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The Break In 3

by JSmith7471

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© Copyright 2003 - JSmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFF/ff; captives; slave; spandex; bond; kidnap; gag; wrap; bandage; cocoon; display; toys; oral; mast; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

continued from part two

Part 3: Captives

Through some very adept investigative work, Suzanne's friends have discovered that she made it to the Smith house and gotten inside. They are certain that something happened to her, while there. Rachel under the guise of a job as an Interior Decorator had gained employment there, also and more importantly, the Smith's confidence. She found the proof she needed and had confronted the Smith's. Rachel had arranged an exchange between them using the evidence she had, to trade for "something valuable". A few surprises may await her. 

Before her, Rachel saw a coffin like object, shaped like a human body. Fighting her fear, she told them "Open it!"

Becky reached into her pocket and pulled out a set of car keys, pushing the end of one key into what looked like a tire valve, located on the side of the case. Rachel heard a hissing noise as the pressure reduced to zero. She repeated her action on a similar valve on the lid. Becky then pulled a tee shaped tool out and began opening latches located on the perimeter of the case.

"How do you like our space age mummy case? It's foam lined. Cut in the shape of a human body. Under the foam is a rubber bladder, we can pressurize. To further compress the victim" laughed Bob.

"Better than Tupperware." laughed Becky.

While Rachel had been intent on watching what Becky was doing. Bob had quietly moved over, closed, and locked the door to the family room. As Becky finished opening the latches, Bob moved over beside the case. They both grabbed the lid, lifted it off and leaned it against the wall. Rachel's eyes were as big as saucers as she stared, speechless at the mummy before her. It had a female form. She could see the breasts, narrow waist, flare at the hips, all of it.

Meanwhile, Josie had sensed movement when they brought her from the garage down to the house. Then all became quiet. After awhile, she felt the pressure lessen all over her body. She was still totally helpless, but this was a step in the right direction. Rachel walked over to the mummy, mesmerized by what she saw. She reached out to touch the white form and it exploded to life. She heard a very faint mewing noise coming from the head.

"Suzanne. Are you ok?" she asked.

"She can't hear you. She is currently experiencing almost full sensory deprivation. That allows us to control her as we see fit." explained Bob. Bob pressed a button and the mummy began wiggling her hips, her legs flexing and her head twisting. A moan escaped her bound head.

"Don't hurt her!" yelled Rachel.

"No one said anything about hurting her." replied Bob calmly.

"How do I know that is her? I want to see her now." requested Rachel.

They lifted her out of the case, moved the case onto the floor, and placed the mummy back onto the coffee table. This was Rachel's first complete look at the mummy. The wrapping was so smooth and tight over the whole body. She looked at it fascinated. Becky walked over and pushed Rachel out of her way. She pulled out a pair of safety scissors and began cutting the bandages on her head. She cut across and below the lower lip, up her left cheek, across her eyebrows and down the right cheek, back to her starting point. The cutout resembled an irregular oval around the mummy's mouth, eyes, and nose.

Becky peeled off the bandages, removing her gag and eye pads. The mummy worked her jaws to alleviate the soreness from the mouth-filling gag and blinked, as her eyes adjusted to the light.

"Josie!" exclaimed Rachel in surprise. "But..I thought Suzanne was in here!"

"That was your assumption." replied Becky. "We never said that. We promised a trade for something valuable."

Josie now looked up at Rachel pleading. "Please get me out of here. I can't take anymore! They are crazy. Wrapping me like a mummy. I don't even know how long I've been here."

Rachel tried to calm her down and reassure her. "Shhhh. It will be ok. Soon we'll be out of here."

"Now give us the items you took." demanded Bob.

"But what about Suzanne?" she pleaded.

"You have no leverage and are in no position to demand. The items!" he growled. Rachel handed the bag over to Becky. She dumped the contents out and examined them. "They're all here."

Josie was mumbling something to Rachel. "Where's the one in the black outfit? That's who did this to me."

"What. What are you talking about? It was these two." insisted Rachel.

Josie was insistent. "No. It was someone else. They only kidnapped me."

Suddenly Josie's eyes widened as she yelled, "Behind you!" Rachel started to turn as she felt an arm clamp across her chest from behind. Her right arm was wrenched upward behind her back as the unknown figure held her. All she could see was a black spandex covered arm and hand across her chest, pinning her left arm.

As she struggled, she blurted out, "You promised me we would exchange the goods for Suzanne! You said we would be free!"

"I only said we would exchange the goods and you would receive something valuable. Suzanne is closer than you think." he replied."You'll be given your life in a restricted sort of way. You're about to find out how this family deals with criminals and their partners. We take our punishments very seriously. Suzanne found that out for herself. The hard way."

Josie was now chanting "No. No more. Let me go. I'm afraid of the dark. Please don't wrap me again."

Becky picked up the safety scissors and walked over to Josie. She began trimming the opening she had previously cut in the bandages. She smiled at Josie and said. "There, there. It will be ok. You just relax."

"Oh, thank you so much." said Josie.

"Don't get too excited young lady. I'm just trimming things up so that we can rewrap your head neatly.. and more tightly." Becky just laughed as she stuffed the gag back in and pumped it up until her cheeks bulged out. Josie didn't even resist.

Becky picked her head up and began wrapping down at her chin. Josie's eyes looked up pleadingly at Rachel to help her, as the bandages wound up over her mouth. A tear rolled down Rachel's cheek as she told Josie, "I'm so sorry." Josie's panic filled eyes disappeared as the last few wraps wound around her forehead. Becky laid her head back down on the coffee table.

Bob walked over to Rachel. "Now it's your turn."

"For the last time, please let us go." she pleaded, struggling in Slave's embrace. "I won't give you the satisfaction of crying."

Becky looked up. "Oh yes you will. And you will beg, before we are done with you two."

The figure behind her twisted her arm upward, pulling her bolt upright on her toes. Bob pulled his hand out from behind his back to reveal a dampened cloth. Rachel saw the cloth approaching her face. She knew what was coming. Her head twisted trying to avoid the cloth as it covered her nose, the sickeningly sweet smell. She saw their smiling faces as her consciousness slipped away. She went limp in Slave's arms.

Slave smiled under the spandex hood as a flood of memories swept over. Memories that seemed a long time ago. Slave had experienced this same thing. Slave felt the excitement and the arousal. The initial capture and bondage. Forced sex and especially the anal sex. Hmmmmm. The first taste and smell of a woman. Then the fear and panic at the loss of all touch, sight and sound. The helplessness of the bondage. Total loss of control. Becoming a plaything in someone else's hands. The exquisite sensation of tightness and immobility. Slave's arousal was increasing. Finally, being put on display for others, as they squeezed and caressed the mummified form as they saw fit.

Slave has more practice and homework coming up. Another playmate. Josie's squirming form was placed back into the case and secured as before. They moved her back up to the top of the garage. Rachel was stripped. She had a trim figure, obviously no stranger to a gym workout. Lithe, with a dancer's body. She will look exquisite mummified. Bob left Becky and Slave in charge of Rachel's preparation. He had some other things to take care of.

"Let's get them set up and secure. We'll have an early supper. Then we can prepare them for the night." instructed Becky. Slave nodded and went about the preparations.

Josie was cut out of her cocoon and rendered unconscious with a dose of chloroform. Rachel was strapped to a padded bondage table at her ankles and her wrists. Her hands were pulled above her head. Both girls breasts were cinched at the base with some rope, squeezing them into taught, round globes. A ring gag on a head harness was placed into their mouths. At the top of each harness was a long strap. Josie's arms were pulled behind her. Her elbows were strapped together along with her wrists.

With Rachel secured to the table, they lifted Josie up and placed her face down on top of Rachel. Each girls face was over the others love nest. Their nipples were connected with clips and chains. Rachel's right breast to Josie's left and vice versa. Now the loose head harness straps came into play. The strap from the top of Josie's head was fed under a strap secured around the tabletop. This strap was pulled tightly, forcing Josie's face down onto Rachel's mound. Likewise, the strap on Rachel's head was pulled up between Josie's crotch, fastened to her bound wrists, and buckled tight. This pulled Rachel's face up into Josie's mound.

They double-checked the bindings and the three went into the house for supper, turning off the lights and locking the door as they exited. "This is all leading up to tomorrow night. Your big night!" commented Bob to Slave as they walked into the house.

All three returned 45 minutes later. As soon as they opened the door, walked in, and turned on the lights, both girls were screaming and yelling at the top of their voices for help.

"You can fuss as much as you want. The room is sound proofed. No one will hear you." warned Becky. Bob nodded his head and Slave moved over to the table. "Perhaps we can redirect your energy to a more useful purpose." he said as he joined Slave at the table. Bob reached out and pushed Josie's head into Rachel's pussy and lifted Rachel's head up into Josie's. Slave tightened the head straps so that their mouths and noses were buried in each other's sex.

"Your misery will only increase unless you bring each other off. Start licking. Now!" he commanded. Hesitantly, they began licking each other's labia and clits. Tongues penetrating tight holes. In a moment they were gasping and moaning in unison. Their initial embarrassment at having an audience gone. They had become greedy for the sensations and pleasure they brought each other.

Slave stepped back as Becky walked up. They began caressing their breasts, kneading their asses and playing with them in general. This only added to the girl's fire. Their tongues working in and out of each other's love tunnel. Lips darting and tongue dancing over and around their clits. Both girls were quivering and shaking from their arousal. Just as it appeared they were ready to cum, Bob nodded to Becky and they each slipped a hand in between, covering their mounds, preventing any further stimulation.

Immediately, both girls began whimpering and whining for the stimulation to continue. Josie's back was arched as she tried to hump Rachel's face. They waited a few minutes for the girls to settle down and their emotions to steady out. 

"The next 17 hours are going to be very busy and intense for you two. Before you ladies get to cum, you will have to see to our pleasure first. Then will come the preparations for tomorrow night!" he smiled wickedly.

All the while, Slave was standing off to the side awaiting instructions. Bob motioned Slave over and told her to separate them. He wanted Rachel in a single sleeve. A few moments later, both girls were sitting side by side on the edge of the table. Josie still had her arms bound behind her, and both still wore the ring gag harnesses.

Bob and Becky walked over to the couch and peeled off their clothes. They sat down and made themselves comfortable. Slave helped the girls off the table and led them over to the couch. She forced them to kneel down between Bob and Becky's legs. Slave attached three-foot spreader bars to each of their ankles and pulled them back so that they were sitting back on their thighs and calves. A strap connected each of their wrists to the center of the spreader bar. They were now helpless in that position. Slave now straddled the girls and moved them closer to Bob and Becky's crotches. The girls knew what was coming.

"The ring gags will be removed. Do a good job with your tongues and mouths. Poor performance, or any pain or discomfort will be punished. You'll be made to regret it." warned Becky. Slave pushed Rachel's face in close to Bob's cock. With Rachel leaning forward on her knees, she reached under Bob's thigh. A nipple clamp was clipped on her right breast. The hanging string was pulled over and tied to Bob's left knee. Her left nipple was similarly attached to his right knee. Now Rachel dare not lean back. She was balanced on her knees and toe tips. Josie's face was pushed into Becky's moist mound and her nipples prepared in a similar fashion.

Becky looked down and spoke only one word "Start." To reinforce her command, she spread her knees slightly. The pull on Josie's nipples had the desired affect as she yelped loudly. Her nose began nuzzling Becky's soft hairs as she pushed in between her swollen lips. Josie drank in her musky scent as her tongue darted in, penetrating her moist cleft. Becky jerked as the tingling started and spread. In Becky's excitement, She spread her legs, which drew a moan from Josie as her nipples were stretched taughtly to each side. Josie paused in her assault, sucked each of her labia into her mouth, and played with them.

Meanwhile, Rachel's tongue shot out and licked the tip of Bob's cock. She noted the salty taste of the juice dripping off the tip. Her warm, moist tongue tracing circles around the head, tickling the underside. Bob gasped as his cock slipped into her mouth.

Quietly now, Slave was standing behind the girls making sure everything went well. Both girls had established an appropriate rhythm and were sucking and licking their hearts out. Slave smiled and listened to their breaths coming in snorts thru their noses. Slave looked at Bob and he nodded to her. Slave then knelt down behind and between both girls. Gently, Slave's fingertips caressed both of their bottoms. She detected a slight wiggle in response from them both as Slave's fingers slipped between their cheeks and traced circles over their anal openings. Almost at the same time, both girls paused in their oral efforts. They were rewarded by Bob and Becky's tugging on their nipples. Both girls resumed their activity. Slave felt Josie pushing against her finger in a clumsy fashion, trying to spear her anal opening.

Slave's fingers continued under their bottoms until she felt the dripping juices, running down. Using two fingers to spread the juice, she slipped two fingers on each hand into their swollen pussies. In unison, both girls began bobbing up and down, moaning, as much as the restraints would permit. They continued to moan and whimper in pleasure as the fingers slipped deeply in and out. Neither of the girls noticed the pain from the pulling on their nipples, due to Bob and Becky's excitement. Bob and Becky were deep in the throes of approaching orgasms. Their heads twisting and tossing back and forth, moaning loudly. They stiffened as a huge orgasm exploded in them.

Slave steps up their stimulation by reaching around in front to straddle each clit with a pair of fingers. Moving her fingers up and down, rubbing them. After a moment, First Rachel, then Josie explode with their own shuddering climaxes. Spasming and jerking as the sensations sweep thru them. Both girls are panting and gasping for breath as the earlier teasing and denial catch up with them. As they spiral down from their peaks, they rest their heads on Bob and Becky's crotches.

Bob reached down and petted Rachel's head. "That was a good start. Now things get tougher." he commented. She sighed in response. Slave walked over to the sink and cleaned her hands. Becky rolled her head over in Bob's direction "Should we prepare them for the contest?" "Yes it's about time." answered Bob.

Slave returned and pulled each girl back so Bob and Becky could get up. They walked into the bathroom to clean up. Each girl was rolled onto her back. Becky, dressed now, came over to the girls and said "Before we tuck you two in for the night, we're going to have a contest to see who gets to rest comfortably tonight."

Slave approached with a basin of warm water and a washrag and cleaned off their privates. Both girls moaned at the touch of the soft rag on their sensitive mounds. Slave released their ankles and took them into the bathroom, one at a time. After they were toileted, they were led out and made to stand by the table. Bob and Becky walked over to the helpless girls, while Slave prepared for the contest.

He reached down and grabbed Josie's ankles as Becky grabbed her shoulders. They lifted her up onto the table. She struggled briefly, and then settled down. She was in a sitting position as Becky reached back and released her arms. Josie moaned as she stretched her stiff-arms straight out, after being imprisoned for about 6 hours. Josie watched as Slave carried over a stack of what looked like rolled rubber strips and piled them on the table.
With her hand on her chest, Becky pushed her down onto her back, with an "unnghh" Bob was standing on the other side of the table. They each seized an arm while Slave used the strips to secure her hands flat to her thighs. Slave then moved to her feet to hand out strips as needed. Rachel looked apprehensive as her friends' restraint continued. She knew she was next.

Slave held Josie's feet together in the air as they began wrapping the strips around her ankles, quickly working their way up her body. The strips were 5 inches wide and were overlapped by half their width with each wrap. This resulted in a perfect seal. After about 5 minutes of work, Josie was mummified up to her neck. Slave jammed a ball gag into her mouth and they continued wrapping her head, leaving only her eyes showing. The ball gag had a tube thru the center, which allowed her to breath. Her nose was squashed down and sealed shut with the strips.

The three of them picked her up and carried her over to a long plastic tray leaning against the wall. The tray had a tapered bottom, which fed out thru a short tube into a measuring cup. Saran wrap was wrapped around Josie and the tray, completely covering her. A tube connected to the ball gag, piercing the plastic wrap, so she could breath. Josie watched as Slave carried over and set up two long, narrow lamps. The bulbs were orange and the reflectors aimed at her. Becky walked Rachel over to see what her friend, and she would experience. Slave turned on the lamps. After a moment, Josie's eyes squinted as she felt the sweat filling her eyes. The heat given off by the lamps was pretty intense.

Bob smiled at Josie "They're infrared heat lamps. Just like the ones they use at McDonalds to keep the French fries hot. With her feet left open, her sweat and juices will run down the small of her back, thru the crack of her ass and down between her legs, to drip out between her ankles. Whoever has the most after a half hour under the lamp, wins the contest. "

Slave pushed Rachel down to a sitting position in front of Josie. She crossed Rachel's legs Indian style and tied them. Then she ran a rope from her crossed ankles to her waist and tied it off tightly. Rachel grunted as elastic bandages were wrapped around her lower face. Satisfied that she was going nowhere, she turned her attention to Josie's plight.

"Slave has learned well. She uses it with impunity." commented Becky to Bob. He nodded in agreement.

"We will leave you in Slave's capable hands, while the stew cooks." he smiled at Josie. They walked to the door and returned to the house.

For Josie the time passed slowly. The heat over her whole body was incredible. She felt every bead of sweat as it ran down her back, thru her ass cheeks and between her legs. She wondered how much was in the glass. She watched slave stoop down and check the glass periodically. Her eyes met Rachel's, wishing they could help each other. The helpless look reminding each other of the hopelessness of their situation.

Occasionally, Slave would check her temperature or adjust the lamp position. Slave's hands would rub and press her breasts and mound, adding to the heat of the situation. Josie's eyes opened. She must have dozed off. After a few seconds she noticed the absence of the heat and realized it must be over. She saw Slave moving the lights out of the way.

Slave stepped over to the intercom, out of earshot and said something into it. This was the first time they had seen her make a sound, much less speak. 5 minutes later, Bob and Becky entered the room. Within 10 minutes Rachel had exchanged places with Josie. Josie was now on the floor tied Indian fashion with Slave sitting beside her. Before gagging her, she was allowed to suck some very cold water from a sport bottle. After she drank her fill, she was gagged and the contest continued.

Rachel had fallen asleep as the heat cooked the juices out of her cocooned body. She felt the drops run down her body tickling the fine body hairs as they rolled along. She felt, no, dreamed of caresses on her hot, erotic areas. She dreamed of being an Egyptian princess, prepared for burial. Mummified while still alive. Then being left in the middle of a hot desert all alone in her mummy case. Her pussy tingled and ached at her helplessness. She finally awoke with a start, realizing that her dream may have been kinder than her current situation. The lamps were off, the contest over. Becky walked over and picked up the jars, returning to Bob and Slave. They conferred, holding up the containers comparing the amounts. After a few moments, the three of them walked back to the girls. Josie twisted trying to look up. Both girls apprehensive.

Bob stepped forward and spoke, "Well... it looks like... Rachel... You lost the contest!" Josie took in a deep breath and sighed. She slumped forward, grateful that it was not she. Immediately, she felt guilty and sorry for Rachel. The squeaking of the rubber wrap signaled Rachel's frantic struggles. She was both angry and frightened at the same time. "We'll get Josie ready first. Give you time to cool off." Bob snickered at Rachel.

Becky and Slave bent over and untied Josie. They helped her to stand up. Her back was stiff from the bound position she had occupied. They guided her over to a standing position near the table.

Slave walked away and returned a moment later with a jar of white cream. She dipped her fingers in. "Spread your legs." commanded Becky. "This salve will take away any soreness on your mound or bottom. We're not doing this to be nice." added Becky. "We want you in tip top shape for tomorrow!" 

Josie spread her legs as Slave spread the salve over and into her pussy. She did the same to her bottom. The salve felt cool as it went on. The topical agent, numbing her skin after a few moments. Becky picked up a roll of adhesive tape and began wrapping it around Josie's flattened hand, taping her fingers together. Each hand was then taped to the corresponding thigh. A strip of tape was wrapped around her body, above and below her breasts. The cinching around each breast was removed. Becky leaned over and began sucking her right nipple. As soon as it was erect, she tied a loop of string around it at the base. "Not too tight. We don't want them sore for tomorrow." he warned. She repeated the process on the left nipple, leaving the loose ends hanging.

Slave threaded a strap behind her back and around her elbows, connecting them. She pulled the strap as tightly as possible, bringing her elbows quite close together. Josie whimpered and squirmed as she buckled the strap. Another band of tape around her body joined her forearms to her waist.

"Hold her head honey." directed Bob. With a hand on each side of her head holding it steady, Josie saw the wad of packing heading for her mouth. She tried to twist away with no luck, so she clamped her mouth shut. Slave reached across and pinched her nose shut.

"You'll have to breath, sooner or later." smiled Becky. A moment later, her mouth shot open as she gasped for air. Bob jammed the wad in. He used his thumbs to pack it in as deeply as possible. While Bob held the packing in place, Slave peeled short strips of tape off of the roll. As soon as Bob removed his hand, Slave applied the first strip across her lips. In a moment, the bottom half of her face had disappeared under the tape. Now the air rushed in and out of her nose.

"Hold her steady, while I bind her legs." instructed Bob. Slave and Becky each steadied her upper body. Bob wrapped a strip of tape around her thighs pulling them tightly together. Similar strips went around, above, and below her knees, her calves, and ankles.

"Your almost done." teased Becky. "Just relax. Guess this will teach both of you to hang out and help criminals." she said, giving Rachel a sideways glance. "Your about to discover that you picked the wrong family to rob."

The three of them lifted her up onto the table and lay her down on her back. For good measure, Bob ran a strip of tape around the balls of her feet and taped her big toes together. Slave stooped down and reached under the table as Bob handed his nipple string over. Slave used her moaning as a gauge of how tight to pull the string before she tied it underneath. Bob taunted Josie, "We were going to strap you to the bench for the night, instead we did this with your nipples. I hope you don't roll or toss and turn in your sleep. The fall off the bench will hurt. But not as much as your nipples!"

Becky chuckled. "Believe it or not, this is comfortable compared to what your friend will experience. Sleep tight and pleasant dreams."

Rachel squirmed in her wrap causing the strips to squeak. Now she was frightened. She had watched them prepare her friend, but her current situation as the loser of the contest hadn't sunk in until Becky made her comment. Becky again held Josie's head still while Slave inserted foam earplugs. Becky looked down at Josie waving and mouthing "Nighty, night." as Slave taped a cotton pad over each eye. Becky held her head up as Slave began wrapping at the neck with an elastic bandage. Soon her head was completely covered in the snug wrap. "I'm sorry that I didn't get to see the panic in her eyes as Slave wrapped her head." she thought to herself.

All three of them stood back and looked at Josie helpless on the table. Her chest rose and fell in a regular fashion, with an occasional twitch from her. Slave couldn't resist reaching over, tweaking her nipples. Slave stroked her ribs and stomach gently with her fingertips. Josie whimpered for a moment and then it subsided. As warm as she was in the wrap, a chill swept thru Rachel as all three turned and looked at her .The three almost literally pounced on her and pulled her out of the tray and onto the floor beside the bondage table. In a few minutes, her wrap and bindings were removed. She lay there too exhausted to put up a fight as Slave put the sport bottle up to her lips. She sucked the cool water in.

Rachel was dead tired. She hadn't eaten all day and she was totally wasted after her ordeal in the rubber wrap. Slave pulled her to her feet and pushed her to the bathroom. "Last chance for the night." called Bob. After a few moments they walked back out.

"What are you going to do now?" asked Rachel defiantly. She looked at her stringently bound friend on the table, wishing it were she.

"I wouldn't get too cocky if I were you. Anything you experience tonight will only be a taste of what you'll experience tomorrow and hereafter."

"Tight bondage. Big deal!" Rachel retorted.

"No. Not just tight bondage. Some consider it, the ultimate bondage!" injected Bob.

"What do you mean the ultimate bondage?" Rachel responded.

"Tomorrow will come soon enough. You need to worry about getting thru tonight first." replied Bob sternly. Rachel quieted down after that. Her confidence shaken.

Slave grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back, tying her wrists with her hands palm to palm. Her elbows were tied together, making sure they touched this time. Rachel grunted as the ropes were knotted tightly. She felt Slave cinching both wrist and elbow ties with separate ropes. The knots were kept out of her reach. Rachel felt her hands being covered in a layer of tape. So much for her fingers. She started struggling and Becky reached forward and twisted her nipple. Rachel yelped and cursed at her. "Don't worry, you'll soon be gagged." she sneered.

A rope was tied around her body above and below her breasts securing her arms to her side. A final rope around her waist secured her hands to her body also. She was now helpless and in their control. Slave walked away and returned carrying the jar of cream. Slave applied some to her mound and ass. As with Josie, the cream was cool and had a numbing effect as the topical agent kicked in. Slave knelt down and pulled Rachel's ankles together. She wavered and yelped, losing her balance as Bob and Becky reached out to steady her. Rachel looked down as she felt the ropes tightening around her ankles. She saw Slave working, but couldn't actually see the ropes going on. More ropes encircled her calves and thighs. She hated being this helpless.

"Is this the best you can do?" Rachel challenged with false bravado. Slave stood up waiting for the next step. Bob stepped into her field of view and looked her in the eye. " We're only halfway done." he leered at her. "Lucky for you, you've had dance training. You're going to need it. Feeling limber today?"

Becky rolled out a mat on the floor as the three of them grabbed Rachel and lowered her to the floor. She was placed stomach down on the mat. They watched as she struggled at their feet. Becky reached over and massaged Bob's erection thru his pants. The wet spot evident as he dripped. His cock pulsed in her hand. Bob grinned at her. "Time to finish our project now. Time for our fun later."

With Slave kneeling on one side of Rachel's legs, and Becky on the other, they fed three ropes under her thighs, spaced about 6 inches apart. Rachel's voice quivered as she asked, "What are you doing?" Bob bent down, grabbing her feet and slowly bending her legs at the knees. Folding her legs until the backs of her calves touched her thighs. "Unghhh!" grunted Rachel, as they came into contact.

While Bob held her legs down firmly, the girls wrapped the ropes around and around, securing her legs together in a compressed package. Rachel couldn't believe she was folded like this. She struggled, testing her bonds. They tied a piece of rope around the balls of her feet and pulled her toes backwards, straightening them out. The rope was secured to the cord binding her elbows. More wraps of rope around her legs and body and arms and body secured her as rigidly as a board. She moaned from the muscle strain as they rolled her over onto her back. They used some pillows to prop her up at an angle, her head a few inches off the floor, so they could work on her head. They all sat in a semi circle on the floor around her head. The discomfort of her position registering clearly on her face. Her breathing was rapid and shallow as she fought the increasing soreness of her muscles. She looked at each face in turn, hoping for some mercy. None was evident.

"You need to relax. Slow your breathing. It's going to be a long night. Oh, by the way. You really did win the contest. I just wanted to punish you a bit extra." Rachel's eyes widened. "You rotten bas...!Mngh! Mmmphh!" was all she got out as Becky shoved a wad of cloth into her mouth. Slave followed with some strips of tape over her lips to hold the packing in. Rachel snorted thru her nose and shook her head in defiance. After a moment she settled down.

"Now comes my favorite part. A leather, discipline hood." chuckled Becky.

Slave slipped earplugs in and held her head as Becky approached with the hood. The hood was pulled over her head from the front. She immediately lost all of her sight as everything went dark. The hood fit her face tightly, like a second skin. She could feel them adjusting it as the zipper went up the back of her head. The only holes in the face were two brass grommets at her nose.

Now she felt herself being rolled back onto her stomach. She felt someone kneeling on her arms and back. More movement occurred at the back of the hood as they began lacing it up. Now the pressure on her head and face increased dramatically. After a few moments, the tugging stopped as they tied the laces off and buckled the built in collar around her neck. The activity paused to make sure she was breathing ok. Now without any senses, her struggles were weak and futile. She heard a voice faintly, Becky she thought. "Now for the surprise."

She felt something, a strap, tighten around her forehead. A rope was tied to the strap and her head was pulled backward, at an uncomfortable angle. The rope was tied off at her ankles. She felt herself lifted up off the mat and placed back down as the pillows were removed. Then it was quiet. No movement, or vibrations. Not a sound. Her muscles were sore and aching already. Her breathing resonated in her ears. She felt a sensation at her clit and knew she was growing moist and aroused.

She wondered if Josie was wet by now. Josie had not taken part in Rachel and Suzanne's bondage games very much. This was truly new ground to her. And what about Suzanne? They watched her for a few moments and then turned to slave. "Watch them tonight. You're almost done. Keep them safe. Release the rope on her head if you think it necessary. Nothing more!" commanded Bob. Slave nodded her head and Bob and Becky turned and left. They locked the door, turned on the alarm system, and went into the house.

They spent almost 2 hours playing and making love that night. Bob always enjoyed lots of foreplay, so Becky spent an hour alone, speared on his tongue. Her clit and labia would be tender for the next few days after the tongue-lashing he gave her. The day's activities had them hot, horny, and ready. The thought of tomorrow kept them aroused with wet dreams all night.

Slave checked on her charges, turned out the lights, and lay down. As Slave lay there, Slave's thoughts turned to tomorrow and the excitement concerning tomorrow's activities. Slave's pubic area tingled as a sensation spread outward from the stomach to the tips of Slave's toes. Slave knew that there would be a punishment for cumming in the spandex suit. Slave's hand withdrew from the suit, smiling under the spandex hood. The last sounds Slave heard before drifting off to sleep were the creaking of restraints and the prisoners muffled moans.

Bob and Becky entered the room quietly. Both of their prisoners were still asleep. Bob walked over and shook Slave awake. With his finger to his lips, signaling quiet, he whispered, "Go get ready. Shower and change into a black suit. Get cleaned up. This is your night tonight. Let our prisoners sleep as long as they can. Becky and I will start setting up what we'll need." Slave mumbled "Yes Master." And went off to prepare.

They spent about 40 minutes setting up a second bondage table near the first one that Josie now occupied. Other preparations were also completed. Meanwhile, Slave had finished her preparations and was now in a fresh black cat suit ready to help her Master and Mistress.

At about 9:30AM, they noticed Rachel stirring in her bondage. She started out mmmphing and snorting. Quickly her limited movement and agitation increased. 

"I'll bet she has to go to the bathroom." commented Becky as she walked over to her. She bent down, rolled her over, and pushed on her bladder. Now Rachel really squirmed and made frantic noises. "Yep, that's it!" laughed Becky.

The three of them lifted her up and placed her on the second bondage table. "Let's unpack her and start getting her ready." said Bob. As Slave began untying Rachel, Josie showed signs of waking. "I'll take care of Josie. You keep on with Rachel." said Becky as she stooped down to release her nipple strings. In less than five minutes, both girls were released. "How do you girls feel?" asked Becky.

They both eyed her. Their jaws were sore from the gagging. Rachel had definitely received the worst of the deal. She twisted and turned, trying to alleviate the soreness in her muscles and limbs. Slave grabbed Rachel's hand and pulled her to the bathroom. Initially, Rachel hobbled and limped on sore legs, trying to keep up. In about 20 minutes they returned. Rachel was toileted and showered from top to bottom. She was handcuffed and sat on the edge of the first table. Bob and Becky ignored her as they continued with their work. Now it was Josie's turn to use the bathroom. When Slave returned with Josie, she set up a high energy, low residue breakfast at the small dining table.

"No talking. Enjoy yourselves. This will be your last meal for the next 18 hours." warned Bob.

After they had finished and rested a bit, Bob looked at his watch. It was 12:00 noon. "Time to get ready." he thought. They were each allowed one more trip to the bathroom and then each was led back to a bondage table. Rachel and Josie were both very nervous. A sheen of sweat covered both their foreheads. They both felt warm and flush from the nervousness about what was coming. Josie's breathing had become shallow and rapid.

"Your not going to wrap me up again, are you?" Josie asked.

"You'll find out shortly. We're going to do whatever we want. You have no choice in the matter. You should relax. It will be easier for you." replied Bob softly as he stroked her head. His voice then increased in tone as he looked at both girls. "This can go easy or hard. Your choice." They both lowered their heads with their eyes on the floor, not making a sound.

"Ok then. Let's get started!" Slave took Rachel and Becky took Josie. They helped them up onto the table and put them on their backs. They both shivered as they lay down on the cool vinyl surface. Goose pimples popping out both from nervousness and the coolness. Bob rolled a cart over that was piled high with rolls of 4 inch and 6 inch wide white Coflex bandages piled on top. Other items were piled on the bottom level.

Almost in unison, both girls grabbed a leg and began wrapping at the toes. They started with a 6inch bandage, winding it on tightly and smoothly. They alternated standing between the tables, so as not to crowd each other. They also wanted to be sure that Rachel and Josie could see each other as their situation progressed. Bob kept a check on Slave's technique. They had taught her well. In a moment, the first leg was done up to the top of the thigh and they repeated the process on the opposite leg. After only 5 minutes, the girls were wrapped up to their hips. Josie was numb and quiet. Rachel on the other hand, couldn't believe how quick it went. Rachel flexed her feet a few times gauging the increased stiffness and snugness of the wrap.

Next, they moved to their arms. Some 4-inch bandages were cut into 2 foot strips. The strips were woven between their fingers and the remaining length wound around the hand. They made sure the hand remained flat. Bandages then started at the fingertips and wound up the arm, stopping at the shoulder. Any excess length was wound back down the arm. Josie held her arms up and looked at the bandaged lengths. Fear evident in her eyes.

"Time for the toys." said Bob as he stooped down and grabbed some items off of the bottom of the cart.

He divided the items between Slave and Becky. Both girls' legs were spread as they watched KY jelly being squirted onto 8-inch vibrators. Though frightened, both girls were aroused and wet. This only helped the insertion process. Both moaned softly as they slipped in. A piece of adhesive tape over their shaven lips secured them in place. 

Bob helped each girl roll their charge over on their side. A lube coated, vibrating butt plug was inserted in each girl. In both cases, a firm pressure was required to get the wide head in, until the anal ring contracted down around the necked down portion of the plug. Josie squirmed briefly with some discomfort. More adhesive tape secured these in place. They were rolled onto their backs.

"Now both of you, bend your legs and lift your butts off the table. Hold them there." directed Becky. Becky and Slave then wound bandages over their hips and thru their crotches sealing the devices in.

The bandages continued around their torsos tightly, stopping at the rib cage for now. Their waists had been wrapped quite tightly. Each girl went back to make sure that they had left a tiny area over the clit exposed. Wetting their fingers, they probed in, squeezing and stimulating their clits. Working them into swollen little buds of ecstasy. Both girls were wriggling their hips and whimpering thru this process.

"Time to make things more interesting. Let's do their legs now." directed Bob.

"I've been looking forward to this part!" smiled Becky. Bob reached down and took two rods off the cart.

Slave grabbed both of Josie's legs and lifted them in the air, holding them together. Becky slipped a pad between the knees and ankles. Bob wound multiple wraps of adhesive tape around her thighs, above and below her knees and at mid calf. Her legs were put back on the table. "What are you doing?" asked Josie nervously with a puzzled look on her face.

Becky had the long rod in her hand. One end had a thin u-shaped metal piece attached to it. She began sliding the rod between Josie's legs at the ankles, under the bands of tape. As the rod reached the tape band on her thighs, she felt the u-shaped piece of metal slip over her toes. Her feet were now locked into an en pointe position. Within seconds Josie was grimacing from the discomfort of the enforced position. She tried to bend her feet back and forth and her legs with no success. They were locked into this position. Bob finished by wrapping a band of tape around her ankles and the balls of her feet to complete the installation of the rod.

Bob moved over to hold Rachel still as she watched. She knew she was next. Now Josie's legs were rigid. Slave held them up as Becky, beginning at the toe tips, wrapped a second tight layer up her legs to her thighs. She pulled the bandages as tightly as possible, making her legs a truly stiffened column of white. Bob went back to holding Josie still as the girls prepared Rachel in a similar fashion. As they finished with Rachel, Becky commented "She must have come prelubricated. Her clit is so swollen and wet. She's obviously enjoying herself to much!"

"Not to worry. We'll soon take care of that." he replied.

Both of the girls yelped loudly as the vibrators and butt plugs leaped into life. Bob had triggered them off the wireless remote in his pocket. "Just checking." He grinned. After a moment, he shut them off. Both girls begging him to start them up again.

"Now the wrapping becomes more serious." commented Becky. She helped Rachel up to a sitting position on the edge of the table. Her immobilized legs hanging over the edge, not quite touching the floor. Josie was moved into a similar position on her table. Both girls now faced each other. Rachel could see the look of fear and panic in Josie's face. "Shhh. It's going to be ok. Don't worry. We'll get out of this somehow." consoled Rachel, trying to calm and reassure her friend.

"You two are fools! You wouldn't be here if you had minded your own business. Your criminals! It's not going to be all right. You'll never get away." taunted Becky.

Josie began quietly sobbing as tears ran down her cheeks. Rachel's eyes welled up also. They both realized again that they had gotten in way over their heads and that no one was coming thru the door to rescue them. Bob handed them more bandages as they resumed the mummification. Both girls' breasts were cinched with a piece of rope. Not tight enough to hurt, but tight enough to squeeze them into taught rounded globes. They resumed wrapping around their waists, winding the bandages around, compressing their bodies as they moved up over their succulent breasts. The bandages criss-crossed between them and wound over, under and around them. When finished, each girl had two white mounds on her chest. The bandages continued up over their shoulders, finishing with a few snug turns around their necks.

"It's so tight. I can't breath." moaned Josie. All three looked at each other and ignored her plea.

Bob leaned Rachel forward as Slave pulled her arms behind her back. Placing her wrapped hands, palm to palm, she began wrapping at the fingertips, moving upward. Rachel groaned as the bandages pulled her forearms into complete contact. She felt her elbows touch as the bandages wound up her arms to her shoulders. Her arms were squeezed so tightly they appeared as one arm. As soon as Slave finished the single sleeve of bandages, she applied a second tighter layer, that thoroughly blended the bandages on her arms with the ones on her shoulders and neck into a single, smooth, restrictive mass. Bob released her upper body. She moved her arms to one side to allow her to straighten up. Rachel wriggled and moaned for her release. Her struggling was delicious to watch. Becky had been working on Josie herself. 

Josie's arms were pulled behind her, forearms bent 90 degrees across her back. Bob now turned around, held her right palm flat on her left elbow, and left palm flat on her right elbow. They had the beginnings of an arm bar. Starting at her left elbow, Becky began wrapping the bandages tightly over the forearms joining them as if one. A second layer went on quickly. Josie was groaning that it was uncomfortable. "Perhaps you would like to model the arrangement your friend has?" asked Becky. She looked over at the discomfort Rachel was experiencing, thought better of it and mumbled, "No thanks." Slave started a final roll at her left shoulder, winding down the arm, across the forearms and up the right arm. As with Rachel, everything blended smoothly into one covering.

All three stepped back to view their struggling, helpless captives. Rachel had liked when Suzanne or Josie had tied her before. The teasing and the sex play. Being someone's helpless sex toy, after giving up control to someone you trust was always exciting. But this was different. Control had been taken away from her without her consent. They were truly helpless to these three stranger's desires and whims. She was frightened, not knowing how this would turn out. Rachel began yelling to be released. Twisting and turning in her cocoon of bandages. Josie was sobbing, begging to be released also. "Time for some peace and quiet." he said, nodding to the other two. 

Becky and Slave each had a foam ball in their hands as they moved them up to their mouths. Rachel saw the ball and immediately knew what was coming. She yelled to Josie to warn her. They both clamped their mouths shut as the girls tried to force them in. They were about to pinch their noses shut, when Bob told them not to. "No need for that." he said. "Why?" wondered Becky?

Now Josie was pleading "Please. No gag! Don't wrap my head again. Can't we please stop here!" 

"Fuck you assholes!" Rachel growled defiantly. "This will do it." said Bob calmly.

Both girls eyes popped wide open, their mouths in an oohhh as Bob flicked the vibrators on. In that instant, Becky and Slave each had a hand behind their heads holding them and the foam balls were being stuffed into their mouths, packing them tightly. As soon as her ball started in, Josie gave up. Rachel however continued to resist. Slave finally gave in and pinched Rachel's nose to stifle any further resistance. Rachel gave in, feeling that breathing was more important than continued resistance. Slave finished packing Rachel's mouth.

Bob held the top of her head and under her chin clamping her lips shut, while Slave applied strips of tape to seal them together. Bob helped Becky repeat the process on Josie's mouth. Both girls cheeks bulged out because of how tightly stuffed they were. They snorted thru their noses and twisted their heads in anger.

"For two submissives of varying degree, you two gave us a bit of a hard time there. Not a big deal. Easy enough to handle, but still enough to warrant a punishment. Bob picked up the scissors and while Becky and Slave held their respective charges still, Bob warned them "Stay still. Unless you want to loose a nipple." He cut out tiny openings in the bandages for their nipples.

They slid the girls back to the middle of their tables and laid them back down. They were now totally helpless. Arms bandaged immobile, legs now stiff white columns, unable to speak or communicate. Only able to see and hear. They both knew that would soon be gone. Rachel and Josie turned to look at each other. Each one hoping the other would, could help. The hopelessness of their situation registered in both their eyes. Slave and Becky began playing with their nipples, until they were stiff and erect. The girls could barely see this, looking down their mummified bodies. As their hands moved towards them, they both panicked and struggled. Fortunately they were using nipple clips with the sliding adjustment and their installation was intended to insure a tight fit, not cause excessive pain. After a moment the girl's nipples settled down to a dull ache.

Each girl then felt a tingling sensation, very pleasureable, at her clit. By lifting their heads up, they could only see the other's handler bent over licking and sucking on each other's mounds. Very quickly, each girl was moaning and mmphing thru their gags. Eyes closed in pleasure. Suddenly, both girls screamed in unison and jerked their hips. The girls had each felt a clamp tighten over their clits. They had used a toothed clamp, but with a soft, silicone sleeve over each jaw. Bob stood between the tables, holding them down as they reacted to the clamps application. The girls felt a tightening and pulling as Becky and Slave connected the three items with a tautly pulled string.

Becky explained, "Your nipples and clit are connected with a string drawn tightly between the three clips. Shortly, we are going to apply one more layer of bandages from your neck, down to your knees. As the bandages go around, they will push the strings down onto your body. That will put more tension on your nipples and clit. Lucky for you girls, Bob vetoed using any clamps with teeth. I know you can take it. It will be a tad uncomfortable though." 

Bob held up Josie's legs as Slave began wrapping the final layer around her knees. The bandages wound tightly around her thighs and over her hips. Josie felt the progress of the bandages wrapping around her thighs, working toward her clit. She was anticipating the pain from the clip being pulled. As the bandages covered the clit clamp, Josie squirmed with a pained look on her face. The clamp was small enough that the bandages left a smooth appearance.

Bob sat Josie up as Slave continued the wrapping up her body, over her breasts and around her shoulders, finishing at her neck. After a moment the clamp and clips had subsided to a barely noticeable, dull ache. Actually her ankles hurt more from the enforced en pointe position. She was laid back down. Josie turned her head and looked at Rachel. She recognized the fear and anticipation showing in Rachel's eyes. Josie nodded her head, trying to communicate that it was ok. Becky and Bob prepared Rachel in an identical fashion.

Two small pillows were placed under their heads to prop them up. Bob stood between both girls. Their eyes on him. He then addressed them, "We'll soon finish your preparations. Normally, we are all about pleasurable, consensual bondage. Your treatment has been harsher because you are either criminals or consort with them. We deal quickly and in our own way with criminals. Your friend Suzanne, found that out the hard way!"

"They did harm or kill Suzanne. And we're next." Both girls thought, as a chill swept thru them.

"This is all about pleasure and punishment. Both of which you will experience tonight."

"Tonight is our monthly meeting of the Mummification and Encasement Club. We will be having a special ceremony that you two will participate in." Bob smiled. "Any questions?" He paused for a moment as they hummed and ungh'ed into their gags, twisting and turning their heads, trying to get his attention. Their frustration was obvious. "Good! Since you two have no questions and don't wish to say anything, let's finish up the mummification. Our guests will be here in about 2 hours."

Becky and Slave stepped up to their charges. Conformal earplugs were pushed into their ears. Both girls were sat upright and their hair rolled into tight buns. White fiber disks about one and one half inch in diameter, with half inch holes in the center were prepared. These disks were carefully centered and taped over each eye. Rachel and Josie's field of view was now limited. It was as if they were looking down a tunnel.

The girls felt the bandaging resume at their necks. The first wraps went over their heads and under their chins. The girls struggled and twisted. But their resistance was a token effort at this point. The bandages angled back from the chin and around the back of their heads. Each turn overlapped the previous one. They were applied slowly, precisely and pulled very tightly. After only a few turns, the bandages were up to their nose openings and worked down over their foreheads. The final layer was applied between the eyeholes and the nostrils. Their heads were smooth, featureless, white, mummified shapes. Only nose holes and eyeholes visible. The area over the eyes was nice and flat.

The three of them stood back staring. Rachel and Josie looked awesome. Those shapely female forms, contained and compressed in a cocoon of white bandages. Both girls squirming with occasional whimpers escaping their tightly wrapped heads. Muscles flexing. Uselessly testing their inescapable bonds. Watching the rhythmic rise and fall of their breasts. Their breath slipping in and out of their noses. It was almost hypnotic. This was truly, the ultimate bondage.

After a moment, Bob stepped close to them and spoke in a loud voice. "We are done for now. We're going to bandage your eyes. The full sensory deprivation effect will help you two relax until we're ready to move you."  Their struggling intensified for a moment. (Rachel, though more submissive, seemed to have more fight left in her.) With their eyes covered, the girls were laid back onto the pillows and strapped to the table.

"You know to prepare for the meeting. What to wear?" asked Becky of Slave. Slave nodded her head in acknowledgement. Bob and Becky left, closing and locking the door as they went into the house to prepare.

Rachel and Josie had no sense of time. No reference for day or night, in their present situation. After a period of time, they both sensed the sensation of being moved. After a few moments it stopped. They each hoped that their eyes would be uncovered. Each girl, after their transfer to the house, was placed, standing up on either side of the bay window in the living room. The curtains were drawn. The girl's feet, in the en pointe position were slipped into inverted clear plastic cones, with stable flat bases. The rod wrapped against their legs, keeping them upright. They each sensed things going on around them. Rachel's years of dance helped her to tolerate this position better than Josie, who groaned and whimpered occasionally. Their sightless heads were tracking to the left and right trying to understand what was going on. They each felt the vibrators turn on and vary in speed for a moment. The sensations distracting them from the soreness of their clits and nipples.

After awhile. Both girls felt fingers at their faces, as the bandages covering their eyes were removed. They squinted momentarily and it took a moment for their eyes to adjust to the light. Rachel's eyes were wide with surprise as she saw about twenty five people seated or standing and talking in the living room. Some women were standing and looking at her with Cheshire Cat like smiles of anticipation. She was sure she was red with embarrassment under the bandages.

She saw Bob and Becky step back, turn, and face the group. "If I could have your attention please. Take your seats. Good evening everyone!" he smiled. "You'll find refreshments in the sun room. We have an interesting evening planned for you. Thank you all for coming to the meeting. After we get the usual business out of the way, we have some interesting activities, for your entertainment." Becky then took over as Bob stepped aside.

"First, introductions are in order. The two mummified female forms are partners of Suzanne's. These are Rachel on my right and Josie on my left. Both submissives of varying degrees. You'll remember her. Our neighborhood cat burglar from about 4 months ago". Heads were nodding in acknowledgement. "These two girls were her accomplices, who showed up on our door step, 2 days ago."

"Bad move on their part." someone commented. Drawing chuckles from the entire group. Becky continued. "We have the presentation ceremony first, and then we will raffle off each of our mummies as door prizes, for the evening. Additional bandages, electrical and duct tape and other toys will be provided, for those of you who like lots of constricting layers. Both girls are equipped with vibrators in their pussies and asses. With clips on their nipples and clits." Bob chimed in, "Please be gentle when playing."

Mostly the women, but some of the men's faces were lit up with interest. Each hoping they would win.

Rachel and Josie saw Becky carry over two boxes of materials and set them on the floor behind them. They were both groaning as they saw how many rolls and toys were there.

"If you will take your seats, we will start the ceremony." directed Bob. He hit the remotes and turned on the vibrators in both of them. Both girls jerked perceptibly as they felt the pleasurable sensations start and spread thru their bodies. They're aches and soreness melted away. He adjusted the vibrators to low, continuous levels. After a moment they could be heard H'mmming thru their gagged mouths. They swayed slightly in an erotic rhythm hoping for the speed to increase.

Bob turned back to the ceremony. Everyone was quiet. Four members came down the hallway carrying a stretcher with a mummified form on it. Rachel noted that the wrapping seemed more symbolic than restrictive. The wrappings covered the person from head to toe and were woven in the traditional criss-cross pattern. The figure looked like a male of slender build. (Almost feminine waist and hips.) Flat chested. They laid the mummy down on the floor as Bob and Becky walked over, knelt down, and began unwrapping him.

The stretcher-bearers also bent down to help and blocked Rachel's view. She closed her eyes for a moment and whimpered, as the muscles in her stomach and pussy tensed, wanting more out of the vibrator. You could see the muscles in her ass tighten and release rhythmically. She wondered how Josie was holding up as she heard the muffled moans coming from her. Bob and Becky helped the now nude figure to his feet. Rachel stared for a moment and thought the hair looked familiar, from the back. The vibrator increasing her distraction. She closed her eyes again concentrating on catching the orgasm that continually eluded her.

"I would like to present to you, formerly known as Slave. She has completed her punishment, been trained in numerous submissive/ dominant techniques and is now ready to join us. Please welcome Suzanne!" The members clapped and yelled their welcomes.

Rachel opened her eyes in time to see Becky removing a tight, wide elastic band that was wrapped around her breasts, flattening them. Her breasts sprang out immediately. "Whew! That was a relief. I don't think I could have stood another day of wearing that." grinned Suzanne. She turned slowly for the crowds approval and then walked over to her two mummified friends.

She stopped in front of Josie and looked her over. Her hands gently caressing the cocooned form in front of her. Josie's head began twisting frantically, muffled cries barely escaping her encased head. "Don't be afraid. You'll get used to it." said Suzanne as she gently stroked her head. 

Suzanne then walked over to stand in front of Rachel. "Hello. I missed you so much." Her hands ran over Rachel's body, lingering on her breasts, her mound, and her ass. Squeezing and kneading her tightly mummified and shaped form. Loving the feel of the compressed flesh. She pressed firmly where the vibrators were with her hand. Slowly increasing the speed with her other hand. Rachel's hips began humping the air trying to close the distance to Suzanne.

Rachel gestured inquisitively with her head. Squirmed and twisted her body, trying to communicate with her eyes and muffled Mmmmm's and Ungh's. "You want me to release you, don't you?" asked Suzanne. Rachel nodded her head rapidly. "I'm sorry, but that's not possible. When you came looking for me, and I appreciate that. You sealed your fate. You've both passed the point of no return!" Hearing that, Josie renewed her struggling and moaning. "It's ok. She'll get it out of her system." commented Suzanne.

"If you two don't submit, they have enough evidence on you two to put you in jail for 15 years. Your both property now, until the punishment for your criminal act is paid." She looked into Rachel's eyes, gently holding her head in her hands. "Give in to it. We'll take good care of you and you'll enjoy it." Suzanne leaned forward and kissed Rachel on her bandaged lips. Rachel closed her eyes, almost feeling Suzanne's lips on hers.

Suzanne then turned and walked back over to the members and the meeting. She began dressing. Rachel whimpered and Hmm'ed as about seven members walked over and surrounded her and Josie. They were talking so excitedly, she couldn't follow the conversation.

She closed her eyes and sighed in ecstasy as she felt the stranger's hands roaming over her body. Caressing her most erotic areas. She felt the speed on the vibrators increase. Now she moaned loudly as the first of many orgasms swept over her. She knew instinctively that Josie's pleasure was being fulfilled also. They were totally helpless toys in some one else's control. Not knowing when or if they would ever be released.

"Suzanne was right. Best to give in to it." Rachel thought to herself, as the next orgasm began building.


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