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Tales from the Crypt: Tourist Trap Revisited (Part 2 of 2)

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; tape; rope; kidnap; nc; X


Writer's Note: This story was inspired by one of my all-time favorites, the cult-classic horror movie "The Tourist Trap" which starred Tanya Roberts before she was on Charlie's Angels and Chuck Connors in his "post Rifleman" years as an actor. The images used to illustrate this story are from the movie found on (a horror fan site), videos for sale at and, and various clubs found in Yahoo!.


"Hello horror and damsel in distress fans. Crypt Keeper here. Things aren't looking good right now for this of a group of young women that encounter a tourist trap that has them trapped for real with ropes and gags. Nehehehehehehe!!!! Will they escape? Only one way to find out!"





Tourist trap revisited (part 2 of 2)

Into the forbidding night Molly walked down the hillside path heading toward the house, no longer lit as it was before. There was a half moon out, providing some moonlight and combined with the flashlight Molly was able to make her way down without tripping. She was less than 50 meters away from the house when she heard strange voices calling her from the woods surrounding her.


"Molly.....Molly....." called out the voices, sounding like a loud whisper that echoed through the woods. Trepidation crept up Molly's spine as she looked around and scanned with the flashlight seeing nothing.


"Who's out there?" called out Molly into the silent wood line as the half moon shone overhead. Molly's cry was soon answered by the arrival of a strange masked man carrying a mannequin head.


"MOOOOOOLLLLLLLYYYYY!!!!!!!" screamed out the mannequin held by the masked man.


"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" shrieked Molly in terror as she dropped the flashlight and sprinted toward the house, entering through the unlocked front door. The masked man wearing the wig followed behind in pursuit of Molly. Molly stumbled through the dark rooms as she entered the house, tripping over the fallen mannequins used earlier to knock out her friend Chandra.


Molly continued making her way through the dark rooms, entering one passed the family room where Anne and Chandra were captured. As Molly staggered her way through the piles of mannequins, something strange was happening. The mannequins were rising on their own as if they were alive, as their eyes began to glow with an eerie light.


"What's happening....? What....?" worriedly thought Molly as she found herself surrounded by mannequins that were blocking the way out. Unexpectedly the mannequins' mouths opened wide, releasing a strange gray, smoky mist from them.


"NO!" coughed Molly as she tried to force her way through the barrier of mannequins surrounding here. "Nooooo!!!!!!"


Molly soon slumped to the floor fast asleep as the masked man picked her up and carried her into one of the other rooms upstairs. Meanwhile, upstairs Becky remained bound and chained with leather cuffs spread eagle to the bed, while below in the basement Nikki, Anne, and Chandra remained tightly restrained with rope to poles.


Minutes passed. Molly finally awoke in horror, finding herself stripped to her bra and panties, gagged, and tightly strapped down with rope to a large coffee table. Standing over her was the strange man, who them smiled and removed his mask: it was SLAUSEN! Slausen gave a smiled of satisfaction as he inspected the ropes and knots used to tie her down.


"Well now, I believe that should keep you all snug and tight." commented Slausen as he removed the gag from Molly's mouth.


"YOU?!" muttered Molly is total shock. "Why? Where are my friends? What have you done with them?"


"Questions. Questions." calmly replied Slausen in response. "Let's just say I've extended the same hospitality to your friends Becky, Nikki, Anne, and Chandra in this house as I extended to you. You're all so pretty."


"You'd better let us go. We have friends waiting for us." nervously threatened Molly. "They'll start looking for us, you know."


"Oh, you mean your friend Colleen? Where are my manners?" callously laughed Slausen as he opened the closet door. Within the closet was their friend Colleen, who was supposed to meet them at the resort later that night. Colleen was tightly bound from her shoulder to ankles with ropes, dressed in a black corset and fishnet nylons and gagged with a red ballgag. "See? Look how pretty I made her for you and your friends' visit!"


"MMMMMMMMRRRRGHHHH!!!!!" angrily protested Colleen, straining against the tight ropes.


Slausen nastily turned Colleen around against her will, showing the rope work done on her friend Colleen. Molly could readily see how tight Colleen was bound, with her elbows, arms, legs, and wrists tightly bound with rope throughout her body.


"She's so pretty...." complimented a perverted Slausen as he played some of Colleen's hair. Colleen shut her eyes and turned away in total repugnance of him.


"You're insane...." quietly muttered Molly.


Slausen took momentary offense to that remark, then gave a bizarrely wicked smile. "Now, you shouldn't be saying things like that. Besides, I'm not the one tied up. But I think it's time to play with your two pretty friends. What are their names again? Oh yes, Anne and Chandra. They're both so lovely."


"NO!" exclaimed Molly as Slausen re-applied the gag on her. "MNNNNN!!!!"







"And as for you, Colleen...." menacingly grinned Slausen as he pulled out two medium sized pieces of beige ace bandage material. "You almost escaped last time, which was why I had to bind you up extra tight this time. Heh-heh."


Slausen took hold of Colleen's statuesque body and laid her sideways on the floor near an old sofa couch, a couple meters away from where Molly was bound to the coffee table. He then proceeded to wrap the ace bandage material over her mouth and over her eyes, reinforcing the ball gag and blindfolding her.


"MMNNNNNNNNGGGHHHH!!!!!!!" bitterly protested Colleen as she struggled.












"Such language...." sternly laughed Slausen as he left the room. Colleen and Molly frantically struggled to try to escape their bonds but with no success. Colleen could barely move the muscle from the tight ropes restraining her, while Molly struggled to try and work the scarf gag out of her mouth.


Slausen then returned downstairs where Anne, Chandra, and Nikki were being held captive, much to their horror as they saw his return. All three of them remained silent as cold sweat formed on their bodies.


"We are going to have a party...." cruelly laughed Slausen, pointing to Anne and Chandra as Nikki helplessly looked on. "...but for now I'm only going to invite you two."


*          *          *


Slausen had forced Anne and Chandra up the stairs and into one of the other bedrooms down the hall away from where Becky was being held. Stripping Anne of her underwear Slausen tightly bound her on the bed with rope in a hogtie position. For Chandra, Slausen simply removed her bra and quickly bound her up in a hogtie position, placing her next to her friend on the bed. Both remained gagged with gray duct tape, fearful of what this dangerous lunatic was going to do next.


Slausen re-donned his mask and wig, then went to the closet and pulled out several dolls. Anne and Chandra didn't know what to think as the masked and wigged Slausen sat down on the floor and started playing with the dolls, oblivious to them tightly bound on the bed.


Meanwhile, downstairs Molly was able to work the gag out of her mouth.

"Colleen...." whispered Molly. "....Colleen, can you hear me?"


Colleen momentarily stopped struggling and nodded "yes" to her friend.


"Follow my voice and try to get near the middle of the table." explained Molly. "I'll try to untie your wrists and arms." Colleen then rolled herself to the coffee table where Molly was bound and managed to work her way to her knees and near the middle of the coffee table, feeling Molly's fingers on her arms as Molly started to pick and pull to try and undo the knots.

Minutes passed as Molly finally started to make progress undoing some of the knots binding Colleen. Their brief glimpse of hope was cut short as Slausen re-entered the room. Molly was speechless with fright, seeing the seemingly good Samaritan in reality as a dangerous masked and wigged psychopath.



"Well, well, well, what have we hear?" evilly commented Slausen. "I leave to play with your friends upstairs and I see you two trying to escape. I think it's time for your friend Colleen to try on some new knots."











Slausen had untied some of the ropes binding Colleen and proceeded to remove the black halter corset top and forced two leather gloves onto Colleen before retying her. This time Slausen bound her even tighter than before with rope in a restraining hogtie and placed her on the coffee table. Molly looked on helplessly.


"What are you to do to us?" nervously asked Molly before Slausen re-applied the gag and reinforced it with some duct tape. Slausen simply smiled as he pulled out a large jar from another room and unscrewed the holed lid, revealing a small, poisonous snake coiled up inside it.


"This is a young cottonmouth snake." explained Slausen. "A very dangerous and very poisonous snake. I'll leave him here to play with you two while I finish playing with your friends upstairs. My pet is finicky, and won't be happy until he kill someone....heh-heh."


"NNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! NNNNNNNN!!!!!!!" pleaded Molly through the gag. Slausen coldly laughed as he left the room and walked up the stairs.


"MMNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!" grunted Colleen against her ropes. Slausen had not buckled the leather gag as tightly around her this time, and Colleen was able to work it out of her mouth.


"Molly!!!!!" calmly whispered Colleen. "Stay calm. I think I can work my hands free since the ropes are starting to slide off these leather gloves Slausen made me put on....don't worry about the snake. If we stay on the coffee tables and off the floor he won't come after us."


Molly shut her eyes nervously, and prayed for a miracle.


Colleen stretched and strained against the ropes. Despite the tightness of the ropes, they slowly began to slide off the leather glove as Colleen patiently started to work her hands free. Upstairs Slausen continued playing with the toy dolls, while Anne and Chandra looked on in disbelief. Minutes late Colleen finally got her wrists free and quickly untied her ankles and rolled to the side and worked her arms free of the ropes. Remaining on the coffee table, Colleen finished untying herself but could hear the heavy footsteps of Slausen's returning to the room. Colleen jumped into the closet while the young cottonmouth snake slithered out of its jar awakened.


Slausen confidently came back down the stairs and re-entered the room expecting to see Molly and Colleen dead but only saw Molly remaining bound on the coffee table and a pile of ropes on the coffee table where Colleen was once held captive.


Slausen entered and scratched his head. "Now what happened here?" he said out loud.


"THIS, YOU PERVERT!!!" angrily yelled Colleen as she charged out and struck Slausen hard in the lower back with a fireplace iron she found in the closet. Slausen yelled out as pain shot up his spine and fell forward onto the large jar, scattering it as glass fragment impaled his chest.  Immediately the young cottonmouth snake angrily bit in repeated on Slausen's face and throat in defense. Slausen cried out in pain and gasped as the snake venom began taking its effect.


"Nooooo....." muttered a shocked Slausen as he slumped to the floor dying. "...this couldn't have happened... my pet.... my pet...."


"You said that your pet settles down after he kills someone." bitterly interrupted Colleen. "You should have specified who...."






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