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Casted Trip

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2015 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fibreglass; casting; encased; toys; insert; gag; electro; tens; nipple; tease; torment; stuck; wheelchair; transport; outdoors; cupboard; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continues from Casted Forever

She had been playing with fiberglass casts for quite a while, her longest adventure had been for nine days under complete control of her friend Julia. It had been almost a year since Lisa had been immobilized for anything longer than a weekend and she had been planning a new adventure during the whole time waiting for her vacation to come up again. Lisa still wore her tight corsets daily and often would wrap her small waist in fiberglass, leaving her cutting equipment with Julia so she had control of how long she wore the rigid corset. Sometimes she even added a cast over her breasts and through her crotch making it a one piece swim suit style chastity cast. Julia had forced her to wear the last one she had done for 21 days, while she went out of town for two weeks for work after she had already been in the strong cast for a week. Lisa had been glad she had left holes for her enema tube and one to pee out of but by the time Julia returned she wished she hadn’t put the small egg inside her, its constant teasing and keeping her on the edge of climax made her very tense after the batteries had died.

Her plan was to go on a vacation trip with Julia while being fully enclosed in a body cast. Lisa had planned that she would wear a cast that went from her chin to her toes, leaving only a small opening at her pussy and nipples so Julia could tease and torment her. One arm would be casted up to her shoulder leaving it able to move only at her shoulder, the other would be casted just past her wrist making it to where she could work the powered wheel chair. The duration of her casting would depend on Julia she could leave her in the cast for the entire fourteen days or release her in stages. They had agreed Julia could not completely free her until the minimum of ten days. Lisa wanted to beat her last record even though she knew it was not as stringent of a position. Julia had agreed but said if she wanted to change her plans some she could with no arguments from her so Lisa agreed and the date was set.

Friday evening Julia showed up at Lisa’s place and surprising her when she said, “Let’s get started”.

Lisa thought they would start the next evening but quickly agreed and dashed off to prepare her body. Julia set up the casting supplies and charged up the chair she had leased. Julia had plans of her own and soon Lisa would be helpless to stop her. Lisa entered the room naked except for her tightest corset. She was holding in her vibrator and walking stiffly from the large plug in her ass that would allow Julia to perform the enemas as she felt it was needed. Julia tightened the corset for her closing the back completely before Lisa sat down in the chair gasping for air. Julia began to wrap Lisa’s feet and legs tightly in the plastic wrap before holding her feet up and wrapping them one at a time in her favorite en-point position with the fiberglass material. Once her feet and calves had set she had Lisa scoot forward and wrapped her knees and thighs tightly with the fiberglass until she reached her damp pussy.

After letting her leg castings set she moved Lisa to a small bench she had set up that would hit her legs at mid thigh and had grips in front of her to hang onto while Julia wrapped her body in the plastic wrap. Julia began casting her hips covering them completely, Lisa noticed she did not leave her pussy open and just thought she would cut it open later as she worked up her corseted waist stopping at her breasts. Slipping the chair under her Julia adjusted Lisa’s posture correctly before the cast had set fully leaving Lisa sitting rigidly in the position she wanted. Lisa noticed she was leaning back slightly but went along with her agreement not to argue about her casting or the position she was to be put in. Once her torso had set up Julia removed Lisa from the chair setting her on her toes instructing her to grab the grips and proceeded to wrap her already rigid body again in more of the fiberglass.

Letting this layer dry completely before setting her back on the bench Julia left the room leaving Lisa to think about if this is what she wanted or not. Lisa sat and rubbed her casted body thinking about being totally under Julia’s control knowing this is what she wanted. Julia returned to a smiling Lisa and didn’t even need to ask before starting to cover her chest and neck with multiple layers of fiberglass. Julia had left Lisa’s breasts exposed wrapping snugly around the bases as she covered her chest making the cast run up to her chin and just below her ears leaning Lisa’s head back slightly as she wrapped more layers around Lisa’s thin neck.

Once Lisa had set up she found she could no longer look down and of course could not turn her head at all. Now sitting in the chair Julia began casting Lisa’s arms, she wrapped her left arm from finger tips to her shoulder with it bent ninety degrees setting it carefully so it would lie on the arm of the chair. Moving to her right arm she casted it from her palm to her elbow.

Waiting for those casts to set before strapping Lisa’s left arm to the chair she quickly finished wrapping Lisa’s right arm up and past her shoulder then strapped her hardened wrist to the chair as well. Lisa had begun to protest so Julia stuffed a large ball gag in her mouth before wrapping her left arm and shoulder again making it rigid from the shoulder to her finger tips.

Once she had finished Lisa’s left arm she returned to the right and wrapped another thick layer over it. Now Lisa’s arms were covered completely to her finger tips over her shoulders making it impossible for her to use her hands at all. Leaving her strapped to the chair and gagged Julia left the room again leaving Lisa to struggle in her hard shell knowing she had no choice in what Julia was doing or what she was going to do.

Retuning an hour later to a red faced Lisa Julia continued with her plan, pulling Lisa’s hair into a tight pony tail and removing the gag quickly replacing it with several strips of thick tape. Julia began wrapping Lisa’s head in plastic wrap leaving only her face exposed while Lisa sat grunting. Julia slipped Lisa’s special nipple clamps on locking them with the piercing dumb bells before wrapping them tightly in plastic then covering them in fiberglass leaving nothing exposed and trapping the tight clamps under the thick fiberglass. Lisa was struggling for air through the small hole Julia had punched in the plastic covering her face and barely noticed the clamps but when the heat from the fiberglass could be felt on her breasts she moaned and struggled in the hard shell she was now trapped inside of.

Leaving her to struggle for another hour Julia returned and peeled the plastic wrap from Lisa’s sweaty face and removed the tape from her lips. Reminding Lisa that she was no longer in control of what was happening and if she wanted to stay un-gagged and able to see for the remainder of the trip she would have to be nice. Lisa puffed through her open mouth and sat thinking about her options, while she sat stewing Julia was busy behind her mounting the tens unit and vibrator controls to the back of her cast. After hooking up all the wires Julia carefully casted the control boxes to her back leaving only the control panels visible and the small holes for the charging units to plug into. Lisa pouted while she did this unaware that she had stuck the tens pads all over her body and asked why Julia had done this to her, “Now you have to take me everywhere and I can’t do anything on my own”.

Julia answered, “That’s what you wanted, it’s always what you want, to be out of control and incapable of doing anything about it”.

Lisa knew this was true but this time she was hoping to at least be able to motor around and see things during the trip. The public exposure had been the primary arousing factor for her and she figured she was still getting that so she accepted Julia’s new plan.

Julia said. “There now your all set I’ll, see you in the morning”

Lisa started to grumble about sitting all night in her room so Julia stuffed her inflatable gag into her mouth and pumped it up until Lisa’s cheeks were bulging. She made sure Lisa could still breathe through the tube before she moved Lisa in front in front of her patio door and opened the curtains. Lisa was moaning loudly when she figured out where she was going to leave her.

Julia listened to her moans and the fiberglass creaking from her attempts at moving and said, “Better leave a light on for you” and turned on the hanging lamp directly over her. The lamp essentially put Lisa in a spot light for anyone who might look up to see her casted body sitting in a wheel chair with chip monk cheeks staring back at them.

Lisa tried to protest but could do or say nothing as Julia turned on her vibrators and tens unit leaving them all on their lowest settings before walking out to her car. Lisa went wild as she panicked seeing Julia actually get into her car and leave the parking lot knowing that anyone who looked up could see her and she couldn’t make any movements to change that fact. During the night Lisa sat desperately trying to make the minuscule vibrations that were driving her mad be enough to let her climax. Lisa spent much of the night flexing her pussy and ass muscles and fighting the thick fiberglass while watching anyone who came into view to see if they noticed her.

During her flexing she had pulled her clamped nipples away from the cast and found that each breath she took now forced her nipples hard into the outer shell causing her pain and never allowed her nipples to get numb. Lisa nodded off several times only to have the clamps awaken her as she squealed from the biting pain and watched the sun rise and could feel the heat building on her shell until she began to sweat worse than she had already been.

Around 11:00 Julia showed up, Lisa had missed her pulling in but was glad she was there as she desperately wanted to be out of the direct sun beating down on her through the glass. Julia said, “Hi!” and asked if Lisa was ready but made no moves to relieve the heat she was feeling. She made several trips down to the car before returning and said, “Are you going to be a good girl?” Holding the release valve on her gag as motivation while she waited on Lisa’s answer.

Lisa moaned and Julia released the pressure and pulled the wet rubber from her mouth. Before Lisa could say anything she held a glass of water to her lips and said, “Drink it, this might be your last chance today, we have a lot of miles to go before we stop for the night.” Lisa drank the water greedily before being pushed quickly out the door and to the elevator.

As they rode the elevator Julia turned up the tens unit and had Lisa crawling inside her cast as they stopped she said, “Don’t embarrass me or we'll turn around and you’ll spend your vacation looking at your closet wall.”

Lisa stopped her moaning and tried to control her body twitching with each pulse but Julia had put a lot of pads on her body and some were in spots she had no idea would have been this sensitive. Making it to the van Julia had rented she pushed a button and the side door folded down and let her roll Lisa into the van before closing behind them. Inside of the van Lisa could see it was built for comfort even having a small bed but as Julia turned her around she was now looking at the solid wall of the ramp. As she locked her chair into place and strapped Lisa’s rigid body down she realized she was going to be staring at the wall the whole trip and began to beg her to sit her in the front seat so she could see out.

“I told you to be quiet!” Julia said as she wrapped Lisa’s face and casted head in clear packing tape catching her in mid sentence taping her mouth partially open. Julia wrapped several layers around her head and face then turned up the tens unit making Lisa moan louder and got in her seat and drove off.

Lisa sat staring at a black wall moaning from being shocked more severely for the next five hours listening to Julia sing along with the radio until she stopped for fuel. When she was done pumping the gas she climbed into the back and said, “Are you going to be a good girl?”

Lisa’s lips had been hurting since they had first drove off being taped tightly against her teeth and she really wanted the tens unit off so she moaned she would and Julia cut the tape from her mouth and climbed back up front. For another five hours they drove with Lisa still being shocked and Julia enjoying hearing her voice pitch change when she would be talking to her and got a shock. Lisa finally got brave and asked if she was to spend her whole vacation looking at the ramp causing Julia to laugh and just say “No”.

When Julia pulled into a park it was very late and Julia jumped out leaving Lisa alone with her tens unit wondering why it hadn’t run out of batteries yet. Lisa didn’t know Julia had plugged it in and it hadn’t been running on its batteries the whole drive. Lisa’s back was hurting from being held at an odd angle for so long as was her butt. The plug she had inserted was her largest and her unchanging position was making her whole body ache.

Lisa sat alone trying to ease her pain by flexing her body but Julia had wrapped her exceptionally tight and she had little movement inside her cast to help ease her cramping muscles. Even her fingers had been wrapped tight all the way up so only the very tips poked out of the thick cast. Her corset seemed to be getting tighter as each breath took more and more effort when suddenly the ramp lowered and Julia entered and rolled her out into the cool night air. Julia pushed her around the park for almost an hour talking to her as they strolled along making Lisa forget about her aches. Julia had even turned her tens unit off leaving just a slight tingle in Lisa’s pussy from the vibrator.

Reaching the end of the trail Julia turned her towards the picturesque view of some town she didn’t know where and after studying it for a few minutes Lisa asked where they were and received no answer. Asking several times and trying to look around she realized Julia had left her alone on the side of a small hill tucked back into some trees and if she guessed right this is where she would be spending the night.

Lisa spent another long night looking out at the small town, every noise made her jump inside her shell and once even having a car drive past her making it a very tense night. The cold crept into her through the cast and her face was feeling very raw from the cool night breeze. But when the morning dew formed on her stationary body she cursed Julia even though she secretly loved the humiliation and exposure she had given her.

As the sun rose Lisa heard a car pull up and stop behind her and squealed as Julia leaned her backwards as she spun her around and Lisa saw the van. Julia took her to the passenger door and lifted Lisa’s small encased body into the passenger seat and strapped her down. Lisa could immediately feel the heater running and smiled knowing she was going to be allowed to see the country as they drove along. After Julia put the chair in the back she wrapped a blanket over Lisa’s casted body and gave her a much needed drink before sliding into her seat and driving back out onto the highway.

Lisa sat staring straight ahead wishing she could see to the side but happy to be not staring at the ramp anymore as Julia pulled into a gas station and filled up again before pulling up to the restaurant and parking directly in front of a large window and said, “I’m getting something to eat so you just sit tight,” smiling at her as she got out.

Lisa sat staring straight ahead at the family sitting at a table directly in front of her, scared that they would notice her staring but felt even worse as she saw Julia being seated in the booth next to them and watched her looking at her and smiling. Lisa tried to flex her muscles again as she wished Julia had left her vibrators on when she noticed one of the children pointing at her and all the people in the booth turned to stare at the strange woman staring back at them. Lisa noticed the dad looking at Julia and that it looked like Julia was talking to him when they all looked away and the child waved at her.

The family left the booth and as they walked to their car the child stopped by the van and looked into the open window and said, “I’m sorry you were hurt.” Lisa couldn’t see them but turned red as she heard the mother say to her kids see that’s what happens when you’re bad. Julia sat smiling as she ate her breakfast making sure Lisa could see what she was eating before the waitress brought her a 'to go' plate and she paid her bill and returned to the van. Once they were on the road again Lisa begged for Julia to give her some of the food she had brought out to the van but she just smiled and said, “You know better than that”. When Lisa asked what she had told the family she just smiled again and said nothing.

After driving for a few hours Lisa had become testy, her body ached and her feet and nipples hurt and she began to whine about wanting out. Julia sat looking over at Lisa’s outstretched arms and her pointed toes knowing she didn’t really want out. Julia quickly pulled into a rest stop and parked as far away from the buildings as she could and moved Lisa’s rigid body back into her chair and strapped her in. Julia stuffed Lisa’s gag back in and pumped it up enough to keep her from spitting it out and began doing something behind her.

When Lisa felt the plastic being wrapped around her face again she knew what Julia was doing and squealed and tried to fight her but was held firmly by the fiberglass encasing her body. Julia began to wrap Lisa’s head with new casting material. “You were a lot less trouble when you couldn’t talk or see so now you will have it that way again” Julia stated firmly. Lisa whined into her gag as she saw her world get dark and knew she would be encased like a living mummy for the rest of the trip.

When Julia finished wrapping her head and face she pumped up the gag until she could feel the pump getting hard and knew Lisa’s mouth was now full of the rubber. Lisa would be incapable of making anything but grunting sounds from now on and Julia informed her that she had left all the cutting tools at home so Lisa was now encased for the duration. Julia turned the tens unit on high and raised Lisa’s vibrators to medium and got back behind the wheel listening to Lisa whine and moan through her gagged mouth. Julia continued to drive until she felt tired and found a place to park and climbed into the back and ate her 'to go' meal as she toyed with Lisa’s vibrators and stim units. When Julia had enough fun she turned the vibrators off leaving the tens units shocking Lisa at mid levels making her whine as Julia fell asleep.

Awaking the next afternoon Julia noticed Lisa was still fighting the tens unit but without as much vigor. Inside the hard shell Lisa was exhausted and moaned loudly through the breathing tube when Julia turned off the tens units. Julia said, “Ready to have a drink?” with that Lisa took a big breath and moaned letting Julia know she was ready.

Julia dipped the tube into a bottle of Lisa’s mixture and watched as the level in the bottle dropped and when bubbles started in the bottle she pulled the tube out. Julia listened to Lisa exhale and inhale and said, “Ready to go” patting her on the head as she climbed back into the driver’s seat and drove onto the highway. Every time Julia stopped she changed Lisa’s tens unit and vibrators until Lisa was panting as she was being teased constantly being unable to make herself climax. Lisa was almost on the verge of crying when she felt the van stop then her tormentors turned off and all went quiet. Lisa waited for a few minutes before falling asleep and sleeping deeply until she felt the van moving and heard Julia moving around the van.

Julia turned Lisa’s tens unit back on and slowly increased its intensity until Lisa was whining loudly before turning the vibrators on and working them up until she was purring. Julia started the van leaving Lisa in her state of euphoria as she drove off. Julia had also been aroused by controlling Lisa and now sat naked behind the wheel with her ankles and wrists chained together and two vibrators humming inside herself, Julia would never admit it to Lisa but she craved a lot of the same attentions but really enjoyed tormenting Lisa.

Lisa was in heaven Julia had found her perfect sensitivity level and she was now unaware of anything other than her encased body being held rigidly by an unbreakable force. A force that not only held her in an uncomfortable position but protected her and made her feel alive. Even as her nipples screamed with pain when she gasped for air through the small tube and her nostrils from the excited state and the tight cocoon she was in. Lisa had been casted for five days and this was the first time she had felt her euphoria and stayed in her sub space for the next 8 hours as Julia drove down the road carefully listening to Lisa’s small moans and breathing.

When Julia stopped the last time of the day she slipped into the light summer dress and pumps lying in the seat next to her unlocking the cuffs but leaving the vibrators humming and tweaked Lisa’s tens unit a little higher listening to the slight squeal as she came out of her sub space and groaned loudly. Julia filled the van with gas again and parking it away from the buildings before turning up the tens unit to its highest setting yet then going inside to eat.

Lisa was being shocked harder than ever, her small reaction to the tens unit being raised let Julia think it was ok but she really was being tortured as the shocks pulsed through her body making it tense and relax constantly. Lisa was breathing raggedly and squealing with each pulse, desperately trying to relax her sore body as each pulse made her jerk inside the hard shell smashing her nipples against it causing her more pain.

Just as she felt the door open and close Lisa climaxed violently screaming and thrashing so hard that Julia was scared at first thinking something was wrong before she realized Lisa was cumming and cumming hard. Julia sat watching Lisa and listening to the fiberglass creak as her body continued to attempt to break its shell. Finally Julia could tell she had either calmed down or blacked out and lowered all Lisa’s stimuli to their lowest settings and drove off into the darkness with a very satisfied and very asleep captive.

Julia had removed her dress and relocked her ankles and wrists together leaving the remote in the back of the van turned on high and now sat moaning behind the tape over her mouth as another orgasm neared staying very aroused by her own public bondage games.

Lisa awoke, quickly realizing she could see again but still could not move, she tried to look down but her head was still encased in the thick fiberglass and she was still gagged. As she sat looking around she realized she was in a closet and moaned thinking Julia had taken her into a hotel and stuck her in a closet leaving her until she returned.

As Lisa’s eyes adjusted she saw she was in her own closet and laughed that she was at home. After a few hours Lisa dozed off again still sitting alone in the dark room, the light fading hours ago leaving her in total darkness wishing Julia had left her some kind of distraction to keep her occupied. Awaking again seeing more light she knew another day had passed and had no idea how long she had been trapped and tried to break the shell holding her. Lisa only succeeded in wearing herself out again as she moaned and gasped for air wanting something to happen and really wanting something to drink. Before drifting off to sleep again she noticed her breasts no longer hurt when she breathed and could have sworn she felt a breeze across them but couldn’t tell for sure nor could she do anything about it anyway.

Awaked by a noise Lisa tried to see what was happening but found she couldn’t open her eyes and also felt her breasts being kneaded by rough hands. As she squealed and tried to thrash about a horse voice said, “Now calm down missy and you might actually enjoy yourself”.

She started to scream but stopped herself and calmed down hoping whoever it was would take what they wanted and leave her alone. She listened intently as the two men talked about what they could do with a sexy thing like this, her big tits and pussy open for the taking and both men laughing. Lisa had not realized her pussy had been opened and no longer had the vibrator inserted and now wished it was sealed off again. She felt the two men un-strap her from the chair and set her on her bent knees and out stretched arms leaving her pierced tits with the clamps dangling from them hanging loose and her open pussy in the perfect position for them to use as they wanted. Lisa screamed as she felt the first man enter her and while he groped her breasts yanking hard on the nipples clamps she could not feel him anywhere else on her body, the thick fiberglass allowed no sensations to reach her skin at all as she was fucked roughly.

She heard another man say, “What’s this do?” and suddenly her body was being shocked savagely. Lisa moaned loudly and heard another one say, “She’s getting in to it!” as he continued to pump her pussy and yank on her clamped nipples. Lisa really was getting in to it, her body was betraying her as it got closer to climaxing she felt truly disgusted with herself as she felt the first man cum inside her and was mounted almost immediately by another. This one’s dick was much smaller but seemed longer and the man was less interested in her tits, only fondling them occasionally as his friend found the remote for the butt plug and turned it on high.

As she was rocked back and forth on her knees and out stretched arms she was thankful for the thick carpeting allowing her finger tips to have some padding while they supported her and his weight. It seemed that the angle Julia had placed her body in had made it perfect for being fucked from behind and wondered if this had been her plan the whole time. Lisa had crossed over again in to sub space and just before the man atop her dismounted after fucking her forever it seemed she climaxed harder than she had ever in her life. The tens units and vibrator keeping the orgasm running one after another until she couldn’t get enough air and slowly blacked out.

Lisa awoke again but this time she could move her head and she no longer had the gag in place. Opening her eyes she could see she was in her room and turning her head she also found she could move her arms. Looking down she could see that they both were casted from her palms to her elbows but she could now move them and reached for the chair controls and moved herself towards the door.

Rolling out into the living room her clamps swaying as the chair moved she stopped and tried to remove them but found with her hands casted the way they were she could not get a good grip on the piercings holding the clamps on. Deciding to go see if anyone else was there, she found Julia asleep on the couch and rolled next to her and slapped her foot hanging over the edge. Waking Julia with a start causing her to jump up and say, “What, what’s going on!”

Lisa angrily said, “That’s what I want to know, you leave me locked in a closet and two burglars break in and fuck me, where the hell were you, no wait it doesn’t matter get out I never want to see you again!”

Julia is moving away from Lisa as she was swinging her casted arms at her and backs Julia towards the door before Lisa turned around and starts to drive off as fast as the chair will carry her.

Stopping when she hears the voices of the burglars again she quickly turns to see Julia holding a tape recorder with one voice on it while she does the other voice. “You bitch!” she yells, “Why would you make me go through that?”

Julia is smiling as she says, “You loved it, you told me a hundred times about how you dreamed of being fucked by a stranger while you couldn’t stop it, and don’t try to tell me you didn’t enjoy it, I had to clean up the mess remember?”

Lisa turned away almost feeling ashamed of the fact she did enjoy it and pissed that Julia knew her that well. Julia stood by the door waiting to see what Lisa was going to do and hoping she hadn’t pushed her too far. When Lisa turned and said, “You are still a bitch, but thanks for making another dream come true.”

Julia smiled again as she returned to the couch and sat down saying, “Good now that it’s over I can get some real sleep.”

Lisa said exasperated, “Over” as she held up her arms and pointed to her still casted body, “What do you mean over?”

“You can take care of yourself now so leave me alone” Julia answered.

Lisa grunted and said, “Typical, once your finished you roll over and go to sleep”

Julia began snoring as Lisa rolled into the kitchen and grabbed whatever was on the lower shelves of the refrigerator and ate them greedily while drinking a whole bottle of her mixture. Julie lay on the couch smiling as she thought about how good it had felt to fuck Lisa’s encased body knowing Lisa had believed it was two strange men and thankful for the sexual relief.

When Lisa was finished she rolled into her bedroom to get her cutting tools so she could release herself and couldn’t find them anywhere. After looking for a half an hour she went back and woke up Julia who didn’t say anything but turned off the power to the chair and rolled her quickly into her closet again. Using Lisa’s leg cuffs she chained Lisa’s casted wrists behind the back of the chair linking them to the lower cross bar. Julia pulled a leather hood over Lisa’s head while stuffing its large gag into her mouth and laced it tightly all while Lisa fought and twisted in the chair. Over the collar of the hood Julia wrapped a thick posture collar around Lisa’s neck and pulled the strap tight forcing her head back and holding it stiffly in place.

Julia breathlessly said, “I asked you to let me sleep but no you wouldn’t let it be so here you will stay until tomorrow night when your ten days are up, if you give me any problems I will come back in here and cast you as you sit and leave you for another couple of days, and I won’t make it a comfortable days either!”

Lisa could feel her sliding a vibrator into her and turning it and her plug up to max before pulling her body slightly forward. Julia hooked Lisa’s nipple clamps to the chairs front cross bar then let her go, as Lisa’s rigid body settled back it was now pulling hard on her trapped nipples.

Lisa was moaning and twisting her arms frustrated from being unable to make her body lean forward and trying not to pull any harder on her nipples as she heard the door close and knew she would be cumming soon as her climax was already nearing and she thought, “Two more days…. Maybe I’ll make enough noise to get her back in here” as she moaned again pulling on her chained wrists, making her nipples get stretched further as her casted body flexed and creaked while her excitement grew.

Until her next adventure.

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