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Tales from the Crypt: Gold Rush

by Inferno

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; tape; rope; magic; nc; X


Flush with recent success O’Warwick the Leprechaun was pleased beyond words over the gold he collected for his collection.

“Ah, bless me luck, this be a fine stash of gold, indeed!” smiled O’Warwick, admiring his pot of gold. “But yet it seems that there be something that could be added to improve this wee collection. But where? Where to next?”


O’Warwick teleported from area to area, sniffing the immediate vicinity for gold worth his while but found nothing. Until, nestled in the wealthy residential districts of southern California O’Warwick saw a lush luxury home that seems to emanate with opulence.


“Oh, now there be a fine home in this part of the world.” smiled O’Warwick evilly, sniffing the air in front of him. “Yes, a fine, wondrous home so teeming with riches I barely have to sniff the air around to catch wind of that beloved precious metal I crave.”


As O’Warwick walked through the woods he could clearly see the massive luxury home in the distance with its massive open patio and crisp, clear blue water within the pools in the backyard. Meanwhile, the three residents in the house, Elise, Cleo, and Kelsie enjoyed the surroundings and each other’s company.


“This place is amazing.” complimented Kelsie. “How much does you uncle make again?”


“A lot... more zeros than you could shake a stick at.” laughed Elise. “Whenever my wealthy uncle’s away on business and he asks me to watch over his place I could NEVER resist!”


“I can see why.” added Cleo. “And thanks for inviting us her to spend the weekend with you.”


“No problem.” smiled Elise as she tossed out a large towel to lay down on to sunbathe. “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to enjoy some of the sun for a while.”


“I think I’ll go check out that private sauna your uncle owns.” spoke Cleo as she put on her bikini. “When I get back I think I’ll go for a swim in that inviting swimming pool of yours, Elise.”


Kelsie yawned. “I’ll join you two also for a swim later today, but AFTER I take a nap, since I did do the majority of the driving to get here.”


“Okay.” smiled Elise.


Cleo entered the private sauna and enjoyed the cool breeze passing through. Her brief tour was soon interrupted by the arrival of a strange little fellow dressed in a leprechaun costume.


“Who are you?” asked Cleo inquisitively.


“Ah, a pretty lass from the shining palace... .how nice of you to come here and become my prisoner.”


“Prisoner?” inquired Cleo cautiously. “What are you talking about?”


Without warning the evil O’Warwick pulled out a magic wand, waving it into the air. Suddenly, Cleo collapsed on the floor fast asleep!


“Ah, such a pretty lass.” evilly giggled O’Warwick as he removed her bikini top and bound her tightly with rope. Cleo soon awoke from the effects of the sleep spell. “Worry not my sweet lass, I merely wish to take me gold and leave.”


“HMMMPPPH!” pleaded Cleo, tightly bound and gagged.


“Oh my god.... I can’t believe this is happening to me....” worriedly thought Cleo. “I have to get loose of this stuff.... but how?”


Cleo looked around trying to grab something to cut herself  free but saw nothing..


O’Warwick the Leprechaun made his way toward the luxurious vacation home, rubbing his hands with eager anticipation of the wealth inside. Visions of gold coins, necklaces, and rings danced in his head as he continued walking.


“Ah, there it is...” smiled O’Warwick as he saw Elise innocently lying on the back patio topless sunning herself. Elise laid on her stomach resting, unsuspecting of what had happened  to Cleo.


“Quite a comely lass, even prettier than the other one.” evilly grinned O’Warwick as he arrived.


Elise’s restful peace was soon disturbed by the arrival of the evil leprechaun. The once clear, beaming sunshine was obscured by the leprechaun’s body, creating a dark shadow that cast over Elise.


“Hello, pretty lass.” wickedly giggled O’Warwick. Elise instantly awoke and looked up, seeing the strange little fellow dressed in a Saint Patrick’s Day costume giggling malevolently.


“Who on earth are you?” sternly asked Elise. “How did you get in here?”


“Ah, there be fire in your belly, lass.” smiled O’Warwick as he tipped his hat to her. “I be O’Warwick the Leprechaun from the Emerald Isles searching for gold... and my tracking scent had led me here to this fine palace.”


“Fine palace?” queried Elise. “Are you insane? Get out of her now before I call the police.”


“No, we can’t be having that, now can we lass?” threatened O’Warwick as he menacingly walked toward her.


“GET AWAY FROM ME!!!” yelled out Elise as she sprang to her feet and delivered a swift kick to O’Warwick’s groin, momentarily stunning him. Elise dashed upstairs into the guest room heading toward the phone.


“Where do you think you’re going?” wickedly boasted O’Warwick as he entered the family room, smashing apart the glass patio door. O’Warwick tossed a light blue ball that impacted on Elise’s back, exploding into a mad swirling whirlwind of light blue ropes.


“HEY! WHAT’S HAPPENING!!! WHAT..... MMMMPPPPHHHH!!!!” exclaimed Elise as she dropped the phone and felt her arms pinned at her sides and legs and feet bound together as the strands of light blue rope entwined and ensnared her body. Elise fell into a little compact ball onto the carpet bound in light blue cords.


“MMMMMMPPPPHHHHHH!!!!!” angrily yelled out Elise in protest. Elise frantically kicked and struggled but felt the tight ropes keeping her restrained.


“That should hold you lass until I find me gold.” smiled O’Warwick. Elise could only helplessly look on struggling to break free.


“Elise? Is everything okay?” asked Kelsie as she walked down from upstairs, still rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “I heard some shouting.”


“Ooooh, the prettiest of them all!” exclaimed O’Warwick.


“AAAAHHHH!!!!” shrieked Kelsie, seeing the evil leprechaun and her friend Elise bound up in rope. “What are you doing here?”


O’Warwick didn’t bother to give Kelsie an answer, focused more on ransacking the house for gold. O’Warwick simply threw a blue ball at Kelsie which exploded on impact as like Elise, Kelsie soon found herself tied up tight in a cocoon of plastic wrap and blue duct tape as she collapsed on the bed.


“MMMMMMMRRRGHHHHH!!!!!” angrily protested Kelsie.


“HMMMMMMLLLPPPPP!!!!” yelled out Elise. O’Warwick looked on happily, admiring his work.


“There, by the time you two escape from those bonds I’ll be long gone... hee-hee.” laughed the leprechaun as he went upstairs to look for gold.


At the house Elise and Kelsie remained the tightly bound captives of the evil leprechaun who began ransacking the house searching for gold objects. Ripping apart her uncle’s security safe with his fairy magic, O’Warwick found several thousand dollars of negotiable treasury bonds and cash, but no gold.


“BAH!!!” angry cursed O’Warwick as he tossed the documents and cash aside. “This be no good me.... I need gold not weighty paper trash!”


Elise and Kelsie struggled to escape, hearing the commotion elsewhere in the house. O’Warwick raided several drawers, finding a few token items of gold necklaces and a few rings.


“Hmmm, not bad. This be a start.” smiled O’Warwick as he placed the items into his pocket. O’Warwick had finished his search of the house, finding several hundred thousand dollars of negotiable bonds and cash but virtually no gold jewelry whatsoever. Disappointed, O’Warwick was about to leave until happening upon a laptop computer in one of the bedrooms that was already on with wireless internet access activated.


“Ah, t’is a magical device that serves as a gateway of information that I’ve seen before.” remarked O’Warwick, admiring the laptop computer. “Pity I do not know how to work this strange device.... what limitless potential.”


O’Warwick then turned and looked, seeing a small book entitled “Internet Access for Dummies”.


Grabbing the book and laptop computer, O’Warwick grinned as he teleported away just as Cleo entered the house, seeing her two friends bound up with tape.


Hours passed and the three friends had just finished cleaning up the mess created by O’Warwick and annotating the stolen computer.


“Weird.... all this cash and all he stole was an ordinary laptop and a couple gold pieces of costume jewelry.” commented Cleo.


“Well, he’s gone now.... I hope we never see him again.” added Elise.


“....I have a strange feeling we will.” quietly thought Kelsie to herself.



The End for now!




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