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If Fantasies Could Talk 4: Naughty Slave

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2004 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; M/ff; D/s; leather; bond; cuffs; cellar; naked; capture; trunk; encased; wrap; saran; cocoon; cupboard; storage; toys; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

continued from part three

Part 4: Naughty Slave

I had broken a rule that may seem unyielding a few days ago, but now, I put myself above it, I had defied the Mistress. I can't really put my reasons into a single cause, but rather several failures on the part of Stacy. I was genuinely angry with her lack of concern for the scene she was playing out. I felt that she was too dark a person to rule my world, and I would not be a part of her sadistic fantasies. Cruelty was something we never discussed. She left me in a cold dark basement, naked, freezing. It must have been below sixty degrees Fahrenheit down there. I would not be tortured because of her inexperience. I knew this was the first time that she had attempted to 'play' with others, and I would not wait for her to figure it out, while my weekend got worse and worse. Even as I go over the justifications in my head, I knew there was something taboo about my actions. Turning against a Mistress, even if she were a bad one, had bad karma. 

My next move was to wait her out. She would eventually return and I would be ready. I found several items in the kitchen that I would need to start my attack. I put on my clothes and stepped down into the dark basement. She had been upstairs for sometime, and I was wondering how long she would be, even with my clothes on I was cold. Ten more minutes went by. Then I heard her tramping down the stair above. She walked across to the kitchen then opened the door to the basement; she stood at the top of the stairs.

"Are you ready to be nice to me?" she called, "or do you need more time to cool off?" she said sarcastically. 

"I'm cold" I said with a truthful shiver in my voice, "I'll be good." I lied.

She started her descent of the stairs, reaching the bottom, flicked on the light, and stared at the empty chair, and limp chain on the ground. Her disbelief froze her instantly. It was more than all the time I needed to grab her by the wrist, pull her toward me and slap the cuffs onto one hand, then the other, catching her arms behind her back. She shrieked, and started to kick wildly, catching me on the shin, but it was too late, I was prepared for the fight, and over powered her by wrestling her to the ground. I grasped both legs together in my arms. I pulled out the roll of plastic wrap tucked in my pants and quickly wound several times round her thighs, temporarily immobilizing her fight. She was screaming. I pulled down the zipper on her boots removing them one at a time. And she was starting to cry, and relaxed her fight. I pulled the clasp off her neck and dropped the cape down to the floor. I began to wrap more plastic wrap around her legs, securing them together. 

"You didn't like me," she sobbed as I worked, "you don't like me" she kept repeating, her eyes full of tears. She seemed genuinely distraught over the turn of events. I could see that she had wanted me to like the behavior she displayed towards me; she had played a role for me, a twisted game. It was a real shame; I thought to myself, if she had waited to give that act to the right person, she could have had a great time.

I lifted her off the floor and carried her up the stairs. I placed her on the living room couch. I ran up the next flight of stairs leaving her behind, crying. I opened a door to find a full bedroom with a dresser and vanity, bed, and wardrobe. No sign of Kelly. I checked the next room; it was totally empty, except for an oddly placed trunk in the middle of the room. It had a large padlock on it. Stacy had said she put Kelly in storage, this must be the place. It would be very hard to remove this lock without the key. I looked around the room for it, hoping Stacy would have left it nearby. No sign of it here. I went back to her room, and there on the vanity, was a large old fashioned skeleton key.

I grabbed it and returned to the chest, opening the lock. I flung open the chest, and saw Kelly naked, hunched over, gasping for air. There was no ventilation for her to breath. She was being slowly asphyxiated. I saw that she would be ok, and then ran back out infuriated. Reckless endangerment of someone's life was on my punishable offence list, and I was in the mood for payback. I said not a word but went straight to work. I found a rope out of her bedroom, and hogtied Stacy on the white fur rug in the living room. The hogtie would hold her until I was ready for the next step. I picked up my own underwear off the floor, and stuffed it into her mouth, muffling her sobbing. I could see real fear in her eyes now. I ran a couple of turns off the plastic wrap to secure the gag, before I left her.

I went back upstairs to find Kelly combing her hair and sitting at the vanity in Stacy's bathrobe, apparently unaware of what had transpired downstairs. She didn't know that I had Stacy in a hogtie.

"What are you doing up here? Where's Stacy?" she asked, confused by my appearance.

"I wanted to play with you for a change." I said jokingly.

"Oh, really?" she said flattered.

I stood her up, and then dropped the robe from her body; she looked at me a bit shy about her naked exposed body. I found it very stimulating to have a naked woman in my control, without having to bind her. Kelly's timid nature showed that she would rather be clothed, but would not resist my actions. She stayed in front of me, waiting for my next move. I held out my hand with the roll of plastic wrap. She looked at it, and smiled. I took her arm and rolled it up to her armpit. Then I rolled the other. I placed my hand to the inside of her thigh; she spread her legs with out any coxing. I rolled the plastic wrap up her legs and up to her crotch, not a word was spoken, only the sound was of plastic wrap being stretched onto her body. I finished both legs then she put them together, she knew what was next. I rolled the plastic wrap up her body, making sure that everything was stretched tight, smooth, and gave no sign of tearing, or seams. I reached her armpits when the roll ran out. I had some more in the car. I told her to stay put while I fetched it. She just smiled and rolled her eyes jokingly. 

I ran downstairs to get my keys, when the telephone rang. I thought it wise to just let it ring. I got my keys, and ran out to my car, popped the boot, and grabbed my stuff. I returned to the living room, and checked on Stacy. She was calm now but was beginning to get stiff from the hogtie. I returned upstairs to Kelly. I opened the new roll and finished wrapping her shoulders.  I then moved down her body pinning her arms to her sides. I wrapped slowly to draw the excitement out of her, I knew she was enjoying this.

At her hips I noticed that she was getting moist under the layers of plastic wrap. I picked her up, and placed her on the bed. I looked for Stacy's toy box. The place she keeps all of her private things, bondage toys, whatever. I knew that she would keep it out of sight, but it should be in the bedroom. I looked in the wardrobe, and under the shoe rack, I saw a black case. I pulled it out and set it on the bed next to Kelly. Opening it slowly, Kelly stained to get a better view. I saw two gags, three vibrators, a dildo and a butt plug. Several other things littered the box, too. There were several packs of batteries, a box of condoms, and four small clamps attached to small chains. I saw that the box was deeper than the inside and noticed a leather pull off to one side of the top compartment. I took the contents of the box out and placed them on the bed one by one, in plain sight so Kelly could view them. I removed the panel revealing another compartment to the case. There was a strait whip, a riding crop, and a cat-o-nine tails sitting on the bottom. Beside the whips a leather bag contained a bright red ball gag. A nice little assortment of things all nestled together.

I slid the box under the bed, and looked at Kelly, who was laughing now at the collection that her best friend had secretly stashed. The thought of Stacy being such a perv was thrilling to know. I looked at Kelly and tried to focus. I would need to gag her, so I chose the black pacifier with leather strap and buckle. I snapped my fingers and looked at Kelly as I drew the gag closer to her mouth, and she opened wide for me to slip it into her mouth. I gave her time to adjust to it inside her mouth before I buckled it down. She was tightly mummified and gagged now. I was happy with my handy-work so far.

I returned downstairs to finish working on Stacy. She was still where I left her, only there was a different smell in the room. It was perfume. I had smelt it before, at Mistress Elaine's. I panicked and scanned the room, and saw a figure at the far corner; just standing there. The silhouette moved over to the kitchen and slowly moved out of sight. Whoever it was, they knew how to move silently, and had no fear of me; if I was to guess, they wanted me to follow. I slowly crept over to the kitchen, and peered in, the door to the basement was opened. No sign of anyone there.

I slowly went into the darkness under the house. I flicked the switch for the light, and there in front of me, in all her glory, was Mistress Elaine. I gasped at her. She bore her white glimmering robes, and now had a long overcoat of white leather, with warm lush suede lining. She appears as an angel, and her posture was stern, and impatient. I bowed at her presence, and had a feeling of guilt in my gut.

"Tell me, John," she began, hesitating on my name, "what is going on here?"

"Well," I fumbled, not really knowing where to begin, or even if I should begin, "I um, I took control of Stacy's scene, and I have Kelly upstairs, on the bed. Ah, did you call?"

"Yes, I called." Elaine said, in a low voice.

"Right. Right..." I repeated, stalling while I tried to think.

"John! Do you know why I am here?" she said with a tone of impatience in her voice. 

"I have two theories?" I squeaked.

"Heh! I am here, because I am Stacy's Mistress." she said angrily. "When I last spoke with her, I told her to tie the two of you up, and wait for me to arrive. I have been training her for several months. She is under my direction. Now, what happened here?" she asked.

I told her the story of how I got loose and reversed the roles, then hogtied her and freed Kelly, grasping for air in the trunk. Mistress Elaine looked genuinely shocked at the news. She started back up the stairs, slowly, and only said, "I'm cold."

Upon reaching the kitchen she closed the door to the living room, and sat at the dinette table. 

"John, I'm going to leave you here in control, because I think you did the right thing, I have my doubts about Stacy's experience, we have only talked about things, she has never actually done anything till now. I think you will be good for her, she needs to know what can happen if she fucks up." She said this without tone or mystery, she was talking in a plain voice, and she was not trying to seduce or sway me. 

"Are you upset with me?" I asked, putting a brew of coffee on. 

"No, dear John, no. You're so sweet, I wish I had met you years ago, you did what you thought was right- and evidently Stacy misjudged your nature. It was her mistake."

"I can't help feeling a little guilty about this situation, and I don't want to put sour grapes between us." I said to Elaine. I could not know how she really felt, and I did not understand the mistress training steps, so I have no idea of how this might look to her.

"The best thing you could do right now is focus on your new slaves." she said nodding at the door, "If you did that to Stacy, you're more talented than I first thought." I poured her a cup of coffee, then myself, and sat down.

"She wrote to me one day after chatting online with one of my subs, and I began to groom her, as a regular sub, just online." Elaine said, taking a sip of coffee, "When she first started I was truly amazed by her creativity, she wrote pages and pages of detail scenes. I even learned a few things," she said raising a brow, "later I wanted her to find a spot in my house, but I don't have the space. She moved here because I wanted her closer." Said Elaine.

"She has subs online?" I asked.

"She has a good following on the internet, she can certainly dish it out online; I just never thought that reality would give her so much of a problem." Elaine said with a sigh.

"I'd just got Kelly into some mummification upstairs, when you arrived, I was going to do something with Stacy, but I hadn't got that far. Any suggestions?" I asked.

"Well she does like to be dark, and moody, maybe she would like a good spanking?" she suggested. "Or you could pack her up in the closet; the spare bed room has a modified closet."

"A modified closet-?" I repeated.

"Yes. It's..."

"You've been here before!" I blurted out.

"Of course I have, I own this house!" she stated.

"Oh, now I am too confused." I said. 

"Did you think this was Stacy's house?"

"Well the subject was never addressed directly, but I assumed this was her house, yes." I said, thinking that nothing was going to be as it seemed. "Is there anything else I should know before I make a fool out of myself?" I asked irritated. 

"Oh John, don't worry, you can't know everything." she said laughing. "I want you to enjoy yourself this weekend, and I think you can handle this situation just fine by yourself. However, I would like you to give me a full report of it on Sunday, 6:00, at my place, during diner. Don't be late this time." She handed me a card with her name, and two codes on the back.

"Right now I've got to go." She said. It was about 1:00 am.

"Ok, I'll be fine, I think." I said.

Mistress Elaine slipped out the kitchen door, and walked very carefully around the living room without making a sound, and left thru the front door. I was amazed at how she seemed to glide over the floor in high heels. It was very impressive.

Good Night

I returned to the living room to see about Stacy, she was surprisingly comfortable, considering her position, she had fallen asleep. I undid the rope holding her feet up, and retied it around her ankles. I then carried her up the stairs to the spare bedroom, where the trunk was. I opened the closet to find a small space about two feet deep by three foot wide. There were shelves in the closet, with towels, and sheets stacked neatly on them. This closet seemed normal enough at first glance, but upon closer inspection, I saw that the shelves had curves cut into them, and as I looked up and down at the shelves, they silhouetted the human figure. I then looked at the back of the door to find the other half of the stocks; a person could be shut into the closet, and would not be able to free themselves. I quickly cleared the linens away, to find predrilled holes in the shelves, obviously placed as tie down points for straps, or rope. The middle shelf had a curved part that had a hinge on it, it was hanging free, but when I inspected it, I found that it swung upward and locked with a loud snap into position. It formed a small seat, just between the legs. Every part of the closet was painted white, and had many coats of paint, so I marveled to think of how long this closet had been in use. 

I turned to Stacy, who was still, surprisingly dozing on the floor next to the trunk. I untied her and took the gag from her mouth. She was just starting to open her eyes when I stood her up.

"What's going on?" She mumbled out of sleepy confusion.

"It's bed time," I said in a soothing voice, as I guided her to the closet, "Everything is just fine."

She moved like a piece of well molded clay, and I had her in the closet with no trouble at all, I took the rope that I had and tied her hands into the stocks, then pulled the seat upward locking it with a "snap". I had to find some more rope, her legs were free and so is her waist. I wanted her to be totally restrained. I went back into the bedroom to look for some, but couldn't find any. It was then that I went further down the upstairs hall, there were three more doors that I had not yet opened. The first door was a storage room, with lots of boxes and old things lying about. I rummaged thru several before giving up and going to the next room.

This room was another spare bedroom. It had a large bed with no sheets, the mattress was unusually made. It had been altered from its original state. It had fitted holes running thru it, making it easy to tie someone down to it, special straps were coming out of the holes, I assume they all tied together and fed to the ratchet at the foot of the bed, bolted to the floor. This was a great discovery. I glanced around to see if there was anything else in the room. There was a good deal of equipment in the room. The walls were covered by head gear, and whips, everything from straight jackets to padded cuffs. It was old though, it had been hanging there for a long, long time dust and cobwebs settled on the tools, if they were going to be used, they would need a thorough cleaning. I saw an old box on the floor. I opened it and found several straps inside. They would be perfect for the job!

I went back to Stacy who was trying to sleep in her upright position. I ran the longest strap around her waist, and thru the holes to tie it off behind her back. Then I strapped her legs in. I decided to tie off every point, so she would not fall during the night. I fetched a gag, and inserted it into her mouth, she only mildly objected, before it slipped in neatly. She opened her eyes, and for the first time she was awake, as I snapped the gag on tight. She rolled her head about, and realized that she had no power to move, and was horrified. Muffled cries came out, followed by sobbing. I just stood in the doorway to the closet, silhouetted from behind by the overhead light, a dark figure. 

I said to her, "If you're good tonight, I'll let you cum out tomorrow." I emphasized the word cum for her. She fell silent and stayed still, stifling her sobs. Then slowly closed the door, making sure she stayed still while doing so. The closet door locked from the outside, which I did.

Turning around I breathed out feeling good about the accomplishment. I would not have to worry about her till dawn. I left the room, going back to Stacy's bedroom where I found Kelly asleep. I thought of waking her, but then I thought a nice little experiment would be more fun. I started to tear away at the plastic around her breasts, and revealed her soft flesh underneath. I then started to tear away layers over her pussy. I found that it was very moist in that region. I had to stop in for a bite. I licked at her mound and found that with her legs together it was difficult to part the lips for a better sample, but I could get the outer areas with no trouble.

She started to turn, and squirm a bit. I knew she felt the tickle of my tongue at her lips; I lapped at the delicate folds of her lips, finding the one spot that held the key to her feeling, and continued to drive her horny. She mumbled into the gag, I think she was waking to the notion that she was in bondage and being eaten. Looking up to her face I noticed she was waking, her eyes cracked open, peering out to see what was going on. I pulled her to the edge of the bed, and fondled her large breasts, till they firmed up and I then wanted something that I had never had the chance for before now. I wanted a good titty fuck. First I wanted her to be close to going over the edge. 

I took a look at the selection of tools assembled on the bed, and took out a new condom from the wrapper, slid it onto the vibrating dildo, with clitoral stimulator. I slowly pushed the probe into her, watching her eyes grow larger from the new input of the intruder. I switched it on, and watched her fight the impulses. I held it in place by pulling the wrap over the butt of the vibrator. I took off my slacks as I watched her rebel in a fit of passion, stroking myself at he thought of her helpless position. 

She could not move and had no way of stopping my advance on her. I moved over her chest, straddling her, and pushed her breasts together on my long shaft. She looked up at me, even as she writhed, and I started to slowly lubricate her chest with my precum. Every second or so, she would twitch, I knew that she could not last too much longer, before she lost the battle with the vibrating tool within her. I pumped a little faster, and moved her chest to the beat of my thrusts, bringing me closer to cumming with every stroke, I had the power to use her as I wanted, going longer or faster, she could not argue or fight, it was out of her control. 

She began to emit small squeals, very high pitched. I think that she was cumming now. Not that it would matter to me; I was on my own schedule. She would pleasure me regardless of her state. I continued to roll her chest over my cock, enjoying the softness of her fruits, and feeling wonderful about having the chance to take advantage of them. I looked at her face and saw she was staring in between waves of pleasure, which hit every two or three second intervals, when she would close her eyes and shake, then it would release for a moment. I found the look in her eyes most erotic of all. It signified that all she had was a moment to stare back at me, and in that moment, she would gaze to me, trying to read my face, wondering if I would allow her to stop cumming.

She was a priceless possession of mine. I could do this to her and not feel bad, or strange of these things, I could be myself. I released a huge amount of cum, and stabbed at her chin with one last thrust, spilling cum out in a pearl necklace about her chest. I groaned out after release, and fell on her face, having lost my balance. She tried to move her head, I was covering her nose. I pushed off her and slumped to the side of the bed regaining my breath. I turned off the vibrator, but left it inside of her.

I found the bathroom had been remodeled. I got a damp washcloth and returned to clean off Kelly's chest. She was fast asleep. I went back into the bathroom, it was off the bedroom, it had a whirlpool tub, and shower, and a separate toilet room. Before settling in to sleep next to my bound Kelly; I decided to take a long bubble bath to end my night.



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