Newspaper Cocoon  
  - John Smith  
  [email protected]  

I can not believe that finally i have found your web pages detailing all my fantasies which i had been led to believe that nobody else but myself was into. 

Of course my favourite form of mummification involves clingfilm,as it is easilly applied either by myself or if i am really lucky my wife. I started as a child by using black plastic sacks secured by sellotape. As i got older i started using various methods including clingfilm, parcel tape and anything else which would secure me tightly.

Recently by chance i have started using something which i have not seen mentioned at all anywhere on the web, newspapers. Not just any newspapers but the wide broadsheet variety. Here in the UK i use The Times and The Telegraph, i am sure you must have many choices.

I open wide the entire newspaper and lay flat on the bed, repeating this with others slightly overlapping down the length of the bed. I place the first newspaper at the top of the bed, and place the others down the bed slightly overlapping each one as you make your way down.

Keeping a pile next to you on the bed as well as a roll of tape, i use parcel tape, you lie on the newspapers you have placed out.

Starting from the bottom you wrap your feet by wrapping the newspaper over and securing with the tape.

As you get to the legs the newspaper will not cover all around, so you secure what you can by taping to your body, and taking a newspaper from your pile you wrap this around in the opposite direction and secure under your body.

This continues up your body wrapping what you are lying on over your body and applying newspapers from your pile over and under you. 

When i get to above the thigh area i then wrap newspapers over my body in the opposite direction thus creating eventually a newspaper cocoon. 

Obviously at a stage further up your body it is impossible to secure yourself as i have said, unless you are a contortionist. At this stage you just have to wrap the newspapers around and your body should keep them secure. I like to wrap a copy around my head and secure over my eyes and mouth.

The problem with your free arms is solved by leaving a space somewhere so you can slip your arms inside your wrapping.  This form of mummification is as secure as you make it, the more newspapers and tape that you use the better. 

Also the thicker the newspapers the better as they are quite strong and difficult to break free if applied correctly with plenty of tape. Apart from the bondage aspect i also like the noise it makes if you wriggle around. 

With regards to my newspaper fetish, i find it to be an incredible turn on. i find it to be a most pleasurable experience, and would love to hear if others share this and maybe see some photos on your sites of women wrapped tightly in newspaper. 


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