Mummification with Wrap  
  - Gromet  
  One of my favorite methods of self-bondage is Mummification, this involves completely binding the body within a tight cocoon. My usual tool for this is Saran wrap, it's cheap, effective and clean, use once and throw away.  

Off from work, home alone the perfect time for indulging myself in a little self bondage, what should I do - ropes; handcuffs; or use the saran wrap? Guess what won - today would be a day to wrap up nice and tight within my little shell and while away the day in saran wrapped delight. After doing all the usual chores and preparing the house e.g.. locking up etc. I settled into the bedroom to get ready, check to see that I have enough wrap and sealing tape, prepare the ropes that i'll use to tie my wrapped body to the bed. Ensuring that the loop is placed just right to enable me to bind my feet to the base of the bed, as it's hard if not impossible to bend my body enough when wrapped to adjust the ropes at the foot of the bed.

Now to start wrapping, first each leg gets at least 2 layers - one up & one down, now closing my legs I start to wrap them together and finishing about the top of my thighs as I need to bend over to apply the tape. I start by binding my ankles with the sealing tape, a silver colored elastic type tape. Sometimes I get my wife to use this tape on me over the wrap to completely bind me from head to toe, without an inch of uncovered area it turns into a very, very nice experience. Next I apply the tape to below & above the knees making sure that the tape is not too tight as the tape is stretchy and tends to retract to it's un-stretched form, as I found out much to my discomfort one day. Now to finish off my legs I tape around my thighs just below where the wrap stops.

Next is to wrap around my waist starting from where I left off, I wind the wrap around my waist working my way up to my chest, over my shoulders in a cross-over pattern and then bringing the wrap down again to my waist. A third layer is placed over the top of this making sure that my body is covered before starting to use the tape. This I start to apply to the top of my thighs, above and below my genitals, my waist and at least two places around my chest. Carefully not to stretch the tape here as it makes it hard to breathe. Now i'm wrapped from below my neck to my feet, only my head, neck & arms remain uncovered so far. I now fall onto the bed, it's hard not to & this is why my arms are not secured yet! I place my body into position on the bed and stick my feet through the rope noose I mentioned earlier and lift up my legs to tighten the cinch, the other end of the rope is at the head of the bed via eyelet's screwed into the bed. Tying the rope at the top of the bed my feet are now secured to the bed.

Next I begin to wrap my head & neck, making sure that the air holes are made around my nose to enable me to breathe. I also placed ear-plugs before applying the wrap, those disposable industrial ones that you squeeze before placing them in your ear, very effective in cutting out most noise. Great for the sensory depravation you experience when fully wrapped, no sight, sound or speech. Now comes the tape starting over my mouth securing the wrap in place, binding the tape around my head and back over my mouth a couple of times, more tape continues up and over my eyes & ears cutting out any light or sound. Around & around until my head is covered, moving below my chin and over the top of my head and continuing down around my neck.

Once done I place a collar around my neck fixed at the back by a padlock, the first of three that i'll be using. The keys suspended from a string attached to the ceiling above my head, the other end with the keys attached tied to another piece of string that has ice cubes frozen around it and sitting in a glass on a shelf gradually dissolving. My escape plan put into place before any binding was applied, tried & tested on numerous occasions of self bondage. A chain which is attached to another eye-let on the bed was then fixed by another padlock to the collar which now secured me to the bed, the length only allows minor movement and now I was stretched between the neck collar and the rope binding my feet at the base of the bed.

The only thing left to do was to wrap my arms from my wrists upwards covering them in three layers, now more tape is applied to my wrists and around my elbows. The tape around my wrists stops the wrap from moving and also protects them from the handcuffs cutting in. I raise my arms above me on the bed and find the handcuffs waiting for me, these are padlocked to the chain that's attached to my neck collar but closer to the top of the chain. Stretching my arms I placed my left wrist into the cuffs and close the clasp, clicking them into place. Next before securing my other wrist I check my bondage, tight; secure; comfortable and re-check my breathing, not only the holes but that my chest is not too tight, restricting my breathing. Everything now okay I place my wrist into the cuff and close and settle back for a few hours bondage.

Now fully bound and secured to the bed I had to await the moment when the ice would melt allowing the keys to fall within reach. The back-up plan is to wait for my wife to arrive home from work, but that would be a lot longer than planned - at least 5-6 hours beyond the time the ice should have melted. With no way of hearing anything I could only await for the ice to melt and hope that the keys would fall onto my hands as I wouldn't be able to hear them fall. (Mental note to oneself next time use less binding over the ears so I can hear the keys fall!)

I began to drift off, getting into my mummified bound state of absolute bliss the feelings of which can only be described as enlightening, totally engrossed within oneself as only another devotee of mummification can appreciate.


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