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The Athletic Trainer 2

by Lancer 175

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© Copyright 2011 - Lancer 175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; M/f+; wrap; bandages; rope; bagged; gag; drug; trap; revenge; nipple; susp; oral; sex; nc; X

story continued from part one Part II

Rich was curious why Missy wanted to meet him back at the gym. They hadn’t seen each other in several weeks. He did miss playing with those basketball sized tits. With boobs that big, she used let him titty fuck her until he exploded all over her face. Sometimes even some of the other cheerleaders would participate in the fun. And he really missed those kinky bondage games, though his recent tryst with Stacy made up for lost time.

“Hi Missy”, as Rich was greeted at the door by the cheerleader. She looked rather vicious, not her normal bubbly self. “Hi, Rich. Been a while, huh?”. “Well, let’s get to the bottom of this.” Her questioning seemed awkward, even weird.  “ I understand you fucked that little trainer bitch from the team, huh?” Rich wasn’t sure how to answer, and how did she even know. “Well, Missy, you and I haven’t really been an item recently.”

With that response, Missy turned and stormed towards the gym. The large steel gym doors slammed behind her as she disappeared into the workout area. Rich speeded up his step as he opened up the doors to the workout room. But, as he opened the door, he froze dead in his tracks. “Now how do you like the way she looks?” yelled Missy.

Stacy’s medical bag had betrayed her as it provided a wealth of materials for Missy to use to create her mummy. Stacy was lying on the floor and sealed from head to toe in vet wrap and medical tape. Her alabaster figure appeared as a museum work of erotic art. Even her head was nearly covered, with only her nose provided openings for air. Her breasts were somewhat bare as they peered through openings left in the taped cocoon. However, tape had been squeezed around each globe causing a water balloon effect as they jutted forward.

Another opening was left for her pussy. The black bush pushed out to allow some of the pink skin folds to show. Stacy was a white Venus statue, with mounds of flesh topped by nubs of red and a love nest opened for all to see. Rich was both amazed and afraid.

Missy reached behind a bleacher and grabbed what appeared to be a battery operated cattle prod. “Now, lover boy, strip, or your little sweet-tart here will have sparks flying off her precious little nipples.” As she yelled at Rich, Missy took the cattle prod and placed one of Stacy’s erect nipples square in the middle of the prong. Rich suddenly became Missy’s obedient slave, unbuckling his belt as he pleaded for Missy not to shock Stacy.

Rich was standing naked and embarrassed, as his expanding manhood telegraphed his erotic fetish as the vision of Stacy in strict bondage alarmed, but also excited him. He thought of rushing Missy, but was hesitant as she pushed the electric probes into Stacy’s marshmallow mountains.

Missy directed Rich to move forward towards Stacy as she lied on her back on some type of large padded zipper bag. “OK, big boy, open up for a personal treat from your maiden in distress.” Missy stuffed the moist panties from Stacy into Rich’s mouth causing his cheeks to bulge. Medical tape was then wrapped around his head several times, securing the panties.

Next, Missy secured his hands behind his back, wrapping his hands and wrists in lengths of medical tape. Standing naked, bound and gagged, Missy began to implement her diabolic revenge. As Rich stood in front of her, she grasped his growing penis and began to slowly stroke the rod, creating even more hardening. Her teasing did not stop there as Missy lowered herself in front of his cock and took his manhood into her mouth.

Now that Rich was well hardened and lubricated, Missy directed Rich to get on top of Stacy and helped guide his hard-on into the opening specifically designed to accommodate his pleasure. As Rich slowly entered the sex cave, he realized Missy must have also been using her cunning to sexually excite Stacy. The pussy was very moist and allowed Rich to easily slide in deep inside. As he lowered himself, Missy grabbed the ends of the padded bag and immediately sealed the two together inside.

Not only was Missy able to zip up the sleeping bag style packaging, she also took duct tape and forced the two love birds into an even closer sexual encounter. With her initial plan complete, Missy finished her sexual torture be rolling the sealed human log back and forth, forcing the giant erection to easily slide back and forth inside of Stacy. Soon, the rocking motion was an automatic reaction of the sealed partners. The cocoon of ecstasy bounced and rolled across the gym floor, with muffled sounds of restrained orgasms.

Missy was overwhelmed with laughter, watching the rolling couple and listening to their muffled moans and groans. She walked over and stripped off the duct tape and unzipped the orgasmic catacomb. “OK Rich, once you get yourself off that little whore, I’m sure you can figure how get free and save your piece of ass.”  Rich was soaked with sweat, and was concerned Stacy would be almost overcome and dehydrated by being mummified during their sexual tryst.

As the two were able to free themselves before the school staff arrived did somewhat defeat the full effect intended by Missy. Admittedly, Rich enjoyed the actual experience.  Even so, it was a dastardly deed and given the opportunity, Rich would have the final laugh.

Part III

Missy was a very shapely cheerleader, and she never missed an opportunity to display her most appreciated assets. Her cheerleader uniform was cut just a little tighter to provide an even more dramatic outline of her enormous breasts. She just loved watching the males pant and drool, wishing they could be the ones to touch the golden domes.

It was the most visible of her assets that encouraged Rich to ask Missy out in the first place. His charm and abilities as an athlete convinced Missy to accept his first offer. They seemed to hit it off, and though they didn’t have sex on the first date, after they each had some beers, Missy did let Rich the opportunity to fondle her tits. Squeezing the forbidden fruits and twirling the nipples between his fingers were indeed a highlight of his college career.

But, Missy wanted more, something more that was foreign to Rich. She wanted to have sex with Rich, but on her terms. After the second date, a few beers, and additional illegal enhancements, they went to Rich’s room to spend a night of lust and pleasure. As Rich undressed, he watched Missy remove her lace bra, releasing a massive skin explosion. Missy wanted to play a game that she promised would result in the most exciting and exhilarating sexual experience of his young life.

Missy introduced Rich to the excitement of bondage.  She also allowed some of her fellow cheerleaders to enjoy playing with Rich as he was bound and gagged and totally at their mercy. It was almost like a ritual, Rich would be bound on a table or bench, and each cheerleader would take turns. Sometimes more than one cheerleader would participate by alternating blow jobs or burying his face in their tits.

But, those enjoyments have been overshadowed by the most recent vicious actions of Missy. Rich could not let her think she has again dominated him. His was about revenge, a lesson that would send a message to Missy and her band of minx.

As cheerleader practice was in progress, Rich and Stacy sneaked into the gym, unseen by Missy. When each cheerleader left the gym, Rich quickly grabbed them, bound them with tape, and securely gagged. There were four other squad members that participated in Missy’s little special sexual sessions. Rich made sure each of the other four participating cheerleaders were accounted for, surely causing Missy to come out of the gym to find out where they went.

Missy walked into the girl’s locker room to a vision of four of her fellow team mates bound and gagged on the floor. Before she could react, Rich pulled a chloroform rag from his pocket and placed it over Missy’s mouth and nose. She fully absorbed the pungent fragrance, and passed into an unwanted sleep. The four cheerleaders watched in horror as Rich lowered Missy to the floor. One by one, Rich and Stacy made the bound cheerleaders walk back into the gym.

Each cheerleader was bound to a metal chair, arms behind and legs tightly secured. As an added attraction, Rich pulled the cheerleader uniforms up, exposing a variety of bras. One girl wore a pink frilly bra, another had an erotic Victoria Secret’s design, the other two cheerleaders had fairly standard bras with massive cups. But, his plan did not stop there as he wanted to make sure they suffered the same type of sexual bondage pleasures and embarrassments as he did under their playful bondage.

First, he pulled each of the cheerleader tops up over their heads, giving ample view of each girl’s chest. He wanted more, and unhooked each bra and stretched each piece of undergarment over their heads and around the shoulders. The tits of each cheerleader were now fully exposed. Rich could not help be begin to fondle each girl, reaching back in forth between two girls at a time, fully enjoying his captives.

Stacy began to feel a bit uncomfortable as she did not realize Rich would take his revenge so far. “Rich, I’m not sure I want to go through with this, I think I’ll just leave.”

Rich did not appreciate Stacy’s sudden apprehension. “Oh no Stacy, you’re staying right here and watch the festivities with your friends.” Suddenly, Rich grabbed Stacy and forced her onto an empty chair next to the cheerleaders. Without warning, Stacy was bound and gagged identical to cheerleaders she helped to capture.

The plan was together, only the feature attraction need to be added to the stage. Stacy’s medical bag again provided much of the materials needed to make his fantasy come true. He began to fully cover Missy with white medical compress wrap, starting at the toes and working his way up her body, careful to leave both her pussy and massive jugs exposed. His special treat for her boobs were ropes, tightly wrapped several times around the base of each tit. The ropes were quite lengthy, enough to be tossed over a chin-up bar.

Missy was fully sealed in medical tape, her mouth, eyes and ears totally encased to prohibit any sight or sound. As Rich supported Missy to stand, he slowly pulled each rope extending over the chin-up bar over her head. It became apparent he was pulling her up by her tethered tits. As he pulled harder, she was forced to stand up on her tip toes to keep from the painful boob lynching. Each globe began to turn an eerie purplish color.

Stacy watched in horror, unable to speak due to the many layers of tape over her mouth. Her and her fellow captives were also in peril as Rich had also tied rope around her breasts and the breasts of her fellow captives. The boobs were bound together in a single long rope that was also thrown over a chin up bar behind the chairs. When Rich pulled the rope, a chorus of 10 boobs bounced in rhythm.

Rich continued his revenge on Missy, tying off the rope below Missy’s ankles. He sucked each nipple until they were as hard a cherry seeds. When the nipples reacted to his tongue attack, he snapped a potato chip clip on each nipple, causing Missy to jump in pain, swinging from the bar by her tits. This reaction was exactly what Rich wanted to see. Now that he was sure the rope was lengthened properly, he finished his final action.  He inserted a vibrator into the awaiting brunette bush that peered from the white tape.

As he eased the vibrator into her moisten cave, Missy again reacted with a convulsive jitter. Her tits again supported her as her feet left the ground. Muffled moans of pleasure, and possible pain, could be heard as Missy swung to and fro by the very attractions that provided Rich pleasure. The vibrator was called “Big Ben” as it had a timer that could be set to go off whenever desired.

Rich had set the timer for 30 minutes. And, just to make everyone feel a part of the team, he stretched the rope tied around the tits of Stacy and the cheerleaders to the top of the rope above Missy, so when she moved, all twelve tits moved in cadence together. It was a fascinating and erotic site watching all six of his bound victims rhythmically jostle their massive funbags.

Rich simply watched for the first hour, enjoying the symphony of sex. But, before long, the weekend staff of the school would be reporting to work. He began to take pity on Stacy and unwound the ropes that were beginning to strangle her breasts. He removed the tape from her mouth and re-secured the tit rope to assure continued suffering on the five bound cheerleaders. He released Stacy to come with him, exiting the building just before night janitor would arrive. Rich began to chuckle as he knew that janitor would certainly have an amazing view when he opened the gym.



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