Gromet's Plaza - Halloween Special

Revenge of the Killer Klowns!

by Inferno

Storycodes: Other/f+; bond; tape; wrap; cocoon; sci-fi; nc; X


Cleaning up the mess throughout her house, Rhiannon breathed a sigh of satisfaction after everything was put back into order. Unknown to her, nestled in the woods outside her home were none other than the Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Once thought to have been destroyed on numerous occasions, the Killer Klowns proved to be as resilient as they were stupid, surviving and regenerating their wounds. Still stranded on Earth, the Killer Klowns were in dire need of various electronics and other resources to repair their ship hidden in the forest beyond. However, in the time lag from their last run-in with Earthlings, they gained a truly dangerous weapon: intelligence.


"Man, I'm starving! We need to get some food quick or we'll all end up dead!!!" muttered the Killer Klown Commander. Reluctantly, the other Killer Klowns nodded in agreement. Peering in the distance, they saw the quaint residence as the Killer Klowns evilly grinned as the prospects as they saw Rhiannon and her four friends arrive.


"Thanks again for visiting me for the weekend." spoke Rhiannon. "How do you like my new place?"


"Looks very nice." smiled Kayla, a tall light brown haired woman. "A lot better than your old place."


"Pretty ladies..." muttered one of the Killer Klowns sinisterly as they slowly began making their way towards Rhiannon's home.


About an hour later the two friends were settled in the house. Rhiannon and Kayla did the majority of the cooking as the rest enjoyed the meal. As the hour turned late Rhiannon decided to retire for the night, taking a shower while Kayla was getting dressed in her nightshirt in Rhiannon's guestroom before going to sleep.


"This is going to be a great weekend." smiled Rhiannon to her friend. "I can't wait to show all of you the lake that's nearby."


"Sounds nice." warmly responded Kayla. "It'll be perfect swimming weather tomorrow."


"Hmmm, I think I heard something downstairs." commented Rhiannon as she overheard something fall in her basement. "I'll be right back."


Rhiannon went downstairs into her basement, but noticed it completed disorganized and in disarray. It looked as if someone... or something rummaged through everything but finding nothing.


"Strange.... I just cleaned this place up..." thought Rhiannon to herself.


 "Hello." evilly greeted the Killer Klown Commander.


"Who are you?!" angrily replied Rhiannon, who felt a strange uneasiness from this person who she had never met before. "You need to leave... this is private property."


"Nope." replied a Killer Klown as he fired a stun ray at Rhiannon, knocking her out.


The Killer Klowns laid Rhiannon down on the floor and stripped her down to her bra and panties before wrapping her up tightly in a plastic cocoon to bind her. The stun ray's power setting was set on 'low' as Rhiannon began to slowly recover from its effects. Leering over her with the Killer Klowns, admiring her petite body.


"HEY! What kind of perverts are you????" shrieked Rhiannon. "Why have you tied me up?! And what have you done with my friends?"


The Killer Klowns said nothing, but continued searching and rummaging through her basement and stashing various cables and wires into their bags.


 "Who ARE you?" angrily demanded Rhiannon. "Untie me this instant!!!!"


Just then Kayla had entered from upstairs, wondering what was taking Rhiannon so long.


"Rhiannon, is everything okay?" asked Kayla as she continued down the stairs into the basement.


"KAYLA! LOOK OUT!!!!" cried out Rhiannon, trying to warn her friend but was too late. The Killer Klowns had already struck, firing their ray guns as Kayla set on 'disintegrate'. Kayla's clothes instantly vaporized, revealing her stark naked body before them.


"Pretty body..." giggled another one of the Killer Klowns as it rolled a small novelty can towards Kayla. Kayla, still in momentary shock over the sight of her friend Rhiannon tied up in a cocoon and herself completely naked, couldn't believe her eyes. Instantly, she dashed up the stairs to escape.


Rhiannon could only helplessly watch bound and wrapped tightly in a plastic wrap cocoon while Kayla ran away try and get help, with the Killer Klowns in pursuit. Boxes were ripped to shreds, drawers emptied, and closets reduced to piles of odd and ends in a mad, wild search conducted by the Killer Klowns from Outer Space.


"Who ARE these things?" thought Kayla to herself worriedly. "What are they going to do to us?"


Rhiannon could only angrily glare at the Killer Klowns. It was bad enough to be in this seemingly dire situation, but what made her even angrier was that her friend had to get involved with these lunatics.


The Killer Klowns pursued their way up the stairs into the guestroom, where they opened fired with their stun rays onto Kayla as she tried to escape, stunning her.

"We have subdued the inhabitants, but we must make sure that we keep them out of our way." spoke the Killer Klown Commander. "We also must collect some any means necessary, a-hyuk."


"A-hyuk-yuk." grinned the other Killer Klowns as they decided to use Kayla first as a fuel source and to the other four women in 'safekeeping'.


The Killer Klowns left Rhiannon downstairs and carried Kayla into the bedroom, where they bound up her in a tape cocoons as prisoner. She awoke struggling to break free, unable to move from the tight restraints binding her. She squirmed and struggled to escape their tight, sticky bonds with no success.


"MMMMM? MMMMMMMPPPPPPPPGGGHHHH!!!!" yelled out Kayla as she struggled. Meanwhile, the Killer Klowns continued their search throughout Rhiannon's home, procuring valuable wiring, batteries, and electronics from her stereo, television, DVD player, and home computer. 


"I can't believe this is happening to me..." worriedly thought Kayla as she continued struggling against her bonds. "What are they going to do with Rhiannon?"


With Rhiannon and Kayla wrapped up like mummies, the majority of the Killer Klowns gorged themselves on food before continuing their rummage for technological parts to repair their ship. However, the Killer Klown Commander and his small team of Killer Klowns made their way downstairs to the captive Rhiannon.


“Hey.... what kind of sick perverts are you? ANSWER ME!!!” angrily panted Rhiannon, still struggling to escape but unable to slip an arm free.


“A-hyuk.” sinisterly giggled the Killer Klown Commander.


“ANSWER ME! WHO ARE YOU?” angrily demanded Rhiannon. “UNTIE ME AND MY FRIEND THIS INSTANT!!!!”


Rhiannon’s protests were cut short as a Killer Klown continued collecting their items throughout her home, but they were doing more. Instead of stashing it all away, they were re-wiring everything everywhere; they weren’t going back to repair their ship, they were converted Rhiannon’s home into one!


“Excellent. This Earth dwelling shall suit our needs well, and our captive Earthling women will be more than enough fuel to power this new ship.” wickedly thought the Killer Klown Commander.


“HELP! SOMEBODAY HELP!” desperately yelled out Rhiannon and her friends as she tried fighting to escape. The Killer Klowns continued their work converting the Rhiannon’s home into a spaceship to take off like a flying house out of the ‘Wizard of Oz’, focused on their mission.


“A-hyuk-hyuk-hyuk...” merrily laughed one of the Killer Klowns as it passed by Kayla, seeing her futilely struggle against her bonds. “You won’t escape unless we let you escape...”


“HHHHHHMMMMMPPPPP!!!!!” screamed out Rebecca, muffled by the gag.


“You won’t escape unless we let you... of course!!!” thought Kayla to herself excitedly. Kayla immediately rolled to the side and momentarily blocked the path of the Killer Klowns, kicking one of them to get its attention.


“HHHMMMMPPPP!!!! MMMMMMMNNNN!!!!” shrieked out Kayla.


“Hmmm, you have something to say, a-hyuk?” asked one of the Killer Klowns. Kayla’s eyes looked up in anticipation as the Killer Klown knelt down to remove the gag. A plan was forming in her head.


Upstairs the Killer Klowns paused their work and removed Kayla’s gag. The Killer Klowns mischievously smiled at them with leering eyes and hauntingly devilish grins.


“Hi!” pleasantly smiled Kayla, hiding her fear. “You know my friend downstairs and I think you’re all really, really cute.”


“US? A-hyuk.” muttered one of the Killer Klowns in surprise.


“Yep.” responded Kayla, giving a weak smile as she slightly struggled against the tight tape cocoon’s bindings. “I can’t speak for her fully, but I do find guys dressed in clown costumes very.... sexy.”


“Really? A-hyuk-yuk!” excitedly asked another Killer Klown.


“Yes! But what exactly are you studs doing to my friend’s house?” asked Kayla.


“We’re making it into a spaceship and we’re going to take off. A-hyuk-yuk-yuk.” explained one of the Killer Klowns. “We’re the Killer Klowns from Outer Space.”


“Making her home into a spaceship? Killer Klowns from Outer Space.... is this for real?” thought Kayla to herself..


There were four Killer Klowns circled around her, each of whom began drooling over their captive beauties.


“You’re pretty....” smiled one of the Killer Klowns towards Kayla.


“Why, thank you.” smiled Kayla in response, feigning interest in the Killer Klown. “But you know, I really can’t appreciate you tied up like this.... nor can you really appreciate me, if you know what I mean...”


The Killer Klowns’ eyebrow perked up with wild anticipation. Kayla warmly smiled at the Killer Klowns as they smiled back.


“Yes...” seductively pouted Kayla. “...can you please untie me?”


The Killer Klowns, wild with lust, smiled as they started to slowly them free with a pair of scissors they took from Rhiannon’s desk. Kayla breathed a sigh of relief as her plan began to work, and wondered if they would be able to escape in time to help Rhiannon.


Downstairs in the basement Rhiannon was exhausted from struggling to get loose.


“We have what we need from her in this basement.” grinned the Killer Klown Commander. “Let us now go upstairs to take more items.”


“Why are you doing this...?” weakly asked Rhiannon, being leered at by the Killer Klowns. “At least let me put some clothes on!”


The perverted Killer Klowns merely ignored her comments and looked on to her tightly bound body. Summoning what was left of her strength, Rhiannon struggled against the cocoon trying to break free or slip a hand loose.


“I can’t believe this is so tight.” thought Rhiannon to herself. “What are these things and what have they done to Kayla?”


Upstairs Kayla was finally cut free and were peeling the last of the tape bindings from their body. The Killer Klowns looked on her nubile body with eager anticipation as she seductively smiled.


Kayla then grabbed the ray gun out of the Killer Klown’s holsters and fired at the Killer Klown, disintegrating it. She quickly delivered a swift kick to the Killer Klown’s groin, which had no effect! Desperate, she struck the Killer Klown in the nose which popped open like a punctured balloon. Suddenly, the Killer Klown swelled like a overfilled balloon and exploded into a mass of confetti and fell gently onto the floor.


“HIT THE NOSE! HIT THE NOSE!!!!” yelled out Kayla to herself mentally.


“Uh-oh....” muttered the Killer Klowns as they turned to run away, tricked by the Earthling woman into freeing her. Kayla grabbed a fireplace poker and struck the other Killer Klowns on the nose, exploding them instantly. The Killer Klown Commander emerged from the basement in panic, seeing the Earth woman free and his crew exploding before its eyes.


“AAAAHHHH!!!!” shrieked the Killer Klown Commander. “How could this have happened?! How...!!!!”


The Killer Klown Commander’s shock was soon ended as Kayla delivered the final blow on its nose, breaking it apart. The Killer Klown Commander gave one last look of shock as it swelled and at last exploded into confetti.


Minutes later the Killer Klowns were at last destroyed, evident in the large pile of confetti on the floor. Kayla had went downstairs and freed Rhiannon, as the two friends reunited upstairs.


“Hell of a party, Rhiannon. What do you have planned next week?” laughed Kayla. “Freddy Krueger or the Oversexed Rugsucker from Mars?”


Rhiannon shrugged.

The End



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