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  Back in my early teens, as I was discovering bondage, some of my first forays into the bondage arena involved self-bondage. (As it was with many of you, I’m sure.)

One of my favorite methods was to roll up into a sheet on my bed. My attempts back then were crude at best. I thought it might be interesting to review this method for those out there who don’t yet have a mummy partner or who have not tried it.

I recently found myself on a business trip, sitting in the hotel room after supper. I was bored and horny, with any potential mummification supplies or my mummy-making partner, many miles away at home. I decided to try a good old sheet wrap.

A king size bed like the hotel room had is the best size to start with. Remove any quilts, blankets or bedspreads. Put them on the floor out of the way. Pull the end and sides of the sheet your planning to use out from between the mattress and box springs. Let the bottom and sides hang loose over the edge s of the bed. Leave them loose. Be certain they are not stuck. Adjust the top edge of the sheet, so that when you lay down, about six inches of the sheet sticks above your shoulders.

Strip down naked (Or whatever your preference.) and install any vibrators or stimulators. (Make sure your batteries are fresh!) Lay down on the right side edge of the bed.(Your right side is designated as the right side when laying down on your back.) with six inches of the sheet extending above your shoulder, as mentioned before.

Place the vibrator controls between your inner thighs for now. Controls facing up. Sit up and pull the sheet over your right side so that it just covers you across your body. As your sitting there, pull the edge nearest your ankles, feet and calves tight and wrap it tightly around them tucking it between your feet and calves. Hold this tight, keeping your legs pressed together! 

Pull the sheet bottom up and fold it up so that the sheet is folded even with the bottom of your feet. Keep holding that tucked end between your feet and calves. Lay back down on the bed. Pull the sheet back over your body again and straighten it out. Bend your right arm at the elbow and bring your right hand up to your neck, crossing your chest to the left side. Clutch the sheet tightly. Extend your left arm straight down your left side and grip the edge of the sheet at about crotch level.

Your ready to go. Now you can pause to put in earplugs, a gag or a blindfold. 

Bend your feet to an en pointe position (Feet pointing straight out.) and hold them there. Still clutching that sheet between your calves and feet. Note: The en pointe position is only used during the actual wrap process, but is important for a tight wrap at your feet and lower legs.

When ready, begin rolling to your left. The faster you spin, the tighter you will be wrapped. (You’d be surprised how tightly this method can wrap you.) After the first layer is on you, you almost need to spin in place, so that you end up in the middle of the bed. (Don’t go too far, for obvious reasons!) The sheet will wrap around and spool up on you. Stop when the last bit of sheet is wrapped around you. Depending on your size, you’ll have between three and five tight layers on you. 

Now that you’re on your back, don’t wiggle or move your legs or body. Don’t do a lot of struggling. Your body weight and the cloth-to-cloth friction is holding the tension on your sheet wrap tight.

Move your arms down to your sides or where ever you prefer and take a deep breath to double the tightness. It is awesome! 

This is important! When you’re ready, with your hands flat on your thighs, at your sides. Exhale completely and suck your stomach in. Now quickly, slide about an inch or so down into the sheet further, to really increase the tightness. (Remember! You're in a cone shaped sheet of cloth!) You won’t believe the difference.

Note: To get yourself out. Just roll the opposite way one time, the tension will release. After a few attempts at refining my technique, I spent a few two hour sessions, snoozing on the bed like this.

As with any type of bondage, follow the basic rules and be careful. Don’t put yourself in danger.

Sheet wrap is not a substitute for a good mummification, but sure gives the same tight feeling when a regular mummification is not available. 


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