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The Break In 2

by JSmith7471

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© Copyright 2003 - JSmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; captive; slave; spandex; bond; kidnap; gag; bagged; sarcophagus; toys; cons/nc; X

continued from part one

Part 2: Rachel & Jose

Four months ago, Suzanne went out on a job to rob the house of a Bob and Becky Smith. Unbeknownst to her friends, she had been caught in the act of her burglary. She was imprisoned in their home and hadn't been heard from since. Alive, dead, or skipped town? Her friends intend to find out what happened.

Rachel sat on the couch wondering to herself. She hadn't seen or heard from her friend Suzanne in about 4 months. This was unusual, since she and Suzanne had become very close. (They were both bi-sexual and had been lovers for some time.) Being accomplished cat burglars and occasional partners in crime, they saw each other at least once a week, so that they could share stories and trade their spoils. Together, they were the most successful pair of cat burglars this town had seen in quite a few years.

Rachel was a cute brunette with her hair layered and cut just on the shoulder. Nice firm breasts, (each one a handful). She stood about 5ft 9inches, slim and a well-toned, athletic build. Overall a nice shapely package.

She shared an apartment with her other friend Josie. Though not a cat burglar, Josie was a lover of Rachel's and a friend of Suzanne's also. They all knew who was playing with who and respected each others boundaries. At the outset of their friendship, Suzanne and Rachel had exchanged apartment keys. This allowed them to check up on each other and protect each other's interests. Rachel sat there looking at the key, turning it in her fingers, deep in thought. "Damn it! I'm going to go over and see what's going on. Maybe she left a note. It's not like Suzanne to just disappear without saying anything."

"What's that? What did you say?" came Josie's reply from the kitchen.

"Oh nothing. I'm thinking of stopping over at Suzanne's apartment. Try to see what's up." replied Rachel. 

"Maybe she just decided to leave. One of those middle of the night deals. I know it hurts. But you may have to accept it, sweetie." said Josie. 

"That just wouldn't be like her." replied Rachel defensively. Josie decided to drop it. 

"Just be careful please." Josie cautioned. 

"I will." Rachel threw back.

After they had supper, she headed over to Suzanne's apartment building. She was deep in thought as she walked up the two flights to her apartment. With anticipation, she slid the key into the lock and turned it. The click of the lock reassured her that Rachel hadn't left. She turned the knob and pushed the door open, feeling a slight resistance, as it swung slowly open. She looked down and immediately saw the source of the resistance. The floor directly behind the door had a large pile of mail lying there. She gathered up the mail and walked over to the kitchen table. After about a minute of shuffling thru it, she determined that the oldest postmark was dated about 2 months ago. That coincided with the last time she had been here looking.

After Suzanne's absence had gone on for about 2 weeks, she had used her key to get into her friends apartment. Rachel had spent about an hour looking around, but found nothing. No evidence of what may have happened. She didn't want to involve the police for fear of getting her friend in trouble. On her most recent visit, about 2 months ago, she found no indication of Suzanne's fate. It seemed that all she was accomplishing, was stacking her mail in neat piles on her table. She had considered talking to the neighbors, but again, didn't want to draw attention. Rachel decided to make one more sweep thru the apartment. Finishing the bedroom and bathroom, she found herself standing in the middle of the living room, scanning its contents.

She walked over to the overstuffed chair in the corner and began looking thru it. Pulling up cushions, feeling down in the nooks and crannies with her hands. Bending down, she pulled the skirt aside and looked underneath. Nothing! Her next stop was the couch. Cushions were thrown on the floor in frustration. Her search of the couches interior had revealed nothing.

Down on the floor on her hands and knees, she pulled the skirt aside and saw a tablet hidden halfway underneath. Reaching under, she pulled it out. The tablet had scribbles and notes written all over it. Circled and with a star beside it was the name Bob and Becky Smith. "Hello Mr. And Mrs. Smith." she thought. As soon as she saw the star, she knew this was significant. How had she missed this in her previous searches. Tearing the top page off of the tablet, she straightened up the room and walked out the door, locking it behind her.

Rachel arrived back at her apartment at about 7:00PM. "Any luck?" asked Josie.

"I found some names on a tablet. May or may not be significant. Can you work your magic and run these thru the DMV database to start? Then see what else you can find." replied Rachel.

"Be glad to." she answered. She handed Josie the sheet of paper.

Though Josie had a normal daytime job, she was a very successful computer hacker by night. This came in very handy for making contacts to fence the items that Suzanne and Rachel acquired.

"I'm going out to run a few errands." said Rachel.

"Ok. I should have something for you by the time you get back. Just be careful." cautioned Josie.

An hour later, Rachel walked back into the apartment with some packages. "I'm home!" she yelled. "On the computer." Josie replied. "Turn up anything for me yet?" asked Rachel. "Some info". answered Josie.

Rachel walked into the spare room where they had the computer set up. She paused and looked at Josie sitting at the terminal. Typical Josie. Dressed in a white lace bra and a white thong. Breasts almost spilling out of the bra cups. She looked so scrumptious. Puerto Rican descent. About 5ft 3inches, dark complexion and long dark silky hair. She had full round breasts, very shapely waist, hips, and thighs. Nice legs. A very nice package who was also articulate and smart. It was all of those qualities that had attracted Rachel to her.

Thru a chance meeting they had started out with a friendship and interest in bondage that had developed into a lover's relationship. She walked over to Josie and stood behind her while she typed. "Found anything for me?" "A little, but my program is still searching." replied Josie.

Rachel reached down and massaged her neck and shoulders. "Mmmmm, that feels good." cooed Josie. "I've had such a bad day." Josie leaned her head back onto Rachel's stomach and twisted her head from side to side. Rachel liked the feel of the soft hair lightly caressing her stomach. Rachel continued the massage for a minute and then bent down towards Josie's face. As her face neared Josie's, she could smell the delicious scent of her shampoo and a hint of her perfume. She paused and inhaled the scent.

Rachel's hands paused in her massage and softly slid down to Josie's breasts. Her palms lightly rubbing over her nipples, thru the bra. In a few seconds, they were erect and hard. Now her middle fingers began tracing slow circles around them, occasionally squeezing them.

Josie sighed softly and leaned back in her chair. Rachel moved her lips onto Josie's neck, kissed, and nibbled there, moving up to her ear lobes playfully. Her touch was delicate, as only a woman knows how. She began fondling her breasts, kneading them like dough. Josie's moaning increased. All her typing had ceased. Rachel whispered in her ear, "I think you need some attention". Rachel was now squeezing her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, changing the rhythm and pressure every so often. Josie's breathing sped up as her chest quickly rose and fell in time to Rachel's manipulations.

Josie's right hand moved over to her crotch and she began rubbing her own mound thru the triangle of cloth. Rachel swatted her hand away, "Not yet! I'll let you know when your ready!" Josie whimpered.

After another moment, Rachel's right hand released its nipple and moved onto her ribs, sliding over stomach and onto her mound. Rachel rubbed her mound for a moment and her fingers slipped under the waistband of her thong. Rachel became more aroused as she felt the heat and dampness she was generating in her friend. Josie whimpered and her hips squirmed insistently as the finger rubbed her swollen clit. Rachel's finger was swimming in her juices and parted her swollen lips. She cried out as Rachel's middle finger penetrated her and slowly stroked in and out.

By now, Rachel knew that she was ready. Josie had reached behind the chair (as best she could) and was squeezing and fondling Rachel's ass cheeks. She had leaned her head back and to the side and was trying to nibble on Rachel's breasts, thru her clothes. Rachel moved her other hand off the remaining breast and released the center clip on the front of Josie's bra. Rachel slid out of Josie's grasp and moved to her side.

Bending down, her warm, moist lips and mouth sucked a nipple in. Her tongue flicking, stroking, and dragging across the engorged tip. For Josie, the sensation of this was like pouring gasoline on a fire. The sensation spread thru her body. Josie yelled and arched upward, almost sliding out of the chair as her upper body stiffened from the sensation. A burning knot of excitement growing in her stomach.

Rachel slipped her left arm behind her upper back, holding her right breast in her mouth. She pushed Josie's thighs wider, allowing her fingers to probe deeper into her hot hole. While her fingers probed her pussy, her thumb tortured her clit, rubbing back and forth.

After a moment of this, Josie began begging and pleading with Rachel to suck her pussy and take her. "I can't tie you now, so grab the edge of the seat with each hand and hold it tightly. If your hands move, I walk!" commanded Rachel, looking into her eyes. Josie whimpered her agreement.

Rachel pulled the chair away from the desk and spun it around so that Josie was facing her. She parted her thighs further and knelt down between them, sliding Josie's ass up to the edge of the chair. Rachel reached over her thighs and slipped each hand behind and under an ass cheek, holding tightly. Rachel's arms now held Josie's thighs in place and her hands prevented her from pulling back. Josie was moaning with anticipation as Rachel nuzzled her clit lightly with the tip of her nose, using soft upward strokes. Her tongue shot out and slipped between her moist, swollen lips, savoring the musky smell and taste of Josie's juices. Josie moaned and pulled her hips and ass backwards in response to Rachel's attack on her clit and pussy. Rachel tightened her grip and pulled her further onto her mouth. Her tongue was penetrating deeply now, in and out. She sucked each pussy lip into her mouth, gently chewing on them.

Josie was now frantically twisting and turning from side to side, always-careful not to release her hold on the chair. By the sounds, she knew that Josie would be reaching her peak soon. She concentrated her efforts on her clit. The tip of her tongue darted rapidly, back and forth over her clit from side to side. She moved her left hand in closer to the middle of her ass. Josie was now shaking uncontrollably with the pleasure coursing thru her. Rachel's middle finger sought out her rear opening. She traced small circles around it as Josie climbed to her impending climax.

Sensing the time was right, Rachel gently pushed her finger into Josie's rear, moving it in and out teasingly. She also pulled her firmly onto her face. Rachel looked up over Josie's heaving stomach and breasts at her face. Now was the time. She sucked her clit into her mouth, squeezing and holding onto it. Josie screamed and pumped her hips as her whole body shook, she came on Rachel's skilful mouth in an orgasm that seemed to go on forever. Finally she began coasting down, back to earth. They both smiled at each other as Rachel got up, kissing Josie deeply. They hugged and caressed each other for a few moments, and then Rachel went in to change while Josie slumped back into the chair basking in the glow. Rachel knew her turn would come.

After their session, they had cleaned up and were sitting in the living room, watching TV and talking. Josie was briefing Rachel. "Besides all the usual info, address, SSN, etc. I got a hit on a local job placement site. The Smith's are looking for an Interior Decorator to do some remodeling. Didn't you do some of that in a previous life?"

"Yes. It sounds like I have a match for them!" replied Rachel. "Guess I'll be doing some snooping."

"You had better watch yourself." cautioned Josie.

Two days later, Rachel was driving up the long driveway to the Smith's house. "They sure live way back in off the main road." she thought to herself. She had dressed in a very professional manner, with her folio on the seat beside her. Her car glided to a stop in front of the house as she parked and got out. Obviously, more than a bit nervous, she grabbed her folio and headed to the front door. After ringing the doorbell twice, the door opened.

A woman slightly taller than herself greeted her. "Hello. I'm Becky Smith. You must be Rachel. Please come in, won't you."

"Hi. Thank you." replied Rachel as she walked in.

"Your right on time." observed Becky. "I like punctuality."

Rachel followed her up the steps into the living room. She couldn't help, as most women can't and found herself sizing Becky up. She was dealing with a tall blonde. Short cut hair and a nice figure. Nice sized 36D breasts. Her ass had a sexy wiggle as she followed her up the steps. A nicely put together package.

As they walked into the living room, Becky motioned for her to have a seat on the couch and get comfortable. "May I offer you some refreshments?" asked Becky.

"Yes, thank you. Coffee would be fine.' Rachel again noted her cute wiggle and stared as she walked out of the room.

She returned with the coffee, sat down, and began chatting. After awhile, Becky looked at her folio and started asking questions about Rachel's experience, where she had worked and the specifics of each job. Rachel was impressed with the thoroughness of her questioning. She hoped that her exaggerations would hold up under such close scrutiny. This woman was sharp. She would have to be very careful. Becky seemed satisfied with her answers.

"Well. The only thing left to do is meet my husband and we'll make our decision." At that moment they heard a key in the front door. The door opened and Bob came thru the door and up the steps. "Hi Hun bun." greeted Bob.

"Hi honey. Come here babe. This is Rachel, our candidate for Interior Decorator." Bob walked over and introduced himself. She completed the introductions and they all sat down.

"So." asked Bob. "Have you hired her yet?"

"No. Not yet." replied Becky. "I wanted to check with you first."

"Does she meet our requirements?" he asked.

"Oh yes, most certainly." she replied with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Then lets put her to work! She can start tomorrow." he replied.

"Ok. Well... thanks very much. I'll be here bright and early tomorrow." stammered Rachel.

Becky thanked her for coming and showed her out. As Rachel got into her car, she sighed to herself and thought, "that was easy."

Rachel started the next morning at 7:00 AM. She met with Becky for a few hours to determine the scope of the job. Becky informed her that she would have free run of the house. Based on the background check they had run on her, they would be giving her a house key. Rachel went out to her car and brought in her supplies. Her work area was set up on the dining room table and she got started immediately. The first day went well and the subsequent week passed quickly. During that week, there was always someone in the house, so her snooping was very limited. After about a week, she came in one morning and got down to work. At mid morning, Bob and Becky came past, heading for the door. "We will be out shopping most of the day. Lock up when your done." they informed her.

"Alright. No problem. Thanks." Rachel replied. "This is my chance." she thought to herself. She walked over to the bay window and watched their van disappear up the road. Once the van was out of site, she walked quickly thru the house making sure that all of the outside entry doors were double locked. She went back to work for an hour to insure that they were gone and not coming back.

Rachel began going thru the house, room by room. After three hours of searching, she had nothing to show for her efforts and only the master bedroom was left.

Rachel entered the bedroom and began searching, drawer by drawer. In the closets, under the bed, everywhere she could think. She saved the large mahaghony jewelry box on the bureau for last. The first jewelry box drawer that she opened, her face lit up. There, before her, was a necklace with locket, two rings, and a bracelet she recognized as Suzanne's. She picked up the necklace and turned over the locket. She saw the inscription she had paid for. This was proof of Suzanne's presence! She had been here!

Rachel scooped up the jewelry and dropped it into a velvet drawstring bag. Now she had in her possession, the proof she needed.

She went back thru the room, straightening up everything, so no one would suspect she had been there. As she was exiting the room, she noticed a picture on the wall to her left, which was hanging crooked. She straightened it and softly closed the door on her way out. Rachel went thru the rest of the house to make sure that everything was back in its proper place. After working for about four more hours, she left for the day. Before leaving, she placed a note on the table for the Smith's.

At about 6:00PM, the Smith's returned, laughing and joking as they came in the house. They saw Rachel's note and went about their business, putting items away. Becky went into the bedroom and began putting newly purchased clothes away. Bob went downstairs to get on line to check e-mails. As Becky entered the bedroom, she noticed the picture by the door was hanging nice and straight on the wall. 

She went about her tasks not giving it a second thought. After trying on some new clothes, she hung them up and removed her jewelry. While she was putting it in the box, she noticed that the items that they had confiscated from Suzanne were gone. Frantically, she searched thru all the velvet-lined drawers of the jewelry box, with no success. After a few stunned seconds, her mind flashed back to the picture on the wall, by the bedroom door. Normally, because of the door closing hard, that picture was always knocked crooked during the week. Except for once a week, on Saturday, when she cleaned the room. The straightening only lasted about three or four door closings, then, it was crooked again.

Rachel must have been in here snooping and straightened it on the way out. She had the jewelry and now, proof of where Suzanne was. After rechecking the dresser one more time, she went downstairs to talk to Bob.

Bob was sitting at the computer typing away. As Becky walked in, he paused, looked at her and said "I know."

"The jewelry that was Suzanne's is gone. I'll bet Rachel has it." said Becky.

"Yes, she probably does. She has taken the bait. My security software indicates that multiple attempts were made to probe our files. Damn cable modem access! Someone named Josie LaPorta made the attempts. She appears to be a good hacker, but not good enough. I'm now back tracking to determine who she is and grab any personnel info. If the two of them show a connection, we have an even bigger problem." After about five minutes, Bob said "Guess what. Not only do they know each other. They're roommates. Same blasted address showing for each of them!"

"What are we going to do?" Becky asked.

"I've got a plan. Since she has something valuable of ours, looks like we will trade for something valuable of hers" 

"What do you mean, valuable of hers?" asked Becky.

Bob looked at her with a nasty grin "Be patient, you'll see."

Rachel returned to work the next day acting as if nothing had happened. Late in the afternoon, she was chatting with Becky and told her that she would be gone for a day visiting a friend out of town. Becky filed that piece of info away to share with Bob later that evening. After supper they planned their next nights activity. The next evening, they were quiet as they drove over to Rachel's apartment. It was 10:00PM and the streets were empty. Each of them had a small gym bag, stuffed full of items on the floor beneath their feet.

Bob slipped the van into a parking spot in back of the apartment building. "Only one street light in the corner." he thought. He reached in between the seats and pulled out a Crossman competition pellet pistol. Taking aim, he pulled the trigger and heard the pellet ricochet off of the lamp. The pellet had only cracked the thick glass lense, but as the gas inside leaked out, the light dimmed and finally winked out. "Perfect. Now the parking lot was pitch black."

They made their way up the two flights of stairs to the apartment door. In less than 30 seconds, Becky had the lock open and they crept in. They moved quickly thru checking each room, converging on the bathroom. Each of them carried a bag of supplies that would soon be needed.

The bathroom door was closed and they could hear the shower running. They had rehearsed their next moves over and over until they knew them in their sleep. Each one reached into the bags, pulling out what they would need. "Take it slow and this will go ok. Deep breath and relax." he cautioned. "I'm ok. Lets do it!" she replied.

They entered the bathroom and took up positions on either side of the curtain. The outline of Josie's lithe figure was evident thru the opaque shower curtain. Becky noticed the bulge growing in Bob's pants as they waited. After a few moments, the shower stopped and they heard the washrag being rung out and hung up. She turned towards the shower curtain and then it was sliding open.

As soon as Josie's leg was out on the floor, Becky slipped a snug, form fitting, cloth hood over her head. At the same time, Bob grabbed her wrists and tugged her out of the shower. She yelled out a "Hey!" as she stumbled forward. Her arms were pulled behind her back as Becky pulled the drawstring on the hood tightly around her neck. "Make a sound, and that drawstring around your throat can do some damage." hissed Becky.

Bob crossed her wrists and placed two nylon wire ties around them. A daisy chain of three more ties quickly locked her elbows within 2 inches of each other. As soon as the drawstring was tight, Becky shoved a ball gag into her mouth that took the hood material in with it. It was strapped up nice and tight behind her head. Josie mmmphed and snorted thru her nose. Her struggling increased as they lowered her to her stomach on the floor. Becky quickly secured more wire ties around her ankles, calves, and thighs. She even ran one each, around her instep and her big toes for good measure .Bob looked at his watch and stepped back. "Minute and a half. Not bad." he said.

"Look at her struggling. Let's give her a minute to calm down." commented Becky.

Josie struggled on the floor for a moment. Realizing that she was going nowhere, she then settled down. Becky sat her up so that they could finish her packaging for transport. Josie groaned as her legs were folded at the knees and her calves were strapped to her thighs.

Becky knelt behind her and wrapped her head in two ACE bandages to further muffle her cries. She left only her hooded nose sticking out. Josie whimpered at the tightness and compression of the head wrap. Becky reached around; caressing and squeezed her nipples while Bob finished strapping her legs. Now Bob pushed her legs up against her chest while Becky pushed from the back. Josie felt them passing something around her back and over her calves numerous times. They did this about six times and pulled the binding device tight. Soon she was balanced precariously on her ass and tailbone, bound into a tight ball.

"I love the way her cute little pussy lips peak out between the bottom of her thighs while she is secured like this." commented Bob.

She felt fingers slipping between her lips, sliding in and out teasingly, rubbing her love tunnel. "I'll bet she's nice and wet now." commented Becky.

"Sticky and juicy. She loves this." answered Bob, as he rubbed his slippery fingers together. "We need to finish up and get out."

Becky took scissors and snipped the hood material away from around her nose to aid her breathing. Bob shook out the canvas duffle bag. Carefully, they began sliding her, bottom first, into the bag. Josie could feel the coarse canvas against her skin, as she slid into the bag. After snapping and locking the top, they tightened the four straps that went around the circumference of the bag securely. Now she looked just like any seaman's bag, stuffed with who knows what.

They quickly cleaned up the bathroom and placed a note on the table. The note indicated that Josie had to leave suddenly to tend a sick aunt for a few days. Becky helped Bob heft the bag up onto his shoulder. They left the apartment, headed down to their vehicle, and drove off into the night.

When they reached home, they parked around back, beside the garage. Josie was bundled out of the van and up to the second floor of the garage. The bagged woman was placed on the floor in front of a figure dressed from head to toe in black spandex.

Becky issued explicit instructions, "Here is your final assignment, Slave. Prepare her using everything we have taught you. We want her mummified from head to toe, with a butt plug and a vibrator on her clit only! Leave her pussy open. Use eye pads, earplugs and an inflatable gag. Put her in the pressurized sarcophagus for safekeeping, when you're done. Do not speak around her. Silence is important." As they walked out the door, Slave smiled under the hood, reached down, and opened the duffle bag. Slave had the chloroform and a pad, ready in her hand.

Bob and Becky walked out the door, locked it and went into the house, both breathing a sigh of relief. They locked the house and went upstairs to prepare for bed.

Becky grabbed Bob's erect cock as he was undressing, almost pulling him over, as he lost his balance. With a wicked smile, she chuckled, "Maybe we should do something about this."

"I leave it up to you honey." he replied with a big grin from ear to ear. (Though Bob was the dominant one, occasionally they would switch.) Her expression was one of shock and happiness. "Your placing yourself in my hands?" He answered her with with the same big grin.

Within minutes, Bob's nude form was spread eagled to the four corners of the bed, and he was blindfolded, and gagged. He heard Becky rustling in the closet as items were piled on the bed beside him. Bob felt Becky wrapping bandages on his right foot and up his leg. After about ten minutes, he was covered from head to toe in tight elastic bandages. Only his throbbing cock sticking out. Somehow, he suspected she wasn't done. Once she finished with the bandages, she applied a layer of adhesive medical tape over the layer of bandages.

She sat there caressing and stroking him for a few moments. Bob was mmmphing and squirming helplessly as she spent the next hour sucking and teasing his cock. Careful not to allow him to cum. She finally decided that he had enough. He felt her straddle his body. He began humping the air and moaning into his gag.  His rigid cock, stabbing aimlessly into the air. Holding his cock steady, she ever so slowly lowered her warm moist pussy onto his cock. Each up and down stroke of hers was so slow and deliberate. After a few minutes they both exploded in a huge orgasm. She lay forward onto him momentarily and then got off. 

After lying there quietly for a while, Bob began to struggle, letting her know that he was ready to be released. He heard a voice at his ear, "Patience honey. We are not done yet."

He felt his legs being released and then.. pushed together. She sat on his thighs using her knees to hold his legs together. Before he could resist, she began taping his legs together, starting at his feet. She wound the tape up his legs and over his hips stopping at his waist. Bob didn't bother to resist. He knew he had been had. His arms were released and crossed Egyptian style on his chest. For good measure she taped his crossed wrists together. She continued the taping upward at his waist, rolling him from side to side as required. The tape covered his arms and secured them tightly to his chest. She finished his neck and head in short order. The last layer on his head had been applied brutally tight. Only his cock and nostrils remained exposed.

After she finished, Bob lay there while Becky got ready for bed. Becky was nude as she climbed into bed, rolled over, and cuddled with her mummy. Stroking his cock softly, she listened to his whimpering and moaning. Pure music to her ears that soon lulled her into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Meanwhile, Josie was recovering from the effects of her chloroforming. She knew that she was awake, but she couldn't see or hear a thing or move a muscle. It felt as if something was stuffed into her mouth completely filling it. She felt like she was drowning in her own drool. She couldn't speak and it felt like she was being crushed over every square inch of her body. Josie was afraid of the dark, and couldn't stand her head being covered. This situation was traumatic for her. She panicked and began screaming into her gag. Anyone standing beside the sarcophagus might have heard only a faint, helpless moaning escape the case.

The next morning came too quickly as they prepared for Rachel's return to work. Bob was released and they both showered together.

At 9:00AM Rachel was coming in the door. She looked troubled. "What's wrong. You look troubled?" asked Becky. She guided Rachel over to the couch and they sat down. She held Rachel's hand trying to comfort her. "I came home last night and found my roommate gone. She had left a note about visiting her sick aunt. Her only aunt died about 3 years ago! I don't know what to think or do." she started crying.

"Perhaps she wanted some time alone. I'm sure she's ok. Give it a day or so. I'm sure you'll see her again." consoled Becky. Becky held her in her arms a minute as Rachel took a deep breath and composed herself. "Thanks very much for the shoulder to cry on Becky." "No problem." she answered.

Rachel stood up and began walking away. "Oh. I was looking for some jewelry yesterday. Can't seem to find it. You didn't see it laying around, did you?" Rachel stopped. Becky saw her stiffen up. She slowly turned to face Becky. "It's interesting. The items were there that morning. We leave to go shopping for the day. You were here the whole time and we come home and their gone. Looks very suspicious." Rachel fidgeted nervously for a moment, unwilling to look Becky in the eyes.

Unbeknownst to Rachel, Bob had walked down the hallway and was now standing right behind her. "You seem to have a problem loosing friends, don't you." he said. Rachel was startled and jumped when he spoke. She realized that her only way out was blocked.

"I have the jewelry as proof that you may be involved in my friends disappearance!" she blurted out defiantly.

In an angry voice Bob replied "You have nothing. Show us the jewelry."

"I don't have it here. It's stashed in a safe place."

"Smart girl." growled Bob. "Would you like to see your friend again?" he asked.

"What do you think?" Rachel spat back. "I suggest a trade. The jewelry for something valuable." Becky was up off the couch and had moved over behind Rachel, crowding her into Bob. Becky was ready for whatever Bob had in mind.

"You bring the jewelry here at noon and we'll do an exchange. Both parties will be happy." Rachel was ecstatic at the thought of being reunited with Suzanne. Wait till Josie hears about it. "Ok. I'll be here at noon with the jewelry. But, no tricks!" she warned.

"Of course not." replied Bob.

Bob stepped aside as Rachel ran down the steps and out the door. Her car roared down the road.

Promptly at noon, Rachel was waiting at the front door. Becky opened the door and welcomed her in. she could see that Rachel was visibly nervous as she entered. They exchanged pleasantries and Becky escorted her down into the family room. As Rachel entered the room, she saw Bob standing off to the side of the coffee table.

What immediately caught her eye was a long object laying on top of the coffee table, covered with a sheet. The object was about the length of a person, looked solid, but the shape was unusual. Rachel now felt flush and began to sweat from her nervousness. She wondered if Suzanne was in the box. Is she even alive?

"Did you bring the jewelry?" asked Bob. She reached into her purse and pulled out the velvet bag, dangling it in the air.

"I want to see my friend first!" she replied. Bob looked at Becky and nodded. Becky walked over to the object and with a magician's flourish, whipped the sheet off the object. Rachel gasped sharply in surprise, trying desperately to keep her cool.


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