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At the Academy 2

by Pleasewrap

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© Copyright 2007 - Pleasewrap - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/ff; bond; cuffs; chain; harness; captives; insert; toys; tease; sci-fi; vr; magic; reluct/cons; X

continued from part one

Part 2: Virtually Occupied

Roger hit the button on his desk and opened the door when it chimed without bothering to turn towards it. He was expecting Ken, who’d left to grab them both some coffee and a morning snack, largely since Roger was faster at writing code than he was. While both were competent programmers, the language for the VR suites was a bit odd, and Roger understood it far better than Ken.

“Damn, that thing looks good up there,” Ken said as he entered. Roger smiled, and glanced up from his program to look quickly at the gold and silver “2” that sat on the shelf above his desk. The inscription was simple – “2nd Year Challenge, Class 914-3.”

Roger swiveled in his chair to face Ken, who was busy putting down a backpack, a thermal carafe, and his portable computer case. Apparently, sitting and watching was beginning to bore him in between providing suggestions for their situation.

“It’s been a week, and I’m still in a bit of shock myself,” said Roger. He stood and went to retrieve coffee mugs.

The 2nd Year Challenge was a ritual that was guarded with almost religious fervor. The first eighteen months of training at the Academy were designed to be incredibly difficult, testing the cadets’ ability to carry something similar to the pace and stress they’d encounter when actually assigned to the field. Better than 65% of the class that had entered with them had already failed out and been reassigned to other services.

So it was with some excitement that Roger, Ken, Amy, and Andrea had filed into the lecture hall for their briefing on the Challenge. Introduced shortly after the VR suites were first installed sixty-three years ago, it had been created to keep the cadets out of trouble for the day of “down-time” between the completion of finals and the holiday dance. The immediate drop in drunkenness and chaos caused the instructors to make the event an annual occurrence to channel the celebration of the 2nd year cadets into something both fun and productive while reinforcing their training.

And it had been quite a challenge. Over the course of eight hours, the entire class had undertaken relatively short “missions” that ranged from purely physical to entirely mental. They’d climbed mountains in races, sparred in a “last man standing” type of format, broken into simulated computer systems, and engaged in solving puzzles as rapidly as possible.

But it was the addition of the instructors to the mix that had really made the Challenge interesting. Rather than coaching from the sidelines, they actively participated in some of the missions, working to defeat their charges with every ounce of their ability and knowledge.

Going into the final mission, only Roger, Andrea, and one other cadet (Kelli – quite a talent and Roger’s bet for the top of their class) had made it to the final event. In that mission, they were pitted against the full team of the instructors, each individually trying to defend their computer system from attacks launched by the instructors. They’d had access to an amazing wealth of automated tools and pre-packaged code, but identifying the type of threat and deploying the appropriate counter measure was no mean feat.

Andrea had been knocked out after about twenty-five minutes, having made a spot judgment about one attempted exploit and failing to watch it carefully to ensure it played out as she expected. Not that Roger could blame her, on average there were between three and five active exploits under way at any given time.

In the end, both Roger and Kelli had succeeded in surviving for the requisite hour. Roger had even earned an ovation from the rest of his class and a few instructors when he’d managed to turn the tables on one of the attacking computers and crash it himself. While Kelli hadn’t had that success, when the timer expired, both had met the requirement and defended their data from the inbound attacks.

It turned out to be quite an achievement. In the history of the event, only forty-three cadets had ever done what Roger and Kelli had done and survived the varied missions. As a reward, they’d won control over one of the four VR suites for the four week break between classes, the other cadets sharing access to the remaining two. And since the suites were prized recreation facilities, Kelli and Roger had unprecedented ability to entertain themselves and their friends while everyone received R&R before the next semester began.

“Given what they threw at you, I’m surprised that there’ve been 45 winners. That was positively brutal.”

Ken poured the coffee while Roger helped himself to a donut from the bag. Then he returned to his chair, and punched up the monitoring program for the VR suite. Amy and Andrea appeared, gloriously dressed in flowing gowns and whispering to each other in what was obviously a room in a castle somewhere. Simulated sunlight poured in from the window, and they glanced conspiratorially around them as they spoke.

“They still in the same adventure,” said Ken as he handed Roger the coffee. Roger grinned as he accepted it.

“Yep. Our fair maidens are still on their mission to discover what foul plot Lord Archer has hatched for them after their father passed away. I gave up on listening to the cheesy dialogue Amy programmed about twenty minutes ago.”

“So how much longer you have before you’re ready to put the code to work?”

Ken pulled over a chair so he could see the screen better and sat. Roger paused to take a bite and sip, admiring how the corset only enhanced Andrea’s figure.

“I’m running it through the error-checking routine now and fixing a few bugs. Probably twenty minutes unless something crashes terribly. Not bad for two of us working over a couple days. Some of that code was pretty damned clever.”

Ken grinned and leaned back in his chair. “Not bad indeed.”

* * * *

Inside the VR suite, Amy and Andrea finished giggling as they relived the scene they’d just played out. Lord Archer had dispatched his minion, the Baron Clement, to repeat his demands for the lands he claimed their father had unjustly taken control of under the previous king. They’d stoutly refused, of course, and showed him the copy of the letter they’d sent to the new king stating their case and complaining of Lord Archer’s horrid treatment towards them. The Baron had become quite flustered, sputtering protests that he was mentioned by name in the document, and had backed into one of the suits of armor decorating the small audience chamber. His trousers had snagged on the spike protruding from the knee, and had ended up around his ankles as he jumped forward in surprise.

Of course, that had done nothing for his demeanor, and he’d left shouting of how he’d make them pay dearly for the insult to his honor. They’d instructed their guard to escort him to the gate and leave them in peace.

Of course, the two were having more than a bit of fun with the characters themselves. They’d inserted Ken as Lord Archer, his taller stature and the small scar over one eye made him seem the more logical choice for the menacing, plotting liege lord of the neighboring estates. Roger had been cast as the Baron, and they’d been toying with the two somewhat mercilessly in their simulation.

“Well, with that taken care of for the day, shall we go for a ride?” Amy stood as she spoke, her pale red gowns swirling about her as she did so. No fairy princess she, Amy had even programmed the simulation so that the two women had even engaged in some swordplay.

Andrea grinned and stood herself. Her gown was similar, but cast in a light green coloration. The material was somewhat transparent when the light was right, and she’d laughed as the Baron had become flustered (just as Roger might have not too long ago) when he’d seen more of her than a decent man should.

“Yes, lets. It will take the Baron at least an hour to make his report, and we should be relaxed and ready to take on Lord Archer’s next assault on our honor and lands. Can you believe he insisted that you wed?”

Amy tried to stay in character, but couldn’t. She laughed at how Ken/Archer had growled that he loved her in a caricature of a scheming medieval lord. “Yes, that was choice, wasn’t it.”

Andrea frowned a bit – Amy was fond of breaking character, which annoyed her a bit on occasion. “Choice” wasn’t exactly something she’d expect in the vernacular of the day. But she rapidly smiled at the scene in her head, and summoned their maid to have the horses arranged.

In less than twenty minutes, the two were racing across the open fields that bordered the woods to the north of their castle. The soil here was too rocky to farm easily, and had been left grassy as a place to exercise horses and riders and to provide a place for the knights to practice their skills. The land was among those disputed by the nefarious Lord Archer, and was plainly visible from the towers of his own keep a few miles away. Seeing the two of them riding there would, no doubt, infuriate him. And when the Baron returned with news of their letter to the king…

Andrea grinned to herself, and slapped Amy lightly on the back as she urged her horse past her friend’s. Amy stuck her tongue out her as she did, and spurred her mount even faster.

Neither was expecting the arrow that thudded into the ground directly in their path. Both horses came to a rapid halt, Amy’s rearing as it did. The women were able to keep their seats, and looked over at the woods where the arrow had originated. They were immediately greeted by the sight of Lord Archer, Baron Clement, and a score of mounted men who had already covered half the distance to them at a gallop. With their horses spooked and difficult to control, they would be upon the women before they could evade them.

Andrea glanced at Amy, who shrugged. While neither recalled programming this particular event, they’d left a good deal open-ended in their simulation to avoid a scripted, stilted feeling. Apparently, the computer had chosen to improvise Lord Archer’s next move, and that was fine. Both Andrea and Amy carried swords on their mounts, and a little exercise would be good.

The mounted party approached, Lord Archer scowling in his typically grim manner. They rapidly surround the women, with the Baron assuming a position on the opposite side of the circle from his liege lord.

“You’ve had enough time playing on my land and ignoring my rightful claim,” Archer said as he reined his horse to a halt. “I’ll have you as my wife to end this now.”

Amy glared at him, appearing a bit spooked from the computer’s inventiveness. But she held her head high as she replied, confident that her programming of the simulation would ensure that they could defeat any physical challenge.

“Never, you worm. My father distrusted you, I despise you, and the King will disown you!”

Archer smiled, reaching into his saddle-bag. He produced three scrolls and tossed them at Amy.

“Lady Amy, you underestimate me,” he said as she caught one of the three. The other two fell to the ground, and when she looked at them Andrea could plainly see the family crest of their fictitious father on the wax that sealed them closed. “I believe you’ll find your letters there, undelivered and undeliverable. Your messengers rot in my prison.”

Amy replied by drawing the sword that hung next to her saddle. Andrea did the same and answered for the two of them. “We’ll die before submitting to you, Archer. And when the King hears of this…”

From behind her Roger/the Baron said, “He’ll never learn of these events. He’ll instead hear of the wedding that settles events on his frontier.”

Before anyone else could speak, Amy had charged the ring of soldiers around them and unhorsed the sergeant that she’d charged. The remaining men at arms drew their own blades, and the fight was on. Lord Archer and the Baron retreated to avoid their own involvement.

For some reason, Andrea was relieved that the soldiers behaved exactly as they should have – although the situation should have been helpless, the two women cut, sliced, shoved, and battled their way through them. While the effort tired her, she suffered no injuries and few serious challenges from her opponents. While Amy was also sweating, the only damage she could see were a few small tears to her gown, one on either sleeve.

The soldiers dispatched, they wheeled their horses to face Lord Archer.

“Your men are beaten, Lord Archer,” Amy fairly spat as she smiled at him. “Would you care to try your luck yourself?”

Lord Archer smiled and bowed at his waist, a gesture that surprised Andrea. She was more surprised when it was the Baron that spoke.

“No, I think we’ve had enough of the charades, my ladies. It is time for you to know who you truly face.”

Andrea wheeled her horse around, just in time to see the Baron dismount and raise his arms to the sky. Clouds suddenly appeared from nowhere, and his clothing changed. Instead of his simple trousers and shirts, a robe appeared and a staff materialized in his left hand. Andrea decided it was time to end the improvisation, and spurred her mount at him, planning to skewer him on the point of her sword.

Or at least, she tried. Her horse took one step, then froze, turning to stone beneath her. She gasped and yelled at Amy, “A wizard!”

Amy looked confused and a bit scared, leaping from her own mount as it became a statue as well. She started to run at the Baron, sword low and at the ready, only to come up short as a lasso dropped over her head and down to her elbows. Lord Archer gripped the other end, grinning wickedly as Amy fell on her butt in a most undignified manner.

The Baron/Wizard/Roger gestured in Andrea’s direction as she began to swing from her mount herself. The sword in her hands suddenly flowed like a liquid, encircling her wrists and drawing them together in front of her. She could feel her saddle moving under her as well, and gasped as she realized that the leather was somehow encircling her thighs and ankles. In the blink of an eye, the metal of her sword reformed as manacles around her wrists joined by a chain that magically circled the neck of her petrified steed and forced her to bend forward towards its head.

Another gesture, this time in Amy’s direction as she struggled to stand, and the rope around her took on a life of its own. Ken/Lord Archer released the end, and Andrea watched as it circled Amy, drawing her arms behind her and binding them securely, then circling her at knees, ankles, and around the chest.

“There. Now that we’re settled, we can discuss a proper resolution to these matters in a more civilized way,” said the Baron as he stepped slowly towards the two. Around them, the fallen men at arms began to shrug off their defeat and get to their feet.

Andrea looked at Amy, who looked back at her with confusion and said, “What the hell?”

Lord Archer’s voice caused the two of them to swivel their heads around.

“Yes, I believe we can. And it shouldn’t take more than twenty-two hours, wouldn’t you say, Baron?”

Andrea looked at the huge grin on his face, then back at the Baron, and suddenly it all made sense.

“Roger! What the hell are you doing?”

Roger allowed himself a broad grin as he reached Andrea’s horse. His hand slid over her thigh, and he seemed to check the straps securing her to her statue idly as he stroked her through the material of her gown.

“Oh, just a little payback, my dear. I believe the two of you owe me twenty-two hours of bondage, and since this suite is under my complete control, this seemed the best way to ensure payment.”

Andrea smiled back, and was about to speak when he waved the staff that he held. Amy had already gotten out, “Oh no you don’t…” when the gags suddenly appeared in front of each. Andrea didn’t even struggle as the leather ball seated itself in her mouth and secured itself with a buckle at the back of her head under her flowing hair. Amy fought as best she could, but the suite gave her no options and she was rapidly silenced as well.

“Ken, excuse me, Lord Archer here will see that Amy is suitably punished for her transgressions against his family. But you, Lady Andrea, are mine.”

Andre grinned as her stone horse began to move in defiance of its condition. Roger swung up behind her, his hands finding her breasts as he reached around from behind. As she took in a deep breath she could see the soldiers lifting a struggling Amy off the ground and following Ken/Lord Archer back towards his stately home. As Roger’s hands continued their exploration, she groaned in to her gag and wondered what the next day of fantasies would involve…

* * *

Roger lay in the large four-poster bed, smiling to himself as he idly stroked Andrea’s long, black hair. Simulated sunshine streamed through the windows around the circular chamber, casting the books, bottles, tables, and other wizardly accoutrements around the room in a far less ominous light. Last night, the moon and starlight had made them appear eerie, almost evil. “Of course,” Roger thought to himself, “that was entirely appropriate for the moment.”

He glanced at Andrea, still asleep beside him. Neither the metal bands around her wrists nor the thin, silver chains that were affixed to them seemed to disturb her, though their connection to the posts of the bed ensured that she wouldn’t be going very far unless he chose to provide her with a greater degree of freedom. A matching set just above her ankles were obscured by the sheet.

Roger smiled to himself, amazed at how things had changed in less than two weeks. He’d never have guessed that he’d end up with Andrea, never have suspected that they were so compatible in so many ways then. And he’d certainly never have suspected how kinky either of them could be.

He replayed the events of the past ten hours to himself, grinning as he did. After capturing Andrea and Amy, he and Ken had parted ways. Ken had escorted Amy to Lord Archer’s estates for her “conversion” to their cause, and knowing the programming that they’d done, more than a few magically endowed items awaited her there. He hadn’t bothered to check on their progress, distracted as he had been by his own prisoner.

The ride back to the good Lady’s estates had been sufficiently entertaining. As the stone horse they rode on slowly made its way, he’d “magically” caused two significant bumps to grow from the saddle under Andrea. They were placed perfectly, the VR Suite computer being more than capable of that, and sized in such away that they would stimulate, but not to the point of complete release. Andrea had moaned into her gag when they appeared.

But it wasn’t until they’d been riding for a few minutes after their arrival that she realized how diabolical they were. The motion of the horse forced her to rock forward and back, side to side, with little ability to control her own movements due to the straps around thighs and ankles and the position of the chains around her wrists. She was forced to lean slightly forward, which made the front bulge all the more effective, and couldn’t keep herself from lurching forward, back, or sideways with the slow walk of the horse. She’d moaned louder, more plaintively after about five minutes of this.

Roger had just smiled and held his arms about her waist. He could feel her as she tried to push down against the saddle for more friction, for more complete contact. But he’d anticipated that, and the controlling computer had “magically” caused the bump to shrink ever so slightly to maintain a lighter touch. After her third attempt, she’d throw an angry glance back at him over her shoulder, her face flushed and her breathing a bit heavier.

“Ah, no, Lady Andrea. My task is your ultimate submission, remember? And you’ll only find your release when it suits me to give it to you,” he’d said, trying hard to stay in character and not get too stimulated himself. She looked as though she would have taken him right then and there if she could have, and tried to speak through the leather ball that filled her mouth.

Roger had only smiled, and satisfied himself by beginning to toy with her nipples through the silk of her dress and stroke her thigh occasionally. He could feel her trying to lean backwards into him, trying to use her body to stimulate him to further action, but the restraints limited her ability to do so. Roger had grinned to himself, silently thinking that whoever had put the various technologies for the VR suite so successfully had really, truly been a genius.

And so they’d ridden for over an hour, even though Andrea and Amy had covered the same distance in just over ten minutes on their way to the ambush. When they’d arrived at the castle, Andrea was obviously excited, plainly stimulated, and clearly begging through her gag. Roger had smiled at her as he dismounted to watch her maids appear through the castle gate.

The maid’s garb had changed since Andrea had left. He’d altered their wardrobe to be more sensual, more domineering. Instead of woolen, simple gowns, they now wore leather dresses of a far more form-fitting cut. Their also wore makeup designed to make them look harsher, less innocent, and their eyes had a mildly glassy sheen to them as though they were in a trance. Roger had simply told them “Prepare her,” and walked into the castle.

By the time he’d reached a window to watch, they’d already gotten Andrea down from the horse. She was fighting them a bit, and had obviously been doing so more vigorously before, but with her wrists manacled together and the three of them working in concert, she hadn’t a chance.

Her gown was mostly off by that time, only the sleeves covering her. Roger marveled at her figure, particularly as it was enhanced by her corset, and paused to take in her shapely, athletic legs with a smile. While one of the maids (Mary, if he recalled Andrea and Amy’s game correctly) sat on her stomach, the other two were rapidly pulling a harness over those legs, accentuating her skin tone nicely with a deep, brown diamond pattern of straps. They paused to secure the ankle strap, then the knee, and then the three of them had stood her up.

Roger had jumped when he heard a voice beside him.

“You do realize, Mr. Derian, that control of the VR suite does not mean control over its occupants, correct?”

Confused, Roger had turned to see Captain Salazar, in period costume for the simulation, literally emerge through the wall. He wore chain mail armor covered by a bright red cloth emblazoned with the king’s badge across the chest.

“Captain Salazar?” Roger had stood immediately to attention, saluting. The Captain was the head instructor for his class, and Roger liked him immensely. While he was tough as nails when it came to getting the most out of his recruits, he also understood how difficult the pressures of the training were, and actively encouraged his students not to become completely obsessive in their studies.

The Captain had grinned and returned the salute.

“At ease, cadet. I’m going to assume that you’re not breaking the law, here. I hope you don’t mind if I verify it? When the computer was bogged down debugging a huge simulation, Commander Tyre had taken a look at what was going on and alerted me as to what he’d found.”

Roger blushed despite himself. It hadn’t occurred to him that the game he was playing would attract any notice. Captain Salazar hadn’t bothered to wait for a reply, and had continued his walk through the walls straight to Andrea.

Andrea had turned pale when she saw him, and stopped thrashing about in the maid’s grip. The maids themselves had stopped fitting the harness around her at his command.

“Cadet Millar, I’m sure this is a pleasant surprise for you. If you’d just confirm something for me, I’ll be on my way to find the other two cadets that are tucked away in here.”

Roger would have laughed if he wasn’t getting over his own surprise. Andrea looked positively stunned, and merely nodded, her hands moving unconsciously to cover her breasts, which the maids had exposed in their preparations.

“Excellent. Are you a willing and active participant in this scenario?”

The Captain, obviously taking some enjoyment from the surprise of his appearance at least allowed her some dignity by stepping behind her, a smile playing about his face. Andrea nodded again, glancing at the window in the wall where the Captain had emerged and catching sight of Roger there. She glared at him, but he could already see the playfulness returning to her eyes and face.

The Captain noted the nod, but decided to follow-up some more.

“So Cadet Derian has your permission to treat you thus? You’ve no plans to charge him with any of the crimes that he might be guilty of in taking you prisoner this way?”

Andrea kept her eyes on Roger and paused for a moment. Then she nodded quite deliberately twice, paused again, and shook her head. The Captain watched her do so, grinned, and clapped his hands in satisfaction.

“Excellent. For your own security, we’ve added a safety device to the simulation. Say the words ‘Take me away, take me away,’ and even with that leather ball in your mouth the computer will immediately terminate the simulation. Now, I must be off!”

And with that, the captain strode off as though heading in the direction of Lord Archer’s castle where he obviously intended to repeat his surprise for Ken and Amy. Roger thought he’d seen him wink at him before he turned, but couldn’t be sure. Andrea just looked at Roger, he’d returned his gaze to her, and then both burst out laughing.

Unfortunately for Andrea, the maids chose that moment to resume their preparations by releasing her manacles and positioning her arms at her sides. Where she might have stood some slim chance at resistance before, her mirth and distraction made the task far easier. Straps were done up rapidly, and the harness soon covered her entire body, now naked except for her corset. Roger grinned as they finished her bindings, and turned to head into the castle’s central tower.

He’d re-made the tower to be more fitting for a wizard. Taller, with a more commanding view of the lands around it surpassed the fifty foot walls by one hundred feet. Rather than being perfectly cylindrical, it now flared outward at the top, doubling its area to a fairly cavernous fifty feet in diameter. The top floors were now his arcane study and bedroom, with plenty of different toys and distractions for his gorgeous captive. Of course, he expected her to be indignant about the method of ascent he’d chosen for her…

Shortly after he’d arrived in the bed chamber, two of the three maids had arrived. They had continued past the landing for the bedroom, up to the top floor where the study was. There, he’d heard the sound of activity, and watched as a rope descended past the window. He grinned.

Andrea was most certainly not grinning when she’d appeared by the window a few minutes later. The leather harness encircled her completely from ankle to neck with straps at her ankles, above and below the knees, the hips, waist, elbows, and shoulders holding her securely. The diamond pattern provided more than adequate room for her breasts, which were framed beautifully by the straps. The fact that she was suspended in mid-air by the ropes the maids had lowered to the ground below made her skin dimple slightly as she hung face down watching the entire ascent of one hundred fifty feet with no option but to struggle.

She’d glared at Roger and was obviously berating him as she stopped at the window. He’d smiled, tweaked the closest nipple, and secured three other ropes to the D-rings on the harness at ankle, hip and the small of her back, then shouted for the maids to give him some slack.

Thus, Andrea had been hoisted through the window to hang some six feet off the ground in his bed chamber.

“Ahhh, my lady. Didn’t I tell you I’d have to break you? What better way to demonstrate the totality of your predicament than hoisting you like cargo?” he’d said as he stood beneath her, grinning. Andrea had either decided to play her part or really was angry, since she replied by thrashing and shouting into her gag. Roger decided it was the latter, since she easily could have used the safety that Captain Salazar had just passed along to her. So he reached up to stroke her cheek, and then began to pinch, tickle, and caress her to get her back into the proper frame of mind.

Andrea responded almost at once, struggling and moaning as his hands explored her. When he’d paused to finger her mound, it was warm and a bit moist. He clicked his tongue as he toyed with her as though disapproving, “You women are always of one mind.”

She’d tried to glare at him, thrashing against the straps, but had rapidly closed her eyes and moaned softly as he continued to toy with her, adding to the stimulation by reaching up to her right nipple.

And then he’d suddenly stopped. She’d growled, thrashed, and appeared to demand he continue with her eyes. But he’d ignored her and headed for one of the work tables.

“I’ve much to do, my lady, and little time to tend to you personally.” He selected three metal balls from the table, examining each carefully. He turned back towards her to see her thrashing as best she could, a wanting look in her eye. When she saw him carrying something, she stopped struggling.

“But I wouldn’t be so cruel or foolish to leave you without stimulation as I tend to my tasks of taking over your lands and building my own kingdom here. You might plot against me or otherwise forget your position.”

As he spoke, he strode back to her, finally stopping when he was directly beneath her. He dropped one of the three balls in a convenient pocket, then reached up to touch the remaining two to her breasts. Again, the computer took the cue perfectly, and the metal began to reshape itself, flowing to form over her breasts in a perfect mold. He could hear her gasp as the cool material made contact, then grunted in questioning manner after it had taken its shape. Roger smiled at her, trying to look wicked.

“You’ll see very soon, my lady, you’ll see.”

He moved down her body then, retrieving the final ball from his pocket. Holding it to her at her clitoris, it again flowed. This time, Andrea drew in a deep breath as it not only made itself a mold of her body there, but grew into her vagina as well. As it gained sized, she thrashed and groaned, managing to arch her back slightly against the resistance of gravity. Once he felt the weight of the ball taken off of his hands, Roger lowered his arm and stepped back towards Andrea’s head.

“I’ll apologize now for not being able to attend to you myself, but I’m sure you understand.” As he spoke, he caressed her cheek, grinning as she swayed suspended above him. “But I think you’ll find the entertainment I arranged will keep you… occupied.”

He gestured in a way he thought a wizard would with his other hand, and the metal came to life. Andrea gasped as it grew warmer, then pulsed slightly. She moaned and closed her eyes as it vibrated against her and inside her, changing temperature and squeezing her breasts. Roger smiled at her reaction, then turned to walk over to another of the tables and begin rifling through a stack of papers there.

And so, Andrea had struggled and groaned, stimulated by his “magical” creations as he caught up on some reading he’d meant to do and made a point of ignoring her. Her companions pulsed, prodded, pinched, cooled, heated, expanded, and contracted without reason or rhyme. And her leather prison and gag kept her firmly, totally under his control.

After a little more than an hour, a length of time that actually surprised Roger – he hadn’t expected to be able to resist Andrea for that long himself, he finally had grown excited enough to require a different form of entertainment. With a wave of his hands and some words that sounded like a spell to him, the ropes suspending her vanished and she’d floated over to the bed. The harness had vanished, taking the corset with it, and the metal balls had transformed themselves into the shackles that held her now.

But he’d saved the gag to remove himself. As he approached her, disrobing as he walked, he’d grinned as wickedly as he could manage.

“I think now I’ll truly begin to stake my claim on you, my lady,” he’d said. Andrea had played her part, moaning and shaking her head, but the flush to her skin, the way she’d held her bosom towards him and pushed the sheets away with her feet, the look of pure lust and desire in her eyes had given the lie to the act. He’d smiled as he reached the large bed and joined her on it, kneeling over her as he reached for the gag. The strap had “magically” parted and he’d tossed it thoughtlessly aside.

“You’ll never make me yours, Baron Clement. No matter what you do, I’ll never be your slave.”

But as she spoke, her hands had found his erection and begun to slowly stroke it. He bent to kiss her, and the night had continued to its logical conclusion.

* * * *

As Roger idly stroked her hair, Andrea finally began to wake up. She awoke to his smile, and returned it, reaching out to hold his hand.

“Have I converted you so easily, my Lady?”

Andrea smiled at his question, and because his other hand had found her nipple beneath the satiny sheet. Her eyes got the playful glint in them that could only turn him on, and she pretended to pout.

“Oh, no, evil Baron. I’ll never, ever be yours.”

With a smile and a gesture, the chains attaching her to the bed suddenly shortened, trapping her in a spread-eagle. She gasped as they did, but grinned as he produced the gag from under his pillow and set it home.

“Then we’ll just have to continue your education,” he said. “Perhaps Lady Amy won’t be so foolish as you.”

As his hands began to play over her body, Andrea wondered how her friend was doing and what the nefarious Lord Archer had subjected her to. At least, until other things distracted her...

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