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My Bondage Experiences

by Drbind0no

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© Copyright 2002 - Drbind0no - Used by permission

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My Bondage experiences started when I was young I would tie myself up as best as i could but never as good as I would have liked. Then came my teen's I came across a girl friend called Ruby, the first love of my life from the first kiss to the first gentle feel, I was convinced this girl was for me. One night while sitting in my father's car, in the back seat that was parked in our garage as this was one of the few places were we could be alone and enjoy a little feel and tickle, I told Ruby of my love for being tied up to my surprise she admitted she had indulged in a little self bondage as well on many occasions.

Well there was no need to say more within minutes I had produced a length of rope and was binding her as she had never experienced before. The next night she turned up with a old battered American magazine that was totally devoted to bondage I read every inch of the mag, it became my bible, towards the end of the mag there was a article on mummification. Wow!! Man it blew my mind, from that day on we both stepped up a gear, I would strip Ruby down to her knickers as she was still basically shy she did not mind her mimi tits being seen but she liked to keep her knickers on.

The bondage progressed to mummification we had acquired an old sheet and cut it up to make bandages. Ruby soon looked the part, but like most males those knickers had to come off even through I had promised her not to go that far, as we all know promises are made to be broken. I had her bound and gagged and was suckling her tits keeping her busy and amused as I with the aid of a pair of scissors cut each side of the knickers, I am sure to this day she did not realise what I had done. I started to kiss down her body soon reaching navel, her glory hole was in sight. She was used to me touching her but up to now she did not like me to see it, this time I was kissing my way down her body soon reaching the fine hair over the pubic bone, it was not until I started to kiss the pussy its self did she realise what I had done but once my tongue curled around that virgin clit resistance was futile. I was there her whole body tightened there was a attempt to sit up but being bound there was no chance, from that night on there was no more need to hide in her knickers. We used to strip and mummify each other on a regular basis for some time after that.

I do not know how but we drifted apart and new women entered my life, I was surprised at just how many liked bondage and after just one or two dates would allow themselves to be bound. And now and then I would find one of those magical girls who liked to be mummified above all else this was my real love. Over the years I have had over twenty women and men who I have mummified I found men seemed to allow the process to take place out of a sheer love of being restricted and made submissive, none have ever complained or resisted.

Where as women tend to have to be led more gently and guided into mummification once it has been done to them there is no problem they either love or hate it,  I suppose it is a matter of trust after all once you are fully bound there is nothing you can do to stop what is happening to you, your body is from that point on you are in your Domme's hands. I have mummified all ages from teens to a sixty three year old women who i have to add is a superb and willing sub and to this day I still try all my new ideas on her. And I must admit older women tend to accept mummification better I suppose it is the experience of life and they tend to be more trusting and adaptable, Over the years I have advanced my technique .

I now always go for complete sensory depravation, and for over two years have experimented with expanding foam as described by  Jenny  in her story “Foaming”, a material not for the new comer into mummification, But it does introduce the sub to a new form of complete and total submissiveness. To me mummification is the greatest turn on. Where as sex has a super high it is all over as soon as it begins, Mummification can last days and the mystery that goes with it, It is fascinating and a thrill both for the sub and the dome and certainly builds up trust like no other form of bondage, the subs body can be anointed with all sorts of fragrances and oils to add to the magic and keep them calm as you take control of their body and very existence.

Well that is my experience of mummification and how I got started I have met and made friends with other wonderful people and exchanged experiences on the net and Gromet’s site is a good focal point for people with a interest in the subject.


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