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Knight’s Armor II

by Russ

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© Copyright 2008 - Russ - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; encased; armor; display; object; party; stuck; cons; X

continues from part one

Jessica awoke with a start as she always did being wrapped or in bondage. It always took the mind a few seconds to remember what was going on. She could again see the ceiling above her so it must be morning. She had to pee pretty bad also. She of course could not move at all, she was awake enough now to remember the armor suit and being locked in it the night before. The more she thought of Steve doing it to her the more aroused she became.

She could not feel any movement in the bed; this meant Steve was either still asleep or up and about already. She tried wiggling a bit to no avail. She called out to Steve through the visor, not knowing if it was audible or not. In a few moments she felt the bed move and Steve came into view in front of her. He had a huge nasty grin on his face.

“How was your night?” he asked.

“ood” she answered.

“I think that was a good, but I can barely hear you.” He pushed the pins on the visor and opened it. “That better?”

“Yeah, ut I otta pee!”

“So you probably want out huh?” he chuckled.

“Less ooh ant ohh kean eh uit!!!”

“OK, I get it!”

Steve hurried and began releasing locking pins and straps, working down from her head. Even hurrying it took a good 10 minutes to get all of the pieces unhooked and removed. As soon as he was done she rushed to the bathroom and relieved herself.

She came back to the bedroom and attacked him on the bed! She fake punched and beat on him and generally verbally abused him over locking her in the suit without warning. The play fight soon turned into hugging and then passionate sex. They lay spent in each others arms and drifted off into sleep again. She awoke to the smell of bacon, eggs and toast cooking. She showered quickly and proceeded to the kitchen. They enjoyed breakfast together. Steve was a great cook! Actually he was pretty damn great all around!!

They talked about the suit and how it was in it. It fit like a glove and was very comfy she said. And of course was totally immobilizing when locked. One concern for the future was eliminating bodily fluids in a long term enclosure. That would need to be worked on and would require a couple holes and catheters. Drinking would be possible as is and maybe soft foods although swallowing may be a problem because the chin was held so tightly. None of these were concerns for the party which would be only a few hours. The biggest problem they saw was keeping her from falling or being bumped and falling while on display tonight. The joints would be locked of course because any movement would give away her presence inside. So if she lost balance or was bumped by a guest it would be timber time! Not good. Steve said he might have an idea, which he almost always did.

They spent the day cleaning and prepping for the party. They had chosen the spot for the armor display straight across from the front door in the dining room. This would give Jessica the best view and also the guests. Steve came in from the garage with tools and hardware. This always made her nervous! He used a stud finder to find studs in the wall behind where the armor would stand. He anchored eye bolts into them at about waist level. He had also cut a piece of light chain and attached clips to each end.

“Problem solved!” He proudly stated. “When we get you into position, I will clip these in the eyehooks and you will be held to the wall!”

“Great, no timber time.”

The afternoon dragged on, guests were supposed to arrive around 9pm. They would get her in the suit and positioned by 8:30 in case someone showed up early. She ate a light snack for supper, and stopped drinking by 6:30. They then brought the entire suit downstairs and made it ready for assembly. At 7:30 they began. Well, Steve did, there was not much she could do to help the process. She watched closely this time as the pieces were placed on her. It was fascinating how well the steel fit her body after the pieces were in place and closed. This time as Steve put the suit together she tried moving inside but realized it was not possible except at the joints and pivots. By 8:00 she was entirely in the suit and sitting on the floor. The visor was still open.

“Since you are done early, we can leave the visor open and you can explore for a bit if you like before we get you into position and closed up.”

“O ay, ounds ike fun.”

Steve proceeded to the kitchen to get snacks and final items ready for the party. Jessica sat on the floor experimenting and moving what she could. The suit was a bit heavy but she could still easily move her various parts. The restrictions came in the solid feet and hands. These would take time to adjust to completely. The only other problem was the steel of the suit was slippery as compared to skin. She found this out by ending up face down on the floor when she attempted rolling over into a crawling position. The knees and hands just slid away from under her. She was not injured just felt stupid. Steve entered and laughed, “Would you like some help?”

“Yea” she laughed.

Steve got her up on her knees and then standing. He made sure to stay close in case of a slip again. They would have to look into adding some type of gripping material, like rubber or grit to the key points on the suit. A fall in the suit from standing would not be good. Jessica walked around for a few minutes with care and short steps with Steve on guard. In what seemed no time it was time to get into position.

Steve aided her in backing up to the wall and getting the legs, hips and waist locked. Then he placed the chain around her waist and adjusted it so it was tight. He then locked her left arm so it was down to her side and straight. The right arm he locked the shoulder down and the elbow at 90 degrees pointing out. He left the room for a minute and came back with a large antique spear. He placed the butt against the wall and floor and then attached the shaft to her hand with a nylon strap.

“Oh ute! She said, ould ave own you ad lans!”

“Oh hush! What is a knight without a spear?”

“Ha Ha”

He stopped any more comments by kissing her. This was a bit hard to do for her because her jaw was held so rigidly. She basically just let him kiss her. After the kiss he closed the visor and locked the pins.

“Now be good and have fun! Remember no sounds or it will blow the cover!”

In about ten minutes the doorbell rang with the first guest. Of course it was Steve’s brother and wife. The only ones who knew Jessica was at the party and in the suit. They immediately passed Steve with a quick “Hello” and went straight to the suit. His wife had never seen the suit completed and together and she was amazed.

“Jess is really in there? My God you can’t tell, it looks like a museum display! That has to be awesome!”

“Yes she is in there and can see you and hear kind of.”

His wife waved and said “Having a good time?”A muffled “Mmm Hmm” came from inside the suit. “That is awesome!” Steve warned them of no sounds from now on again. His brother was inspecting the suit from top to bottom with a look of pride and amazement on his face. He tapped on the suit on the abdomen and got a dull tunk, tunk. Steve caught the look on his face and smiled.

“Already got it handled, we had the suit filled with foam so it is rigid and more stable. Hence the dull sound.”

“Good come back. It would be a dead giveaway the suit is full”

More guests were arriving and the suit was the definite hit attraction. Other costumes were barely commented on or discussed and there were many very good ones. Steve was pouring it on to all on how Jessica was so upset she had to miss the party, and how he had got the armor at an estate auction for a steal. Many guests were curious enough to touch, tap and ask details about the suit. All were satisfied with the story.

Jessica was of course taking it all in. She could hear pretty well when guests were close. And many times had to clench her teeth to keep from giggling as Steve answered questions and told the story. She was very nervous at first but excited also. Being on display in secret was new and she was growing to love it. After the first few minutes and guests she felt safe and was getting more and more into it. Many were touching the suit and tapping it. The touches she just had to imagine, the taps she could feel.

At one point a group of three of Steve buddies congealed on the suit and noticed it had breasts formed into the chest. Steve was called over and questioned.

“Yes I was told at the sale that this suit was actually made for a medieval play in which the lead character was a female. Of course the armor would have to appear to fit a female.” This was generally accepted by the group. Jessica had thought the ruse was over though. Good thing Steve thinks fast, she thought. Other than that one close call, the night and party went well. It was after 3:00 that the final guests, except Steve’s brother and wife, had left. When the last left the trio came over to the suit. Steve pushed the locking pins and slid up the visor.

“Hey, how’s the star attraction?”

“I an ood!” hat a rip!”

“It was a trip for us all!”

They all were laughing and reliving the night and all of the party. Jessica did not even mind she was still in the suit, it was that comfortable. As they were talking the trio were taking turns cleaning up some. After most was done Steve’s brother and wife said their good byes and even gave Jessica a hug. She could not reciprocate but the meaning was there.

When they had gone Steve came back and gave Jessica a hug and long kiss. They would talk to his brother soon about the mods needed in the suit for safety and also for long term enclosures. Other than that it was great and the best thing they had either thought of so far!

“Ell I an ired, et’s et ooh ed”

“OK, I’ll get ya unhooked and get going on disassembling you”

He leaned in and kissed her again. As he pulled away he shut the visor and locked the pins!!

“Night Jess, Love ya! See ya in the morning!”


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