The Beginners Guide to Clingfilming  
  One of my favourite actitivies is clingfilming, so here is my version of a beginners guide to a delightful pastime. Its cheap, all the materials you need should be on hand, and it can take from about 15 minutes to as long as you like.
You need:
  • 2 people or more
  • A roll of clingfilm
  • A reasonable amount of floor space
  • Optional extras: 
    • icecube(s)
    • a drinking straw
    • gaffer tape
    • A knife (or safety scissors) is useful as a safety measure, but shouldn't ever be required.

One of you volunteers/is told to be the clingfilmee, the other is the clingfilmer.

The clingfilmee should take all of their clothes off, and stand upright, with their arms up. If the clingfilmee has long hair, they should hold it up out of the way. The clingfilmer takes the roll of clingfilm and begins to roll it around the torso of the victi... er, clingfilmee. Now, there are two ways in which this apparently simple task can be done... one is easy, the other is hard. You want to be able to place the clingfilm against the body and unroll it, with the leading edge facing away from the body, rather than towards it. This makes more sense in a diagram...

Diagram 1
Diagram 2

The reason for this is that if you do it the wrong way, you end up with the roll of clingfilm getting tangled up on the already clingfilmed torso. By unrolling it away from the body, its a lot easier. If this doesn't make sense, try it yourself.

The way I prefer to clingfilm is to wrap it around the torso about three times, pulling it quite tight. The filmee then puts their arms down, and you can go around another three times. You want to make sure that its nice and tight, and work downwards, smoothing as you go. (An alternative is to clingfilm each limb, then wrap as above). You can usually work your way down to about the knees, at which point you'll have to tear the film off, and help the filmee down onto their knees, and then onto their back. This is the only tricky bit, since they can't help you, so make sure you don't drop them! Get them to cross their legs at the ankles and carry on clingfilming, all the way down to the ankles. You should now have one very trussed up person.

There are a number of things you can now do, depending on if you want to be relaxing or exciting. The relaxing is to simply let them lie there while you stroke them through the film. Try a number of different things... pressing your hands against them, gentle/hard taps with your fingers, hands, anything else you like. Stroke over the film onto their necks or face, and let them feel the difference in sensations. Alternatively, put a blanket over them, and let them just lie there. DO keep a close watch on their body temperature and make sure they don't get too hot.

Alternatively if you want to take the exciting route, take an ice cube and slip it under the film, against their skin, and push it around. Do this after a few minutes in the film, since their body temperature should have increased and it has more of an effect that way. A similar activity is to (carefully!) cut a hole in the film and using the straw blow a bubble of air between film and skin, and patch the film afterwards. You can have hours of fun chasing the bubble of air around. Another option is to take the gaffer tape and wrap it around them, making it impossible for them to get out by themselves. You shouldn't use gaffer tape on skin, since its VERY painful to get off, but it should be fine over the film.

When they want to get out, you'll need to cut the gaffer tape off before they can manage it. If you've not used any, its much easier for them. After a while the film does get a little looser and they should be able to slide their hands around to the front and using their thumbs, puncture the film and emerge, almost as though coming out of a cocoon. For a lot of people this is one of the most pleasurable parts of the whole thing. Provide lots of post clingfilming comfort.. some people get very relaxed and sleepy - some have even fallen asleep while wearing it, so bear this in mind if you're planning a number of activities. Also bear in mind that they might be dehydrated, so have water on hand for them to drink.

A twist to clingfilming is to use some of the special plastic that's used for cheap double glazing, which gets tight when you heat it with a hair dryer. Be very careful if you decide to do this, since you want it hot enough to tighten, but not hot enough to burn the filmee or melt the plastic. Keep checking with them that its not too hot or tight. It might be as well to keep a knife to hand just in case you have to get them out quickly - although its never happened to me, there is always a possibility. Care is obviously needed here to make sure you don't cut them.

Another possibility is a blindfold and several people touching them through the film. Also use your imagination, and use lots of different things against them - the feeling is quite different to that which you get using whatever it is against naked skin. Clingfilming is great if you want to try bondage, since its easy to get out of, and the filmee has control over how long they stay in, unless you've used tape, of course. Its also very useful if you want to try a group scene safely.

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