch bound and wrapped tightly in the red tape cocoon from the large easy chair as the Warlock tore her uncle's den apart. Boxes were ripped to shreds, drawers emptied, and closets reduced to piles of odd and ends in a mad, wild search conducted by the Warlock. The potion's side effects were starting to reach fever pitch, as the Warlock paused from his wild search to catch his breath. The once powerful Warlock felt his strength deplete and his chest and stomach tighten as the pain became more and more unbearable. The remnants of his magic remained to maintain his physical form, but at what cost?


"Nothing! There is nothing here!" angrily cursed the Warlock, amidst the pass pile of clothes, trophies, picture albums, and books. "There are only two other rooms left in this house. It is only a short matter of time before I regain my lost power, and the miserable deaths of you and your friends will be an added bonus!"


Sara angrily glared at the Warlock. It was bad enough to be in this seemingly dire situation, but what made her even angrier was that her friends had to get involved with this lunatic.


"Yes, you heard me right, Sara! After I regain my lost power I will kill every one of you in a most brutal and vile fashion as a demonstration of my great magic. Your pretty friend Melissa I will incinerate with a blast of fire, while I will kill the one named Ellen with massive shards of ice; your friend Rebecca I will turn to glass then shatter her with an ordinary hammer. But, you, you dear Sara, I shall save my move vile and gruesome spell for last! That I promise you!!!!" bitterly threatened the Warlock.


"MMMMMRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!" angrily protested Sara.


"Worry not. I promised you earlier that you would join your pretty friends and I shall now take you there." retorted the Warlock as he picked her up and carried her over his shoulder out of the room. The Warlock carried her upstairs into the bedroom, where Rebecca, Melissa, and Ellen remained tightly bound in tape cocoons as prisoners. The Warlock laid Sara down at the end as Rebecca, Melissa, and Ellen looked on helplessly.


"Enjoy your special time with your friends, Sara." maliciously spoke the Warlock before leaving the room. "When I return next I shall be re-powered once more."


Sara's reunion with the rest of her friends was not a pleasant one, although she was relieved to see her friends unhurt by this seemingly dangerous and insane lunatic. All of them squirmed and struggled to escape their tight, sticky bonds with no success.


Meanwhile, the Warlock continued his search through the remaining two rooms at a feverish pace. With each passing moment he felt his dwindling magic and strength diminish as his chest and stomach continued to contract and tighten. The search seemed hopeless; with still another room left, the Warlock dropped to his knees as the potion, which restored his powers in the short term, now drained his diminishing life force even more like a chemical parasite.


"Arrrrghhhh...." winced the Warlock, clutching his stomach. The Warlock dropped to his knees agonizing in pain. "Too weak to search... but I will at least murder those four in the next room as some form of satisfaction."


"MMMMMMPPPPPGGHHHH!!!!" exclaimed Melissa in fear as the door creaked open with the Warlock staggering in brandishing a small hunting knife he found in one of the other rooms. Rebecca, Sara, and Ellen looked up and saw the delirious man walking toward them, barely able to stand.


"Now..... I..... kill.... you.... all....!!!!!" cried out the Warlock. Suddenly, he felt his legs buckle as he dropped to the floor and let go of knife. The Warlock desperately gasped for air and strength, until the last of his lifeforce disappeared as his dark heart went into cardiac arrest. The Warlock lay dead in the doorway, his eyes shut with face flushed red.


Moments later Sara was finally able to slip an arm from her bindings. Crawling to a nearby desk and finding a pair of scissors, she quickly cut herself free and finally cut her friends Ellen, Rebecca, and Melissa out of the cocoons.


"Thanks... that felt gross." commented Rebecca as she started to wipe the sweat off her body from struggling. "Who was that guy? Why was he here?"


"I don't know." answered Sara, looking at the sapphire of domination tucked away in the room where she and her friends were held prisoner. "Whatever it was, it couldn't have been very important."


The End

"Poor, poor Warlock. All that time the sapphire was in the room where he held those beautiful young ladies captive. Oh well, as they say here in the horror community, when first you don't succeed, die, die, again! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"


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