Duct Tape Hood  
  - Shalon Wood  

I used to do alot of duct tape bondage a couple years ago -- for some reason, I've gotten out of the habit and will probably revisit my old duct tape friend in the near future.  One of my favorite forms of duct tape bondage involves making a sensory deprivation hood out of duct tape.

Here are instructions on how to do it, if anyone's interested:

Take an old pair of (sheer) pantyhose -- an old pair with a run will suffice.
Cut off a leg.
Put pantyhose leg over bottom's head.
Pad eyes with a round cosmetic pad (clean/sterile).
Put earplugs in (if desired)

Use EMT scissors to cut a small hole for both the nose and the mouth (make sure the cut is tiny -- it'll expand on its own).

Mummify the head using duct tape strips (about 3-6 inches long). The hood should fit firmly and snugly around head, but shouldn't be too tight. Leave the nose/mouth holes open (*duh*)

Use your EMT scissors to cut an "escape hatch" in the back of the hood, then reseal it with a single piece of tape  -- this will allow you to get the bottom out of the hood very quickly if s/he panics or has other problems.

One thing you might want to mention about this: at least for me, hair tends to stick out through the hose and get stuck to the tape. Makes removal not only painful, but difficult.

Shalon Wood


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