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Drider 3 part 2

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/fm+; driders; captives; wrap; silk; cocoon; susp; gag; pets; nc/cons; X

continued from part one

Part 2: Memories.

Her husband dying. The bill collectors. Bankruptcy. The government seizing her house and almost everything she owned.

Homeless, she wandered the streets for many cold and miserable nights. The only shelter she knew had been the singles bar.

Then he had walked in through the door…

Rose smiled softly at the memory of first meeting that young man, seeing him come through that door. In him she saw her escape from the cold, homeless nights and loneliness. She wasn’t aware of smiling. She was asleep, despite the fact that she was hanging upside down in a cave, bound nose to toe in white, tight, and warm silk. Considering her predicament, it was a wonder that she could sleep at all.

The caves other inhabitants were asleep. The other captives in the cave dozed quietly, having adjusted to being bound and left dangling a long time ago.

The current owner of the cave slept as well. The young Drider was tucked up on a hammock of silk below his captives. His handsome human face and upper body was tainted by the hideous black spider body that made up for most of his bulk. His eyes stirred and moved beneath closed eyelids. Then he awoke. His yellow eyes adjusted instantly to the dark cave. In the outside world the sun was starting to come up. In here it was as dark as the deepest parts of space.

The Drider stretched his ten limbs, feeling the blood flowing through him again. He casually glanced at his prisoners above him, dangling safely in their cocoons. They looked to be in excellent condition. That was good. The others would be coming for them shortly, and the others never wanted damaged goods.

He glanced at the most recent capture, the woman that he met at the building with bright lights. Her eyes were closed, a sure sign that the venom was doing its work. Despite the fact that these humans would be given away, he found that he had become slightly affectionate towards this newest one. So he had injected her with a mild paralyzing venom, which put her in a comatose state.

The others were not as fortunate. The Drider did his rounds, inspecting each human. Most of them were now awake, resigned to spending another day cocooned and dangling. Their eyes followed his every move as he went from captive to captive, inspecting them. Women, a few men, and even two couples were inspected and deemed satisfactory.

Finished with his inspection, the Drider walked back to the most recent capture. To his mild surprise, her eyes were open. She didn’t focus on him as he came up though, a sign of extreme grogginess. He walked up to her bound body and visually inspected it. The silk was still in perfect condition, firmly holding her body immobile, rendering her helpless.

His stomach chose that moment to growl slightly. The Drider smiled. Time to feed.

Twisting the bound woman towards him, the Drider pushed his arm through the silk that bound her legs and felt for her groin area. When his fingers touched it, he slowly felt around for the spot. Touching the bumpy surface, he quickly began to tap-tap-tap his fingers.

Rose began to moan quietly. Even in her heavily drugged state, she could still feel pleasure.

The Drider continued to tap, feeling the energy and the life building beneath his fingertips. He could feel it coming to him.

Rose was now almost fully awake, still moaning in pleasure as her captor gave her this most unexpected gift. Her energy and pleasure built and built, and built… then suddenly subsided. Confused, she instinctively tried to see why her pleasure had stopped. But the silk binding her neck and chin kept her from looking.

The Drider paused from his work. It was hard to hold back when the treasured substance was coming, but he knew that holding off would make it sweeter and more intense for both of them.

After a minute, he began tapping again.

The process went on for an hour, with the Drider bringing Rose up and up, then letting her cool down, then beginning the process over and over again. For Rose, it was sheer torture. The pleasure she so desperately wanted was constantly denied.

Finally, the Drider ceased to build, and went straight for the target. He tapped and tapped and tapped until Rose could hold it back no longer. She let out a muffled scream of pleasure as she climaxed.

The Drider let out a deep sigh as he felt the energy surge into him. The life flowed through him and into his body, filling him with energy and strength. Rose buckled and thrashed within her cocoon, obviously enjoying the process immensely.

Inevitably, Rose’s pleasure subsided. Finished with his feast, the Drider withdrew his hand and spun some silk to repair the damage he had done. As he wrapped, he looked down and saw that the human was watching him with an expression of mild curiosity.

“You are probably wondering why I did that.” The Drider said as he shaped the silk with his hands. Rose tried to nod. “You humans are rich.” Rose’s eyes looked puzzled. “You are rich in life.”

“The bodily fluids that you release during sexual intercourse are very nutritious to us.” The Drider said. Rose stared at him, then began to bounce softly within her cocoon.

The Drider looked at her curiously. This was the first time he had seen a human act like this. Curiously, he reached down and ripped off the silk binding Rose’s mouth shut. “What is this movement?” He asked.

Rose was giggling, bouncing within her prison as she giggled with laughter. “That’s… the… stupidest,” Rose gasped for air as her insane giggling continued, “Thing… I’ve ever heard!” She couldn’t help it. She roared with laughter. “Here I am, being held prisoner by a half bug, half man thing, and he says that my sex is food to him?! Oh that’s too good! Sounds like something out of a stupid sex story on the Internet!”

“I do not know this, “Internet” that you speak of, but I assure you that I am not lying.”

“Sure.” She giggled. At that moment, Rose wondered if she had gone mad. “Next you’re going to tell me that you’re really a Martian from the planet Jupiter!”

“I am not from this “Jupiter”, wherever that is.” The Drider said.

“All right then.” Rose challenged. “Just where are you from, and why are you keeping me like this?”

The Drider paused, wondering exactly how to tell this human his story. She would not like the outcome one bit, that was for certain. He decided to tell the truth. She wouldn’t be able to tell others, not where she was going.

“I am a Drider.” The Drider said. “My race inhabits this earth along with your species. We live deep underground, far away from the prying eyes of humans.”

Rose stared at him, unable to decide if this whole thing was happening, or if she was dreaming.

“We have existed since before we can remember. Long ago we decided to stay underground, for the sun that lights the surface of earth is too bright for us.”

“In that time, we have slowly fed upon your species. We take you one by one, picking those who would not be missed by the rest of your society. Outcasts, criminals, the homeless, they have fed us for centuries.”

“Yet, recently we have discovered the nutritious benefits that your reproductive fluids give to us upon ingestion. Since that discovery, we have been doing raids to capture hundreds of your species, taking them with us deep into our home where we keep them forever, feasting on their fluids.” Rose was staring at him, obviously too confounded to reply.

“Yet, you might consider the relationship to be symbiotic. We gain nourishment, and our “Pets” as we call them, receive pleasure constantly. We feed them, comfort them, and give them companionship in exchange for our nourishment.”

Rose gulped. “So, what exactly does that mean for me?” The Drider looked at her.

“It means that you are going to be taken to our home and kept as a prisoner for the rest of your natural life. You will be kept safely inside your cocoon, but you will never be released. But you do not have to worry. You will be safe, and we will take care of you.”

Rose was beginning to sweat. “So… I’m going to be a… a slave?” The Drider considered.

“Yes, in your terms, you will be.”

At this horrifying revelation, Rose began to cry and buckle back and forth inside her cocoon. A slave! To kept prisoner against her will for the rest of her life, never to taste freedom! No, no, no! This couldn’t be happening, this just couldn’t be happening!

The Drider watched mutely as Rose buckled back and forth, tears pouring from her eyes. The other captives who were awake turned and watched the young woman as she sobbed. They knew the feeling well. A lifetime of captivity was coming for them. This cave was simply the waiting room.

The Drider patiently waited for Rose to quiet down. “It’s not a bad life.” The Drider said. “As I said earlier, you get endless pleasure. We take care of you and meet all your needs.”

The statement did not reassure Rose. She still sobbed quietly. “Maybe this will help calm you down.” The Drider said. He quickly took some silk in his hands and bound it around her eyes and mouth. The darkness she got from her new bindings had a calming effect, and soon she settled down.

The Drider paused. He could sense that the others were coming. They would be here within an hour. Time to check the captives and prepare them for display.

Moving from captive to captive, the Drider inspected each cocoon and the inhabitant inside. The females were all in good order. The three males he had captured were dangling and in perfect condition. They were an interesting bunch to watch. The Drider was amused that there was a constant bulge near the groin area in all of them. The Drider wondered if they were enjoying themselves. Despite the looks of terror whenever he came near them, he suspected that they did enjoy this.

The Drider moved to the last two cocoons in the room, each containing a young man and woman wrapped together. He had gotten two orders for a human couple, and although it had been difficult, he had managed to get the job done.

The silk had been wrapped extra tight to immobilize two humans face to face. The young couple were forced into facing each other, but their expressions were ones of terror whenever their captor approached. The young wife tried to hold her husband for reassurance, but her arms were wrapped up tightly behind her back, immobilizing them in place.

The young couple protested and pleaded upon being inspected and touched up. Their muffled pleas for release were sealed away forever behind the unforgiving grip of the silk as the Drider decided to wrap both heads together, making skin and hair vanish under white silk.

Satisfied with the first couple (who were wiggling and giving off muffled shouts), the Drider inspected the second couple (wrapped back to back for variety), and concluded that they were in satisfactory condition.

His senses kicked in. They were coming. Moving quickly, the Drider walked to a large hole near the back of the cave, disguised perfectly among the rocks. His keen ears detected the ascent of many beings from below.

Moving away, the Drider watched as one by one, several Driders emerged from the hole and gathered next to the edge, eagerly eyeing the bound humans that awaited them.

The dangling humans who were able to see what was happening began to sweat nervously as more of the hideous monsters appeared. The horrible thought of being picked out to be eaten was on everyone’s mind.

“May I have your attention please?” The young Drider said. The others turned and watched him. “I have worked for many months, and this is the result. Twelve humans, bound and packaged, ready for you to pick and choose to match your tastes. But please be careful, as they might bruise easily.”

With the introduction out of the way, the Driders eagerly moved to make their selections. For the Driders, the mood was almost festive. They went from human to human, looking each one over carefully and thoroughly. A few Drider couples cheerfully debated which human would make a better pet. For the cocooned humans though, the experience was the exact opposite of festive. There were many muffled screams of terror as one by one, the humans were picked and chosen.

When a human was chosen, the young Drider would come over and quickly cut the cocoon down from the ceiling. With the cocoon in hand, the human’s new owner would carry his or her prize to the hole, and both would disappear as the Drider walked downwards, the human’s muffled screams barely audible as they were carried away. One by one, the humans were picked like berries and carried off by their new masters to the world far below, never to be seen again. The women, the men, and the two couples, all of them were plucked, hoisted over shoulders, and carried away. Soon, all was silent.

Everyone was gone…except one.

Rose had dangled for what felt like an indefinite time period. She had no idea how much time had passed since the silk had blindfolded her. She had heard many things going on around her since then. Her mind had wandered, wondering what on earth was happening. Two hands worked to remove her face and mouth bindings. For a second she hoped beyond hope that it was another human, who had somehow gotten past the spider thing and was coming to save her. Her hope was crushed when the silk was removed, and the face of the young Drider was in front of her.

“Do you feel better?” The young Drider asked. Rose didn’t feel like talking. She hung there and stared into space.

Only then did her eyes realize that the other humans were gone. All the cocoons that had been in here earlier had vanished. She was the only one left.

“The others were taken away.” The young Drider said. “They have begun their new lives as Drider pets.”

The thought could not remain unspoken. “Why wasn’t I picked?” Rose asked tensely.

The young Drider looked at her. “Because I have claimed you as my own.” He said.

“What?” Rose asked curiously. “Does that mean you… like me?”

“In your terms, you could say that I have developed some affection towards you.” The young Drider said. Rose was too stunned to respond. This, thing liked her?

“Why?” She asked.

“I do not know.” The young Drider said. “Perhaps it is your personality. Perhaps it’s the charm that you showed me when I was manipulating you in the building with the colored lights.”

“The singles bar?” Rose asked.

“Ah. So that’s what you call it.” The young Drider said. “Yes. I began to long for you after I shape-shifted back to my natural form.”

“You mean that you can take the shape of a human?” Rose asked.

“Yes. Our species can temporarily take on the guise of a human, but only for limited periods. The strain it places on our systems is too great to endure over long periods.” The Drider shivered slightly, as if remembering the pain that came with shape shifting.

“But now I have you. You will become my pet. I will take you with me to my home. I’m sure my family will enjoy having you.”

“You have a family?” Rose was startled by this fact.

“Oh yes, Drider families are almost identical to yours. My two little children have been begging for a pet, and I think you’ll fit the bill quite nicely.”

Rose was still uncertain about all this. She was going to become a pet to a family of half-breed spider things? But… she still had a life to live. She had to find a house, she had to find a place to life, have a family, grow old with a husband…

“You will be welcomed.” The young Drider said. “Although we may be hideous in appearance, we have the same capacity for love as your species does. My wife and children will accept you and love you as much as you would love a loyal dog.”

The Drider reached up and began to undo the silk holding Rose’s cocoon to the ceiling. Once she was down, the young Drider slung Rose over his shoulder. Holding her immobilized body tightly, he walked over to the deep hole and began to walk downwards. As she was taken down, away from her old life, and taken to her new one, Rose had plenty of time to think. After a while, this didn’t seem so bad. She would be taken care of, and be around beings who would love her. Add in the factor of the Driders “food”, and this seemed to be a good set up after all.

“Hey.” Rose said.


“What’s your name?” The Drider thought.

“My real name is impossible for humans to pronounce.”

Rose thought. “Well, what name did you use when you were transformed?”

“I was called, “Jeff”. The Drider said.

“Jeff.” Rose said. “That’s a nice name for you.”

Soon Jeff reached another tunnel, carved deep beneath the earth. He carried Rose deep into the tunnel. Held tightly and warmly within her cocoon, and feeling safe in Jeff’s arms, Rose began to grow sleepy and tired. Without thinking about it, she dozed off.

When she awoke later, the two of them had entered a huge cave, one the size of a football stadium. Bright glowing crystals from the ceiling provided light that matched the warmth and gentleness of the sun’s rays. There was a large door carved into the side of the cave, Drider sized. “I must gag you here.” Jeff said. “It is customary for human pets to be silenced the first few weeks of captivity.” Before Rose could protest, Jeff wrapped some silk around her mouth, chin and neck. “I will allow you to speak again later.”

As Jeff approached the door, it creaked and opened. A large Drider came out, exactly the same in appearance as Jeff, except that a woman’s torso and body was in place of Jeff’s male body.

“Welcome home, my life mate.” The female Drider said lovingly as Jeff walked up to her. “And who is this?” She asked curiously as she looked over at Rose.

“A new pet for the family.” Jeff said. “I captured her on the surface, and she’s nice enough. Where are the kids?”

“Right here father!” Rose twisted her head and saw two little female Driders come out from underneath their mother’s shiny legs. They were like miniature adult driders, only with younger faces and smaller bodies.

The two gasped with excitement upon seeing Rose’s cocooned body. “Oh father!” One of the girl Driders said. “You brought us a pet!”

“Yes I did.” Jeff said. “But remember, she’s completely dependent on you now for love and care.”

“Oh don’t worry father.” The other female said. “We’ll be extra loving with her!” The two girl Driders scurried up and onto Rose’s bound body, eagerly exploring and looking her over. “She’s so adorable!” One of them said.

And so with the introductions done, the family went inside the dwelling, carrying Rose with them. Jeff let his young daughters play with Rose’s body, warning them to be careful with her. They eagerly crawled over her and tickled her. Rose chuckled and smiled as the young ones played with her. They were nice and friendly, and she knew they wouldn’t do anything to harm her.

That night, Rose was picked up and carried to Jeff and his life mate’s room. She would sleep here tonight. The two Driders curled up on a hammock of silk, holding Rose tightly like a pillow. As she lay in their loving arms, Rose grew sleepy and began to drift into sleep. Her last thought was that this wasn’t such a bad life after all...

* * * * *

In Las Vegas, life went on as usual. No one noticed the missing Rose.

Well, one person did.

Inside the singles bar, David worked at cleaning the glasses. Rose didn’t show up over the past two days, exactly as had been expected. It was a satisfying job, he thought, to find out the personal lives of these humans and relay the information to his brother, who would then swoop in and take them away. But with his brother taking a pet into the family, there would have to be someone else to get more humans. His own offspring were requesting a human pet.

A particularly nice looking woman came up to her. "A beer please."

"Yes mam." David smiled as he poured the drink. When it was full, he handed it to the woman.

"Say," he asked, a big grin on his face. "You wouldn't happen to be doing anything tonight would you?"

Judging from e-mails I’ve received, the Drider series have been a big success. It goes withought saying that comments of any kind are greatly appreciated. One e-mail managed to shape the story into the version you just read.


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