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After the Analysis
by Jenny
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After the Analysis by Jenny

After my recent story come analyses about why people like to be mummified and effectively place their lives in another person's hands. I was surprised at the response from readers and more so at the number of women who took time to put pen to paper, Some agreeing with me some disagreeing with me others kind enough to tell me of there experiences.

Now why people should write to me rather that tell Gromet their stories I do not know, as we all know Gromet can be trusted to keep the letters secret between you, me and the millions out there who read his ramblings and then venture on his magnificent site.

Different people had different reasons for wanting to be mummified; others had different reasons for wanting to mummify others. In my own case, it is not a sexual thing so much at least not for me; I can fall asleep before I am fully bound. So I must be the greatest failure sexually for any wrapper.

A lot of guy's write to me because they want to be wrapped, and they seem to think by being wrapped they will get a sexual high, well so they may. A lot say they want to be mummified in order so they may be sexually tormented, well that's understandable but being mummified is not the ideal position to be tormented in.

My interest came about after a visit to Egypt and visiting the mummy room in the Cairo museum, to me it was a fantastic experience that will live with me forever, to look down on mummies that up to that point had only been names in books. And even through they had all long died long ago, yet in one sense to me they were very much alive and the experience has lived with me ever since. At first, I used to try to mummify myself as I had been a bit of a self-bondage fan, but to mummify ones self is no easy task. On several occasions, I bound my body completely in bandage and looked like the laughable mummy from the horror movies and it never felt right.

Then one day I met the greatest male I have ever known, Len. Now he perfected the art of mummifying me as never before achieved, the first thing we found was it is not enough to wrap a body in bandage, as soon as it is completed you start to fidget. So then it was decided to eliminate movement. A plywood board was cut roughly a size smaller than my body and roughly the shape of the body, so far so good, and then the person to be mummified lies on the board. I always start at the ankles binding the feet lightly together after first placing a foam pad between the feet, a longer pad is placed between the legs the idea is to stop skin touching skin this helps in two ways, firstly it stops skin sweating too much secondly it helps towards isolating the body from itself. Then the body to taped using masking tape to the ply board below, we found it is best to tape the body above and below each joint, just firm enough to hold the part of the body and stop it moving. 

On reaching the hips the hands are to be bound firstly wrap each finger and bandage separately, then over bandage and secure it to the sides of the body, again at the bottom of the rib cage and above and below the breast but not tight enough to restrict breathing. On reaching the neck the complete neck is lightly taped to the board after first placing a foam pad behind the neck for support. The forehead is taped to the board, now all body movement is now eliminated. I use a snorkel mouthpiece in my mouth to breath through, for complete sensory depravation the eyes must be completely blacked out and the hearing. Sensory depravation is not to be taken lightly, when Len tried it, he suffered a panic attack, and so you must be ready to get your partner out at the slightest sign of trouble.

Once the head is covered in bandage, you are now basically a mummy and remember from this point on your very existence depends on your partner, myself I usually have fallen asleep by this point, but it took a long time to reach the stage I am now at and it is not everyone's idea of fun, but that is how I with Lens help did it. 

One Lady wrote me to say her partner mummifies her and places her in a sarcophagus as a way teaching her a lesson for being naughty, she used to be frightened of being mummified but now she has grown used to it, but has not told him - poor soul. Another Lady was mummified and access to the vagina was kept open so her boyfriend could perform on her, as under normal conditions he used to fail to get an erection. And one young lady used to bandage up her husband as a mummy then go out with a boyfriend, this she said used to satisfy her and it satisfied her husband as he got a kick out of being mummified and not knowing when she would return. I just hope for his sake she continues to return. But one completely new one on me turned up when I received a letter from an elderly lady who longed to be mummified, but never had and who used to mummify her dog and told me the dog now looked forward to being bound up!

My E-mail's were from all ages, from the young to the elderly, so mummification is not the preserve of the youth, as most things exciting seem to be. Of course, I got my share from people who think that we who enjoy mummification are all nuts and cranks and should be locked up, and he may be right! But thank goodness we are allowed to choose what turns us all on and thank goodness we are not all the same or it would be a very boring place, and as long as we do not hurt our partners and enjoy life so what.

I did find a common thread, most of the people involved were very gentle people and very trustable. Of course, I get a few offers, mainly from males who want to mummify me or me them, but my trust has grown up over a period of years with one person and like a lot of people I am not for sharing. Perhaps I am the odd one out or old fashioned who knows, but we all enjoy the pleasure of being mummified and that inner feeling we get as we become restricted and bound.

After all, I always maintain as stated in one of my stories, "Once you willingly allow yourself to be undressed, then willingly bound you have become a product to be dealt with."  We can all have these so called safe words or supposed limits but once bound you have no say anymore, and that is where this super trust comes in we all share, plus the thrill of "I wonder if I am going to be released this time."

So, be careful out there and enjoy.


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