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Virtual Bondage 2 Egyptian Queen

by Russ

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© Copyright 2007 - Russ - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; ceremony; embalming; mum; wrap; encase; burial; vr; cons; X

Suggested prerequisite: Virtual Bondage Part One

Chapter two: “Egyptian Queen”

Cindy did not feel like herself. Something was wrong but she did not know what it was. It was dark first of all, and completely silent. What is going on? Secondly she noticed the temperature. She could feel her body and the air felt arid and dry. The air temperature had to be close to 100 degrees. She could only think of maybe two times in her 25 years that it had even gotten close to 100 in rural Ohio. And, when it did it was not dry and arid. Usually wet and thunderstorms.

She was laying in a prone position on a very flat and hard surface. It felt like a large counter or table, but of stone. Very odd. She figured she must be dreaming, or coming out of a dream. She had studied relaxation, self hypnosis techniques and dabbled with trances and going out of body. So, she did not panic right away. At the moment she was more fascinated. So if this is a dream or dream paralysis, just shake yourself and come out of it. She tried and nothing moved.

Now she had the fluttering butterfly in her stomach of something very odd going on. OK, take it slow analyze this, and bring yourself out of it. OK, I can think. I can feel. I am laying on something hard, It is dark, hot, dry and very quiet………very quiet? Now the flutter changed from a butterfly to a large bird! It was very quiet! Too quiet she now realized! She could not hear or feel her heart beat! The next instant she also realized she was not breathing!

Panic ripped through her entire body! She tried to scream, nothing! She mentally tried to twist, lurch, kick, sit up, nothing! Oh my God! I am dead! Her mind reeled, thoughts flying so fast she could not keep track of any for more than a fleeting moment. How did it happen? Why? What next? She was scared and alone, the two absolute worst things that can happen to anyone.

This went on for what seemed like hours. Cindy actually did not know how long, without any references from sight or sounds she was only able to think. As time passed however an even odder thing happened. She was resigning herself to it all.

OK, if I am dead, I am dead. I am not in pain and I am still me. Panic is not helping, just making me nuts. I have all the time in the universe if I am dead. I hope this is not the afterlife, or heaven, I kind of hoped for more than this. But, if this is it, this is it. She had not seen her life pass before her? Maybe she missed it in her panic? Maybe it had only been seconds so far and it was coming yet?
She was actually relaxing somewhat. Just waiting…………..

Dim lights, flickering? Footsteps? OK, something is happening, finally! Far away voices, chanting, are getting louder and louder. The light getting brighter. She still could not move at all. But she was very thankful for sight and sound! Even though all she could see yet was an orange glow approaching from her right. As the light can closer she now saw that she was in a room. A very large room, the ceiling was at least 20 feet above, she could not see walls at all in her peripheral vision. She wished she could turn her head or move her eyes. She tried again… no luck.
Now she could tell that people were in the room with her, many people! The orange glow from “the group” was bright now. Then she noticed the room progressively getting brighter also, starting from her right near “the group” and moving around the room. They are lighting torches in wall hangers. The chanting continued, it was very slow and peaceful, soothing in someway.  She knew it was not English, or any other foreign language she had ever heard. But, I understand every word!!

“Great Anuket, Osiris, and Shu. Guide us, your meager Priests, in the rituals that have been taught us by our Fathers and their Fathers before them for eons. Guide our Queen Cynthia as we now prepare her mortal body and pray for her eternal soul. Anuket, God of death, be with her Ka, preserve and nurture it for all time. Osiris, God of the Nether world, be with her Ba and guide it on its journey. Shu, God and Bearer of Heaven, take her Akh unto you and protect our Queen for all eternity”.

Cindy, “Queen Cynthia”, knew the words and the language. She immediately knew what was happening and why! She was an Egyptian Queen, and was most certainly dead. She was in a Priests temple in Egypt, just beginning the long process of embalming, mummification, and burial! As the chanting continued, she grew more and more at ease, accepting to what had happened and what was happening. The prayers being repeated began to have a strange effect on her. She began to feel very light and floating. All thoughts of fear were gone. She had no idea how she got here and no longer cared. It was all OK!

The prayers continued, she could now see two Priests to the left of her head and two to the right. They were dressed in what appeared to be white robes and had on Egyptian head dressings and make-up. She knew there were more circling the table she could not see. She could now feel her “conscious” being floating up and up, leaving her body on the table. I can still feel my body also, and see and hear from it! She was in two places at once! In her body and floating above it! Sensing everything from both. She could now see her body on the table, draped in silk up to her neck. She could see all of the Priests around the table and see that the table was not stone but an ornately carved wooden table.

The Priests continued praying and she felt more and more distant from her “body” but still aware of it. As this happened, her floating self seemed to know more and more of what was happening. She realized her “Ka” was in her body still, and would be for eternity. Her floating consciousness was her “Ba” the part of her being that could leave her body and travel on a journey through the Nether world after she was buried. Her “Ba” would be judged and tested on this journey. If it passed the tests and deemed worthy, then her third and most important part of her being, her “Akh” would be allowed passage into Heaven.

The Priests by her left side parted as another Priest approached with a large tray of tools. The tray was placed on a smaller table near her body. This Priest picked up a metal tool and beginning at her ribs, placed it against her skin, pulling it downward along her side about four inches. Cynthia’s Ka felt the pain slightly, but not like an incision would feel if it were still alive. Cynthia’s Ba watched now in fascination, there was no bleeding from the wound, just the skin and underlying tissue parting. The Priest then spread the incision and reaching inside Cynthia began pulling out her intestines. This process continued for more than an hour. As her internal organs were pulled out, each were wrapped in many layers of linen and placed in Canopic jars. Other Priests placed lids on the jars and then sealed them with rosin. The only organ left inside of her was the heart, keeper of the soul.  The Priest then began stuffing her body cavity full of linens. This was done with care, making certain that her body appeared as it had before her organs were removed. After the Priest was satisfied the incision in her side was sutured closed.

Now the Priest moved toward Cynthia’s head. A long and slender tool was taken from the tray. He placed this tool into her nostril and fed it up into her nasal cavity. With great skill and a gentle push, the tool broke through thin bone and into her brain. Again her Ka felt the tool and heard the small crunch of entry, but the sensation was deadened as if she were aware, but not fully. Her Ba watched this procedure from above. The Priest moved, pulled and twisted the tool for many minutes. Then her head was turned to the side and another Priest with an earthen bowl caught the grayish matter that flowed from her nose.

The table with tools was taken out of the room and several of the Priests walked to the far wall of the room, returning with rather large jars. The silk cover was removed from her body and folded neatly. Her head was returned to looking straight up and her hair was straightened to lie beneath her. Other Priests were washing her body from head to toe with silk clothes and exotic oils. Cynthia was surprised that she could again feel this all in her Ka, and her Ba was actually becoming stimulated by it all. It all ended abruptly when the cleaning was complete, leaving her on the edge of a mounting wave. The Priests with the jars now came close, and began pouring the contents over her body. Cynthia watched from above as her entire body was covered deeply by the pure white powder. The natron would remain there for the next 40 days, drawing out moisture from her body.

Forty days and nights pass. Cynthia’s Ba floated near her body in the room the entire time. Her Ka was in total darkness being covered in natron. As the days passed Cynthia’s Ba began to feel stiff and hardened. It was indeed a very odd feeling, her skin and tissue becoming leathery and hardened. She could only slightly sense this in her actual body, but more and more of what was happening to her body was being picked up by her Ka. It was like a form of ESP between the two.

Cynthia now saw the room lighting up again and heard voices chanting. The chanting was similar to that during the first “phase” she had gone through, but more attuned to her Ba and Akh now. The Priests again grouped around her body. After several minutes of continued chanting they began removing the natron from around her body. Cynthia was again hovering in her Ba watching the whole procedure. As the natron was removed she was shocked but also a bit amazed at how her body looked. It had became wrinkled, the skin a very deep brown tone tightened over the bones. Her body only had about ¼ of the mass that she remembered. The only sensation now from her Ka was very faint; mostly she could sense how stiff it had become. As the Priests were removing the natron they would occasionally need to move her body to get under a leg or her back. Her entire body moved as one. In short she was stiff as a board. Although the appearance of her body was distressing, the stiffness and absolute inability to move was very amazing. Cynthia’s Ba began to feel tingly and almost light headed, if that was possible? Can a spirit have an orgasm?

After all of the natron was removed and cleaned away, the Priests again brought out flasks of aromatic and sacred oils. They slowly anointed her entire body in them. As they preceded the feelings she was having intensified. They continued this procedure three times chanting the entire time. Cynthia could feel the oils on her body and smell the scents. She knew this was her Ba sensing it, but it still was very erotic. She simply let herself go, watching and enjoying the entire process. Her feelings gaining momentum.

The Priests now brought a large box shaped container near the foot end of the table where Cynthia lay and also a smaller one was placed near her head. The smaller container was ornately decorated with gold and jewels. Both were opened. In the larger were what appeared to be rolls of fine linen, the smaller box contained several highly carved and polished scarabs and various jewels. The Priests now began wrapping her in the linen. Beginning with fingers and toes separately. Each digit was wrapped with exactly six layers before proceeding to the next. Cynthia again hovered and watched amazed. When they began she had wondered how the Priests would be able to wrap her because she felt so stiff. She actually had a flash image of her fingers or even arms breaking if moved (like it would matter anyway). Obviously the Priests knew what they were doing. Her body still had enough give to allow for the wrappings to be applied. It all was very amazing and erotic to watch. The wrappings continued on each foot, hand, leg, arm. The Priests being very meticulous with each wrap, every wrinkle was removed and smoothed. As each strip of linen ended a small amount of pitch was applied to the end to hold it in place and give a starting sticky spot for the next strip.

Time did not mean anything to Cynthia any longer. She had no care of time now but oddly her thoughts still tried to use time as a reference. The forty days seemed forever and yet only a few seconds. The wrapping she guessed was taking hours. She did know that however long it was taking the tingles and fuzzy warm feelings in her were increasing steadily. This was turning her on!

The wrapping of her extremities now appeared complete. She liked the look of the pure white linens as apposed to the wrinkled brown skin. The amount of wrapping to this point had returned the plump look of her limbs almost exactly as they looked before the natron. Now, her torso and head were being wrapped all with the same great care. The only variation this time was after the third layer was applied the jewels and scarabs were placed on her body. A large black scarab on her forehead, a large green jade over her heart, a smaller scarab near her naval and pubic area. These were held in place by small dabs of pitch. The head Priest then placed his hands on each object and chanted over them. As he did so Cynthia felt warmth and intense sensations in her Ba at these locations. The wrappings continued up and down her torso and head. Cynthia noticed now that any sight she had from her body was completely gone. She also noticed that the touch of the priests was no longer felt at all. All sensation and movement in her body was now completely gone and would be for eternity. The body that had served her well was no more. She was completely in her Ba now feeling very warm and erotic. She continued to watch from above.

Now that her entire body was covered in six layers of linen the Priests positioned her legs together with her feet straight up. Her arms were folded over her breasts; a large scarab of pure gold was placed under her right palm against her breast. The head priest again chanted over this object. A very warm glow radiated through Cynthia’s entire Ba! It also intensified the sensations from the others so that her entire being was aglow and vibrating intensely. She could feel waves of intense pleasure building in her.

The Priests began again at her feet and as her body was held up by some others wrapped her from toes to abdomen, up and down six times. Then her body from head to hips was raised and six layers were applied there as well. Her entire body was now one wrapping. Her legs wrapped together, arms across breasts wrapped to torso. A layer of rosin and pitch was now applied over the wrappings, giving them a soft honey color and bonding all together. Cynthia was now a mummy, forever!

She hovered and watched all of this, lost in a wash of intense pleasure. She was on the edge of the most intense orgasm she ever had felt. As she watched her mummy was lifted and placed on a stretcher. She was carried by Priests through a tunnel into another room. In the center of this room was a large stone sarcophagus. She was carried near this to a burial coffin, ornate in gold and jewels. Her mummy was slowly lowered into this. The coffin was then carried to the sarcophagus and lowered into it. Priests spread a bead of rosin around the coffin lip and the edge of the sarcophagus. A solid gold death mask was lowered over her mummies head. The head Priest lay one hand on the mask and one over her hands. He chanted for the last time in the ritual. As he did Cynthia exploded in orgasmic bliss.

The ornate lid was placed onto the coffin sealing into the rosin. The large stone cover was slid onto the sarcophagus also sealing for eternity. Cynthia was in heaven! In more ways than one. Not only had she had the most intense orgasm ever but as the orgasm faded she was able to see her mummy sealed away and the Priests leave and seal her burial chamber. The next sensation she had was her “being” leaving her Ba. She traveled up a passageway at intense speed. As she looked down she saw the pyramid falling away below her. All senses, thoughts and feelings as earthly beings know them were erased and she was flying upwards toward an intense light…………..

Everything was black and silent, peaceful and serene. Cindy felt as if she was floating on a cloud in nothingness. She had had this feeling before, but where? When?

“Cindy? Do not try to move yet, just relax and keep still. Your session is now over; we will have you out in a moment.”  As she heard this, the memories began to come back as to where she was and what had just happened.

There was a metallic sound and a crack of light appeared above her as if a lid was being removed. As her eyes adjusted and the cobwebs cleared, she knew for sure that she had just had another session at VR World!!

The lid moved away, she was gently lifted into a sitting position, attendants were wiping “goo” off of her, a mask that only covered her nose this time was removed. The attendants lifted her out of the box and continued cleaning her body.

She began looking around the room. There were now 12 units filling the large room. All around the walls were consoles, computers, machines, monitors, flashing lights, and gauges, same as before but obviously much more.

“You have expanded?” Cindy asked. And let out a small giggle. Sasha and Gloria smiled. “Yes we have, and business is booming!” answered Sasha. “And welcome back to VR World…and now reality”.

“Thank You”, said Cindy. And they all laughed.

“How did I get you two again?”

“You will always have me and Gloria for attendants, as long as you are pleased with us. We are assigned to clients just like hairdressers. It is easier in the wake up stage if familiar faces are there. Is there a problem with us?”

“Oh heavens no!” said Cindy, “I was just curious. You two are great!”

“OK great! Well you know the routine from here out, just use anything you like and buzz if you need us. Any questions?”

“I noticed the mask I had on only covered my nose this time, how come?”

“Oh just another advancement, we now only cover your nose for breathing, this leaves your eyes and mouth in the fluid for direct sight and taste stimulation! Our researchers are coming up with new ideas daily.”

“Very cool” said Cindy, “Now that you mention it, everything did seem more vivid and real this time!”

Cindy followed Sasha into the “Post” room again. Showered, sat in the whirlpool for a long time, got dressed and ate at the banquet (she was famished!). She filled out the evaluation, all 10’s again……duh! And checked the box for the recording to be delivered, she could not wait to view it…………….

She walked to the door with an exit sign above it and opened it. She was in the reception area that she now remembered from earlier. She walked toward the outside door, a voice from behind the reception window said, “Have a nice weekend! We hope you have enjoyed your visit to VR World! Please come again soon!”

“I will, said Cindy…….I definitely will!!!!”

To be continued...

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