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At the Academy 9: Turning

by Pleasewrap

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Storycodes: MF/f; FF/mf; captives; stun; gag; wrap; tape; cocoon; tease; toys; nipple; vr; cons/reluct; X

continues from part 8

Part 9: Turning

“What? I’m sorry, Roger, what did you say?” Amy looked up from the computer screen as she spoke, still not seeming fully engaged.

“I said, are you OK? You’ve been just fading in and out for the last day or so, and some of us are worried.”

Of course, the last two days had been more than a bit of a strain on everyone. Third year students at the Academy regularly went through deep simulations with few breaks to start exposing them to an operational pace for their future assignments. More than an operational pace, actually – the theory was that if you really pushed the cadets now, you’d accomplish two things. First, they’d find the actual pace of operations almost relaxing. Second, you’d wash out the last of the cadets that didn’t belong.

This week had been a particular blur though. There were at least three teams of cadets involved – two working together, one working as the opposing force. The setting was Ziados – the espionage center of everything. “Ziados is neutral ground to everyone and everyone finds that too convenient to screw up,” Commander Haggerty had said at their briefing. “But that also means that Ziados is friendly ground to nobody. Diplomats and agents are kidnapped, ransomed, bribed, blackmailed, extorted, and recruited. And not just by governments – by crime syndicates and mega-corporations looking out for their own interests.”

He’d paused and frowned for emphasis. “Expect everything and anything.”

And so, Roger, Andrea, Amy, Ken, and about a dozen other recruits had been flung into the simulation headlong five days ago. Roger, Amy, and Andrea were all on the same operating team, as luck would have it. Ken had been assigned to their “partner” team that was working with them, but also had its own set of goals to fulfill. They were looking to root out a competing group of agents (size unknown) with their own objectives (mission unknown) on planet (location unknown). Well, location somewhat known: all the teams had been limited to the confines of the capital city, which only meant that they had to deal with simulated agents, thieves, thugs, and the other mélange of greed and self-interest that was Ziados.

“Yeah, I’m OK, Roger. Tired.” She leaned back in her chair, glancing over at the door that led to the makeshift cell they had set up for their new prisoner – one of the opposing team members, Samantha Hayward.

“You’re pushing too hard, Amy. You need to take at least a bit of a break – find Ken and take an hour or six. I’ll watch things here.”

“Sorry, Roger, but that wouldn’t do. I’d like to,” she started to turn back to the screen as she spoke, “but Ken’s out on surveillance and won’t be back for hours and I’ve far too much to do. I should have thought twice when they asked me to coordinate our two teams.”

“You’re good at it and doing fine. You need a nap and now that we’ve gotten a prisoner to interrogate, we ought to make some good progress.” Roger replayed the scene in his head, looking for things that he could improve upon because that would inevitably be what his instructors asked him about.

Amy had gotten a call that seemed to fluster her a bit and let him know that she needed to take a break from their joint hacking efforts to check on a dead drop – a place where materials were left for either an agent or a contact to pick up. “Andrea thinks one might have been compromised and we just left a payment and instructions there.” She’d said as she’d grabbed a jacket and headed for the door.

Roger had ignored her insistence that he remain behind – there was just no way that he was about to allow her to go to a potentially compromised site alone, even if she was technically his commanding officer. It had turned out to be a good choice – the drop was just far enough down an alley to be hard to see from the street. He’d damned near raced to get there before Amy, and it took a great deal of focus to calm his heart rate and breathing. He’d drawn his stunner from the shoulder holster he wore and waited. After five minutes, he’d seen someone walk into the alley and vanish into an alcove across from the drop. Roger knew from scouting the area for the drop that the alcove widened just enough to conceal a person before it turned in to a set of stairs heading towards an emergency exit for the apartments above.

Five minutes later, Amy appeared. She stopped at the entrance to the alley, bending to tie her shoe. But Roger knew better – she was looking around to make sure she wasn’t tailed. When she shifted to the other foot, he suspected she was checking the alley as well. It took longer than tying shoes should take, but at least she was being cautious. When she stood up, she resumed a normal walking pace, heading for the drop.

Roger had slid out of his hiding place into the shadows with sufficient skill that Amy hadn’t noticed him (which meant his practice had paid off, instilling some sense of pride). She reached the drop and bent over to pick up the brick that was the hiding place, paying almost no attention to her back. Roger had started moving towards the alcove as Amy turned. Quietly, but quickly, he closed the distance.

Luck was on his side – Samantha had just emerged from the alcove as he arrived, her right hand inside her jacket. Roger wasted no time: he grabbed her left arm, jammed the stunner into her side, and fired in one smooth motion. The close contact meant that, in addition to having the maximum possible effect, the sound had been muffled dramatically. Only Amy had heard, and she spun around in a crouch as she reached for her own weapon.

“Roger!” She’d hissed at him. “What the hell?”

“You were about to get nailed.” He held Samantha up enough to pull her back into the alcove so he could search her. “Looks like Andrea was right.” It had taken all of two seconds to find the stunner inside her jacket. He continued to search her – wallet (with false ID), phone, memory card, cash, keys, and nothing else.

“I can take care of myself!” Amy said as she stood and joined him, turning to look out of the alcove and make sure they weren't about to be attacked by someone watching Samantha’s back.

“Right,” he said. “The eyes in the back of your head would have provided plenty of time to avoid getting shot when she pulled that stunner.

“Oh, shut up and give me her stuff. Then go down the block to the ‘pay-as-you-go’ car rental booth and get us some transportation. We can’t just leave her here.”

And so, they’d carted their prisoner back to the empty retail space with upstairs apartments without event. Amy seemed flustered the whole time, even as they tied Samantha to the cot that simply had too many good attachment points not to use as a makeshift prison. Rope and handcuffs ensured she wasn’t going anywhere. The central location of the room they’d placed her in made sure any noise that made it through her gag wouldn’t go beyond the four walls of the building.

Now, Roger wondered exactly how tired Amy really was. The dark circles under her eyes spoke to her lack of sleep, and she still seemed jumpy about the day’s events. Andrea was due back in about forty-five minutes, and he resolved that the two of them would force Amy to rest. For the moment, he decided to focus on improving her state of mind.

“Amy, you know it’s OK that you got some help, right? Need me to work on the data card so you can relax?”

“What?” She seemed a bit angry as she turned back to him, then almost immediately softened. “Sorry, Roger. I doubt the instructors will see it that way.”

He tried coming up with some response to that, but only succeeded in opening his mouth before closing it again. She was right – they wouldn’t see it that way.

“It’s OK – that’s why we train.” She said. “But what I want to know is how the drop was compromised? The material we had left was still there, and I’ve verified that our contact hasn’t been taken.”

“It’s Ziados, Amy. Expect everything.”

She shook her head. “It’s not that easy – it can’t be that easy. They wouldn’t make a scenario so simple and they wouldn’t have a source that’s been reliable for so long turn. Hell, we’d be able to blackmail him with the payment and contact records the moment he did. That just doesn’t make sense.”

“So maybe Samantha found him and traced him?”

Again, she shook her head. “No that doesn’t seem likely, either. That drop is the start of a four-step chain of couriers designed to isolate the contact from the handler. He’s too important to expose. If they had busted that chain, then going after the handler alone doesn’t buy much. Why not get everything?”

She seemed to have a bit more fire in her eyes, which Roger thought was good. She turned away from the computer and picked up the phone that they had recovered.

“No locking code at all – it must be one of those disposables.” She said as she started scrolling through. After less than a minute, she frowned and cursed.

“Damn it! No way.” She’d held the phone out to him angrily. A number on the list of received calls was all he could see.

“That doesn’t mean anything to me, Amy. What’s the problem?”

“It’s Andrea’s ‘real’ phone number.”

There was an awkward silence as he processed that thought, followed by a gurgling noise as his brain fought to turn out something that would pass as speech. It finally turned in to “…there’s just no way, Amy.”

“Roger, it’s Ziados, right? Why wouldn’t they throw a mole at us? Particularly with two teams at work – why the second team? To make it harder on the mole and give us more of a chance to figure it out.”

His brain didn’t seem to be working properly still. “But Andrea wouldn’t…how can you be sure that’s her number?”

“I’m the one that set up the phone services and got us the real and the dummy numbers that pass through the proxy. I know that it’s hers.”

“She’ll be her in just a few minutes, Amy. Don’t do something stupid, right?”

“Roger, listen – I know you don’t want to believe it, so here’s what we’ll do. We meet her downstairs. You tell her there’s an application you want to install on everyone’s phone to add a panic button. I’ll take her back up here to see our prisoner. You look through her calls and see if Samantha’s number is there. If it is, you know I’m right – send me a message and I’ll zap her so we can add her to our collection.”

Roger ran through the plan a few times, then shook his head. “No, that won’t work. What if she wiped her history? I’ve got a better idea. I’ll hack into her billing account and check there – she can’t delete those records. Plus, she won’t have to give us anything.” As much as he didn’t want to, he had to be sure Amy wasn’t right. Andrea was exactly good enough to make this ploy work.

And that’s how Andrea had found the two of them – Amy trying to crack the data card they’d recovered, Roger trying to break in to phone records. He lied and said it was Samantha’s so that they could figure out who she’d been in contact with. The two women had vanished upstairs as he probed, finally finding the weakness in the system – he had full access due to sloppy patching practices.

“Stupid carriers. Can’t deliver good service or secure shit.” He’d muttered.

Despite his desire for Amy to be wrong, she wasn’t. Andrea’s records had at least one call to Samantha’s number every day, and one only an hour before she had reported the compromised drop to Amy. The calls ranged from very short to over an hour, and always seemed to correspond to times when Andrea was well out of sight of the rest of her team.

He lifted his own phone and sent two simple words. “Take her.”

By the time he made it upstairs, Andrea was a stunned sack of gorgeousness that Amy was dragging in to one of the large store rooms on the second floor. Roger grabbed her feet and helped carry her into what had been set up as a packaging room. Tape, packing materials, shrinkwrap, handcarts, and an elevator that would take the stuff down to the first floor and the loading dock there. As they had put her down, Amy spoke.”

“Sorry you had to find out that way – sucks that she’s a turncoat. Samantha seemed to be stirring when we were in there. I’m going to make sure she’s secure so that we aren’t interrupted. Strip Andrea, search her stuff, and we’ll get her situated, OK?”

Roger had nodded and silently begun to do precisely that. While the two of them enjoyed bondage and sex, this wouldn’t be the same. They’d have to put her “on ice” until the simulation was over, and that meant five days with no real contact between the two of them at all – he’d be the wrong person to interrogate her and he knew it. Amy would never give him that assignment.

He’d finished removing her clothes and going through them when Amy returned. He was about to ask what had taken too long, but she answered the moment he looked up. “Good thing I checked.” She said. “She had found a weak spot in one of the rods for the cot and was working on that. But I sorted her out.”

“That’s good, anyway. Start working your way back in to the instructor’s good graces.”

Amy frowned at being reminded. “There’s six foot shelves that haven’t been installed at the back of the room. Grab one and bring it here. I’m going to grab some folding chairs. If you’ve got it before I get back, start turning her hands into useless balls with the wrap and the tape.”

Roger decided that silence was the best option as he complied. He had finished one hand and started on the other when she returned. Together, they wrapped her limbs individually and manhandled her enough to get a relatively loose layer of plastic around her down to her waist.

“Something to anchor to,” Amy had said as they started. Once done with that, they’d rolled her onto the shelf and balanced that on the folding chairs. They could wrap her quite securely now and move the board up and down the chairs so that the board hung over the ends of the chair where and when they needed it.

Amy had reached for a roll of wrap, then stopped. “Shit, we should punish her for being such a pain, shouldn’t we?” There was definitely some fire in her eyes now, which Roger couldn’t help but find a bit infectious.

“What do you have in mind?” He’d asked. Amy had grinned and started for the door.

“Start making things secure from her hips to her elbows. I’ll bet she’ll help us out here.”

He’d only gotten through one solid layer, overlapping the three inch roll about half way to make sure that the wrap was secure, when Amy reappeared with a bag in her hand.

“Told you – she had plans for a night or two here or there. No wonder she was pushing me to get you two a night off.”

Roger paused and looked in the bag. Vibrators, vibrating nipple clamps, at least three different cockrings, feathers, oils, and other toys lay inside.

“Geez, she brought that on a mission? I doubt the instructors would approve.”

Amy grinned, “We should make sure that they know, but for now, let’s just get her adequately prepared, shall we? Oh – grab the first aid kit off the wall. It’s got bucketloads of gauze and we can use that to stuff her mouth until we’re ready to let her talk.

Although he was still disappointed that Andrea had been given the mission of “mole,” he had to admit that the approach they had adopted to making her pay was improving his mood. They inserted a vibrator between her legs and positioned another to stimulate her clitoris. Then they’d carefully, snugly, securely wrapped her to the shelf, leaving only her wonderfully shaped breasts exposed at first. Roger had to stop himself from playing with them more than once, figuring the instructors probably would frown on sexually assaulting a captive. Instead, he had added more wrap until only her nipples protruded from the plastic. Vibrating nipple clamps were added, and the various remote controls for the sex toys taped to her immobile form. She had been welded to the board from head to toe, with only her eyes and nose uncovered.

“There we go. One turncoat properly turned upon. I’m going to go back to the data card – you coming?”

Roger shook his head. “Help me stand her up and secure her to that pole. Takes up less room that way and leaves the chairs to work with when we decide to package Samantha. Then I’ll hang around. When she wakes up, she’ll panic and that could be bad. Plus, after I calm her down, it’ll give me a chance to gloat.”

Amy had giggled, helped him move her and secure her to the pole with more of the wrap, and left the room.

Roger sat in one of the folding chairs and got to admire Andrea’s attractive, if inaccessible, form for about ten minutes before she had started to stir. As expected, relatively small movements turned in to panicked attempts at thrashing that resulted in some relatively loud rustling. Roger stood up from the folding chair he had placed in front of her and walked over to her, gently caressing her face through the wrap.

“Calm down, calm down. We figured out your little plan and put an end to it is all.”

She started to slow her movement, but still strained against the wrap. He placed himself right in front of her so she couldn’t miss him. After maybe ten seconds, recognition set in and she started to calm down. He reached out and touched her cheek.

“Sorry your scheme didn’t work. It came close, but just not quite close enough.”

“Muuuhhhh cheeeem? Wah cheem?”

Even through her gag, he could make out the question. He gave her a look that made it clear he wasn’t buying the innocent act.

“That you’re a mole. You set Amy up and I’ll bet that the bag of toys you brought along was more for your pleasure than mine. But we figured it out.”

“Mooo fimure wah oww?”

He let his hand drift down to one of her breasts, which made her wince, then moan slightly.

“Your little scheme with Samantha. She was waiting for Amy when you called in about the drop, but we got her.”

“Aaamanthaa? Aamaantha!” Andrea seemed insistent and intense, thrashing in the wrap again.

“Yes, Samantha, she…”

He felt, rather than heard someone behind him. Before he could react, he could feel the barrel of the stunner in his side. As he fell as he heard Samantha’s voice.

“…she is right here.”

Roger came to relatively quickly and immediately started to fight to overcome the natural panic that came from realizing he was securely bound. He could feel the snug compression all around him that made it painfully obvious that he was surrounded by plastic wrap. As his vision cleared, he could see Samantha at work around his chest – slowly, carefully, but firmly adding another layer to the plastic that welded him to what he assumed was another of the shelves from the back of the room. Between the noise of his movement and his open eyes, there was no way to miss that he was recovering.

“Ahh, Roger. So close to catching me. Stay there – someone wanted me to make sure she got a chance to say ‘hello.’”

Roger strained as best he could, although that was still relatively weakly, but he was already trapped to the board. He could feel that his hands had been balled in to fists and he couldn’t undo them, and the compression all around him made it clear at least a few layers of wrap already surrounded him. Just as he’d left Andrea, only his nose and eyes were free of the wrap.

He could barely hear the footsteps that approached him, whispers and giggling accompanying them. No doubt, the girls were having more than a bit of a laugh at his predicament, having turned the tables so completely. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to prepare for Andrea’s gloating. When he opened them, he shouted into the packing that filled his mouth..

Amy took the end of the roll of plastic wrap she held and attached it near his shoulder. Grinning, she started passing it over his chest and under the board as she said, “Hello Roger.”

“Huhmee? Huhmee? Huhmee?!” Roger was shouting into his gag, his struggles renewed.

“Oh, Roger, I’m so sorry. But it is just too good an opportunity to gloat by finishing off this part of immobilizing you after you’d been so gentlemanly and protected me.” She paused and laughed out loud for a moment, then returned to her task.

“You were so concerned about how I was doing that it didn’t occur to you that I wasn’t going there to check the drop, but to meet Samantha. And when you got the drop on her, I do have to admit I panicked more than a bit.”

She moved the roll up towards his head, reinforcing the wrap there without covering anything that wasn’t already secured.

“But I do plan ahead, Roger. You see, since I set up all of the phones, I made copies of all of the ID chips that the carrier uses for authentication. Not only had Andrea, made calls to Samantha, you had along with all of our other teammates.”

The roll of wrap she had been using had reached it’s end, just as she’d reached the top of his head. She stood.

“Well, that worked out well, didn’t it? Let’s get you situated and finish you off, shall we?:

Samantha (he assumed) had obviously grabbed the end of the board by his feet as Amy grabbed the other. He felt himself rise, turn slightly, and then tilt upward. As he did, Amy moved out of his field of view and he caught site of Andrea, welded to the pole that he and Amy had wrapped her to, but now halfway covered in a blue wrap. It was a bit far and the light wasn’t fantastic, but he thought he could see her staring angrily at him.

The bottom of the board started sliding backwards on the ground, elevating his head as it did, until a slight “thud” made it clear that his board was in full contact with its own pole. He struggled as best he could, but he it didn’t matter at all –a grinning Amy appeared and he could feel her attach some wrap near his hips before beginning to pass it around both him and the pole. She resumed her gloating as she did.

“So, you see, no matter who stumbled across my little plan, I probably had a good shot at enlisting their help just the same way I got yours. Unless someone noticed that they weren’t getting calls they expected on their own phone, that is, but that’s easy enough to explain with the occasional coverage problem. Or had a mind at least as devious as mine.”

After she had passed the wrap around him seven or eight times, she glanced behind him and nodded. He could feel a bit of pressure recede from his shoulders as Samantha let go of him, the wrap Amy was adding now sufficient to hold him upright. Samantha grinned and waved at him flirtatiously as she went over to Andrea, grabbed a roll of blue wrap, and began adding more layers.

“You shouldn’t feel bad,” Amy continued. Roger really couldn’t see her now, just the top of her head occasionally. The wrapping they had done around his head made all but the slightest movements up and down or side to side nearly impossible. “I’m sure that our instructors won’t judge you too harshly for accepting the first person to suggest that there was a mole as not being the mole.”

The reference to their instructors made him growl and struggle – he’d been so worried about how she’d be graded! Even though he could feel that he was back to full strength, the wrap barely budged. He could feel a slight coolness as Amy added to the layers around him, but little more.

Suddenly, she stood again, smiling. “Oh, I know. This must seem like overkill, doesn’t it? So much wrap, right? But here’s the thing – this simulation might end when we’ve captured everyone on your team, but then again it might not. In addition to you and Andrea, we’ll be moving Ken down here to join our collection soon. So we’ve only got four more to go and we’ll have a complete set.”

He must have looked surprised when Ken’s name was mentioned. She put on a very sultry face.

“Yes, Roger, I’ve had him in something like this state since last night. You see, we did decide to let some steam off together just like you were suggesting this morning and I told him I was feeling my power and wanted to be in control.”

She started walking slowly around him as she talked, the cool feeling indicating that more wrap was being applied.

“Of course, after I got my satisfaction – I suppose he did as well – I just ‘forgot’ to let him out. The reason I’m so tired today is that it’s hard to sleep with a plastic-wrapped mummy making noise next to you.”

She paused in front of him and winked.

“Hearing how I captured him, I’ll bet you wish Andrea had been the mole now, don’t you? At least you would have had a night of mutual pleasure first.”

He struggled and cursed.

“Meehn ahh geh owwh efff dhiith…”

She laughed and planted herself in front of him as she moved her roll of wrap (green for him, apparently) up to his shoulders and towards his head, smiling broadly.

“Don’t worry. That bag of toys I brought should keep you at least somewhat occupied. A nice cockring – not too tight, mind you, since you could be here for a while – a very special sheath for your manhood, and there’s vibrating nipple clamps for everyone!”

As if on cue, the sheath he really hadn’t felt due to the pressure of the wrap sprung to life, a massaging motion doing a fantastic job of simulating a firm stroke up and down his penis. After just one or two strokes, the vibrator attached to the cockring joined in. The back of his testicles fell across the length of the device, and he could feel small nubs that helped transmit the feeling to him more effectively.

Despite himself, he groaned and began to become erect. He struggled, but could tell he barely moved.

“Just you, your toys with remotes I control, and a view of your lover wired up in the same way. I can’t think of a better way to interrogate a captured spy, can you?”

Across from him, he thought he could see small struggles from Andrea. Her eyes were closed and he thought he heard a moan even with the gag she wore and the wrap around his ears.

“So once we have you in plenty of layers, we’ll be cranking up the air conditioning to keep you from sweating to loosen things. Maybe we’ll even be applying some tape. Samantha’s a paranoid type and might convince me that you can’t be too careful.”

He protested into his gag, but even to him it sounded more like a whine than anything more strenuous. Between Amy’s mocking tone and the ministrations of his “toys,” he simply couldn’t muster more. Amy’s grin seemed to broaden as she carefully wound the green wrap around his head and started back down towards his chest. He could see that the roll was nearly exhausted, which he estimated meant he had something like a three quarters of a mile of three inch wide wrap around him. The sheath and cockring suddenly stilled, which surprised him enough that he struggled again. Amy ignored him and he thought he could hear her humming.

She finished off the roll around his belly button and casually discarded the cardboard core over her shoulder. She cupped his face in her hands firmly enough to make it clear she was caressing him through the wrap as she leaned in, pressing her breasts into his chest.

“Yes, maybe one more roll of wrap and some tape to make sure you stay put while we complete our objectives.” Her face was close to his as she spoke, blocking much of his view of Andrea being more securely enclosed by Samantha. He pulled against his own plastic prison mightily and growled. Amy laughed and leaned back, breaking all contact.

“Or maybe we won’t complete our objectives. It might be interesting to see if we can keep you this way until the simulation ends in five days…,” she said as she turned and headed towards the table with all the wrap and tape.

He would have objected, but the toys started up again and his angry tirade turned into little more than a plaintive moan.

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