Nylon Cocoon  
  - Rich Tights  

I do alot of self bondage with pantyhose and tights.  My favorite thing I do with tights is make a nylon cocoon. 

The nylon cocoon is a large stocking made from a pair of tights that you can fit your whole body in up to your neck or or over your head to completely encase you in nylon.  A pull string is added to close the cocoon over your shoulders or over your head so you cannot get out.

I put myself in six of these cocoons (sacks), but it is very  difficult to do because it gets very tight.  You feel like a nylon worm.  It feels great being encased inside a tight nylon sack!

I can tell you how to make the nylon cocoon but the big problem people come across is that you have to have some sewing skills. All you use is one pair of tights.  A large size is good, but if you like the cocoon tight, you can use a smaller size. You can reuse the cocoon.  I feed a pull string through the waistband of the tights so I can close the cocoon over my shoulders around my neck, not too tight of course.  A lot of the time I close it over my head so I'm completely encased in the nylon cocoon from the tips of my toes to the top of my head.  When you make the cocoon, it doesn't look like you will fit in it, but you do.

I sometimes put my self in six of these nylon cocoons and closed all  of them over my shoulders.  I get hot trying to get into all of them and tie them off and it gets difficult to move because it gets very tight with all six of them on.  But it feels terrific being encased in a very tight nylon cocoon.  It takes me awhile to get out of them because I get tired trying to get into them and it is so tight I can hardly untie the pull strings to get out.

How you make them is you lay the pair of tights on the floor so you know where the inner toes are.  You then cut the inner leg open  starting from the inner toe of one leg and cut up the inner leg across the crotch and down the other inner leg to the inner toe.  You then sew the legs together starting from the front of the tights down to the toes and back up to the back of the tights.  Just picture how the legs are sewn together to make a sack before you sew.  It is important to use a fine stitch and stretch the nylon as you sew  because nylon stretches but thread doesn't.  There are two seams in the waistband where the panty of the tights are sewn together.  Make a little cut at the very top of the waistband on either side of the seams.  This is so you can feed the pull string through the waistband.

So, you have a silky nylon cocoon.  I enjoy it alot and it feels so good.

You can have a partner put a number of them on you.  The first one can be put on head first and close it at the end of your feet.  The  next one you put on feet first and close it over your head.  Do this with each one and the person cocooned cannot get out.  It's lots of fun.


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