My Duct Tape Bondage Hood 2  
  - Galaxie Starliner  
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I wrote to you with my recipe for a duct tape bondage hood before, and I have another one for you. This one uses grey PVC Duct tape and black PVC Pipe wrapping tape (1inch wide).

I start with the following:

-round length of plastic about an inch or two wide (i actually use a faucet areator attachment because it's made of rubber and is gentler on my mouth)
-A clear plastic garbage bag just large enough for my head
-My collar
-One roll grey PVC Duct Tape
-One roll black PVC Pipe wrapping tape
-A pair of scissors

First I put the plastic (areator) in my mouth and settle it in so that it's comfortable. Then I pull the plastic bag down over my head and fasten it with the collar. Be very careful when doing this so that you don't suffocate yourself.

After I have fastened the collar, I'll pull the bag down tight as I carefully breathe what little air may be in the bag. when I'm comfortable, I'll cut a little hole in the bag and squeeze my air tube through.

Once this is done take the black PVC tape and wrap it around my head above and below the air tube before wrapping it. take your time when wrapping the tape, it does stretch and if you're not careful, you'll be real uncomfortable real fast.

Once I feel that the black tape is secure and I can only breath through the tube, I will switch from the black tape to the duct tape. I wrap the duct tape all the way around my head and sometimes my neck. I find it more efficient to wrap up to my forehead, then use strips to cover the top of my head.

This morning I decided to wrap the black tape around the duct tape as well to cover the majority of my head and put me in complete darkness. I was only able to last for a couple of hours. I got the inspiration for this hood after looking at some pictures from

I also have a fetish for self mummification using plastic bags and duct/pvc tape, and have been taking lots of pictures with my new digital camera and am even considering making a website for them myself.


Duct tape is like the Force, it has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together.


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