Inflatable Mummy Sack  
  - Nimrod  

I always liked the idea of an inflatable mummy bag thing just like the one that Demask sells, but I didn't feel like paying $500+ ($1300 for theirs with all of the bells and whistles) for one of them especially not being sure I could use it alone.

Then I had a better idea.  I got one of those queen size inflatable vinyl mattresses and an electric low pressure air pump (seems like it was designed for inflatable stuff like mattresses and all) and I used the same programmable timer and/or wireless lamp switch that I used for that latex vac rack that I have.

I rolled up the mattress like a burrito (placing the overlapping parts on the bottom, so that it has enough force to lift you up!) and placed some straps loosely over the mattress.  I allowed enough space inside to slide into it while deflated.   I had it lying on my waterbed placed all of the straps, attached the pump, and got in. 

It's easy to flick the switch on with my nose once I'm inside (I have it come up to my shoulders) and let it inflate.  It was pretty wild the way it inflates and tightens around me, like a big hug or an anaconda squeezing me.   After a minute, it was comfortably squeezing me and I could hardly move.

It was very effective.  Even if the switch is a foot away when turning it on, I couldn't get back to it.  I eventually was able to and another time when I didn't, I struggled so hard the pump nozzle popped out and the mattress deflated.  I suppose some duct tape would hold it better if desired.  The pump is designed to run for no longer than 60 minutes before it overheats, which is okay.  The pump keeps the pressure up when it's on, and then lets the pressure out when it's off.

I'm not going to buy one, but I think it would work great with one of those inflatable latex balls that Cocoon and Regulation has and use a timer or that wireless switch from inside the ball.  You're trapped while the pump is on, but it deflates and releases you when the pump is off.

One thing though, the vinyl doesn't stretch much, so I'm not sure how much it would keep pumping up something made of latex.  It is low pressure, so I think it'd be ok.   If only there was someplace I could rent an inflatable ball.   What kind of world is this?!?!

I think it'd be fun for others to try and doesn't cost a bunch.  For this purpose, might as well get the king size instead of the queen.

Any question, let me know.

Have fun!

 - nimrod


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