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If Fantasies Could Talk 5: Cumming Out of the Closet

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2004 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; wrap; cocoon; bond; straps; gag; cupboard; stored; collar; hood; tease; toys; mast; sex; anal; climax; cons/reluct; X

continued from part four

Part 5: Cumming Out of the Closet

I awoke early in the morning, and lumbered into the bathroom, Kelly was still wrapped up from head to toe, gagged and sleeping. The house was cold, and the floor was freezing the bottom of my feet. The tiled bathroom floor was even worse still. I found some mouth wash and gargled, trying to get the morning breath out of my mouth, but the one thing on my mind more than anything else was coffee. I just had to get some brewing. Back in the bedroom, I found some bedroom slippers that I could wear, and ran downstairs. I put on a new pot to brew, and ran back up to the bedroom. Kelly was still asleep. 

I went into the bathroom, and started to run a bath, nice and warm. When it was full, I went back to the bedroom, and found some scissors. Placing them by the tub, I went back to Kelly, picked her up, and carried her to the tub. She opened her eyes to see what was going on, and I gently slid her into the warm water, resting her head comfortably up to one side of the tub, I started to cut her free, slowly freeing her feet, all the way up to her head, releasing her into the comfort of the warm bath. She popped out the vibrator, which I had neglected to remove. She undid her gag, and massaged her jaw. I took a few moments to gaze on her in the tub, naked, she had such fair skin! It was like a baby's.

Turning to go back to go get the coffee, I asked her, "Did you sleep well?"

"Oh yes, but I am a little stiff." She said.

"Try to relax; I have coffee coming up." I said on the way out the door.

Down in the kitchen I realized that Kelly might not understand why Stacy was in the closet. I wonder if she would get angry, or ask a million questions, how would she react? I think that I don't want to find out. I toasted a few bagels and got the cream cheese out of the fridge. I gathered up a knife and plate for the bagels, and then brought it up to Kelly along with the coffee on a tray. We ate our breakfast in the bathroom, while Kelly soaked in the tub.

"Wow, this is so nice of you, how many women have you done this to?" she beamed.

"You're the first." I said.

"Come on, not really?" flabbergasted she rolled her eyes at me, "you don't think that I can believe that do you?"

"It's the truth!" I said. "This is the first time I ever sat next to a naked woman in a bath, eating breakfast."

"Well the bath is so warm, I don't want to get out, and the air feels so cold!" She exclaimed.

"Yes this old house seems to be a little bit cold today, I wonder if the heat is on?" I pondered as I got up taking the tray.

"I'm going to take a look around; you just stay here till I get back." I told her.

The thermostat for a house this old could be anywhere, but I would think that the main downstairs hallway, between the dining room and the front foyer would be the best spot for it. After dropping the tray in the kitchen I took a look. Sure enough there it was, in the hall. I examined it with its temperature settings on the left, and a remote fan setting on the right, then a switch on the bottom with three settings, HEAT, OFF, COOL. It was set to OFF. I looked at the gauge which read 66? F and figured this was the problem, the heat was just off. I switched it to HEAT, and went back upstairs. By now it is about 9:30, and I want to shower. The problem is Kelly; I don't want her to get the idea that she can be free all weekend, so I must take care of her first. I returned to the bathroom, and got Kelly a towel and robe.

"I fixed the heat, it was just turned off." I said.

"That's good, but it isn't blowing" she said, with her hand over the vent.

"Maybe it takes it a while to kick in." I said, trying to offer an explanation. She went in to the bedroom and started brushing her hair; I left for the other bedroom, the one with all the toys on the walls, and the strange bed. I examined the bed, and found that it had some dust on it but I could clean it away and put fresh sheets on it. It was untouched, for lack of a better description, not musty or anything. I knew that there were linens in the other bedroom, where Stacy was, so I brought a few over to the bed and changed them out. I took a look at the stuff on the wall, and it too seemed to be just dusty, untouched. I could defiantly fix this little problem.

I returned to Kelly, she was looking for a hair clip now; she had braided her sandy brown thick hair. Her hair was not terribly long but it did reach just below her shoulders. The white bathrobe loose around her form, I could see her breasts in the opening, as she sat on the vanity stool.

"Kelly, I've got something you must see." I said, motioning for her to follow. And she followed me down the hall to the bedroom. She gasped at the collection of toys on the wall, her eyes full of disbelief. 

"Candy to the bondage lover," I said.

"I have to try this out with you." Kelly said, going over to the bed, still facing the wall of toys.

"I discovered this room last night after I wrapped you up." I said. Kelly hopped onto the bed and grabbed the strap on the right hand side, tugging on it testing its strength. She turned over and placed her other hand out to grab the left hand restraint, and pulled, euphoric about the conception of this bed. I took the restraint and fastened the cuff over her hand, and cinched it tight against her wrist. Kelly looked at the cuff, and closed her eyes. "I wonder who had this bed made." Kelly said, half dreaming of it being hers.

"Oh, probably someone with a lot of need for it." I said chuckling to myself. I walked around to the other side of the bed and cuffed her other wrist tightly. The slack in the cuffs was just enough for her to reach her nose with each hand, and it did not seem to be very confining at the moment, but I knew that when the ratchet was employed, the cuffs would pull her spread eagle, and she would not be able to pull back an inch. I was getting excited just thinking about it. I took the leg cuff and attached it to her leg, and then the other, standing by the foot of the bed. The ratchet was right at my feet. She was having fun just fantasizing about the idea of being bound, and I would deliver.

"There is one other thing about this bed that makes it so cool," I said, she looking up to me wondering what I was getting at, "and that is the ability to wench up the straps." I said as I pulled the lever once, tightening the straps by several inches.

Kelly realized that this would mean she could not escape, if she could not reach the other cuff, and tried to grab the buckle on the other cuff, straining to undo it before I closed the gap.

"Oh No!" she cried, "I'll be your prisoner!" she said, "Somebody help!" I just laughed at her theatrics, and pulled the lever again. Now her arms would not reach the other cuff, and she was caught on the bed, helpless, but not immobile. Kelly flailed her arms about, and kicked wildly, screaming- but not at the top of her lungs- "Help me! Help me! I'm captured! Help meee!"

Her fight threw her robe off one side and exposed her self to me, she could not reach to put the robe back on. I continued to ratchet the straps further, until she was unable to pull them back. Her play fight was at an end and I had her spread eagle on the bed. I opened the robe fully, and ran a finger down her side tickling her. I slid the robe back on to her and then pulled the top sheet over her body, letting it softly fall down to her. She was puzzled, and I said, "It's time that I had a shower." I retrieved her gag, and put it on her, and then I went to the bath room to take a long hot shower.

I came out of the shower to hear a ringing, and then a knocking, someone was at the front door. Who could that be? Was it Mistress Elaine stopping in for another visit? I rushed downstairs in my towel, and opened the door- It was Bob, from Bob's Heating and Cooling Supply, from what I gathered off the van's side panel- oh dear. Stacy must have called a repair man last night. A middle aged thin bearded man stood in coveralls framed by the doorway holding a metal tool case. I smiled at him, and said unwittingly, "you must be here for the heat."

He said, "Obviously; Mr. Umbrage?" 

"No, I'm just house-sitting for her." I said quickly. "Right this way"

I led him to the thermostat, were he checked the leads, and the model number. 

"I'll need to go downstairs to check the furnace." He said, and I led him to the stairs in the kitchen. He went down into the darkness with his flash light on, to find the furnace.

"I'll be getting dressed" I said, and ran upstairs to get my clothes on.  I returned to the basement to find the repair man pulling the guts of the furnace out onto the floor, spreading parts all over the floor. Oh my God, this was going to take forever- 

"About how long will this take to fix?" I asked him.

"Well, you have a broken blower, and I can replace it within an hour, if the part is in stock, but I'll have to leave and come back. If it's in stock, then you'll have heat by 3:00. If not then it will be Tuesday." He said.

"Ok" was all I said.

He went out to the van and radioed for the part. Luckily they had the part- and he told me that he would return at 1:30-2:00 this afternoon. I was not happy about this news. This would interrupt everything. I would have to think about how I was going to get the girls out of the way, and keep them quiet while good ole Bob installed the blower. I needed to go back to my house and pick up some fresh clothes too. It is almost 10:00 now. If I got Stacy out of the closet and into something else, I could go to my place and return before Bob got back. Whoa! What a day this would be. I watched the van pull off, out of the driveway, and down the road, from the upstairs bedroom window. The sky was grey and overcast. I prepared the things that I would need for Stacy, I took several things off the wall in the toy room, sneaking an eye at Kelly, then placed them into the spare bedroom floor where I was going to have Stacy.

I then slowly opened the closet door. Stacy stared at me directly, and then tugged at her bonds. I just stared at her. She was still in her black fishnet hose, and had the black leather bra and panties on. Her heavy eye liner was streaked, and made a clown like diamond shape under her eyes. I had not noticed it before now but in the morning light she had a powder white make-up on her face, enhancing the paleness of her skin. She had put it all over her body- I imaging to play up the ghost effect. She had a killer body, and I knew that she was in deep with this little game of mistress say, mistress do. I realized that she would never want Mistress Elaine believe that she couldn't handle the music. So I could use that as leverage over her, to get what I wanted.

"I had a little meeting with Mistress Elaine last night, it seems as though you did not follow her instructions so well." I was enjoying the role of master very much at the moment, "she told me I should enjoy you as a slave for the rest of the weekend, and this would serve as your punishment."

She could not reason this into her head; she turned away, and started to cry, probably thinking that all had been lost. which it was of course. I cannot think of a worse fate for a Mistress; becoming the slave to her own slaves. I did not want to be a shoulder to cry on but I felt that cruelty would not fix this situation. I wanted her to be submissive and compliant, not sobbing and distraught. 

"I have a meeting with her on Sunday night; I think that I could put in a good word to your defense- if you are a good enough slave." I bit my lip hoping she would play along. She stopped crying, and stared at me, lines of mascara running down her cheeks. I took a damp washrag and started to wipe the tears and makeup off. I could see her real skin tones coming out and she had rich, tan colored, smooth skin. It was like I was removing a mask to reveal the person I could relate to. 

"From now on, you will address me as Master." I said, chilling myself with the ring to the overused phrase. I felt slightly stupid saying it, but I could not think of a better way to introduce her to the facts.

"Do you understand me?" I asked, looking at her dead in the eyes.

She nodded her head in agreement. She was a trooper.

"I want you shake your head "no" three times if there is anything that you don't want to happen, or if I go to far. understood?" she nodded yes. 

Now I could play my games with her, I hope. I reached down between her legs and unlatched the seat at her crotch. I didn't bother to avoid her body, when pulling it free. I figured she was mine, and she had not the right to complain. She stayed silent. I took the panties, and pulled the zipper on the side down, and they slid off without any trouble. Next I popped the latch on her bra, removing it as well. Her breasts stayed erect. She looked up at the ceiling. She was not very comfortable with this situation, but she would not fight. I held the key to her eventual freedom, and held the chance for her to get into good graces with Mistress Elaine. 

I took my hand and placed it on her wet pussy, feeling around I spread her lips. I inserted one finger down the line of her mound, and applied pressure to the outer folds of skin just before the clit. She gasped at the presence of an uninvited visitor. She closed her eyes. I was eye to eye with her, my hand at her pussy, and the other I placed on her breast, pulling it up to kiss with my mouth. I had her resisting my touch but she did not shake her head even once to the side; she was aroused by this, and was fighting to keep me from knowing. She had fight in her. I was very amused by the torment she put herself thru. I teased her more with my fingers, and ran them round the outer walls of her lips. Juices covered my fingers and I slid them in slowly, with firm pressure on the upper side, she had a very pronounced sex, it was easy to stimulate her. Finally she moaned thru the gag, I took silent pleasure in the accomplishment.

I started to unzip my pants and pulled out my shaft, she opened her eyes, wide and gazed at me, helplessly. I placed a condom on. She gulped and prepared herself for the inevitable. Reaching up with both hands, I grabbed her breasts, to use as handles. I pushed slowly at her pussy; she tried hard to keep my shaft from entering. She was playing this game with herself more than me, I knew that she wanted to be violated, and she could have stopped this encounter before I unzipped her panties. So I kept moving my phallis over her mound, lubing, and teasing. Finally I firmly guided the blunt tip in, sliding it past her will, and into her love hole. I could feel her discomfort at my bold intrusion.

Leaning in I got close to her face, just below my chin was her nose. She panted as I thrust for the first time. I pulled her tits outward, she mumbled louder, and tried to move against the straps. This only turned me on more and I pushed my hips up to hers, delivering a full stab, Stacy squealed loudly. I did it again, and again. She was getting tighter and more tense as this mechanical grind continued, she was working her hips at the restraints, and she swiveled her legs in and out to match my thrusts. She had forgotten herself, and was lost in the passion of the moment. I pumped at her, pulled her tits harder, and she went out of control, she lost the rhythm and started to contort.

I stayed on, heaving away at her thin lean body, cutting into her like butter. She was emitting a low tone now, steady and monotone, "aaaaaaaaoaoaoaaaaaaaa" the sound was broken only by her breathing. Nearing the end I was starting to go faster, I ground into her mercilessly, she quaked in the closet, and just before I came, her pussy released, and a flood of wetness surrounded my cock, a geyser of moisture. The sudden release startled me, and Stacy's eyes were shut, she was in heaven. I thrust a final time, adding my moisture to the pot, and groaned out as I finished the act. 

Funky and relieved after the encounter, I stepped away from Stacy. Taking the rag I used on her face, I roughly soaked up the moisture at her crotch. Then taking a sheet from the floor, I draped it over her body, to keep her warm. I shut the door again. I decided to just keep her there till I thought of a better punishment for her. The closet was very handy; it would also keep her out of sight till the repair man was done.

* * *

I need to go home, morning is almost gone. I checked on Kelly quickly, and then went back to the kitchen to be sure that everything was turned off, I got my jacket and keys then ran out the front door. 

When I arrived at my house, I quickly grabbed my things and took a glance around the place to make sure everything was ok. I jetted out the door with a bag of clothes and hopped back in my car. The drive to Stacy's is almost ten minutes in traffic. I arrived back at the house at 12:45. I was just in time to get into cleaning the toys in the toy room, while I waited for the repairman. The items on the wall had cobwebs all over them, and on leather the dust was embedded into the pores. I scrubbed several key toys off before the repairman finally arrived. He went straight to work, and had the furnace done in no time. 

During his stay, I spent my time in the kitchen preparing a snack for the girls. I had not eaten yet, and poor Stacy had nothing to eat or drink all morning. I took everything out of the refrigerator that was edible, and cooked it up. I washed the dishes and cleaned the trash out of the can. I was getting a lesson in home economics 101. My slaves upstairs would need to use the bathroom, too. Oh goodness, I am not so good at this. Multi-tasking random events are never easy for me. I did not know how much work two helpless people could be. Not that its much work, but I usually spend more of my weekend relaxing mentally, not tasking myself with little things like the bathroom breaks and fixing lunch for three. I had three trays of food prepared for us to eat when the repairman left. I was starved; I know the girls are hungry too.

I returned to the playroom and gathered the thick leather posture collar and the unified wrist and leg shackles. Going back to Stacy's closet, I opened the door. Stacy was seemingly in pain, I figured that she needed a bathroom break badly. I quickly snapped on the posture collar, then the leg and wrist shackles. I locked them on using small luggage locks that I found in a box. I undid the straps, and led her to the bathroom by the chain; she was very patient considering the circumstances.

"You may bath yourself, and when you are done join Kelly and I for lunch in the toy room." I say, as I remove the posture collar, the only leather item on her body.

"Don't bother clothing yourself; it would be a waste of your time." I said, closing the bathroom door. I fetched the trays of food, and ferried them up to the playroom, where Kelly was making faces at me now. I snapped on the posture collar with chain and then unlatched the ratchet. The restraints fell loose and Kelly pulled at them till she could grab at her buckles. She had her hands free by the time I took one leg cuff off. She bolted to the nearest bathroom, which off this room, a small toilet and sink. She pulled the gag from her mouth and screamed, "I've been like this for hours! Where did you go?"

"I had the repairman to deal with and lunch to make," I said, "not to mention Stacy."

"Stacy?" she pondered.

"Yes Stacy- she has fallen into the slave role for this weekend, and I have more to tell you." I said eagerly.

"Stacy is going thru some Mistress educational thing with Mistress Elaine!" I announced, "And she did not manage to keep me in bondage correctly, I escaped, and tied her up." I said leaning against the bedroom wall.

"You what!??" Kelly gasped.

"There's more," I reiterated, "Mistress Elaine was here last night."

"Wow- this gets better and better." Kelly said, shaking her head, not believing a word.

"Its true and she told me to keep Stacy as a slave for the weekend, as her punishment." I said quickly. 

"Stacy wants to be a Mistress?" Kelly said.

"Yep- and she has just taken a step back into the world of slave too. I want you to know that as far as this is concerned she is my slave and you are kinda above her too, I don't think of you as a 'slave' like I do her." I said.

She just looked in disbelief. "You are incredible, I can't believe I am hearing this, where did you ever get the Idea that I would ever be your slave?" She said, from around the half shut bathroom door. She was obviously upset by my assessment of the situation, I didn't mean to imply that I would ever be more than her equal, but this master and submissive thing did lend itself to that conclusion in other terms. Role-playing has some pretty confusing aspects to it- one of which is the sudden cessation of all role-playing and the introduction of proper reality-like behavior. It was more than I could figure into the equation, for one Stacy is in character, and she understands that she is in the 'slave' role. On the other hand Kelly goes in and out of being submissive, while never putting herself into a role, just likes all the neat things that offer different experiences to her, Kelly is a tourist in the fetish. I don't think that she will stay in the fetish longer than it takes her to get bored of it. 

"Are you out there?" she demanded.

"Yes, yes, I am here." How would I explain this to her. I don't think that I am in a good position to say anything at the moment; I should not have assumed anything about Kelly. I should have just let it ride out. I had to open my big mouth. "Hey don't say anything that might upset her, she is really upset about what Mistress Elaine has decided, Ok?"

"Alright!" she said, a little pissed off.

I finished unloading the trays in the bedroom, and then sat down next to Kelly on the floor; she was already eating bagel with cream cheese. Eggs and sausage, bagels, and coffee, toast- the breakfast for a king- or queen- well, the lot of us anyhow. I saw that Kelly was pacified by the sight of the wondrous bounty of food that I had prepared; she was pleased to know that I was not goofing off while I was neglecting her. I felt a little bit unappreciated by the slight she showed me, and I would not forget it. I found lots of relief in the simple pleasure of sitting down, and eating.

Stacy came to the doorway, and she was totally naked down to the shackles that I had put on her. I gulped a piece of toast down hard, and motioned for her to join us. She sat opposite Kelly and I, with her head bent low, and did not say a word. Kelly looked very uncomfortable. Kelly finished her bagel and got up suddenly, briskly walking to the bathroom. 

I knew this was trouble. She would not last thru this situation, she was not going to cope with the sight of a "slave", and it was too much for her, too fast. It dawned on me that Stacy and I had much more exposure to the kinky ins and outs of bondage, and the intricacies of the fetish world- by merely having been exposed to the internet world from which it sprang. Kelly was not the type to go looking for websites that deal with this material, and has no such interest. 

I am not quite sure of where that leaves me. I came to what I thought was Stacy's home, I find out that it is Mistress Elaine's house, and that I can do whatever she will allow, me to do, which is at the moment rule these two- Stacy is abiding by that train of thought, but Kelly evidentially was deceived by Stacy (as I was) into thinking that the house was Stacy's. Now, she must be thinking of what it is she will do, now that the game has changed so much. She is in from out of town, and is Stacy's guest in the house, now she must feel out of place with Stacy running around in chains.

I looked at Stacy sitting on the floor, eating a bagel. She looked back at me and smiled with a big evil grin. I really didn't like her strangeness. Stacy took pleasure at seeing me uncomfortable at the thought that everything was going to hell. I had to admit that she could be real life psycho. 

I would find a way to make this situation work; I had to if I wanted to impress Mistress Elaine. I stood up and composed myself, then replaced the leather collar on Stacy's neck. She allowed me to get close and did not fight at all. I said nothing as I led her back to the closet, and strapped her back into the closet. She meekly eyed me as I was planning to leave her, and it appeared for a moment, that she wanted more from me. I get thoughts like this from time to time, as anyone might, but the thought that usually crosses my mind is that I could be reading too much into this glance. I could be wrong about what I saw. If I am wrong and act on it, I could do myself a disservice. Where would I be then? Fear has often motivated my conservative behavior. 

For the moment, I had not the time or mood to entertain these fleeting thoughts, there was the matter of Kelly at hand. I had to 'create' a good place for Kelly to be happy in. A good place, a 'place', is what I have often thought of as a way that people think about what they are doing- and how they are doing it- if you can be happy tied up on a bed, then why not be happy tied up in the cellar, cold and damp? Places, of course, environments make the difference. I have to find out what Kelly is really into. and create a good thing for her to enjoy. I have to admit that I have no clue as to what she might be into. but I can guess. I closed the door on Stacy.

Kelly was in the bathroom, door shut and I could hear no sounds from within. I walked up to the bathroom door and softly knocked. I heard a noise from within, and the toilet flushed, then she cracked the door open. She was still in her bathrobe, and had not settled out of her foul mood. 

"Kelly," I coaxed, "can we talk?" I said as pleasantly as I could.

"Sure." She said plainly.

"I think that your feeling a little isolated here, with this situation, are you ok?"

"I'm fine." she said determinedly.

"Why don't I believe you?" I said. "You're not happy, I can see that."

"I'll be fine- I just don't get this thing with Stacy, she was- is my friend. Now I don't feel as if I know her at all." She said sadly.

"She is not what I thought she was either, if that makes you feel any better." I said.

"No! What makes you think it would? I've known her for years, I did things that I thought would please her- and now I find out she has nothing in common with me. hardly."

"Hardly? Is there something?" I asked with a feeling of hope.

"She has a very twisted life, and I can't get that far into it. but I like the time we spent together. I liked last night." She said with a smile.

I felt a wave of relief pass over me, I just found out that she does like the things we shared. she just can't be a part of Stacy's scene that is all. A plan was forming in my head as the I spoke my next words, "Would you like to get dinner with me tonight, just the two of us?" 

"Yes, I love to!" She said, and her tone and mood totally changed. I was so glad. All I had to do is show her a good time out, and remove Stacy from the picture. Great, I am saved. The night would be alright, but I needed to find a way to take care of Stacy. I had a small Idea that might work, and it would be fitting for Stacy. 

"Why don't you get something nice to wear, and I'll get the car ready, ok?" I said.

Kelly perked right up and said "Ok!" Then went for the bathroom again. I made a bee line for the closet, knowing I could not leave Stacy alone in there for the evening. I hastily unstrapped her from the closet- and before she could think I grabbed the collar, and pulled her into the toy room. She was a little shocked at my mad scurry to equip her next stage of slavery, but I ignored her perplexed gaze and concentrated on the task. Rummaging around I found the things I needed. I pulled her closer to me, and got a pair of leather cuffs for her wrists, fastening them on. I took a luggage lock and secured them so she could not remove them. I placed her ankles in shackles, and locked them too. As I pulled at her, she calmly stood there and allowed this process to occer.

Looking her over, I decided that I would give her a goodbye present, but first, the hood must be on. I slipped a bright red ball gag into her mouth, and then I took that black leather hood, with locking chin guard, and slid it over her head. Locking it, I turned her around, and pushed her over at the waist. She was bent and I maneuvered her over to the side of the bed, she was not fighting at all, she just did whatever I wanted her to do. Now bent onto the bed, I unzipped my pants and forced my way into her back side with no warning, and proceeded to fuck her. She let a muffled yelp out and meekly fought, and struggled to no avail, I had locked onto her rear. It was my fun time, and while she was my slave, I would have a little use of her, I felt I was entitled. 

She could do nothing to prevent my assault on her and I enjoyed this. I pulled her and pushed her, she moaned passionately as I drove her. I could feel her trying to squirm, I think she liked to fight it a bit- she never shook her head "no" or fought me in any hard fashion, just little wiggling, it was cute. I excitedly shot my load into her and pulled out, then took a large dildo, and slid it up inside her. She moaned again. I grabbed a chastity belt and strapped it on her, trapping the dildo inside. I locked it, and then faced her. I opened the hood's eye guards.

"Stacy- Kelly and I are going out for the evening; I am going to leave you here. You are free to roam the house until I arrive back here." Showing her the key to the chastity belt, I gave it to her. Her eyes peered out from behind the mask, and I think that she was smiling. I took the rest of the keys and put them on my key ring.

"You may take it off to use the bathroom only, if I return and it is not on, I will punish you." I said sternly. I turned and left her there. I started the car, and went back inside for the supplies that I would need for the excursion back to my place. Kelly was just coming down the stairs as I finished up. We got into my car, and left the house. 

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