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If Fantasies Could Talk 3: Kelly & Stacy

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2004 - Riptieron - Used by permission

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continued from part two

Part 3: Kelly & Stacy

It has been two weeks since my fantastic experience with Mistress Elaine. Even thought I got everything that I dreamed of and more from the experience, I have been going to work each day feeling less excited, and have problems keeping a positive attitude about my thoughts. I shouldn't feel this way, I say to myself, you've had the time of your life, and you're better than this. But it really doesn't help, it just doesn't seem to change the facts of life, I am still the same person, even if I have been enlightened by my new experiences. Besides, there is only one person I could share this experience with, Kelly.

She has only e-mailed me once, and said she was going to be out of town for vacation, that she would write me again as soon as she returned. I did find out that she came in from out of state, and flew into town just to see Mistress Elaine. That news did not make me feel better about finding a contact; it meant I was no closer to having a playmate than before. This is post fantasy depression, I said to myself. I have had a great time, wonderful, and cannot come close to replicating it, or matching it. Hell, I haven't anyone who can even relate to this experience. When I think of my fantasies now, they include others.

I am being worked on by several people, immobilizing me, trapping me behind layers of hard fiberglass, laughing at my helpless state. Taking advantage of what my trapped body offered so freely, drawing out my desire. I had lots of different fantasies, but the thought that was deepest and darkest; the one I sought only to repress was my desire to find someone who existed just to pleasure me. This one little thought, of late came closer and closer to the forefront of my mind. 

I believe that this is why my funk has lingered, why I find the day to day grind a bit wary, and this thought depresses the joy in the real day, and the time I spend with friends. When I am with others, the thought takes me to another place, removed, distant. I don't laugh as hard anymore. I don't find the goals met at the office rewarding. I am lost. I must regain the joy of my life. I must get out of my secret life or it would rule me. 

The fantasy I had was nothing I could ever forget, but I needed to create a perspective for it, before I lost good things that, in the long run I would regret loosing. Things like friends, and my job, like the desire to win, or a yearning to make others around me feel welcome, and attended to. Many things that seem so small, but in the end make so much difference in what I am. 

In the morning shower, I would close my eyes and touch myself, thinking of that morning at Mistress Elaine's, in the cast, helpless. I must have looked fake on the outside, viewed by Tricia and Linda; a statue with a real penis. I see them looking at me, and carrying the large vibrator, placing it onto my stomach, positioning it against my shaft. They give an excited look to one another, and then turn to me, plugging the vibrator in. It was something they had done in the past, to other men. And it had become their little game; watching the only exposed part of my body as it gave up its bounty so willingly. I still have trouble getting myself off, the memory of the monster vibrator and its effects was hard too compete against. I know that it is all physiological, and as time put this thought into long term memory, the power it had would fade. 

I have not thought much about self-bondage recently, except of how I might get help. I spend a lot of time on the internet, checking the different contact boards, hoping to find someone close by. Real loneliness is setting in. I didn't want this to last forever. but my kink for bondage seemed to be the cause. Looking at the current events, I think of myself as a nail in a field of hammers, trying hard not to get hit, but lately I've been all thumbs.

* * *

I was in the supermarket when I heard a familiar voice, it was Kelly. I wheeled around, and tried to locate her but it was at least one aisle over, I heard her voice again and she was closer, I had run to the next aisle. She was talking with a man on the very next row. I got close to the edge of the row and listen to the sound of her voice. It sounded like her but, how could I know for sure? I was breathing heavily. My heart pounded. What would I do if it was her? She pushed a grocery cart up the aisle getting closer to where I stood. I moved to the other side of a free-standing Krispy-Kreeme doughnut display case, to avoid being seen, and listened. Peering thru the cracks in the display, I could see her hands on the cart. She bore a wedding band and a diamond engagement ring on her finger, a pretty large one at that. She was married, but was she Kelly?

The woman spoke, "You're not thinking of telling them that, are you?" in a disapproving tone. The man looked up from the shelf, shrugged his large shoulders, then said, "Why not, they know Jim has the papers."

"Because, John, it's not something you should do!" She interrupted, forcefully.

The man, John, stopped as the woman pushed the cart around the next aisle. He was frustrated. Lifting his head to follow her he spoke the name I'll never get to stop ringing.

"Kelly!" he said sharply. I turned and went the other way, left my cart and I ran. Circling the store, I hoped she would not see me as a darted out to the parking lot. In a cold sweat I fumbled to jam the keys into the ignition, and drive home. I had been lied to. I felt betrayed and I was getting angry and sad at the same time. Reaching the door at home was little comfort, I slammed it hard behind me then I took off my coat. I let it fall to the ground, even though the coat rack was right beside me. The coins in the pockets spilled to the floor. I watched as the spilled change bounce and rolled off into different directions. Some hit the walls falling down, others reached the darkness under the furniture, and still others just came to rest, like me, on the open floor, in plain site.

A Stretch of Imagination

I got to work late, my boss was cranky, and the coffee in the pot was burnt. I could tell by 8:30, this was not going to be a good day for me. I called a buddy of mine in accounting, to set some figures out. He said he get back to me, and before he hung up, asked me if I was ok.

"No, I'm not. I had a pretty rough time last night." I said truthfully. He chuckled.

"Out drinking?" he asked with the wrong idea in his head.

"No! No, not at all, I found out someone lied to me." I stammered.

"Ooh, the bummer must have been a real woman, too, by the sounds of it. Look, I am going to the gym tonight, you want to meet me there?" he asked.

"Sure, see you at 5:30." I said. 

The day, despite its bad start went fast, and I got to the club early. Ed, my friend from accounting met me in the lockers just as I had finished dressing out.

"I'll see you out there," I said with a smile, "hope your feeling up to a real work out."

On the bike I looked at all the other people in the room. They had blank expressions, and leered into their workouts. I looked at a girl to my left. She was attractive, and fit, her face showed a stern determined look, a look that told me she has desire inside her, I recognized it from myself. I wondered if she shared the same desires as I did, or if it would even matter, just as long as she had desire. I saw her regularly, but never would get to talk about desire. That was out of bounds. In my life there has always been an invisible wall between what I wanted to ask, and what I could ask.

"You seem to be in better spirits this evening." Said Ed.

"Yeh, I think I am." I replied. The workout was just what I needed to take pressure off my shoulders. I could exert energy into something, with no fear of it coming back to haunt me.

"Ed." I said, getting his attention.

"Yeh" he replied. 

"Have you ever looked at someone and felt like you knew them, then found out that you really had no idea of who they really are?"

"What?" he laughed, trying to grasp the depth of the question, not understanding the motives behind why I had asked it.

"Is this about the girl that lied to you?"

"Yeh, I guess so."

"Get over her, she's not worth it. Move on. You're better than her." He said as he without a second thought. I knew this was something I would need to figure out on my own.

Back at home I logged on and wrote a letter to Kelly. I did not mention that I had seen her in the supermarket. I wanted to see if she was 'back in town' so to speak, and if she had any plans. I held back on jumping to any conclusions, in the hope that something might actually happen between us. I was still hanging onto the thought of having a buddy. I hopped around my usual sites, found several things to post messages about, and then settled into reading a good story.

Bling! I got an e-mail. It was Kelly. She just got back, and was staying with a friend, had a great time taking in the sun down in Florida. Hum, I bet. She wrote on, saying she wanted to meet with me just to talk, and get to know me. I was on the edge of my seat reading this letter. She explained that she had some things to tell me, and she wanted to stay in touch, because she liked the short time we had together, more to the point she said 'you are adorable when you are so vulnerable.' She was telling me things I wanted to hear, like getting together, talking, even as far as opening the door to planning a bondage scene together. It was a good letter too. She had taken some time to write it. At the end, she signed it 'Kelly', and left her cell number. 

This was not the letter I expected to get at all. How could I begin to understand her life style? I meet her in a Bondage Ball, seeing her and her husband in the supermarket, and get an e-mail telling me she wants to have a go with me? Incredible. I needed to respond, so I wrote a short response. "I'll call you in a few days; I'm very busy at the moment. Work has been busy this week." This for the most part was true, but not true enough to keep me from this. I need the time to clear my head. 

Thursday was a good day, the thought of Kelly giving me her number kept me going, and lifted my spirits. If she were married, who was I to say what was right or wrong for them, maybe she had an arrangement with her husband; of perhaps she had a marriage to a sexless person, trying to fit into normal society. Ok, so that probably isn't likely, but it is helping me to stay open-minded about the possibilities. At 5:00pm I called the number, while driving home. 

She answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Hi, Kelly, this is John, from a couple weeks ago, John?" I waited for her to recognize my voice.

"Oh, OH! Yes, hey! I'm so glad you called!" she exclaimed with glee. "You know, I have been thinking all about that day, for... all the time it seems! Ah, where are you, can you stop by? I'm out at the mall with a friend, and we're going to get a bite to eat here shortly, so want to?"

"Oh, Yeh, but I'm half way home now. so I'll call when I get changed and then you can tell me where you are." I said.

"That sounds great!" she cheered. She was a very excitable woman, it seemed.

"I'll call you in about thirty, K?" I ended.

"Gotcha" she said and hung up.

My things were getting messy at the house, so it took some time to gather up my composure, and I had the thought that we might even return here, if things turned out, dear oh dear, I need to slam clean the house for guests, I spent most of my time stuffing the closets with junk, and clearing the floor of dirty clothes, jeepers, I had fallen behind on the cleaning. As I did so the thought occurred to me that I could be over reacting to an assumption, but I would rather react to it, than ignore it, and be trampled by it if it turned out correct.

I showered, dressed and ran out to the car, dialing Kelly's number on the way. She told me they were at the Japanese Steak and Sushi House near the mall. I knew the place and would join them there. 

I got there just in time, they had just been seated. 

"Hello, Kelly" I said cheerfully as I came in, and she gave me a hug and a kiss on the check. 

"Hello John, this is my Stacy." She turned to face her; I could see she was a young attractive lady, with ebony hair, and steel grey eyes. She had a long slender lean figure; she was wearing a black leather sleeveless dress. It was low cut, and showed the space between her breasts, even though she did not have the largest bosom; it was defiantly well displayed. Upon closer inspection, I could see she had nipple rings showing up thru the thin leather of the dress. Her skin was white as chalk. And she had one distinguishing mark: a black mole above her left breast, below her clavicle. I was interested to know why she was wearing such an outfit for the cool fall weather, but I held my questions for later. She was stunning.

"How do you do" I said as I shook her hand, and slightly nodded. She smiled at me, but said nothing. We took our seats, and proceeded to give our orders to the waiter, who seemed interested in selling Kelly the 'Special' even though she turned him down three times already. I think he was a little dense.

We all shared a bottle of wine and Kelly opened the conversation with how she met her friend Stacy. It turned out that she and Stacy have been best friends for a long time, and Stacy shares many private secrets with Kelly. But I could not discern whether or not Stacy knew of Kelly's secrets, and I would not wish to out Kelly, if she wasn't ready. After all, she had said that she had a hard time with it. 

"I have always loved to wear leather," Stacy said with a sly tone, "it makes me feel sexy." It was a nice outfit, and expensive, too.

"I wish I could afford to wear leather all the time." she added.

"Why do you have a hard time with feeling sexy?" Kelly asked.

"I don't! I just don't like being cheap, and the quality of leather makes a big difference for me. The way it feels, wears, and looks." said Stacy.

"You wear it well." I asserted, and lifted my glass. "Where do you get your leather, do you shop online?" 

"Mostly I shop online, but sometimes The Leatherman has a sale, and I keep an eye out for things all the time, you never know where things might pop up."

"You shop online; I thought you hated the internet?" Kelly said, surprised.

"I did, but only because I had such a hard time with my connection, now that I have a different provider, things smoothed out a lot. I can get a lot more done with my DSL connection." Stacy said. 

"Oh, that explains a lot, you have been online a lot lately." Kelly said.

"Yes, I have a lot of friends online that need me." Stacy said looking down at her glass of wine acting innocently. 

"What are you hiding?" Kelly stabbed.

"Nothing, I'm innocent!" Stacy paraded.

"You have to tell me!" Kelly asserted, placing her hands on top of the table.

"Ah, what about him," she said glancing my way, shyly acknowledging my presence.

"If you don't tell me, he will be the least of your worries." Kelly said unflinched.

"Oh, have it your way," Stacy said, "I have been going to several forums lately, where I posted some things that got some attention, and now I tell people what to do with them selves." She gestured to herself, then outwardly, as she spoke, and at the end of her sentence fell motionless and quiet, with her arms folded staring intently at Kelly. I tried not to laugh; I tried not to be anything other than a speck on the wall. I did not want to spoil a potentially great happenstance of good fortune.

Kelly blinked a few good times, then put her hand over her opened jaw, "Oh, oh my." was all she could stammer out. I could see a smile forming on her face, it was a crack of a smile that turned to me, and became a wide grin. I stared at her silently suppressing my desire to laugh. I was amused to find out that Stacy hid her internet identity from even her best friend, who, in turn was hiding her truest feelings as well. It may very well turn out that the three of us share more that just cheap house wine together.

"You chat with people? You tell them, tell them what?" Kelly puzzled, still trying to get over the shock.

"Oh, for the love of God, Kelly, I'm an online Mistress." Stacy blurted out, no sooner than the waiter had come around the bend, carrying our order.

"Well, now we have something to talk about." I opened, no longer afraid to share, "I think Kelly has a recent experience she would like to share with you, don't you Kelly?" 

"Hey! That's not fair!" she protested.

I simply motioned to Stacy, who was now cocking an eyebrow at Kelly.

"John and I first met at a... uh, well," Kelly looked at me for lack of words.

"Bondage Party" I said flatly. "We were both recruited to become display pieces, for the Wizard's Ball held by Mistress Elaine."

"Display pieces?" Stacy asked.

"Yes, we were cast in fiberglass from head to toe, and then wheeled out to the Great Hall, where the party was held." I said, noticing the change in Stacy's voice, and how she was nodding her head while staring at the table, as if piecing together a large puzzle for the first time.

"So," Stacy began, "you had a good time?"

"I was going to tell you, but..."

Stacy lifted an outstretched hand to face Kelly, interrupting her.

"All of the secrets over the years that I have shared with you and you don't even tell me something big like this?" Stacy was enjoying her position at the table now, for the first time since I met her she seemed to have strength in her. I had to admit, she was a stunning dame. We ate our meal and I filled Stacy in on how I got involved with Mistress Elaine. Kelly was becoming shyer, as the conversation rolled on. 

"Have you ever done anything outside of the internet?" I asked. 

"I've got a few things at home, for my own pleasure, but I have not ever had the nerve to ask anyone to play, if that is what you mean." Stacy said.

"You have never been into self-bondage?" I asked surprised.

"Oh sure, I have a few things, leather cuffs, posture collar, a corset, spreader bar, but I stopped it a while back because I never got the same pleasure that I do from being an online mistress." Stacy said, as Kelly played with her food.

"I think Kelly would like to play." I said, changing the subject.

"Stacy would like that." Stacy said, nodding with approval, and turning to Kelly.

"What!" Kelly stopped playing with her food and faced us both, like a cornered fox, "Don't I have a say in this?"

"You're staying at my house" Stacy reminded her, "and as my guest, you will have a choice, you can sleep where I put you, or you can sleep in the garage." 

"I don't think I need this right now." Kelly said pleading.

"I think this is exactly what you need right now!" Stacy said doggedly.

I began to chuckle.

"I wouldn't!" and Stacy thrust a finger at me, "you're not going to get any preferential treatment!" she said with a glare that gave me a start.

Kelly had a sheepish look on her face, and I tried to look as non-confronted as I could. Stacy had just decided to take over the group, and did so very decisively. I just wondered how to communicate with her now.

"John," she said, "do you have any things that you would like to bring over to my house, this weekend?" 

"I have some things that I have for my own use, I'm not sure what you're into, mostly I have things related to mummification." 

"Do you think we can use any of it on Kelly?"

"Sure could." I said gleefully.

"Kelly, we are going to air out some things this weekend." Stacy said.

Getting back home this evening, I could not clearly see all the events that would soon unfold. Often I have worried about the future when this happens, when I have no clear thoughts about what is in store for me. The weekend would soon become a reality, and I have seen things change in my life recently that makes me wonder about who I really am. I need to stop and think about this, but things are moving too fast. I was beginning to like the fast paced excitement of the changes, when something I have longed for after so long finally starts to unfold; it is hard to see the difference between good choices and not so good choices. My gut tells me that this weekend could be a bad choice; Stacy is someone who does not yet have my trust. I will see though, because she has done nothing to dissuade me.

Kelly is a puzzle that draws me to the weekend party at Stacy's place. I want to know who she is and what she is doing messing around with me and Stacy, while in another life, she wears a wedding band. Stacy called me on Friday morning, and asked if I would be so kind to bring a few extra rolls of duct tape, and saran wrap. I was glad to hear from her, and said I would. We agreed to speak again after I got ready, then she would tell me where to meet Kelly and herself for dinner. She wanted to talk about the weekend with us both over dinner. I find it strange how most people want to talk and eat at the same time. 

Kelly called me about an hour later, and told me she just got off the phone with Stacy. She was worried about this weekend.

"Are you ok with all of this, I mean, do you want to get involved with Stacy?" I asked her, trying to get a better feel for what she was telling me.

"Ah, I do, but I don't. I really liked the way things happened at Mistress Elaine's; everything seemed very above board, and out in the open. Stacy is kinda taking over, and I don't know if this is the way I want it to be." Kelly said.

"I see what you mean, but I think she wants to do something she has never done before, and I get the feeling that she is compensating for a feeling of in confidence in herself. She wants to be dominating, but is not fully sure of how we feel about her. It is a very tricky time for her; remember she said that she never had a playmate? I think Stacy has wanted one for a long time, and she's just eager." I said trying to comfort her. 

"I know, but I was always the one that Stacy looked to for advice, and now she is trying to make me her bitch! It is just the strangest thing that has ever happened to me!"

"What, did she do to make you think that?"

"She told me that she was going to tie me up, then have you mummify me, she said that you were going to bring the duct tape." Kelly said.

"That doesn't sound that bad." I said objectively, as I closed the door to my office.

"John, would you wrap me up if she told you to?" She asked.

"Sure, I'd do it anyway, if I found you naked and willing- but it's not up to her, you do have a choice in this you know, you know that, right?" I said.

"Yeh, I guess I feel weird because she is so close to me." Kelly said.

"Would you mind if I got right up close to you, while you are naked?" I asked.

"Well, it would be erotic, huh?" Kelly replied.

"I would enjoy seeing you." I said. 

"You'll see me tonight." Kelly said whispering close into the phone.

I got a good feeling out of talking with her that I hadn't had for a long time, I was wild with excitement. At lunch I gave Tom Bolger a good argument for why offensive driving was better than defensive driving, even though I had no real opinion one way or another. I said 'hi' to Gloria, the secretary that no one ever talks to, because she has a certain domineering quality, I figured I would have something to offer her if that wasn't really just a front. I had a whole different view of my environment, about the people around me. No longer am I the only one that has fetishes; I have accepted my own fetishes. 

I met Stacy and Kelly at a small Mexican restaurant. The place was dimly lit and has tall straight back booths. It was the perfect place to discuss topics such as ours. 

"What is it you like.?" Stacy said opening the conversation.

"You mean about.?" I gestured in the air.

"About bondage, what are you into, likes and dislikes? Stacy said.

"Well, I love to let someone else take away my ability to fight, and it doesn't matter how, just as long as it's not too painful, I'm fine with it." Kelly said.

"You like it when some one ties you up?" Stacy asked.

"Yeh, I like to be made helpless." Said Kelly.

"What about you John?" Stacy said to me.

"I like to make her helpless, too." I joked.

"Really John." Said Stacy.

"I get off on being tied up, and mummified, totally, so I can't move. Then I would be a thing, not a person. A toy." I said.

"You would like it if I used you as my pillow at night, or a coffee table in the daytime?" Stacy asked coyly.

"Sure, that's it." I said smiling.

"Would you let me play with your dick?" Stacy asked.

"If I was bound, I don't think that decision would be an issue any longer for me to decide. Would it?" I pointed out.

"Do you agree with that Kelly?" asked Stacy.

"I am ok with it, but I would like to talk about limits." Kelly said. "I don't want to have any pain, big no no. Don't like painful wrist ties, or hard hitting, spanking is ok if it's light, but no real beatings, I don't do that."

"You like to be teased." Said Stacy.

"Yes" Kelly said demurely.

We talked for a long time about things that we wanted to do, and have done to us, Stacy just listened to our rambling. The conversation was so unreal; it was almost like I was talking to ghosts at the table beside of me. We all had one thing on our minds, and that was: would each of us get what we desired tonight? Stacy and Kelly drove back to Stacy's place, and I followed. The wind picked up and it started to rain. 

Stacy's house was not far, but by the time we got there the rain was heavy. It was a three story town home, with plenty of space; it had been built in the 40's and was a real classic. We ran into the house, we all got soaked. She showed me to the bar, and then went upstairs with Kelly; I made myself a drink then took a look around. The house was very old and had been repainted many times over. The original chair rail had at least four different colors under the many layers; the latest color was pale egg white. All the rooms were painted this color. It gave the house an air of emptiness. The furniture in the living room was minimal, a sofa, loveseat, and end table, facing the hearth, which was a marble hearth, but had been painted over in blood red, forcing it to stand out in the room. I approached it and noticed the rug atop the hardwood floor, it was white polar fur.

I found a picture next to the mantle of Kelly and a strange man, not the one I saw in the supermarket. It was someone else, another man? Whew. She must have a collection going. I had already finished my first drink, so I made another, and went back to the living room to inspect the picture a little closer. It was then that I heard a door upstairs close.

Stacy was at the top of the long staircase wearing a leather bra, panties, and draped over her shoulders by a gold chain and clasp, was a long flowing black cape, lined with leather, red leather. She placed her hand on the black wrought iron railing to start her descent. It was like a scene out of a comic book. Her white skin took on an eerie glow in the yellow light from the hall chandelier, and she was walking very slowly and deliberately in her knee high leather boots. Black fishnet stockings masked her slender chalk white legs. I felt the weight of her stare penetrating my bones, chilling my blood like a fast acting poison. I could not move.

"Would you like to help me with some thing?" Stacy asked, in a tone I had not yet heard her use. This tone was a little lower, very evil sounding in a sexy way; it had only one real purpose, to seduce. I heard the request but I had not the will to answer, I just stood there, frozen in my gaze at her, looking into her eyes, nodding yes. She strode up to where I was standing next to the fire place in the living room, and glanced at the picture of Kelly, which I still had my hand on it. 

"You must have questions." She said to me as she walked around sofa, approaching my left side.

"Yes" I started, watching her still drawn herself closer as I spoke, "I want to know what Kelly is doing here, now, fooling around." I said, just as Stacy walked out of my view, directly behind me.

"That picture is of her and her ex-husband, he died about two years ago." She said taking off my wet trench coat. I felt like a weight had been lifted.

"I saw her in the supermarket just the other day with someone else, who was that?" I asked.

"That- must have been her brother, John. He is the real reason she comes all the way down here to stay, she has family here. That and me, of course." She took the coat and hung it on a rack by the doorway, then waltzed back up to me trying very hard to attract as much attention as possible. I was beginning to see that she was enjoying herself. She leaned her hips in at me, pressing herself into me, and ran her hand up my side and to my nipple, running circles with her finger; before razing her eye to my face, asking me in a childlike voice, "Do you want to play with me, or should I go away?"

"What about Kelly, is she going to play?" I asked, puzzled at why she had not come down yet.

"We will play with her, but for right now I put her into storage for safe keeping." Stacy said, I looked a bit concerned, and she noticed it in my face, "Don't worry yourself over her, you'll get to play with her, too. I'll see to that."

She ran her hand down to my pants and undid my belt, unsnapped them and slowly pulled down the zipper. My hard-on bulged out, making it hard to pull the zipper down. She smiled and looked down, taking her other hand and pulled at my pants leg, sending my slacks to the ground at my ankles. She unbuttoned my shirt and loosened my tie, I pulled the shirt free as she slid the tie off, and I kicked of both shoes as I stepped out of the crumpled slacks on the hardwood floor. In my underwear, I put a hand around her hip, and pulled her closer; I felt her breasts close and hot against my bear chest.

Smack! She slapped me fast and hard. I was totally caught off guard.

"What the- ?" surprised and dazed, I must have looked pretty foolish.

"I don't want you to get the Idea, that you can just touch me any time you feel like."

She explained, "You are here to be played with, not the other way around." Her words were stern, and I gulped hard as she spoke, I was busted. I just stood silently as she moved back in, replacing her hand on the seam of my underpants, running her fingers to the inside, pulling them slowly down revealing my raging hard on.

"I'm going to take your clothes off, and I want you to do exactly as I say." she pulled down my underwear, and threw it over the couch. She removed my socks and tossed them. She led me by the hand over to the kitchen, where there was a door. She opened the door revealing a stairway down. She motioned for me to descend. I complied. I got close to the edge of the stair, and felt for the railing, then moved into the dark basement below. The smell of cobwebs and musty air smell told me this basement was very, very old. Stacy flipped a switch near the top of the stairs, and one single drop light illuminated the room. Brick walls lined the stairs to one side and gave way to a large room on the other. Brick columns supported the house ran lengthways down the room in two rows. The Basement was empty except for some old boxes and ladder-back wooden chair in the middle of the room. 

"Sit in the chair" she commanded. I did so, feeling as though I had really no other options, except to back out and release myself from her command, which might spoil the surprise she had in store for me, whatever that was going to be.

She pulled a pair of hand cuffs out from behind her back and put them on me, hands in front. She then opened the box nearest to me and pulled out a chain, attached it to the beam above me, then took a padlock and clasped it to the handcuffs. I was pinned to a five foot radius around the chair. Naked and cold, I wondered if this would get better.

Stacy stepped back and admired me, she was grinning at me, with an evil childlike stare, gloating. I was beginning to get frightened by it. At first it seemed like theatrics, but now that I was chained up, the uselessness of it put her into a bad light. Something was amiss. I could not know of what she planned to do with me, and I was beginning to worry. Her pale skin had a deathlike resemblance in the half-light of the basement. She took step towards me in a catlike manner, being very strange about it. I thought she had lost her balance when she did it, but then she did it again with the other foot. She was a tad bit stranger than she seemed in public, but what was I going to do? Her slender figure only enhanced the strangeness of the staggered walk that she was doing, did she think that this was sexy? My God, I bet she can't see herself. Oh dear. I can't laugh, she might slap me again. Oh hold it in.

She finally reached me, and she put her hand on my chest, and grabbed my nipple, turned it till I whenced.

"Ha!" she shouted. 

"What are you playing at?" I demanded as I slid back from her grasp. I was horrified by her grin, she seemed to gain pleasure from the attack on my nipple. I knew at that moment she was not the mistress I took her for; she was a vulture, not a mother.

She said nothing but stepped back and left the room, stamping back up the stairway. She turned out the light and left me in the darkness, I could hear her stamping up the stairs to the next floor. What the hell was this mess I had gotten into? She had no clue of what to do in a scene, and that was becoming very apparent. I should get out of here. She was freaking me out. I could not see the chain's end, but I could feel the eye hook in the rafter above me with my hand. I tried to turn it but I didn't quite have the leverage. I turned my body around until I had a part of the chain wrapped around the eye hook. I used it to grab the hook with giving me a small handle to work with. I turned with all of my strength, till finally the hook slowly turned. I twisted around quickly to free the hook from its resting place in the rafter. It dropped to the floor with a loud "cling" of metal on concrete. I could now get out of the basement, and back into the warmth of the upstairs.

Back in the kitchen, I looked for something, anything I could used to stick into the cuffs to free the mechanism. I found a dish full of paperclips took one and bent it up to form a crude key. Franticly I worked, listening for sounds of her approach. I jammed the makeshift key into the lock, and began to try and jimmy it free. I couldn't get the clip to catch on the small pin; it was a very precise maneuver to perform. I was shaking from the coldness of the basement, and I had to settle myself for this task. Luckily these cuffs were cheap. Like the ones you could find at a sex party, cheap knock offs of the real thing, just made for play, not like the ones made for the police force.

I cracked the first side and exhaled with a sigh of relief. The second side would not be as hard. With one hand free, I could maneuver the cuff to my advantage, and I dropped it within seconds. With the cuffs in hand, I returned to the living room where I found my pants, and clothes still on the floor. I put on my pants, then threw on my shirt, and looked up the staircase to see what was going on. There was a creak in the floor upstairs letting me know that Stacy was in the room upstairs on the left. I saw a way to regain the balance of this situation; I must place Stacy into bondage, while I freed Kelly. If a fantasy were going to happen tonight, I would have to be the Master. 



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