My Duct Tape Bondage Hood  
  - Galaxie Starliner  
  [email protected]  

I thought I'd write to you to tell you about my now perfected recipe for a duct tape bondage hood.

I start with the following:

-My ballgag (homemade, very well I might add but that's a different story)
-My collar
-a 3 foot or so square of clear sheet plastic. 1ml thick drop cloth seems to work the best.
-a roll of duct tape
-a pair of scissors
-Nylon computer cable zip ties (8-12 inches)

First I take the ball gag and place it in my mouth and fasten it. Then I wrap the plastic around my head (be sure to take a deep breath first and get yourself a little air inside for a few breaths if needed. Then I use my collar to fasten the plastic over my head.

Once that is done, I pull the plastic down snug, then cut an opening for my nose. Once this is done I pull off lengths of the tape long enough to wrap around my head. That way I don't wrap too tight. Don't wanna cut off circulation or make myself uncomfortable cause I'm gonna be wearing it a long time.

I leave the tape clear of my eyes (usually) so that I can see when it's time to remove the hood and I make sure to make a frame of tape around my nose and pull all loose plastic away from there. Don't wanna risk suffocation ya know.

Once this is done I use my computer cable zip ties to bind my wrists, sometimes tight, sometimes loose. I have a rope at the head of my bed that I can tie them too later if I wish. Then when I'm satisfied that I'm bound for the night, I take one of the zip ties and use it to lock the loops on the scissors together so that I don't have too handy of an escape.

You see we keep a pair of utility scissors downstairs in the kitchen and my housemate leaves for work between 6:30 and 7:30 am. So I like to put on the hood before I go to bed at night. So to achieve "escape" before my housemate leaves is to risk discovery. Not something that I'd like to risk when I'm wearing only a chemise and a hood and have my wrists bound with nylon ties. Somehow I don't think she'd be understanding.

The hood is generally comfortable overnight for up to about 8 hours. I can leave it on longer if I don't use the gag. But when I use the gag my jaw starts to cramp up after about 8 hours. Matter of fact I put it on last night, and I just got up, so I've yet to remove it. It's been about 9 hours so you can imagine how my jaw feels.



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